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Reviews For Falling For Her

Reviewer: sweetsiren Signed Date: 2014.12.17 - 05:24PM Title: Chapter 1

It's cute, but I'm having a hard time believing twin seven year olds, who are supposedly clever, can't tell the difference between 15/14 year olds and their 30-something parents. That's more like a mistake a toddler would make.

Reviewer: nayin40 Signed Date: 2013.11.04 - 08:16AM Title: Chapter 1


i love this about 10x

Reviewer: sunnyseaforever Signed Date: 2012.04.19 - 11:27PM Title: Chapter 1


Great challenge entry. I love it!
Very good characterization and interesting plot.
I really liked the scene with younger Harry seeing older Ginny giving that 'smile' to his older self. He felt he could do anything when he saw her smile like that.

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2009.10.11 - 04:20PM Title: Chapter 1


ha ha, that was soo funny
a bit confusing at times but definalty funny

Reviewer: hms42 Signed Date: 2009.04.13 - 01:48AM Title: Chapter 1


No Review

Reviewer: DukeBrymin Signed Date: 2009.02.04 - 09:36AM Title: Chapter 1


Wonderful!! I love that Harry decides to start paying attention to Ginny--canon would be so much better if it got them together sooner. Thank you!

Author's Response: Yeah, there's something to be said for more H/G ... even Hary says 'e could have had years .." What if they had???

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2008.12.07 - 11:44AM Title: Chapter 1

I must have read this story at least 3 times now but I still enjoy it very much!

Author's Response: I'm glad. I am hoping to expand it shortly. We shall see if that comes to pass! lol

Reviewer: kash2110 Signed Date: 2008.10.07 - 02:27PM Title: Chapter 1


All he could conclude was that Ginny Weasley must have grown up to look a lot prettier than she did right now - Harry how could you dare think such a thought!!!! Shame on you!

What an excellent start to this promising story, I wonder how this affects the final battle!!!

Author's Response: He was only 15! :P He came around lol!

Reviewer: gryff_princess Signed Date: 2008.09.26 - 09:05AM Title: Chapter 1


No Review

Reviewer: Artistand Signed Date: 2008.08.04 - 02:18AM Title: Chapter 1


No Review

Reviewer: Macsr71 Signed Date: 2008.07.24 - 07:05PM Title: Chapter 1 were robbed. THIS IS THE WINNER - hands down. I mean, I read them all and the scene in the Kitchen where Harry see's himself loving Future-Ginny - he really loves her....just the very best. now, who can I complain to?........10++++++

Author's Response: I don't think correspondence will be entered into ;) lol But thank you :) I do enjoy that aspect of the fic.

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2008.07.24 - 01:23AM Title: Chapter 1



Reviewer: icthestrals Signed Date: 2008.07.21 - 11:23AM Title: Chapter 1


I read all of the Twin Travel Challenge stories, and your story is still my favorite. I absolutely loved it -so sweet and romantic, funny, and an interesting little plot, too. I'm not sure how they judge these things, but you won hands down in my mind. Congratulations and keep wrting!

Author's Response: I'm not sure how they judge either ... *shrugs* oh well i had a good time writing it and I think it's a fun little story and not bad for a challenge to stretch my wings as it were. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: HGfan Signed Date: 2008.07.20 - 03:31PM Title: Chapter 1


As usual, you don't disappoint! I loved this story, especially how Harry reacted to future Harry! Hope to see another story sometime soon! :-)

Author's Response: We'll see I guess if the bug bites. Meanwhile the WiP grows and grows ...

Reviewer: SunDevil05 Signed Date: 2008.07.19 - 05:21PM Title: Chapter 1

I loved this!

The kids were perfect and acted just like kids should. I really liked how James took on the protective role over Lily when he realized things were different.

You did a great job with this!

Author's Response: Thanks! It was fun to write and the challenge did just what it was supposed to and stretched my skill! I am pleased at how well it turned out and has been received.

Reviewer: Spenser Hemmingway Signed Date: 2008.07.12 - 12:36PM Title: Chapter 1


“Hello, we’re your grandchildren. Give us ice cream!” I love the way you portrayed those two. Naturally they wouldn’t have any concept of what had happened, but Harry and the Weasleys would be equally confused. It might not have been the safest thing to quiz each other that way, but I don’t think that anyone really believed what was there before them. I’m glad that someone else accepts the stork doctrine. All this business about birth canals, labor and umbilical cords is pure nonsense. The thing I like best about your story is the twin timelines. The question arises about whether the future is that because of what occurs earlier, or cannot be changed after the incident. I’d love to see Fred survive for example. This was a very nice and very readable story. I enjoyed how it left me thinking. Thanks! Eric B.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed. had the timeline thing straight in my head and then ... I didn't :P I have no idea about my timelines - bit then it *is* 2am ...

Reviewer: sugarquill112 Signed Date: 2008.07.11 - 08:28AM Title: Chapter 1

This is an excellent take on the challenge. I have only read your updated version, and I found it fascinating. I think the characterization was spot on. The way your characters react to the revelations of the future seems very real. I enjoyed the bits with Fred and George, perhaps because I love them too much. And the last paragraph had me smiling, because Cho never got her chance with Harry. :)

Good luck!

Author's Response: The updated version and the original were much the same, the updated was really just a beta'ed version so it had a few clarifications, an short added trio scene and some nifty grammar in it .

Reviewer: sanidad Signed Date: 2008.07.11 - 12:52AM Title: Chapter 1


I'm not going to read all of the previous reviews to find something unique to say like I usually do, but I will say that I enjoyed your take on the challenge. The kids acted just right for their age and I enjoyed the interactions that took place when H, G, Hr & R arrived from the future -- although Future Ron seemed a little thick for his age (just my personal opinion). The story flowed well from one scene to the next, and I felt like each scene was needed for the good of the story. I really liked the kids fighting over the "Cannons Room" and the "Harpies Room." Thanks for a fun read.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: bookish327 Signed Date: 2008.07.08 - 07:01PM Title: Chapter 1


Great story!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2008.07.03 - 04:13AM Title: Chapter 1


Judged for competition.

Another great challenge entry! I just now read it, so I never saw your other version, but I must admit that I do like what I see of this fic now!

We begin as the twins James and Lily (I know, JKR never tells us that they're twins, but for this challenge we're stuck with it!) arrive in the future, and they can't help but talk about their time, revealing Fred's and Sirius's ultimate fates as well as the future pairings. Indeed, it is similar to your last challenge entry (the Aussie wedding fic), when we as the readers discover that Harry and Ginny are already married, except here the kids are the storytellers and the teenagers are the ones who learn about so many surprises.

Then the future Trio/Ginny arrive. I've only read a few of the entries, but so far, yours is the second I've read that has the adults arrive after having a double set of memories. This leads, of course, to the humorous conversation between both Trios. LOL!

As for the ending, no wonder Cho looks so sour -- no sooner does her boyfriend Cedric be murdered, but her other suitor is suddenly taken, too! LOL! Obviously, knowledge about the future has resulted in several ships occurring much earlier than in canon.

Overall, excellent fic as always! I wish you luck in the challenge!

Author's Response: Thank you Jim! Good luck with all your reading!

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