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Reviews For Finding Ginny

Reviewer: Ironhidensh Signed Date: 2020.06.04 - 07:46PM Title: Chapter 14


This is a great story. I hope some day it can be finished.

Reviewer: Prongs I Signed Date: 2015.10.05 - 05:20AM Title: Chapter 14


That has been an exciting, well-written story so far.
Obviously,the two of them are seriously ill. They are in the Hospital Wing for 4 month now... Is there any chance that they will ever recover again?

Reviewer: vjfav Signed Date: 2015.09.04 - 02:35AM Title: Chapter 14


i really love your story. its the best I've read so far. waiting for the next chapter. hope you are well.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2015.09.01 - 01:59AM Title: Chapter 14


I simply love this story and can't wait to see what happens next! I check the site every day in hopes of an update, manage my personal disappointment, and find something else to read while waiting. I hope you are well and that everyone in your life is okay. I hope to see more when you have the opportunity to post! Really good work!

Reviewer: Prof McGonagall Signed Date: 2015.06.23 - 02:49AM Title: Chapter 14


WOW, you really know how to throw us down another dramatic roller I thought we'd see a nice little row after Ginny's infamous Bat-Boogy-Hex...but NOOOO, you had to throw in even more suspense.
In short: WELL DONE! So I have a feeling that their happily ever after is going to have to wait a bit longer. Can't wait to see what else you have in store ;)

Reviewer: DebbieO Signed Date: 2015.06.22 - 12:08AM Title: Chapter 14


Well, you have me hooked. I flew through the last couple of chapters, excited that Harry and Ginny were finally connecting,! I didn't see the bat bogey disaster coming at all. It will be interesting to see how you resolve this one, especially if the whole Weasley clan gets involved before Ginny is ready for them. I'm looking forward to more!

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2015.06.20 - 09:58AM Title: Chapter 14


An excellent chapter! I had wondered how you would overcome the destructive effect of Ginny attacking Harry. Ginny will be devastated by what she has done and that will bring Harry's forgiving nature to the forefront. Hopefully, after some tears, they can develop empathy leading to romance. FINALLY!
Now that they are at Hogwarts Ginny's reconciliaton with family must progrees rapidly, as it is very difficult to keep secrets at the school.
Next chapter please....hurry.

Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2015.06.20 - 12:33AM Title: Chapter 14


Maybe some good will come out of this. Ginny will, hopefully, come to realise what she feels for Harry; she can get the help that she needs to help her start to recover her use of her magic and start on the path back to her family.
Can't wait for the next chapter, soon.

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2015.06.18 - 11:15AM Title: Chapter 14


excellent chapter, can't wait to

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2015.06.17 - 09:39PM Title: Chapter 14


I'm glad this chapter has finally made its way to SIYE. The damage done by Ginny's spell was quite a surprise, but then again, she did use the wand repaired by the Elder Wand, so its power combined with Ginny's really did some damage. Poor Harry! Poor Bonnie, left outside and unable to get into the house. Poor Ginny, who seems so afraid to use magic after she cursed Harry in anger.

Thank goodness for the Hogwarts Rescue Team. They're probably more reliable than anyone at St. Mungo's and will care for the three much more tenderly than an impartial hospital will.

I can't wait for chapter fifteen and hope you will post it soon.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.06.17 - 09:20PM Title: Chapter 14

Oh boy Ginny did it good this lease help showed up, but now healing of a different source is going to happen.....kutgw

Reviewer: Dreaming Haven Signed Date: 2015.05.23 - 03:14AM Title: Chapter 13


Aww, stupid Harry should have just listened to her. Now he go bat boogie hexed. Lol
I would think he would realize Ginny isn't the type of girl who would mess with his feelings. After all she was the one who was hurt by his ignoring her before. She wouldn't want to do that to someone else, especially when she cares to them.
Anyway great story. I hope you update soon.

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2015.05.21 - 12:12PM Title: Chapter 13


Well, I am glad to see that Ron has calmed down, as you know I thought his response was exaggerated a bit.(You like drama, I take it).
I was very glad to see that Ginny has the confidence to initiate physical affection with Harry, but I thought Harry's angry response decidedly odd. He had just been considering whether they would be able to have an intimate physical relationship, when Ginny comes down and kisses him. Therefore Harry's response did not seem to make sense.
I saw your response to Tom Bombedil, so I understand your intention, that Harry's insecurity caused his response. But thought the sudden reversal was too abrupt. This part of the chapter needs a bit more work to clarify the situation, in my opinion. Otherwise a good chapter.

Author's Response: I am sorry the chapter er didn't ring true for you. Lesley.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2015.05.21 - 12:23AM Title: Chapter 13


Hard to believe Harry could become a bigger douche than Ron! Oh, well, I have little doubt that Ginny will straighten him out!

Author's Response: You're equating Harry's moment of insecurity over the state of Ginny's true feelings for him with Ron's aggression and anger? A bit harsh I think. After all, Ginny has never told Harry she loves him; in fact, she has pretty much gone out of her way to hold herself aloof from him even after she agreed to marry him. Granted, Harry hasn't expressed his true feelings in words either, but he has consistently shown in his actions that he truly cares for both Ginny and her daughter. Things were going well with their little interlude, but Harry's insecurities rushed to the fore when he realised Ginny had overheard him and Hermione discussing her. He thinks she is feeling sorry for him and that she feels she has to make an effort to show her feelings are engaged. Poor Harry is the one being lambasted left and right when he is the one who has been open and affectionate right from the start. I can understand his insecurity, but then, I am the author. Lesley.

Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2015.05.20 - 09:15PM Title: Chapter 13


Good chapter. Just wish they would take the time to listen to each other instead of presuming they know what the other is thinking.
Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yes, listening would be a big step in the right direction. Thanks for the review. Lesley

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2015.05.20 - 05:19PM Title: Chapter 13

Now does Ginny remember how to do said curse....something tells me Harry is in for a world of hurt......kutgw

Author's Response: Ginny hasn't got amnesia. She remembers everything she learned at Hogwarts, she is just rusty with her execution. Don't forget, she is using Harry's powerful wand. Thanks for the review. Lesley

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2015.05.20 - 01:06AM Title: Chapter 13


Uh oh... what a way to ruin a nice, romantic interlude. Harry's stepped in it now and Ginny's not pleased at all. I just hope nothing horrible will happen and that the bats will just be huge.

You did a nice job of the conversation between Ron and Harry. While Ron is still a bit of an idiot, I can't blame him for wanting to show his brother protectiveness when it comes to his sister. However, I'm glad Hermione came when she did and eventually took him home.

Overall, a very nice chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. Glad you're still enjoying the story and that you think Ron has redeemed himself a little. Lesley

Reviewer: mljbar Signed Date: 2015.05.19 - 06:46PM Title: Chapter 13


No Review

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2015.05.19 - 11:08AM Title: Chapter 13


Super chapter, I think this story is brilliant
I would say it's mean of you to leave the cliffhanger there, but I've been reading on the other site
Hope you update again soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review., It's a compliment that you are so anxious for the next chapter, you go to the other site to read it. The next chapter will be up here very soon; I am formatting it now. :). Lesley

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2015.05.07 - 09:35AM Title: Chapter 12


My heart bleeds for Ginny, and the sadness of man's inhumanity to man. Well, she is not the first female to be taken in by a smooth talking con man.

I was very glad to see some tenderness between Harry and Ginny developing in this chapter. So there is hope for full restoration.

Author's Response: Sorry it's taken so long to reply to your review. As the next chapter is up, no doubt you have seen the results of Harry and Ginny's budding relationship. Ginny certainly has been to hell and back and she dealt with the aftermath alone. Thank you for the review. Lesley.

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