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Reviews For Man's Laughter?!

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2010.09.04 - 04:19AM Title: Man's Laughter?!


I generally stay away from the Spencer Hemmingway stories, but this one caught my attention early on and kept it throughout. It's a terrific story, exactly how I'd imagine it unfolding; I love that "lightbulb moment" when Harry realizes that the friends are stuck in a game and what the group has to do to leave it. I had to laugh at the fact that the enterpreneurs of Weasleys Wizard Wheezes were behind the whole thing. I think they received their just deserts, too. I give this story two thumbs up only because that's the number of thumbs I'm limited to!

Author's Response: Hmm...would said lightbulbs actually work on the Hogwarts grounds? Thanks for reading--Eric B.

Reviewer: M_And Signed Date: 2010.09.01 - 11:45PM Title: Man's Laughter?!


Jinkies! Any story the gives props to Scoobie Doo has to be good! I enjoyed your entry (sorry it took so long for me to get to read it). As is your a want, another clever, thought provoking read (I'm going to have to read it again slower, so I can pick out all the references you made). Best of luck in the Challenge Eric! - M

Author's Response: I couldn't write a mystery without a quick, passing tip-of-the-hat to Scooby. My daughter Loony (Jennifer) insisted upon it. It really was a fun story to write, especially with all the shifting locations and situations. I especially had fun utilizing Luna as the narrator this time. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading--Eric.

Reviewer: NotACat Signed Date: 2010.08.29 - 10:45AM Title: Man's Laughter?!


No Review

Reviewer: freshwater Signed Date: 2010.08.12 - 09:05PM Title: Man's Laughter?!


I love your particular --and peculiar-- brand of insanity and brilliance.....well done! It was delightful to read a new story from you!

Author's Response: Someone once voiced the opinion that I was, in fact, NOT insane. I just told them that was crazy talk. Thnak you for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Eric B.

Reviewer: Kimbovet Signed Date: 2010.08.11 - 07:14PM Title: Man's Laughter?!


No Review

Reviewer: titan53 Signed Date: 2010.08.11 - 08:00AM Title: Man's Laughter?!


Bwaahaha. Loved it. Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember that episode of the Benny Hill show and the awfully fantastic pun. I was big into Monty Python and Benny Hill in College and Graduate School. Congrats on another fine story.

Author's Response: It was a rerun when I saw it, but the characters he portrayed are ageless. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and thhanks for reading--Eric B.

Reviewer: st122 Signed Date: 2010.08.11 - 07:14AM Title: Man's Laughter?!


That was a fun read with a great end! Thanks

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading--Eric B.

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