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Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2010.09.04 - 04:13AM Title: Chapter 1


I think it might have been hard to see single hairs as clues to Ginny's whereabouts because one would need eagle-eyed vision to find an ordinary component of dust bunnies, even if it was colored "Ginny Weasley Red". That said, this was quite the adventure and I really enjoyed reading the story. Two thumbs up for keeping me guessing as to who the perpetrator actually was.

Author's Response: The hairs, might have been a stretch, but it gave a trail. Thanks for the review :)

Reviewer: lalachoa Signed Date: 2010.08.30 - 10:20AM Title: Chapter 1


No Review

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2010.08.30 - 02:31AM Title: Chapter 1


Good effort. Easy reading.

Author's Response: thanks :)

Reviewer: Fyre Signed Date: 2010.08.29 - 07:16PM Title: Chapter 1


This was such a cute little story!! I love how Ron kept assuming things, it was really adorable. And I'm glad that you didn't have a villain. It was a very nice change to see Ginny just explore the castle and not have been kidnapped by Voldemort or Malfoy. I really enjoyed this story. If you write any more Good Luck!!


Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :)

Reviewer: Kal Signed Date: 2010.08.29 - 12:04PM Title: Chapter 1

Ummm.... Check your timeline.
How can Malfoly be sneering about Ginny being missing in the hallway the morning of the search when he is in the hospital wing from bouncing and bat-bogeys since the night before when she was reported missing?

Author's Response: I tried to make it that she mentioned running into him later morning, thus just after Harry and them run into Malfoy in the hallway. Sorry if that didn't come across well.

Reviewer: NotACat Signed Date: 2010.08.29 - 10:31AM Title: Chapter 1


No Review

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