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Reviews For Ranimer

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.09 - 06:41PM Title: Chapter 11


I have just adored this story, probably because of the angst while still having the safety net of it being on siye and therefore having an ending I was sure I'd be happy with (which it definitely had). This is what we so desired fir Harry...a life where he had family but still had ginny too. I loved his reactions, in this chapter, to all his siblings. How cute wad that?...the thought of him with girlie bobbles and such like in his hair and not caring about his brothers and dad sniggering at him (aaawwwhhh)!

As my previous review said I was a bit concerned with the vague "keep your garage better locked" good on Remus, he must have pitched it just right. I was giggling away when I read about all the security features Sirius had installed...and could imagine everyone thinking Sirius was over zealous, that was until time caught up with them, and then I'm sure they were all impressed. I loved james' comment: "I don’t know what Remus told Sirius, but that was a little more than a ‘lock’ he put on the bike garage."

I felt for Remus...I can imagine he tried so hard to change what happened to anwen and to find he was unsuccessful...
But then again she is one incredibly strong character.

I am glad they succeeded in their time travel...not surprised you didn't write about it again (grins)...and that there doesn't seem too much else changed...everyone seems happy which is wonderful...and they stiil have sitara:-)

I realised from your bio that your cancer has been the reason for having the time to spend on writing, so firstly and most importantly I would like to say how delighted I was to hear the good news you got...i hope you continue to regain full health. Secondly I'd like to say how much I've enjoyed your stories, they've followed me throughout the day. No matter where I am I've been thinking of all your characters (and I LOVED them all...I think bastion was my favourite of the youngsters and then Draco and prob anwen and Sirius if the adults) and what might happen. Thanks also for taking the time to leave comments for makes leaving reviews much more meaningful knowing an author is reading and appreciating them..,let's hope no more predictive texting mistakes in this review...I can only see a fraction of the box so it makes re-reading very difficult do I don't bother!

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.09 - 05:52PM Title: Chapter 10


I had meant to ask in my last review about the foreign thing anwen had missed because she didnt look out the window of the burrow. Harry and ginny are an incredible pair.

I can understand lilys reaction but somethings are best left unsaid. They are such good friends that I'm sure they will get over it. Of course it might not come up at all as hopefully Remus will have altered the past/future a bit. I'm not convinced someone telling me to lock up my garage better would quite have the desired effect...might do it for a while then let things slip.

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.09 - 04:59PM Title: Chapter 9


It is hope indeed but what if the consequences of harrys random shagging are serious? Obviously they are as I presume his present state is somehow related to this...or is it? Brilliant that they are still married...I think!

Meant to say that I love your Draco...

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.09 - 03:41PM Title: Chapter 8


I like it that you've given us some hope (tiny but still a grain of hope) that all is not list because the rest is just so desperate... Has he been successful in destroying most of his memories...old and new? He needs reminded of his brothers names but he obviously liked their presence so all can't be gone. I think he must be really frightened. Ginny is going to have tell someone soon I think. I also understand why she only leaves the room to go to the toilet.

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.09 - 01:50PM Title: Chapter 7


What could be worse than she saw last time? Mind you bev seemed beyond shock and dismay at what she saw.

I'm glad anwen seems mostly recovered. Lily is right...Sirius would go mental if he knew anwen was trying once again to get into harrys head. I've got to say I'm a bit concerned myself but I can see why, with the prognosis so desperate, she wanted to try again.

Poor ginny seems I'll herself...but what can she do? Could she enter his mind? I think Harry would allow that and not attack.

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.09 - 01:13PM Title: Chapter 6


Omg...things are getting REALLY serious. The mind is such a mystery to us... we think we are in control of our body's but the reality is that weve got into the routine of normal ebb and flow. When something goes wrong as in trauma or mental illness we're very much aware of being no longer in control because we don't understand what is going on.

I'm impressed with bas...what an opportunity to land Harry in it and improve his chance of winning ginny. What a wonderful boy he is. He us right...I'm sure winning ginny while Harry is ill would probably not sit well with him, but then it wouldn't sit well because of the wonderful person he is (please find a lovely girl for him!)

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.09 - 12:07PM Title: Chapter 5


Ok so I'm beginning to like Harry again (grins). I've got a big aaawwwhhh look on my face just now. I loved ginnys reaction to being able to calm harrys agitation. I also got pleasure from the picture of the parents watching them. I'm glad bastien hasn't seen them...he's not ready for that yet. I did wonder ic James was going to spill the beans on the whole debacle...but I guess it's a bit early in the story yet. I'd love for them to be told at some time because I would one, like to know their reactions and two, it might help bas.

I still don't like new Harry...but then again James wasn't painted in a very good light in canon so it's not too much of a stretch of the imagination to think he might have taken after his dad a bit, but I'm not sure he was THAT bad! Everyone thought that old Harry was the way he was, despite his upbringing and circumstances, because of his mothers genes...not so obvious this time around.

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.09 - 08:44AM Title: Chapter 4

Ive got to apologise for all my typos which I.spotted when reading your comments last night. Most of the time they're done from my ipod with predictive texting! Hence meditation becoming medication! And of course I meant to write in a previous review that you've told us that writing a back in time piece is very hard keeping the tenses right and not of course I've mentioned it as I've never attempted it - nor am I likely to (grinning)

It also keeps wanting to change ginny to gunny or some of them are bound to have trickled through. All in all a bit embarrassing!

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.08 - 07:53PM Title: Chapter 4


There is so much conflicting going on but definitely there is way more of unlikeable Harry than nice Harry...what he said to her in the greenhouse was completely inexcusable...immaturity doesn't even come close as an was plain callousness. The scene when Sirius was talking to Harry about his behaviour was one of my favourites, making a deep impact. Your descriptions of Sirius frustration and loss of patience brought it alive for me. There was very little indication of old Harry in that'd think now old Harry has returned he'd be more ashamed of what he'd done and said, but once again this lack of taking responsibility stands out. The fact that James and Harry had ended up screaming at each other shows new Harry is still very much in dominance.

Harry has an everest of a mountain to climb...most wouldn't even try. So ok, new Harry didn't know about his other existence when he was snagging around but let's face it, would we ever choose that Harry for ginny?

The only way I can see this story going is as each chapter proceeds the balance of new Harry v old Harry will dip more and more in old harrys favour. So I am REALLY excited to see how you do it so much so that tomorrow on my day off I'm planning on reading more and not feeling guilty about whiling the day away! I really don't like new Harry which is why this is such a terrific story!

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.08 - 06:28PM Title: Chapter 3


It's going to be very difficult to sit back and let them sort it out themselves. This Harry gets worse and worse...I can feel my hope diminishing and anyway I don't want ginny with this Harry. How can we get old Harry back, mend the reputation he's got himself and regain the respect of his friends? It's one tall order!

I'm surprised lily and James didn't tell him about his antics making the might have halted it or been not as much to regret later.

I forgot to comment last chapter on one of harrys responses over the mirror to ginny..."if I could turn back time..."...a bit ironic don't you think as he is just back from doing exactly that. Will he contemplate it again? Probably not as I've already mentioned writing in the past/future isn't exactly a walk in the park!

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.07 - 08:26PM Title: Mémoires

It's amazing that harrys life is so full of family and family love...but it seems incredibly cruel that ginny is no longer with him in his new life. I am hoping that as her memories of her first life surface she will be able to see how huge their love for each other is. Of course, as James had told Harry, those memories will quickly fade to be replaced by the new life ones so I hope she will really try and hold on to them. I'm sure anwen will make sure, when ginny is up to talking about it, that ginny knows how much they loved each other.

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.07 - 08:26PM Title: Chapter 2


Oh my gosh I've said before in reviews how emotional something has been...but I've never meant it as much as now. I swallowed a lump in my throat at the end and a couple of tears have leaked out and are, at present, making their way down my cheek and nose. I'm actually going to re-read the last bit again.

Once again I'm completely caught up in your plot and wondering how things are going. I never really thought about Harry being different but I can now see, having thought about it, that without his difficult years with the dursleys, without constantly battling voldermort and all that went with the prophesy and connection with voldermort he was bound to be changed. Was there a hint of selfishnes or lack of responsibilty in the old Harry that the new one is suggested to have in barrow loads? Having pondered that question I think absolutely not! In fact he always took on far too much responsibility blaming himself for things he had no control over and were in fact entirely someone elses fault and I also think he was selfless, determined to do what was right no matter the personal cost to him.

I like bastien which makes it hard to gather my thoughts on what I want to happen...I want Harry and ginny happy but at the same time I'm on Sirius side not wanting bastien heart broken. I think that's why I found the last part of the chapter so tear-jerking...the Harry I know and loved is not described but I heard him loud and clear in his mirror chat...he's back but can he and ginny sort their feelings out? Can Harry make amends? I think old harrys got a chance but will he manage it when new Harry is taking over his memories?

Well, judging by the length of this review you certainly got the right amount of angst!!!

Author's Response: Just so you\'re forewarned, the angst rating is really quite important in this story. I promise, it will be worth it in the end. Harry\'s life is very different here, and different personality traits have come to the forefront in the absence of other ones. Harry in canon wasn\'t ever an innocent child, even at 11. He had lived through too much pain and loss to really be innocent. He carried so much weight around on his shoulders that it made his natural traits of self-sacrifice and self depreciating become very strong. In a life without all that stress, other things came out in him. Harry always had a bit of a cocky attitude, and had he not been the \"famous boy that lived\" he probably would have played on it more. I think that he would have been just as mischievous as his father and godfather if given the chance. Knowing that he would have lived with the Marauders and memorized their stories, he\'d be compelled to pay homage when he got to Hogwarts. I\'m glad you like Bastien. He\'s one of my favorite characters to write in this story (that and Draco version 2). He\'s a bit of the best parts of his Mum and Dad, which is a sharp contrast to Harry right now. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story, and thanks for your thought provoking review, MNF

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.02.07 - 07:11PM Title: Mémoires


It's amazing that harrys life is so full of family and family love...but it seems incredibly cruel that ginny is no longer with him in his new life. I am hoping that as her memories of her first life surface she will be able to see how huge their love for each other is. Of course, as James had told Harry, those memories will quickly fade to be replaced by the new life ones so I hope she will really try and hold on to them. I'm sure anwen will make sure, when ginny is up to talking about it, that ginny knows how much they loved each other.

Author's Response: There are many blessings in Harry\'s life now, but he lost Ginny, so is he really better off? Balancing all the memories will be the hardest part. Thanks for reading and reviewing, MNF

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2011.01.28 - 11:03PM Title: Chapter 11


---Author's Response: I think that we're having some language issues here, because the questions that you're asking aren't quite clear to me, but I will try to explain here. The adults want the kids to remember their old life, not this one. It seems that their true selves are the ones that lived in the canon version of the beginning of 1998 and then into the past are the ones that they need to keep. Whatever has happened to them since then is less important. ---

Yes. I got that :). But what I don't understand: When Harry got back his "old" memories he didn't want to forget them, right? So how telling them not to forget their "old" memories will help? When H/G got their memories they were intent to keep those memories. So how does telling them to keep this memories will change anything? As James said these memories going to fade away, but Harry can save some of them he want to keep. I can't see what will change if James would say that Harry _should_ keep the memeories. I'm confused here a bit.

Time travell thing is also confusing, but I can't explain myself good enough here. I better just skip it :D

I liked the first story more, but this one is also far above average, very well done!

Author's Response: Harry was going crazy from trying to protect the memories that he wanted. They needed to remember the first life because that is where they were married and where their bond was forged. Everything else is less important than remember that they had been married. In the end Harry and Ginny will remember canon through the point they went back in time, the events of \"Continuum\" and then waking up in January 1998. In effect they have to learn about the lives the versions of themselves have lived from their changed births and childhoods. All of the events of Ranimer are no longer important for Harry and Ginny. Thanks.

Reviewer: redheaded_brat Signed Date: 2011.01.22 - 12:44AM Title: Chapter 11


No Review

Reviewer: Birlan Signed Date: 2011.01.20 - 10:39PM Title: Chapter 11


Congratulations on making it through everything to the end of the story. Time travel stories and making the pieces fit is very challenging.

I had not considered the effect of the type of marriage they had way back in the beginning as effecting the outcome. That was very well done. It worked, explained, wasn't contradicted, etc.

And there are some odd pieces of the story that I don't quite understand and I'm not sure about. Why can Remus travel back in time when he is already present in the time line. Harry was told that he had to leave as soon as Harry was born. And other little stuff(what is James talking about that he could remember about how much pressure Harry has been under when Harry has not had those experiences in this time frame and doesn't have those memories. And why is it that Harry's entire character is changed by avoiding the accident?--wouldnt he have the same character without the accident even if it is not on display. And why do the adults have Harry and Ginny tell the others about the lost past that no one is going to be remembering. And what made them reach that different decision in this timeline. And why did they tell Harry and Ginny to remember the past on the third time line when apparently that can't happen--I think based on what you have said. But those are little points in a very complicated story that works in a lot of ways.

I like that you show consequences from actions--Tonks is lost along the way and so is Fleur. And that you have tried to show some conflict--Lily's confrontation of Anwyn on several occaisions in the story. Lily should be scared and angry and desparate and taking it out on people around her. People act that way. I liked that she was horrified by Anwyn's encouraging Ginny and Bastien at the expense of Ginny's relationship with Harry.

Thanks for all your hard work on this story--it shows. I hope you have better health and much happiness in the new year.

Author's Response: I\'m glad that you liked the end. It\'s where I had always been planning on it going, but I couldn\'t say anything in the midst of the story due to it giving away too much. Okay, as for the time travel stuff. First, Remus can go back to fix the mistakes because he\'s only going back for a short period of time. He was gone for a few minutes, less time than Hermione would go back and forth in her third year. The risks to inadvertently messing up time were extremely small. 18 year old Harry and baby Harry were interacting with each other, remember it\'s when he touched Lily that she went into Labor. Dumbledore wanted older Harry out of that time because he wasn\'t sure what having both of them there would do. His fear was that their combined magic was too much for the space/time continuum to handle. James remembers the 18 year old Harry that they had been friends with. The adults all had those memories, but unlike Harry and Ginny, they were 18 years removed from them. James would certainly have seen how much pressure the young man that they were friends with was under, as well as knowing the story. As for Harry\'s character, the accident is the pivotal point for the shift in his behavior. I know everyone saw it as a character flaw, but instead it really was reactionary behavior. Think about it, prior to the accident he was much more similar to the young man in canon, with the exception of being more self-assured and loved, which gave him a more outgoing demeanor. He was a prankster and he didn\'t strive to be a straight O student, but he also grew up with the Marauders around him. He quite literally followed in his Dad\'s footsteps there. The accident caused his behavior to shift, because as Eva pointed out, he was self medicating. Without that devastating fork in the road, there was no reason for his behavior to change. I know that we disagree on this point, but Harry wasn\'t ever bad, he was misguided. When his behavior came to light, it distressed his family greatly. I compare the whole thing to how the Weasley\'s felt about Pecry\'s behavior in books 5 and 6. In the end, Harry and Ginny remember their childhoods from canon, their time in the past and then anything that happens in this life post 1/5/98. Because of the importance of their magical marriage to their relationship this is what they need to remember for their sanity. The adults came to this conclusion as they realized that both Harry and Ginny were working too hard to save the memories of their \"past\" life -- and it was creating strong internal conflict for them. Between the issues of the magical marriage and then their desire to remember the canon life, the adults realized that it was better have them remember the timeline they wanted to, and then to school them in the pertinent information of this life --ie: the names of their sisters and brothers and such. I hope that makes it as clear as mud for you. I\'m glad in the end that you enjoyed the story, and I appreciate your well wishes for my health. I\'ve enjoyed your reviews. While we often didn\'t agree, you were always thought provoking and made your points without being rude or insulting, which I appreciated. Sincerely, Mutt N Feathers aka Amy

Reviewer: jojo99 Signed Date: 2011.01.19 - 01:42PM Title: Chapter 11


Great story! I would love to see a glimpse of their future in this universe at some time - wedding, having kids, whatever!!! Well done : ]

Author's Response: Maybe someday, but not right away. Glad that you enjoyed it. MNF

Reviewer: alterdream Signed Date: 2011.01.18 - 09:35PM Title: Chapter 11


That was a nice ending :) Simple, light and relaxing. It doesn't try to cover everything in-depth and that's just fine. It's a good contrast with the rest of the story.

Author's Response: It was time for some happiness and lightness, all of the characters and the readers needed some relief. I\'m glad that it met your needs. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, MNF

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2011.01.18 - 01:08PM Title: Chapter 11


I found the last chapter a bit hard to get my head round, and then this one almost too good a happy ending. After two stories with all the characters jumping through hoops, it is good to get here. Great stories, good writing, all I can say is "good read".

Author's Response: Thanks. After everything my readers went through, I thought they deserved a happy ending. MNF

Reviewer: zeta_one Signed Date: 2011.01.18 - 09:56AM Title: Chapter 11


Great ending.

Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed it. MNF

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