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Reviewer: mdauben Signed Date: 2016.03.03 - 03:44PM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


Huh! Somehow I missed this the first time around but its certainly a wonderful story. Having read you Anwen stories in the past makes this even more poignant.

Author's Response: Glad you found it. Thanks so much, and thanks for reviewing, MNF

Reviewer: Prof McGonagall Signed Date: 2011.10.11 - 02:51AM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


Beautiful! So beautiful! I have read your other story and loved Anwen and Sirius' relationship I am in tears reading this!
Thanks for sharing your talent with us!!!

Author's Response: You're welcome. This was a unique one to write. Love Anwen and Sirius, if you couldn't tell. MNF

Reviewer: Mistress of Potions Signed Date: 2011.01.28 - 03:10AM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


I've already read "Continuum" and "Ranimer" so I know know Anwen is. This is an interesting alternate storyline.

Author's Response: Thanks. It was just something that came to me and I figured it would be fun to play with. MNF

Reviewer: M_And Signed Date: 2011.01.19 - 09:28PM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


Easy to see why this did so well, MnF. You did a fantastic job with this! Congrats on all the well deserved accolades! - Mke

Author's Response: Thank you so much. It was a fun little bit to write. It\'s being well received is just an amazing bonus. MNF

Reviewer: _kb_ Signed Date: 2011.01.09 - 06:21PM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past

I've never really cared for "A Christmas Carol", but this story is very nicely done. The characterizations particularly stand out. I may have to go read "Continuum". :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, especially since the source material isn\'t a favorite. I was inspired by the Disney cartoon one (which of course utilizes the talents of Mr. Sirius Black himself, Gary Oldman) and I went with it. I hope that you will go and read Continuum and it\'s follow up, Ranimer. Just be forewarned, there is some rather OOC behavior on the part of our favorite dynamic duo. Thanks again for reading and for reviewing, MNF

Reviewer: Pug Signed Date: 2011.01.08 - 04:50PM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


No Review

Reviewer: Spenser Hemmingway Signed Date: 2011.01.08 - 10:52AM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


This was exceptionally nice. I loved the way you had the charaters interact as they did, and the picture you painted even allowed the departed girl to appear there in my mind's eye. The plot, while simple in scope, was highly effective as well. I came away both entertained and left thinking. I really enjoyed this one. Thanks--Eric B.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the praise, it\'s quite humbling coming from someone of your stature. I think that sometimes -- especially in a one shot -- going with simple makes much more sense. Most human relations aren\'t complicated twists and turns, they\'re simply people attempting to do what they think is best. That I could paint a mental picture for you, that means so very much to me. I\'m glad that you enjoyed it. MNF/Amy

Reviewer: Quidditchmum Signed Date: 2011.01.05 - 08:43PM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


Most excellent!

Author's Response: Thank you and thanks for reading, MNF

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2011.01.04 - 09:14AM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


You have a winner here, MNF! I can't decide what I like most about the story: whether it's the quiet, comforting interaction between Harry and Ginny or how Ginny soothes Sirius' tortured soul. I laughed, I cried, I cursed in a few spots... this made a GREAT bedtime story! Thanks for entering this into the contest... I've got my fingers crossed you'll win at least something!

Two thumbs up for a very satisfying read!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your unending support. Glad that you enjoyed it. MNF

Reviewer: Green Eyes Signed Date: 2011.01.02 - 09:50AM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


Really nice what Ginny was able to do for Sirius, and then I also liked Harry's reaction to Ginny's gesture. I like stories in which Harry only gradually comes to understand his feelings for Ginny in bits and pieces over time. It seems more real that way. Thanks for posting and good luck with the challenge.

Author's Response: I think that love like theirs would have blossomed over time, rather than Harry waking up and being in love, although there are times that it does hit you over the head like a two by four. I saw my hubby\'s face and I knew that I was smitten, but we hadn\'t known each other for a lifetime already when it happened. Sirius and Ginny together make me smile, she can completely disarm him and he doesn\'t treat her like a baby. Maybe there\'s a story there? Thanks for reading and taking the time to review, MNF

Reviewer: HGRHfan35 Signed Date: 2011.01.01 - 04:14PM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


Oh goodness Amy,

Such melancholy. It really got to me and made me smile but cry at the same time.

And yay for Peter, I hope he keeps doing his thing, as will I! *giggle*

Hope you do well in the contest.

Hugzzzz. C
And a Happy New year!

Author's Response: You know me and my muse...he gets himself going and there\'s nothing I can do but obey him. It\'s always angsty when he does this too. I sometimes wonder if that\'s what I\'d be like without my dear beloved. I hate to imagine my life without him. Thanks for your support. True love...still don\'t know if it happens in real life sweetie. MNF

Reviewer: DoctoreX Signed Date: 2011.01.01 - 02:23PM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


I liked it. Goot oneshoot. Great to read, little similar to the story I have read today, it is some kind of conquest?

Author's Response: Yes, it\'s part of a contest. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, MNF

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2011.01.01 - 11:13AM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


Happy story.

Author's Response: Thanks, glad that you like it. Happy New Year, MNF

Reviewer: jojo99 Signed Date: 2011.01.01 - 05:22AM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


No Review

Reviewer: Trucker Signed Date: 2011.01.01 - 04:37AM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


I enjoyed your story a lot, BUT you need to fix it in a couple of places where it inexplicably changes from 3rd person omniscient POV to 1st person POV, as in:

“Your head okay?” Her fingers brushed along my scar as she asked and my skin tingled where she touched it.

Also in:

There was quiet for a minute and then another song started, this one an old Christmas carol that I recognized from listening to the BBC with the Dursley’s when I was a child.

Author's Response: Thank you, I went in and fixed those places. Never a good idea to submit without the beta having a go through first. Happy New Year, MNF

Reviewer: GoDons Signed Date: 2011.01.01 - 12:46AM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


No Review

Reviewer: Birlan Signed Date: 2010.12.31 - 11:49PM Title: The Ghost of Christmas Past


Nice story in many ways and on several levels

Happy holidays and Thanks for posting this story so timely relative to its events.

Author's Response: Thank you. Happy New Year to you too. MNF

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