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Reviews For Abra Cadabba Doo?

Reviewer: YelloWitchGrl Signed Date: 2012.02.26 - 01:43PM Title: Abra Cadabba Doo?

Nice and ridiculous as always :-) A good tale to tell rather than the truth

Author's Response: Would Spenser ever lie to a seven-year-old? Uhm...maybe he would. Thanks for reading--Eric B.

Reviewer: quinn Signed Date: 2012.02.25 - 09:50PM Title: Abra Cadabba Doo?

Well played! This version of the story was completely unexpected... But then, I expected nothing less! Thanks for the nod to a more profound reality at the end, too. Moving the story from silliness to caring protectiveness was a strong choice.

Author's Response: In addition to the alternative universe format I prefer, utilizing stories within stories is a favorite and an especially useful device...and a fun one as well. I have always said that when both of my readers and I stop having fun with stories, and no longer come away with something making us think, it will be time to hang up the quill. Thank you for reading--Eric B.

Reviewer: Miz636 Signed Date: 2012.02.16 - 05:46PM Title: Abra Cadabba Doo?

Your beginning confused me, especially due to the chaos of it and how it just didn't make sense to me, and there was a place somewhere in the middle (can't remember where) that made me almost find a different story, but I kept going, and I was highly amused by it all. When I realized that you used the Flintstones, well, I think I confused my friends at lunch with my laughter, especially because I just shook my head and didn't tell them that I had figured out the reasoning behind your title until a little bit later, once I had calmed down. Both my friend and I found your ending just hilarious, laughing as I showed it to her.

The real reasons behind the title were much darker, but I'm glad you at least put them in there. Between the two, you wrote an interesting story. Well done, and thanks for the read.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you enjoyed it. The reasoning behind the title, as well as the use of our favorite modern Stone Age family, were indeed Dark. The title is clearly the combination of the Killing Curse and Fred's famous tag line. The lighter, fun story was simply used safely satisfy the boy's curiosity. Seven years is far, far too young to be told the nefarious truth about your own family. This really is a story about extended family. That was the point of the start-of-school bedlam at Grimmauld Place. Family was helping each other get the kids off. Grandma, Grandpa and then Minerva's dad were helping her with her anxieties. Then Harry, Ginny and everyone rushed to help Hermione--she was family. Her concerned roomates were part of her Gryffindor family. The Rubbles and Flintstones are always portrayed as more family than simply neighbors--they were perfect for this. Even on the most chaotic days, or especially on those, family makes the process easier, and sometimes possible in the first place. If along the way we can have a little fun, then so much the better. Thank you for reading--Eric B.

Reviewer: Broom Rider Signed Date: 2012.02.16 - 10:18AM Title: Abra Cadabba Doo?


OMG! I am so angry at you for making me laugh so hard with this story! My sides really, really hurt now. I loved it! The Youtube video of the song was so good too. I love your universe and how you have so much fun with it. Please keep writing about Harry and Ginny's children and grandchildren.

Author's Response: I'm sorry you hurt yourself reading. Maybe I should place a warning label on my stories. You probably have the song stuck in your head now as well. Thank you for enduring these hardships in or to read it.

Reviewer: freshwater Signed Date: 2012.02.14 - 10:19PM Title: Abra Cadabba Doo?


You are the most consistently creative --and the most outrageously creative-- HP fanfic author of all time! No one else could have come up with a story with such disparate characters (and settings) as well as moments of drama and stretches of farce. It was a very fun read!

Author's Response: It's not difficult to write a Harry/Ginny story, even my alternative universe tales, given the wonderful material JKR has provided us. It doesn't hurt to be half-mental as I'm said to be either. However, I am honestly scared of Rowling someday seeing what I've done. The fun and challenge with this story was in the narrator intending it for the small boy, but my writing it for everyone. It was a fun story to produce regardless. Thanks for reading--Eric B .

Reviewer: aimless Signed Date: 2012.02.14 - 04:19PM Title: Abra Cadabba Doo?

Interesting idea. Most authors would use the title to give Harry some additional powers or wealth, but considering Black family history, this turn of events quite plausible.

Author's Response: The Blacks' history was exactly why I utilized the children's story. I thought about giving Harry or Ginny some new spell, but instead it was more fun endowing them with other special magic--that which comes with being loving grandparents. Thanks for reading--Eric B.

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2012.02.14 - 01:13PM Title: Abra Cadabba Doo?


Thanks for helping me wax nostalgic with your funny missing moment using my favorite childhood cartoon. I grew up watching the last of the original series and then all the reruns. It was a clever way to bypass some rather thorny family history. Good story.

Author's Response: I knew that I wanted to do this crossover the moment that I saw the Challenge. I was extremely pleased to find the song I wanted to use on Youtube. I hope I did the show justice. It was a favorite of ours as well. Thank you for reading--Eric B.

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2012.02.14 - 05:16AM Title: Abra Cadabba Doo?


Fun song. Fun story. But I must admitt I did not beleive the flintstone bit when you were telling it.

Author's Response: It is often fun to set believability aside. It is also fun to see the face of a seven-year-old when they decide not to believe a ridiculous story you're telling them. The fun might be argued having the same song stuck in your head for over a week while you're writing. Thanks for reading--Eric

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