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Reviews For Bound

Reviewer: HGRHfan35 Signed Date: 2021.04.02 - 07:40AM Title: Epilogue


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Reviewer: HGRHfan35 Signed Date: 2021.04.02 - 07:20AM Title: Chapter 22

I had an inkling it was her but the how/what/when/where were expertly weaved in.

Author's Response: Good guessing though! And thanks. I was trying :D

Reviewer: HGRHfan35 Signed Date: 2021.04.02 - 06:56AM Title: Chapter 20


I admit, I dreaded reading this story. It has been on my “READ” list for a while now but the subject.... is hard to read but knowing your history, harder for you to write.

I first came on SIYE 15 years ago. I had just heard my father had cancer and his time was limited. Reading HP books and fanfics were my means of escape. I also learned that reading stories containing loss and pain could really be cathartic. The first story I read dealing with death of losing a child and a partner was a wonderful story by hgfan1111 (Andi) whom has since removed all her brilliant stories though we kept contact. I found that reading that other share in pain can become somewhat healing.

Since those days, I have lost many more around me as happens when you grow older incl devastating personal loss. So starting this story and knowing what was to come....
but I did and gods, did I cry and ugly too. It brought back awful memories but also the good moments which have their own belongings as well..

**** They sat in silence as they world continued on around them.*****

That struck me the most. Feeling like your world has ended but around you....the sun still comes up. The sun still shines. Birds twitter. Nature moves on and so do the people around you. They smile, laugh. They live their lives like nothing is wrong at all. To be fair, to them, it isn’t. But to us, thos that have lost, theWorld is never the same again.

We grieve, we learn to live with the loss and give it a place in our hearts and wear a mask because lets face it, after a while, some people do not want to think about what you have lost. They do not really understand till they have love & lost.

So thank you for pouring your heart out. For sharing your grief and I hope, you have found some peace.

Love, C.

Reviewer: Helios Signed Date: 2020.12.26 - 12:32AM Title: Epilogue


Sarah, thank you for writing this brilliant story. It couldn't have been easy, by any means, to put yourself out there like this. However, I'm very grateful that you did. I can't wait to dive into the sequel.

Author's Response: It was not easy but honestly one of the best things I've ever done for my mental health. I hope you enjoy the next story. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: hawkeye2008 Signed Date: 2018.04.25 - 12:15AM Title: Epilogue


Great etory

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you go onto the next story in this saga :)

Reviewer: hawkeye2008 Signed Date: 2018.04.24 - 11:42AM Title: Chapter 19



Author's Response: Yeah....

Reviewer: hawkeye2008 Signed Date: 2018.04.18 - 11:45AM Title: Chapter 3


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Reviewer: hawkeye2008 Signed Date: 2017.09.21 - 11:07PM Title: Chapter 23


No Review

Reviewer: hawkeye2008 Signed Date: 2017.09.18 - 10:07PM Title: Chapter 14


No Review

Reviewer: hawkeye2008 Signed Date: 2017.09.14 - 08:28AM Title: Chapter 2


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Reviewer: hawkeye2008 Signed Date: 2017.09.13 - 05:57PM Title: Chapter 1


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Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2016.03.29 - 07:46PM Title: Epilogue


It seems that Luna's hide and seek is a firm feature in the family fun events 😄

Thank you so much for sharing your story. You have clearly put so much of your self into it. That was incredibly brave of you and I'm glad it was cathartic. You could have left it at that but then you allowed others to share your story. I personally have seen deeper into this loss than I had before and I'm grateful to you for that.

Author's Response: You're welcome and thank you for reading and reviewing! I hope you pick up the sequel and give that a spin. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2016.03.29 - 07:30PM Title: Chapter 23


I'm sure Harry was content knowing that Ginny knew there was no way he would ever want to harm her.

I've also learnt from this chapter that even though grief brings misery and a hole in your heart that will never be filled, it's not ever a life you wish had never begun because love trumps all...

They're re-building and they will be ok someday...but that hole will always be there.

Author's Response: Yes, that's the exact message I wanted everyone to get from this.

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2016.03.29 - 07:06PM Title: Chapter 22


What a demented woman! I can't help pitying her, especially at her unwavering belief that every man would treat their wife that way. I'm so happy that ginny was thinking the exact same as way would Harry do any of these things. What a sick, sick world she grew up in. The things Voldemort has to answer for continue to grow and grow.

Author's Response: She really was one of the forgotten victims of the first war :( I think that happens more than it should. Now, what she did after that, that's on her.

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2016.03.29 - 05:43PM Title: Chapter 21


Hee hee...I need steps in my kitchen too. My husband has at long last learnt not to tidy them away when he enters the kitchen....he's been lambasted once too often and has finally realised they're out for a reason!!!!

It's good to see Harry and Ginny able to at least have some good times in their days...

Author's Response: Yes, they definitely needed a little bit of normal

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2016.03.29 - 05:23PM Title: Chapter 20


I've typed and deleted over and over but it just sounds twee and the bottom line is I have no idea what this truly feels like. I thank you for sharing as the experience of what I have read will stay with me, and although it something I hope I don't need to refer to again it will be something I would come back to if the need arose. Personal experience has unfortunately taught me that this is not an uncommon event and sadly I will probably come across this again. I hope and pray my 2 girls and immediate family don't ever have to experience this dreadful tragic loss.

Author's Response: I agree, I wish no one had to know what it's like ever. I understand the not knowing what to say.

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2016.03.28 - 08:22PM Title: Chapter 19


I shed a few tears even though I knew, from your warnings, what must be coming. I don't think someone who hasn't been through this could have written it with the depth of feeling you've managed, I cried for you as much as Ginny and much struck a chord but when Ginny is pleading for Hope to move for mummy I could really really feel her depth of despair, knowing what had happened but not yet really believing. After sailing in blissful happy ignorance through my first pregnancy and then having a close friend gave a still birth literally days before full term my next was spent in constant anxiety lying down at points in the day willing and pleading with baby to move so I knew she was still alive.

Author's Response: Writing this was the final breath I needed to start to live again. It was years coming, and painful to share, but I think and hope I have given a view into a world that is so often not talked about. Thank you for your kind words.

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2016.03.28 - 07:50PM Title: Chapter 18


The first book Hermione hasn't wanted to read! 😂

Author's Response: There was bound to be one book, right?

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2016.03.28 - 07:31PM Title: Chapter 17


So many bits to make me giggle, rons reassurance to Hermione's parents that only the weird stuff happens to Harry!😂 And Harry telling Ginny her brain had been hijacked (that nearly backfired 😂) and Harry thankfully stopping himself from responding with his wonderment that Arthur had survived his wife's six pregnancies 😂😂😂

Au thor's Response: That chapter was, arguably, one of my favorites of the whole story for those reasons :)

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2016.03.28 - 06:57PM Title: Chapter 16


If the culprit is writing to Harry then I feel to think that there is no more to their plan is foolish...

Author's Response: *insert evol laugh here*

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