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Reviews For Through Shadows

Reviewer: Mutt N Feathers Signed Date: 2021.04.23 - 09:43PM Title: Clues


Wow! You've done an excellent job ratcheting up the tension. Great job.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words <3

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2020.12.05 - 10:56AM Title: Clues


Well now harry is no longer safe anywhere and Ginny will now need to see harry in person in order to figure out this mystery......and maybe have the help of a grant dog too.... kutgw

Author's Response: It is a mystery, isn't it? More answers coming next chapter!

Reviewer: melindaleo Signed Date: 2020.12.02 - 08:40AM Title: Clues


Okay, I read this last night but needed some time to ponder. I'm guessing Lucius was sent to impersonate Harry - only because of the amusement in his eyes, and having a son there, he'd have some info. I suppose he could disappear easier than Voldemort himself. I'm thinking the Ministry, however, is going to accuse Harry of killing his relatives.

I'm curious to hear Ron and Hermione's thoughts. I'd think if Ginny suspected something, they might've, too. Really glad Sirius got to go out and help sniff around. Now, the burning question is, where has Harry been the whole time and what did they do to him? I imagine there will be some psychological trauma. I mean, that grave yard scene was so traumatic, and it's basically lasted for him for months!! I wonder if they let him go or he escaped. Maybe they're framing him for the Dursley's murder to discredit him further.

How did Dumbledore convince people like Tonks and Kingsley to join the Order without Harry's testimony that Voldemort was back? Why didn't Snape know something was off, even if he wasn't let in on the entire plan. On a side note - THRILLED the twins still got the money to start their shop.

Author's Response: So — you already know it's not Lucius. You'll find out who next chapter, but it has to be someone who could fool even Dumbledore. The Ministry will not accuse Harry of killing the Dursleys; Arthur addresses this next chapter, too. We won't be seeing much from Ron and Hermione until chapter 4, I'm afraid. And yes, ALL THE PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA. I've written 3 chapters in Harry's POV which explain what happened. They are not happy chapters. At all. Those 3 chapters are like in my top 5 for "smash your heart into a million pieces" levels of angst that I've written. Just so you know. Anyway, in my mind, Tonks and Kingsley were smart enough to read between the lines and see that all is not well as Fudge would have everyone believe. They really only have Dumbledore's word and Snape's testimony, which I admit is a shaky thing, but it isn't hard to notice Fudge's sudden desire to besmirch the names of two people he previously fawned over, you know? And yes, I always planned for the twins to still get the money to start their shop. Expect more angst over that topic in future chapters. Thank you!!!

Reviewer: CharmHazel Signed Date: 2020.12.02 - 05:59AM Title: Clues


So, Voldemort obviously became Harry, meaning he never gained access to Grimmauld Place (phew!), but the question bugging most is how did Snape not know where Harry was once they realised Harry was no longer at Privet Drive? And how did they managed to find and rescue Harry? So many more questions, which can only be a good thing because it makes want the next chapter sooner rather than later!

Author's Response: Haha you're raising some good questions! I can promise more answers in the next chapter (fingers crossed for this Saturday!). I can also promise heart-wrenching angst because that's my specialty!

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2020.12.02 - 04:01AM Title: Clues


This is the second story this week that has me making notes about possible clues to what's happening to the victims. It's nice to see Ginny have such a pivotal roll in the sussing out of various clues when the adults think they know everything. I know none of the adults would be so bold as to look Harry straight in the eye and compare what they find there to what they know of Harry. That's territory only a girl who had a crush on a boy would dare to enter!

I'm glad that Sirius was able to do some sniffing about and I think Ginny is a bit farther along in her thinking than the adults are at this point because of his evidence; she thinks that the person staying at Privet Drive was a Death Eater taking Polyjuice Potion. When the time was right, they let the potion's power expire, killed the Dursleys with Harry's wand and then went to the back garden and Disapparated. All this because the Death Eaters and Voldemort kidnapped Harry and Cedric from the maze and then sent the imposter back to Hogwarts with Cedric's body. I may be wrong, but oh, this is fun to puzzle out! Well done for making me think!

Author's Response: You're right about Ginny really being the only one to notice the difference in Harry's eyes; she's the only one really looking at him when no one else would be, and as the story goes on, we're going to see her continue to be one step ahead in figuring things out. You'll get more answers to this puzzle of mine in the next chapter, but I expect your heart will take a thorough beating in the process. Sorrynotsorry. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2020.12.01 - 09:09PM Title: Clues


This has gotten even more ominous and I'm wondering if Harry is Harry! Can't imagine how Privet drive happened and how Dumbledore could be so wrong! Is Madeye really madeye! Perhaps Harry is elsewhere! Hope Ginny's love can help Harry! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Ominous... you flatter me! Chapter 3 will have more answers, but it might break your heart and stomp on it for good measure at the same time. There won't be any Ginny/Harry interaction until chapter 4, but I think you'll be satisfied when it finally happens. Thank you!

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