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Reviews For Through Shadows

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2022.06.13 - 05:26PM Title: Reveal


Wow! A genuine smile and a laugh from Harry that's truly his! What miracles and such a nice way to end the chapter. It looks like the occupants of Grimmauld Place are beginning to understand just what happened while Harry was gone. Very sad, but very understandable all the same. Well done.

Reviewer: InkedinInk Signed Date: 2021.02.13 - 07:04AM Title: Reveal

When will you update the next part?

Author's Response: Today! It’s coming today! I’ve just got a final bit of polishing to do plus some home life stuff first.

Reviewer: InkedinInk Signed Date: 2021.02.11 - 11:21PM Title: Reveal


No Review

Reviewer: melindaleo Signed Date: 2021.01.05 - 05:56PM Title: Reveal


I'm fascinated by this potion. It basically doesn't allow Harry to break the connection with Voldemort by waking up or being startled, like in canon? So creepy. Poor, Harry. I hadn't noticed the lack of personal pronouns, but that's going to be fascinating seeing it unfold. I actually felt really bad for Hermione and Ron in this one. They so want to help, but can't. I hope your return to work goes smoothly!

Author's Response: You’ll see the potion in action in the next chapter, but that is essentially what happens, yeah. You’ll start to see more of Harry’s struggle with personal pronouns in chapter 9, but how it all happens is really explained in chapter 14. I felt bad having Ron and Hermione be in this position, but won’t be dragged out too much, either. I think one of Harry’s prime qualities is his ability to forgive the people he cares about when they’ve somehow done him harm, and this wasn’t knowingly done to harm him on their part by a long shot. Harry’s trying to find his way again, and he’ll get there soon enough. Thank you!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2021.01.03 - 02:56PM Title: Reveal


Appears Ginny may be getting thru to Harry! She seems to understand him better now! Still a long way to go to get over what
the Dark Dork did to him! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: You're right, Ginny is getting through to Harry. There's still a lot she doesn't understand, as you'll come to find out in future chapters, but it's definitely a start! Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2021.01.03 - 01:54PM Title: Reveal


Well I have a feeling Ginny and Micheal are done now...harry is laughing that’s a great start on the road to recovery.... kutgw

Author's Response: Yeah, Ginny's relationship with Michael isn't going to be nearly as long-lasting here as it was in canon. Harry's recovery isn't going to be easy, but it's taking a step in the right direction. Thank you!

Reviewer: CharmHazel Signed Date: 2021.01.03 - 11:32AM Title: Reveal


Sirius and Remus are real purely by circumstance, which cannot be the best thing for them to know, but at the same time, it has worked out in their favour. The whole not using his pronouns is fascinating and I had not spotted it! Lots of untangling to do in his brain to figure out what was him and what was Voldemort, especially when, like with the homework, it is in fact both of them. I don't think it is going to matter, however, that others want to become real as that probably cannot happen until Harry can work through what he has been forced to see.

Author's Response: I think there is something a bit painful in knowing it was mere circumstance more than anything that has allowed Sirius and Remus to be real to Harry, but it fits. As for the personal pronouns, you'll really start to see how that affects Harry starting in chapter 9, but you won't fully grasp the breakdown of his inability to refer directly to himself until chapter 14. Unfortunately, it's more complicated than the mess of his memories alone. Know what was done by who is definitely going to be a mess to sort out. And as for the others... Harry first has to accept that Voldemort wanted to break his trust, wanted to prove that no one would figure out the truth. If he can come to terms with this, then he can rebuild. Thank you for the review!

Reviewer: aurorasky Signed Date: 2021.01.02 - 02:49PM Title: Reveal


*shivers* Poor Harry. Poor Ginny. I am glad that they have each other to get through this. I liked the scene between Ginny and Hermione. I also like that your Ron is being mature and understanding about this.

Author's Response: Poor Harry and Ginny, indeed! They will definitely continue to rely on each other going forward. I'm glad you liked that scene between Ginny and Hermione; I knew early on in writing this story that this moment was going to have to happen. Ron is still pretty fresh off being an idiot in the lead-up to the first task, so there was really no other way I could picture him reacting to this realization. Thank you!

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