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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2023.01.11 - 07:50AM Title: Chapter 14


What a wonderful Yule Ball for the two of them with an almost kiss at the end. Something for Harry to think about?
Will Ginny ever remember the beetle that crawled around on the tree in the dead of winter?

Author's Response: I forced myself to not give them a goodnight kiss, since it felt like too much, too soon for a still very confused Harry, but I feel confident Ginny has given him something to think about.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2022.12.29 - 09:51AM Title: Chapter 14


Well it has taken me 4 tries to finish this chapter but well worth it, although I was surprised Ginny didn’t try the first move after the dance but then again they are still young…kutgw

Author's Response: Glad it was worthwhile! I think Ginny might have seriously considered making a move, but she's still got a bit of confidence to build. This story is catching her before she's fully developed into the strong and confident version of Ginny we see in late Order of the Phoenix and throughout Half-Blood Prince. The beginnings of those characteristics are there, but she's got some growing up to do, too!

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2022.12.18 - 08:44AM Title: Chapter 14


If you've included the romantic debacle involving Hagrid and Madam Maxime, you're going to involve them in upcoming chapters. It makes me wonder if Rita Skeeter was buzzing around trying to dish the dirt on anyone worth mentioning in the Prophet.

I really liked how you ended the Yule Ball. I'm glad Harry ignored the hint from his future self to try snogging Ginny and trusted himself to go with the moment. I think that will further his relationship with her much better than trying to emulate the older students' romantic trysts in the corridors and Great Hall.

Finally, it was nice that Cedric returned the favor of giving Harry a clue about the second task. It sounds like he'll act on it much sooner than he does in canon. I hope he runs into Moaning Myrtle when he does! Well done.

Author's Response: I'm trying to toe the line between not rewriting every single detail from canon while not skipping over too many moments of plot development or character building. You're right that I've got some plans to involve this part of the plot moving forward, though! I've read lots of stories where Harry and Ginny are both super confident or good at fully understanding who they are and what they want, but I don't think these versions of the characters are there yet, especially at this age. Not being aware of how to best deal with the end of the ball but being pleased by Ginny taking the lead without moving too fast seemed to fit an unsure Harry. I'm also excited about fleshing out Cedric a bit more, along with Fleur and Viktor. Thanks for the thoughtful and encouraging comments!

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