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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2023.01.11 - 08:24AM Title: Chapter 16


Apparently, the memory of the future Ginny did something to Harry. Instead of muddling around to make it through the tournament and pining for Cho, he's now acknowledging that he has friends who'll help him, no matter what. As much as I usually wish it was Ginny whom Harry would solemnly miss the most, he's not quite there yet. He has yet to ponder things - like that almost kiss after the Yule Ball, which I don't think he has done yet, lol. Bisides, it would probably overwhelm Ginny as well to find herself down at the bottom of the lake.

Author's Response: Yeah, the memory definitely seems to be working at least partially as intended, since Harry's thinking is quite different than the first go round. Part of me wanted to put Ginny at the lake bottom, but his friendship with Ron has been through so much over so long that I couldn't justify it. Plus, having Ron instead of the typical "Boy Saves Damsel in Distress" trope helps cement in my mind some of what makes Harry special. Not throwing shade at Cedric, since the high school version of me probably would have done the same had I been in his shoes, but I think Harry's value of friendship instead of romantic relationship says a lot about him. And it's another point in favor of Fleur for her love of her sister.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2023.01.01 - 11:00AM Title: Chapter 16


Well I have a feeling that the champion s are now more even then ever before….kutgw

Author's Response: I think that's fair to say. I added the background on the Bubblehead Charm to help explain why the three older champions were having more difficulty under the lake. Maintaining a difficult charm while trying to use other magic made sense as a way to limit the power they were able to draw from. Harry will have a head start in the third task, but I think the skill of the others gives them a good shot at catching up. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2022.12.31 - 01:55AM Title: Chapter 16


Another triumph of a chapter! The planning section for the second task was so much better than what we know happened in canon. I love that you included Neville in Harry's support group and that he contributed to Harry's success in the task with the Gillyweed suggestion. It was nice that Harry was able to practice with it before he needed it for real. Also, you made me laugh when Dobby, again, woke Harry up twenty minutes before the event. I find it interesting that the giant squid thought Harry and the other champions were something edible when Harry clearly thought it wouldn't be something to worry about. I suppose that with the number of "invaders" in the lake rescuing their hostages, that the poor squid became alarmed and tried to protect its territory. Finally, I had to smile when Harry shared his last bit of Gillyweed to help Krum survive the task and rescue his hostage. I'm sure Ginny noticed this and I'm hoping that maybe she'll say something nice to Harry in another chapter. Well done.

Author's Response: Yeah, I figured a lot of what caused Harry's problems in canon was a combination of procrastination and pride at not wanting to accept Cedric's help. Being in a better place with Hermione, Ron, and Ginny, and I thought them wanting to help would spur Harry to get to work faster. I briefly considered having Ginny as the hostage, but she and Harry are just getting to know each other better. Figure labeling her as who Harry would miss most would be both inaccurate at this point and would force the issue between them when I'm planning a slower burn. Thanks for another kind and thoughtful review!

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