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Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2023.07.25 - 06:19AM Title: Chapter 44


Oh well. Umbitch definitely is a pretty nasty piece of work, maybe even worse than her canon counterpart. The new Minister of Magic can't even dismiss her because, strictly spoken, she hasn't broken any school rules. I'm quite curious how her dismissal is going to happen, lol.

Author's Response: I've been aiming for her to be worse than she was in canon, so your comment fills me with joy! I've got big plans for her sending off, though... Thanks for the comment!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2023.07.14 - 08:25PM Title: Chapter 44


Personally I think they need to get Kingsley in to Hogwarts and get rig of umbitch…..king may be able to know some sense in to everyone and still keep the defense club going with support from a true auror….kutgw

Author's Response: Kingsley would be an incredible Defense professor, but I think his work with the Auror’s office and alongside Sirius might be more urgent at the moment. Plus, I’ve got several more plans in the works for Umbridge!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! It means a lot to me.

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2023.07.14 - 05:29PM Title: Chapter 44


I certainly got what I wished for when you included Umbridge in this chapter! Oh, she's despicable! Your version may even be more deadly than the original version of Umbridge! I'm sorry Hermione ended up in detention with Harry, although I think the experience will make her even more determined to see the Defense Club succeed.

I'm so glad you had Gryffindor win the match. Ron needed the confidence and Ginny just needed to feel like she'd contributed to something good. I enjoyed her tale of her Snitch-catch and Ron's blow by blow account of how he managed to get out of his head and concentrate on the job he needed to do.

Finally, it's good that Harry and Dumbledore are being civil to each other again, even if Harry still harbors some ill feelings towards the headmaster. I also think Dumbledore is as excited as Harry with the revelation of Sirius and Kingsley locating a Horcrux. Well done. Looking forward to next week's chapter.

Author's Response: I like to consider myself a rather kind person, so it’s been super challenging to come up with insults from her that seem as venomous as I want them to be. Hermione is absolutely going to throw herself even more fully into making the Defense Club into a giant anti-Umbridge haven. I’d originally planned to do a match with Harry on the pitch here, but Umbridge has taken a few losses and needed to swipe back against him. Having such a stellar backup that Harry wants to succeed win in his stead is just the sort of thing that would make Umbridge even more irate. I like to think Harry and Dumbledore are in a pretty good spot for their relationship. A lot more trust between them, and that’ll show up next chapter, too. Here’s to hoping you enjoy their first leg of the horcrux hunt, and thanks so much for commenting!

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