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Reviewer: RoseSpell Signed Date: 2023.08.25 - 09:55AM Title: Chapter 49

I love what you did with Sirius adopting Harry!

I’m a little confused why you decided to have Harry react this way to the locket horcrux. In DH Harry remembers that everyone had taken turns trying to open the locket. The only defense the locket seemed to have on a day-to-day basis was to drain the mood of whoever had it. It seems a little more LoTR than HP.

Author's Response: Thanks for the comment! I've definitely taken some liberties with the horcrux protections, and part of that is because the horcruxes had to be easy enough for Harry, Hermione, and Ron to deal with them in the original timeline, but now it's up against the likes of Dumbledore, McGonagall, Kingsley, and Sirius. Basically, I didn't want everything to be super easy for our heroes to defeat, so I upped the difficulty level for them. And yeah, I definitely took some inspiration from LotR with how the locket affected Harry at first. Nice catch!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2023.08.19 - 09:07AM Title: Chapter 49


Oh and maybe now kreacher will be more balanced…as well as everyone else….poor Remus harry really got in his head this time…as for Ginny and harry and the girls see it …..he’s doomed…kutgw

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'd like to think Kreacher will be able to chill out a bit now, and maybe Remus has something to think about it.

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2023.08.18 - 05:19PM Title: Chapter 49


It's sure to be Friday because there was another chapter notification in my mailbox. I did a happy dance when I saw it. However, how come the chapter was so short? I want more: more Harry/Ginny, more Remus/Tonks, and definitely more Dumbledore and the new Horcrux Harry found! The way Harry found it is much better than how he had to go get it from Umbridge in Book 7. There's much less strife and danger involved.

I'm glad Harry and Sirius had a good Christmas at The Burrow. There's nothing like a Molly Weasley feast, pranks from Fred and George, and special presents between Harry and Ginny to make a memorable holiday. I think Ginny got the best present because of the meaning it holds for her...something of Lily Potter's to cherish because Harry chose it for her specifically.

I hope the next chapter is longer, but no matter what, well done with this one.

Author's Response: I almost combined the previous chapter with this one, but it fits to leave the next chapter as number fifty because some big stuff will be happening. There will definitely be a lot more of what you're enjoying coming up! Christmas was less eventful than the previous year, but I like the more chill version here quite a bit. Gift-giving can be tricky, but I felt good about how it went in this go. Thanks for the kind encouragement!

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