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Reviews For Summer of Recovery

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2024.04.12 - 07:22PM Title: A Restless Break


Sometimes life just has better ideas…but i think they are really close to the end…glad harry is going to see someone for his health for a change and smart to have Ginny there with him….hopefully now funerals will be a little easier…..but they never are….kutgw

Author's Response: There's definitely still a few sad funerals left, mainly Fred's, but you're definitely right that things are slowly getting easier. Harry getting to the end of his story and seeing a Healer are going to help with that significantly at least!

Reviewer: mimiND Signed Date: 2024.04.12 - 03:04PM Title: A Restless Break


Thanks for the interesting chapter. It's not out of character for Harry to seek help from a healer for his panic attacks. The meeting with the healer will be interesting.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter and hopefully Harry will finally tell Ginny everything.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I also don't think it's out of character for him to seek help, especially now that the war is over and he can start opening up to people more. The bigger question is just how open will he be with the Healer because right now, he's going, in large part, because of the Weasleys' insistence. I love the next chapter so much, so I can't wait for you to read it!

Reviewer: CWOW Signed Date: 2024.04.12 - 03:00PM Title: A Restless Break


Oh you cunning one! Okay, a quick commentary on the chapter was worth it) Real Ron, real Hermione: Considering the amount of canon preparation you do (and it shows in the author's notes), this deserves respect. It’s cool that you write as a real continuation, and not a link to the original, that is, really quotes with a retelling, and not “pu-pu-pu-pu he talked about it.” I agree with the opinion about Crucio. I'm waiting for a declaration of love, and judging by the attention to small details, Ginny's reaction is worth it :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad that you appreciate the retelling! It did get a little tiring, basically summarising DH until the point when Harry tells her everything, and I was *very* excited to be done with this portion of their story and get to more original stuff, but I felt like it was very important for us to actually see everything going on with how he tells the story and how Ginny reacts to it. It's one thing for her to know what happened, but understanding her emotions and her struggle with learning exactly how hard things were for him is so much more. I'm very intentional with which POV things happen in, and that's why every time Harry tells more of the story, we see it from Ginny's perspective. And yes, I am beyond excited for a declaration of love, and, having read that scene dozens of times, I think it's very much worth the wait!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2024.04.12 - 02:02PM Title: A Restless Break


Harry is really battling his demons but he'll get over it with help from Ginny! Too bad Harry got interrupted before he could finish the story but life happens! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: He's getting closer and closer! The rest of the story will be out before long!

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