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Reviews For The Forgotten Girl

Reviewer: Centurion Signed Date: 2014.03.29 - 02:22PM Title: DREAMS


Okay, well this one should be a shorter review. I can't believe it, she is just as bad as Dumbledore in some stories I have read, manipulating him without his consent, making him forget. He would come around. She is, in essence, doing to him what Tom did to her.... Okay not that bad but kind of similar, she is changing his mind without his consent.... More like Lockhart. Anyway, another pent up rant that you probably won't read. I do find it despicable, the changing of peoples minds, and lying.

Reviewer: Centurion Signed Date: 2014.03.29 - 01:51PM Title: MIXED EMOTIONS


I'm in the process of reading through your stories and can't help but think that you have made Ginny out to be quite selfish. I mean I absolutely loved her up until somewhere into fourth year when her and Michael started. She knows that she is going to end up with Harry but then she goes and does this stuff with Michael. I know that she is still a teenager but I would think she is more mature than this. All she seems to think about is how Harry is mooning over Cho but then she turns around and gives Michael a hand job which I think is so highly hypocritical that it isn't funny, I thought she was mature. Then there's the thing with not helping him with his anger problems, pretty much saying the consequences are to give him a lesson. I can understand in canon with her not knowing everything but with her in his mind (without telling him even if he does know it subconsciously) she seems to do little to help him. I suppose the thing that is bothering me the most is that she is going pretty far with Michael even though she knows he isn't the one, I would think she would be better than that. I just think that it's kind of like cheating on Harry, he may not know that they are meant to be together but she does yet she goes and not just gets a boyfriends but gets sexual with him. I just hope it doesn't go too much farther. Other than Ginny pretty much cheating on Harry (in my opinion), the writing is fantastic with hardly noticeable grammar and just a few typos. Some stories I just cannot read because the grammar is so bad but I am happy to say this is a very good story for not being beta'ed (at least I don't think it's beta'ed because I haven't seen a mention of one anywhere).I'm going to give it an 7 out of 10 because it has excellent grammar and stuff like that but the Ginny seems... eh in my opinion, I hope you'll make it up when her and Harry finally get together. I know you probably won't see this as you haven't been active in about two years but I feel I had to get my rant off somewhere and where better than a review.

Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2012.05.02 - 01:26AM Title: MIND GAMES


No Review

Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2012.05.02 - 12:58AM Title: DREAMS


No Review

Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2012.05.01 - 11:38PM Title: HIGH EMOTIONS


No Review

Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2012.05.01 - 11:04PM Title: HARRY ARRIVES


*sigh* I know it has to happen, but I really dislike the Ginny/Micheal (and later the Ginny/Dean that I'm sure is to come) elements... guess I'll just have to suck it up...


Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2012.05.01 - 04:28PM Title: THE SECOND TASK


No Review

Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2012.05.01 - 03:00PM Title: THE YULE BALL


No Review

Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2012.05.01 - 02:36AM Title: THE DOPPLEGANGER EFFECT


hmm not sure I like the idea of Ginny thinking of Draco as sexy lol. Other than that sickening thought, good chapter overall


Reviewer: I Love Ginerva Signed Date: 2012.05.01 - 01:55AM Title: THE BOGGART


I'd just like to point out before I continue that Ginny's Birthday is August 11th

for proof I offer Wikipedia's page on Ginevra Weasley: nevra_Weasley


PS, please forgive me, I'm a stickler for the facts :/

Reviewer: Balder Signed Date: 2011.11.05 - 12:15PM Title: The First People

Excellent story!

Reviewer: RealmofShadows Signed Date: 2009.12.08 - 01:08AM Title: The Last Lonely Birthday


Great story! Can't wait to continue with it tomorrow!!

Reviewer: RealmofShadows Signed Date: 2009.12.07 - 09:17PM Title: THE YULE BALL


I'm sorry but the Ginny/Michael moments are about to make me sick literally. I can't handle it. :(

Reviewer: Phil42 Signed Date: 2009.04.06 - 03:12PM Title: A Wesley Christmas

Hi, I really like the way you write. Of course I started with Summer of the Serpent.

Is it intentional that the dates given in this chapter are not chronological?

Reviewer: jediprankster Signed Date: 2009.02.17 - 12:41AM Title: THE DOPPLEGANGER EFFECT


I don't normally review part way through an already completed story, but I just had to comment on this chapter. I have read one other story with a soul bond/mate thing between Harry and Ginny where it started this early and Ginny didn't tell Harry about it right away. The other story didn't handle the Time Turner duplicate Harry in even a remotely logical way. Ginny didn't feel two of Harry. She felt Harry disappear momentarily, and felt it as a crippling loss. Your way is better. Not only did you have it make perfect sense, but the way you covered all of those events without changing any of them, yet still made it interesting was fantastic.

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.09.11 - 09:40PM Title: The Last Lonely Birthday

Hmm well I was thinking that you had started writing this before HBP but now I am not to sure.

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.09.11 - 09:33PM Title: Mistress of Mayhem

Well your trying to get back on track I think but I still am holding a grudge

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.09.11 - 09:17PM Title: ACCELERATION

I don't know really think you have an oxymoron going on with Ginny this whole thing about Cho using Harry while low and behold you see Ginny using everyone for her own personal intentions

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.09.11 - 09:00PM Title: MIND GAMES

Well I don't know but seems odd how your writing this I don't know maybe it is the female side of things and me being a guy just naturally going to Harry's side.

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.09.11 - 08:45PM Title: DREAMS

THAT IS STUPID Ginny's own damn fault making him forget I reallly think that you should have him get with someone else or hell even with Cho I think your time line is shot in a realistic sense think that Harry should/needs to do something to make up for how Ginny is acting.

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