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Reviews For Ron Knows

Reviewer: RealmofShadows Signed Date: 2009.12.12 - 01:10PM Title: Ron Knows

Great little one shot!

Reviewer: AdventureofLove Signed Date: 2008.06.05 - 04:18AM Title: Ron Knows


That was great, and so Ron like


Love is but the next adventure

Reviewer: bookish327 Signed Date: 2008.02.23 - 04:07PM Title: Ron Knows


FANTASTIC! You perfectly nailed Ron's way of thinking and expressing himself. Very "to-the-point," yet surprisingly sensitive. The recurring "I know things" was expertly woven in to the story, going from his knowledge of the game of Quidditch to his awareness of the fleeting charm of groupies. He also "knows" that Hermione is the one for him, and that no one else could ever compare to her.

I don't think I've written hardly any reviews, but I've read SUMMER OF THE SERPENT, FORGOTTEN GIRL, LIFE IS BUT A DREAM, and I'm currently almost done with TOWARDS TOMORROW. I've read that you're an excellent writer, and I completely agree. Sure, I've found some typo's, but your plot, storytelling, and dialogue are exceptional. I've enjoyed your characterizations of all of the core characters. None of them felt like they veered too far in any direction (e.g., Harry wasn't overly angry and vengeful for being kept in the dark for so long, Ginny wasn't sanitized of her playfulness and fiery temper, etc.), as some HP fan fic authors have done. Also, your Ron isn't overly jealous and petty, and Dumbledore isn't overly goofy and eccentric to the extreme, as some authors paint them. You seem to understand and empathize with all of the characters. Even Snape has some amount of redeeming qualities hidden in there, somewhere. I love "bond" stories, since they're often romantic, as well as because the rough edges (e.g., Harry's moodiness, Ginny's disconnectedness from the Trio, etc.) seem to get smoothed out when Harry and Ginny have such an intense bond. (It might be interesting to read a story with Ron & Hermione having the bond. There's a probably fan fic out there somewhere with that theme, but I haven't run across it yet.)

Anyway, this series is fantastic, and I will recommend it to anyone. Thank you for writing it.

Reviewer: IHateSnakes Signed Date: 2005.11.21 - 02:53PM Title: Ron Knows


Great story. S.

Reviewer: brittpinkie Signed Date: 2005.11.20 - 11:55PM Title: Ron Knows


Oh my gosh...I just loved this. I think seeing GOF last Thursday really brought Ron's character out to me (I've always loved him, but now I'm really wanting to read Ron fics), and this was the perfect fix! Ron was sweet, charming, funny, goofy, smart...and all the other things that encompass his character! You did a great job with this...and I think I'll have to read Towards Tomorrow now! :)

Author's Response: Happy reading! But I'd start with SUMMER OF THE SERPENT. It sort of sets the mood for everything that happens next.

Reviewer: Moonlight Anonymous Date: 2005.11.19 - 06:39PM Title: Ron Knows


That sounds so much like Ron I just want to kiss him to, and I'm glad to keep reading your stories.

Author's Response: Yes. He does come across as rather kissable. He means well. He just has a problem expressing himself.

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Reviewer: Sadz89 Anonymous Date: 2005.11.18 - 10:34PM Title: Ron Knows


very good. gonna go click the favorites button right now

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Reviewer: PhoenixAeternum Anonymous Date: 2005.11.18 - 02:52PM Title: Ron Knows


Excellent! I've never really been one to read Ron/Hermione fics, I do support the ship, but I don't often read it. But htis has blown my mind, it was great. I've never read so good a Ron sequence in all my life. I hope to see more outtakes, or whatever you bring forth really, it's just all so good. -PhoenixAeternum

Auth or's Response: Ron is another misunderstood character - in my opinion. I think he is billed as a big goof, someone who doesn't really understand. I think he understands more than he's given credit for, he just doesn't know how to respond properly.

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Reviewer: Nemo1024 Anonymous Date: 2005.11.18 - 12:52PM Title: Ron Knows


I admire the narrative technique you used here - it was quite refreshing! This is a very welcome outtake, doing splendid credit to the series themselves. Looking forward to more outtakes (or maybe a sequel).

Author's Response: Oh, I have lots of bits I didn't add to the stories. Some I'll add along the way. Thanks for reading!

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Reviewer: Spenser Hemmingway Signed Date: 2005.11.18 - 10:25AM Title: Ron Knows


I think that is the most that I've ever seen come out of Ron. It was great. I can't believe that I haven't read any of your work before. I tend to agree with your head count, if for no other reason than the fact that the towers would be as crowded as the Quidditch Word Cup if there were 1,000 students. Thanks. Eric B.

Author's Response: No problem! Thanks for reading! I've got quite a few stories out - the entire S.S.Potter series, and then my newest edition, THE DARK AND WINDING PATH. :) AND LOOKING FORWARD TO THE MOVIE TONIGHT!

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