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Reviewer: Monty Signed Date: 2006.04.09 - 06:35AM Title: The End and Beginning


Nicely done!
The tone is very in keeping with the book, and it follows on well.

Ha! I just read your other reviews, and I had forgotten it was a flash back too :P

Great start, update soon!

Author's Response: yeah. I\'m working on the next chapter, but life has slowed me down considerably. My wife recently had our 3rd child and I\'m unemployed/looking for work so my writing time is minimal. But I really hope to update soon. :D Thanks for the review, I\'m glad you like it :D

Reviewer: Kayla Anonymous Date: 2005.12.23 - 07:21PM Title: The End and Beginning


Your story is fantastic, so far. You really know how to express emotions in writing. If you ever wrote a story and published it, I would so buy it. :D Update!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm extremely pleased this story is being so well recieved. I haven't had much time to work on the next chapter, but I'm hoping to have more time to write once the holidays are past. :D

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Reviewer: Rianna Potter Signed Date: 2005.12.21 - 03:41PM Title: The End and Beginning


If only SIYE had a subscription option like Checkmated does... you're going to have to tell me when you update on AF. I like it so far, keep it up, Slim!

Author's Response: don't worry...I'll be sure to let you know :D I too wish SIYE had a subscription option. Maybe in the futue.

Reviewer: Doc Anonymous Date: 2005.12.18 - 12:47AM Title: The End and Beginning


I didn't get to tell you this the next day you sent me the file. But I really like it. While I was at about the half of it, I forgot that it was a flashback type of a thing. And it kinda confused me for a moment, but I think that's a good thing. Because it means that I was absorbed into the story so much that I didn't realize where I was.

Author's Response: how did I never respond to this review?! Oh well, better late then never =) Thanks alot Doc. I think for future chapters I may have the opening be back in the 'present', just so I can be sure that future readers don't forget it's all a flash back too. Kinda the whole "life flashing before your eyes" thing

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Reviewer: HENZ Signed Date: 2005.12.15 - 02:56PM Title: The End and Beginning



Author's Response: Thank you very much. This is just the kind of motivation I need ;)

Reviewer: JLaLa Signed Date: 2005.12.14 - 11:06PM Title: The End and Beginning


Great story so far! Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: well I can't promise as to how quickly I can update...but I'm hoping it won't be too much longer than 2 weeks or so. I'm glad you like it so far :D

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