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A Taste of Honey by Gin110881 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 2]
After three weeks of working without a day off, Ginny rewards herself with a latte and a chocolate sprinkle before spending the weekend with her family. Little did she know that she would meet someone in her favourite café who would change her entire life.
Probably the most AU I've ever written.
PG-13 - Alternate Universe - Drama, Fluff, Romance - Warnings: None - Words: 5731
Completed: No - Chapters: 2 - Published: 2023.11.15 - Updated: 2023.12.01 - Hits: 443

Harry Potter and the Ritual of Love's Memory by Forge2 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 198]
** Winner of the July 2023 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket Award for Best Drama **
After the horcrux hunt implodes leaving most of those Harry loves dead, he starts a new life with a few fellow survivors far away from wizarding Britain. But the discovery of an ancient ritual that promises to send a single memory back in time sparks hope that maybe things can change. Dark ending to DH followed by a tweaked retelling of GoF through DH. Harry/Ginny. Friday updates.
PG-13 - Post-HBP - Action/Adventure, General, Romance - Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Violence - Words: 299212
Completed: No - Chapters: 64 - Published: 2022.09.23 - Updated: 2023.12.01 - Hits: 37839

Moody's Blues by gryffins_door starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 62]
** Honourable Mention in the July 2023 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket for Best Romance **
The adults in Harry's life start acting more like adults; in the meantime, Harry discovers something special in Ginny. Starts late in OotP; mostly canon to that point. Total AU after Book 6. H/G, mentor Moody.
PG-13 - Post-OotP, Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance - Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Sexual Situations, Violence - Words: 70319
Completed: No - Chapters: 17 - Published: 2021.08.21 - Updated: 2023.11.29 - Hits: 17487

Penumbra I: Falls the Shadow by elizabeth_austen starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 31]
Post-HBP. As Harry disappears on the Horcrux hunt, Ginny is left behind to find her own path in the war against Voldemort. On separate paths, Harry finds an unexpected ally, while Ginny faces repercussions for helping him leave. Meanwhile, the Wizarding World faces an increasingly bleak future as Voldemort unleashes a darker and deadlier power than anyone could have ever imagined. (Note: This is a revision of an earlier story called "The Rubicon").
R - Alternate Universe, Post-HBP - Action/Adventure, Angst, General - Warnings: Dark Fiction, Death, Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Violence - Words: 166083
Completed: No - Chapters: 11 - Published: 2023.04.03 - Updated: 2023.11.24 - Hits: 3238

All The Tropes by lilyevans_Jan30 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 14]
** Winner of the July 2023 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket Award for Best Romance **
Harry and Ginny have been friends for so long, will anyone believe they are actually in love? They may have agreed to fake date for Ginny's protection, but what they don't realize is that it may keep Harry safe too.
R - Post-Hogwarts - Romance - Warnings: None - Words: 19987
Completed: No - Chapters: 5 - Published: 2023.10.21 - Updated: 2023.11.19 - Hits: 1762

The Space Between by YelloWitchGrl starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 554]
** Winner of the October 2022 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket Award for Best Romance **
Harry and Ginny's lives have finally evened out. They've faced trauma, and loss, more than most have, but they've fought hard to find a normal.

If only things could stay that way... Old enemies find new ways to seek revenge.

This story is the sequel to Bound. It would be extremely helpful if you read that first.

Warnings are to be safe. It's probably overkill. Please message me if you have any questions or concerns.
R - Post-Hogwarts, Post-DH/AB, Post-DH/PM - Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, General, Humor, Tragedy - Warnings: Dark Fiction, Death, Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Intimate Sexual Situations, Mental Abuse, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Negative Alcohol Use, Rape, Sexual Situations, Spouse/Adult/Child Abuse, Violence, Violence/Physical Abuse - Words: 610369
Completed: No - Chapters: 103 - Published: 2014.12.14 - Updated: 2023.11.13 - Hits: 337520

Focused by witowsmp starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 3]
An alternative to the seventh book, where Harry focused a lot more on his mission.
PG-13 - Post-HBP - Action/Adventure, Drama - Warnings: None - Words: 2154
Completed: No - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2023.11.09 - Updated: 2023.11.09 - Hits: 393

I Look at You by Count Westwest starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 3]
A brief summary from Harry's perspective, of how he falls in love with Ginny Weasley, and what happened afterwards.
G - Post-OotP - Angst, Romance - Warnings: None - Words: 2425
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2023.11.05 - Updated: 2023.11.05 - Hits: 403

Yesterday Came Suddenly by purpleducki88 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 16]
** Honourable Mention in the July 2023 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket for Best Drama **
The Marauders (minus Peter, plus Lily and baby Harry) end up in the future, and are discovered by Harry and Ginny. Takes place two years after the epilogue, the kids get involved eventually. No impact on canon, ignores CC. A rewrite of an old story I posted on in high school!
PG-13 - Post-DH/PM - Angst, Fluff, General - Warnings: Mild Language - Words: 27035
Completed: No - Chapters: 8 - Published: 2023.10.12 - Updated: 2023.10.24 - Hits: 1946

The Killer You Know by TheHallowsInMe31 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 6]
** Honourable Mention in the May 2023 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket for Best New Story **
Upon Harry Potter's death, Ginny Weasley becomes an Auror to honor her fallen boyfriend's memory in what she hopes to be an effortless career. When someone starts killing off Purebloods with ties to Voldemort and sending the Department taunting letters, however, it becomes a race against time as Ginny starts to realize that the line between good and evil can become blurred and soon starts to question everything she thought she knew.
R - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama - Warnings: Dark Fiction, Death, Disturbing Imagery, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Violence - Words: 12138
Completed: No - Chapters: 3 - Published: 2023.06.20 - Updated: 2023.10.24 - Hits: 1526

Harry Potter and the Repercussions of Future Past by buddingauthor1133 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 66]
** Honourable Mention in the May 2023 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket for Best Drama **
Harry and Ginny Potter, happily married, are now entering a new phase of their lives - parenthood. However, somehow, overnight the soon-to-be parents are transported 9 years back in time. Now they find themselves trapped in their 15/14 year old bodies with their memories intact, surrounded by people who are now younger and people who have been dead for years (both friends and enemies). Can the Potters tempt fate and destiny and can they once again undergo the Second Wizarding War, without changing the obvious? Not to mention with Ginny still being pregnant, can they handle what appears to be a teen pregnancy?
PG-13 - Alternate Universe - Angst, Fluff, Romance - Warnings: None - Words: 100998
Completed: No - Chapters: 22 - Published: 2023.04.21 - Updated: 2023.10.18 - Hits: 10239

A whiff of him by AnHPsuperfan starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 5]
** Honourable Mention in the July 2023 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket for Best One-Shot **
One-shot. Ginny’s sixth year's term at Hogwarts was very different from the others that came before her. Threatening professors, stifling silences, and oppressive darkness. Even so, not everything changed. Amortentia was still part of the curriculum.
PG - Post-HBP - Angst, Fluff, Romance - Warnings: Mild Language - Words: 1088
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2023.10.15 - Updated: 2023.10.16 - Hits: 497

Contagion by Shamrock Holmes [Reviews - 1]
Nine years after the Team's foundation, Tigress must lead her squad through a labyrinth of sorcerers and plagues as a new phase of Hank's life begins.
PG-13 - Alternate Universe - Crossover - Warnings: Violence - Words: 24879
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 7 - Published: 2023.05.19 - Updated: 2023.10.08 - Hits: 1421

You are (not) Evil by NikeShady starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 3]
Two conversations after Voldemort taints two lives. Two souls finding each other. A love coming full circle.
G - Post-DH/AB - Angst - Warnings: None - Words: 1096
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2023.09.12 - Updated: 2023.09.12 - Hits: 549

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