Promise by Gryffinclaw_31

Summary: One-shot between Harry and Ginny a day before his Auror-training began. Canon, R&R
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Series: The Aftermath
Published: 2020.04.22
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Promise by Gryffinclaw_31
Chapter 1: Promise
Author's Notes:

The weather was warm, as was expected at the end of May, the pond calm, and there was a gentle breeze. The only movement was the steady rise and fall of his chest.

It had been 29 days since the battle and things were finally starting to go back to normal, or at least as normal as they could be in the wake of all the losses they suffered from.

All the funerals had taken place, and now most of the Wizarding World was starting to pick all their pieces and take a step towards the road of recovery. However, the Burrow was still quiet, it was better than it had been at the beginning of the month, but it still lacked the same energy, and he knew that it would take much more time to bring that back.

But the reason he was here today was not to escape the quiet as he usually did but to think about his future and the new journey he was going to begin the next day. And to escape the revision that his brown-haired friend was insisting on, even though he wasn't returning.

His girlfriend, however, was not so lucky and was currently in classes with her mother and friend to catch up on everything before Hogwarts reopened in September.

His other best friend was currently trying to help his older brother in refurbishing the shop. He was supposed to be there today, but they had both practically thrown him out, insisting that he needed rest.

He sighed, he knew he looked like a walking ghost as he hardly slept at night, staying up reading defence books he found in the Grimmauld Place library to avoid looking into those red eyes as soon as fell asleep again. He shuddered, and his hand involuntarily rubbed the lightening-bolt scar on his forehead, last night had been another session of thrashing in the bed as Riddle taunted him, he knew it'd take a long time for the nightmares to go away.

Trying to focus on something else, he was suddenly filled with trepidation, he was starting his Auror training tomorrow, and he was excited and very, very nervous, which was funny considering his history with defence.

They were doing a sprint program and getting three months or less of training instead of the customary three years because the Auror Department needed people on the field and they needed them fast as most of the death-eaters had gone into hiding. The department had lost a lot of Aurors in the past. He couldn't help but wonder what exactly they'll do, will there be excessive physical training? He knew that the training was given the rep of being one of hardest, he just couldn't wait for it, finally doing something with his life.

It hadn't taken much for him to know that he didn't want to return to Hogwarts when McGonagall offered it to everyone, there were too many things, and frankly, he didn't feel like a student, Kingsley, now the permanent Minister of Magic, offered anyone who fought in the battle a place in the Auror office and he, along with Ron and Neville had taken it, they were to receive 2 weeks of N.E.W.T level training, along with physical and then if they pass, right into Auror training and if they passed that, they'll be Aurors.

It was such a surreal thing, to be grown up.

He felt a small smile curl up at the thought of having a future, a chance of living a life with Ginny, it was daunting, yet it filled him with hope, and in time, maybe they'll be happy.

His thoughts then turned to little Teddy, only a few months old, and he had his mother's bubbly personality. Though his heart ached every time he looked at him, Teddy never failed to make him smile, and he vowed that no matter what, he'll give him a childhood filled with happiness and joy, and never let him feel unloved or uncared for, as he had with the Dursleys.

He continued his musing, almost dozing off when he heard a sound of light footsteps walking towards him, instinctively his hand reached for his wand before he looked in the direction and saw his girlfriend walking towards him, he relaxed his hold and grinned at her.

"Done with your classes?" he asked as she plopped down beside him,

"I have a break, mum and Hermione are driving me mad!" she said, with a pout.

"What were you doing?" she asked, turning her head towards him.

"Oh, nothing much, just relaxing and thinking," he replied, giving her a small smile.

They both lapsed into a comfortable silence, each mulling over their thoughts.

"So I'm going to have to get used to this, huh?" He looked at her, but she was still looking at the pond.

"Get used to what?" he asked even though he had a good guess to what she meant.

She finally looked at him " Get used to your near-death experiences as an Auror," she said it, but there was no anger or sadness behind it, it was a plain fact.

He sighed.

"Yeah, I guess, but it won't be like this year, for one, I won't have a price on my head, and it's the death-eaters who're in hiding, and I'll mostly be safe," He said, although he wasn't very sure about the last part.

She looked as if she wanted to say something, but he wasn't finished yet, taking a deep breath, he continued " I know a lot of people wonder why I'm choosing to be an Auror and not taking up something less dangerous, no Gin, I know, some people even recommended teaching DADA at Hogwarts but here's the thing: I've grown up fighting evil, every year, every day for the past few years, and I've known information that most didn't, and I was so busy with Voldemort that I guess, I never really thought of anything else," He gave her a sad smile,

"I don't think I can ever give my safety, or my friends and loved ones, into someone else's hands, I won't be able to bear not knowing, like the common citizens don't, that there might be a new danger arising, I won't be able to live knowing that there might be a threat to my friends' safety and not be able to anything, and frankly, I don't fancy doing any more illegal things, I've always and I think I always will, and so I chose to be an Auror, I can teach friends, or people my age, but I can't go to Hogwarts and teach little children, besides, hopefully, now they'll find a teacher who lasts, and since I'm not at school, they'll probably not try to kill their students," Another grin, though it didn't quite reach his eyes.

"I don't want to be a professional quidditch player because one, I have you for it, two, if I did play, last time I checked, the Harpies were an all-female team and three, if we played against each other, then you'll surely win since you would distract me too much and a professional bludger can be fatal," This time they both grinned at each other.

"And so, an Auror it is," He declared.

"Harry, I'm glad you have your views sorted out and even more so that you've clearly thought this through, but you know I'd never stop you, I know it's the right job for you, and even though it's dangerous, I'm ready to bear that, but you must promise me something," Ginny said in an amused yet serious tone.

"Oh, well what's that something," he said, blushing slightly and trying to hide his embarrassment, after all, he had given a lot of thought to what he'll say if someone important asked.

"You will never, ever, leave me again, I wouldn't be able to bear it, no matter how dangerous a situation is, we're going to stick through it together, understood?" she said, and he could hear the nervousness in her voice, but he'd never thought about it that way, staying apart had been equally tormenting for him, and so he said,

"I promise, and I'll never leave you out because I won't be able to bear it either,"

"And another thing Mr Potter," she said, the humour returning to her voice, as she came and sat on his legs, "And what might that be, Miss Weasley?" as he shifted himself to accommodate her better,

"If you go to exotic places and you're not hiding, you must bring me gifts back," she said grinning.

"I promise I will try my best," he said before dropping a quick kiss.

And then started to tickle her mercilessly.

"HARRY," she shrieked, and her peals of laughter made everything so much better, and he thought that yes, everything would be alright. They would get their promised future until Ginny escaped him and returned the tickling favour and they both dissolved into a burst of breathless, genuine laughter.


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