That red dress by AnHPsuperfan

Summary: Harry and Ginny have a romantic date night. And Ginny is wearing that red dress.

A one-shot about a date gone wrong (or not so much).
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Published: 2020.07.01
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That red dress by AnHPsuperfan
Chapter 1: That red dress
Author's Notes:

The night was pleasantly windy for summer. The sky was inky black, dotted with bright stars and the shine of the moon, he noticed. It was perfect for a date and that thought gave Harry a spring to his step and a renewed confidence as he walked the beautiful yard of the Burrow. Honestly, Harry would have preferred to meet Ginny at her house, because even after more than one year dating, he still felt a bit self-conscious as Ginny’s boyfriend in front of the Weasley parents. They never treated him differently, of course. The Weasleys were his family in all but blood. Still, it was normal to be a bit nervous when giving attention to the fact that he was dating their daughter.

Ginny had spent the night at the Burrow instead of her new apartment in Wales. Her brother Charlie was visiting this week and she wanted to enjoy the time with him. Although Harry thought she took a personal pleasure in seeing his discomfort near her parents.

The young Auror arrived at the door and made a last minute check up. The black suit he chose to wear felt a bit stuffy, but he supposed he had dressed accordingly for a first date. Their first real date. Not in the castle of Hogwarts or few Hogsmeade weekends. A night out as adults. He hoped to not have overdressed. In his hand there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And his hair was the tidiest he could make it.

Two knocks at the door and Molly Weasley opened the door with a huge smile.

- Hi dear! Come in, come in! — she ushered him inside. As soon as he entered the house she gave him one kiss on each cheek. Harry noticed she was wearing an apron and the smell coming from the kitchen made him almost wish they would stay at the Burrow.

- It’s so good to see you dear! You’re looking so handsome! I do think you’re a bit too thin, though. — she went on, picking at invisible lint on his jacket.

- It’s good to see you too, Mrs. Weasley. — he grinned.

- How many times have I told you, Harry Potter? — she put her hands on her hips in her famous angry stance. — You need to call us Molly and Arthur!

Harry was saved by the man himself who walked into the living room.

- Harry! — he took his hand and gave him a hug. — How are you, son?

- I’m good Mr. Weasley. — Harry smiled at the Weasley patriarch. He heard Mrs. Weasley huff in the background at the formal denomination.

- Ginny seems to be dressing up, still. You know how women are. — Arthur pulled Mrs. Weasley under his arm.

Harry didn’t mind waiting. He was just glad none of the Weasley overprotective sons were at home in the moment.

- She’s very excited about the date, dear. — Mrs. Weasley smiled.

- I am too. — he noticed he was still holding the flowers. — Oh, I almost forgot. Here, Mrs. Weasley. — he extended them to her.

- For me? Thank you, Harry! That’s so sweet of you! — she smelled them, and he saw her eyes fill with tears. — Thank you!

Harry was about to answer when he heard noise from the stairs. The clicking of heels. Soon after, Ginny was climbing down the steps. And she looked stunning. Her face had light makeup on accentuating her eyes and red lips. Her wavy hair, the part he loved the most about her, was loose in gentle waves. What she was wearing blew his mind. A red dress with thin straps on her shoulders, showing her muscled arms from Quidditch. The form fitting her body and showing off her curves. And the skirt flowing just at the end, giving it a classy feeling. The dress was all red and was making him hot in inappropriate places.

- Hey. — she only had to lift her head to give him a kiss, the black heels on her feet making her much taller than usual.

- You look beautiful dear! — Mrs. Weasley exclaimed, beside her husband who was grinning at her.

- You look wonderful. — Harry whispered, still a bit bewildered.

- You look good yourself. — she smiled. Harry thought she didn’t understand just how good she looked.

- Mom, dad. We really have to go now. The restaurant has a reservation, right Harry?

- Yeah, it does. — Harry said, realizing she wanted to be alone with him.

Ginny kissed both her parents’ cheeks and Harry got a hug from each of them.

- Have fun, dears! — Mrs. Weasley waved.

- Take care you two! — Mr. Weasley said.

When they were almost out the door, Ginny said:

- Oh, mum! I’m spending the night in Wales. Already sent my things there to June.

And before Mrs. Weasley could protest she shut the door.

- Mom knows I don’t plan on spending the night with June at our apartment. It’s obvious I want to spend the night with you. That’s why she gets angry. — Ginny told him.

- And what about your dad? — he asked.

- He knows. But he’s fine with it. — Gunny shrugged. She sees him blushing.

He looked really handsome this evening. She always thinks he’s handsome, of course. But this black suit fits his new lean body perfectly. She loved to see him healthy and wearing nice things he bought for himself. The fact that he’s walking beside her, holding her hand, makes a pleasant shiver run down her body. His hair is its usual mess, though she can tell he took the effort to tame it. She’s crazy to run her hands through it.

- So, we actually do have a reservation. — he takes her out of her reverie.

- Fancy, Potter. — she nudged him. He smiles.

- None of your brothers were home tonight? — he asked.

- No, fortunately for you. — she smirked as he blushed again. She loved to tease him. — Ron didn’t stop by to steal dinner this time. He decided to go out with the others to welcome Charlie home. Wanted to invite you too, but I told him we had plans.

He smiled beside her. She knows what it means to him to feel included in the family. It was one of her favorite things about him.

- Do you mind if I Apparate us both? It’s a place in the Muggle world. We’ve never gone there before. — Harry asked.

- Not at all. — Ginny clung to him instantly, taking her time running her hands through his back.

Harry grinned mischievously at her and gave her a chaste kiss before Apparating.

Another second and they were at an alley. Harry took her hand and led her to the sidewalk. The street was busy like most in the central area were. This particular one, was famous for its culinary options. Harry proudly took his girlfriend to the fanciest restaurant there.

The line outside was filled with women in shiny dresses and men in differently colored suits. Harry was glad he chose his fanciest clothes to wear and that he’d made reservations in advance.

- Good evening! — he greeted the receptionist. — Table for Potter at eight.

The woman behind the counter looked at him appraisingly and opened a bright smile:

- This way, Mr. Potter.

Ginny cleated her throat and stared at the woman. She took the lead on their way to the table. He didn’t pay much attention. Her small hand in his was sending a delightful feeling through his arm.

They were soon seated and alone again. Or at least, their table was a good way from the nearest one.

- Wow, Harry! This place is really fancy! How did you find it? — she raised her eyebrows. On their table there were plates, already, with a whole bunch of cutlery. In the middle, there was a flower and a candle, that enhanced the weak lighting in the room.

- A colleague from Auror training suggested it. He said it’s the best in London. I hope you liked it. — Harry said. He couldn’t help but feel uncertain. As far as he was concerned, this night was all about her.

- I do like it. — she placed her hand in his. — You know as long as it’s with you, I’m happy.

His heart warmed at how she knew exactly how he was feeling.

He wanted to ask her about her week, but a waiter appeared beside their table.

- Good evening! Can I take your orders?

- Oh! We still didn’t even look at the menu. — Ginny opened one. As soon as the waiter put his eyes on her he couldn’t take them away, it seemed. Harry was practically growling as he frowned at him. The jealous monster in his chest reared it’s ugly head.

- We’d like some time to think first. — Harry said forcefully. The waiter glared at him and took off.

- Harry, I don’t understand anything in this menu. Is there an english option or something? — Gunny frowned.

Harry opened his and, indeed, couldn’t understand anything. All of the dishes were French, it seemed.

- I have no clue. — he said.

- Why don’t we choose it randomly? — Ginny suggested. - I’ll close my eyes and point my finger. When you say “stop” we see where it lands.

- Sure! — Harry laughed. Ginny closed her eyes and started.

- Stop! — Ginny opened her eyes.

- It seems we’re having this delicious...something. — she showed him the French name.

Harry laughed and soon they were in fits of giggles at the ridiculousness of the situation.

Once they calmed down, Harry called the rude waiter.

- We’d like this plate. — he said curtly. The waiter took notes.

- What would you like to drink?

Harry looked at Ginny.

- A soda? — she asked. Harry nodded. He knew it was her favorite Muggle drink.

The waiter didn’t seem too impressed. He rolled his eyes and left.

Ginny shrugged.

- So, how has your week been? Did Gwenog stop with the weigh lifting? — Harry asked her.

She was grateful to just talk to him and complain about her crazy coach’s training techniques. It had been only a week since they’d last seen each other, but she missed him so much. Ginny had no idea how they did it when she was still at Hogwarts.

- And how have you been settling down with June at the new place? — he asked.

- Oh, it’s been great! I really like her, Harry. And she’s the most calm of the girls, which means she doesn’t take a bunch of men there too.

- But you can take one, right?

- I certainly can. — Ginny smiled, pleased. — Especially a dark haired one. You know she liked you.

- I liked her too. Seems like a cool girl.

- She is. And how are things with Robards? Still a grumpy old man? — she asked him. Harry rolled his eyes. His boss seemed to hate him since day one.

- This week we had physical training and he seemed keen to make me his target.

Ginny listened amusedly. He already knew what she was going to say:

- He just pushes you harder because he expects more from you.

- Gin, I think you overestimate me.

She laughed loudly. A few people looked their way but neither cared much. Ginny looked radiant in that red dress. People were bound to look.

- I don’t, love. — she said.

Sooner than necessary, a bottle of soda was brought to their table along with two identical plates. It seemed to contain rice, a green sauce, some unknown colored vegetables and a small plant on top. But what called his attention the most was the small size of it. The plate itself was big, but there was only a small place in the center that contained food.

Ginny raised her eyebrows.

- This seems an appetizer.

- That’s one way to put it. — he agreed.

He made to grab a fork but stopped.

- Harry? — Ginny called.

- Humm?

- Why are there five forks for one dish?

He honestly had no idea.

- Maybe they’re reserves, you know? The Muggles can’t just use a wand to clean them if one of them falls to the floor. — he pondered.

She accepted it with a nod and took one. They both started to eat.

- Hummm. It’s different. — Ginny commented.
Harry tasted the bland food. He couldn’t tell what was missing.

- Yeah...very...tasteful.

They both continued to eat with disguised grimaces on their face. It was his third fork and half through his dish when Harry glanced up. He couldn’t stay there much longer. She looked so beautiful in red and, yet, all he wanted at the moment was to take that dress off of her.

- What if we called it a night and went to my place? — he asked tentatively.

- And order a pizza? — Ginny looked up quickly.

- Definitely! — he smiled.

- Lets go! — Ginny was already getting up. Harry laughed as he took the money from his wallet.

Five minutes later, they were at Harry’s small apartment. The pizza was delicious and left them full. They were both licking their fingers and eating at the floor leaning on the couch, just like they liked it. The conversation flowed easily and their laughter would’ve been heard in the whole building if it wasn’t for Harry’s wards.

As Harry put away the pizza box, Ginny called him.

- Hey, love?

Harry turned and found her barefoot, her dress unzipped at the back, almost falling off her shoulders. She gave him that blazing look and started to walk seductively towards his bedroom, her heels on her hand.

- Come on! - she called again.

He walked dazedly after her and that red dress.

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