To hear your voice again by Gryffinclaw_31

Summary: After the battle, how did Ginny help Harry get back on track?

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Series: The Aftermath
Published: 2020.12.04
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To hear your voice again by Gryffinclaw_31
Chapter 1: I
Author's Notes:

Ginny waited for the door of Twelve Grimmauld Place to open. She ran a hand through her hair to occupy her; Snitches were going crazy in her stomach.

It had been a few weeks since the battle, and things were starting to look more normal. Though the Weasley family was not as full, and there were often sudden tears, things were falling back into place. That is, for most people except the 'Savior of the Wizarding World'.

"Kreacher," she said, acknowledging his bow.

It had become a routine, she came every day and sat beside the silent green-eyed soul, as he struggled to come to terms with the reality. She moved up the stairs with light footsteps. It didn't matter anyway; Harry always knew when she was there.

"Harry." she said softly; and how she ached to hear a 'hello' back. That was wishful thinking.

He looked at her like he did every day- empty eyes, and a blank face, and waited for her to begin her routine of recollecting her day. It often included the Weasley's endeavours, weather reports etc. Harry simply picked the threads in the rug, looking at her without the hint of a smile.

He would look so lost. Ginny tried her best to tell him funny stories, to say to him something. But he always just maintained his aloofness, never speaking. His only movement was when she occasionally cried for missing Fred, for her future, for Harry. And that was beckoning her closer than their sizable distance, allowing her to weep on his shoulder, rubbing her back gently, acting as her solemn rock.

"How are you?" Ginny asked, knowing well enough that she won't get a reply.

He only looked at her with eyes that contained so much pain, so much suffering which they shouldn't have and nodded expressionlessly; as if his facial muscles couldn't possibly convey how he was. Sometimes, he would blink at her and look like he was going to say something, but then he would merely shake his head and sit back in his original position.

"Well, I'm doing better today. I went to Diagon Alley- Ollivanders have opened up again! And Madam Malkins..." she went on to describe the menial tasks in great detail until she ran out of things to say. Then, she just sat quietly next to Harry, neither talking nor fully understanding how the other felt.


Harry heard the knock on his door. Ginny entered without waiting for a reply; she never failed to come, to care. Why she bothered, he'd never understood. It wasn't that he didn't want to speak. But he was so tired- his lips rebelled against him; he didn't think he could handle another battle.

It was a pathetic way to spend his days; he knew that: taking a bath in the morning, changing his clothes, and then merely spending his time staring at one thing or the other. Ginny never wavered in her dedication, she stayed, she'd always have something to start with- until his unresponsiveness caused her to lapse into silence. And then they would spend the evening without anything to do- or say.

Currently, she was talking about something related to Ollianvanders. Harry pulled his knees closer to his chest as he stared at the wall, unfocused, reliving the previous night's dream. He refused to close his eyes for longer than necessary in fear of seeing the red slits staring back. He looked at the red scratch on his hand. He'd scrubbed too hard; it stung a little. His throat was on fire. Good. He deserved it, falling asleep was his fault. While the Silencing Charms prevented any noise that came from his mouth, it didn't stop the action. He couldn't speak even if he wanted to.

At least, that's what he told himself.

Ginny stopped and looked at him with hopeful eyes. He wanted to say something, but he didn't know what, so he kept quiet. Another day wasted. He shut his eyes. "On this night, you have allowed your friends to die for you rather than face me yourself. There is no greater dishonour."

His friends' corpses lay under Bellatrix's feet; a shiver ran down his spine.

Ginny's innocent face stared back, concerned, silent.

The sun gleamed from behind the net curtains, casting a soft hazy glow around the room. He could smell summer. 'You're so beautiful. You saved me.' He wanted to tell her, but the words died on his lips. He resumed his idle staring.


Sometimes, Ginny would read a book as she sat beside him; sometimes, she'd leave some. Other times, she'd wait for a long time, until it was time to go back- then, she would simply smile at him forlornly and say a meek 'goodbye'. She would try her best to hide her disappointment.

Sometimes, he would watch her read something. Probably something to do with her studies, she was going back to Hogwarts in August. Sometimes, she would drop off Auror books for him. Sometimes, they helped him keep awake at night. It had probably started after the first few nightmares, inexplicable fear of nights, and now it truly did terrify him.
Presently, Ginny got up and smiled softly at Harry.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Harry." she walked out of the door without a backward glance, and her shoulders dropped as she exited.

Harry hit his head against the bed, here she was, giving up her days for him- and he couldn't even say a 'see you tomorrow'.

"Kreacher." He whispered dejectedly.

"Yes, Master Harry?" Kreacher said as he stood by the door.

"Refill my water jar, please." He murmured, trying to disappear into a ball. Hermione's letter lay idly on the ancient desk.

Dear Harry,

I hope you're doing well. We understand that you couldn't reply to the mail. We should be able to find mum and dad soon, according to a directory, they live in this city! Harry, please, whenever you can, or want to, please reply. Just because we're not physically there doesn't mean we don't miss you, and you can still talk to us. If you want, we can arrange a Floo-call, would that make you feel better? Please don't blame yourself, it was not your fault, and those who've gone away are still alive in our hearts. And you have Ginny, and all the Weasleys there, please talk to someone.

Should you not reply to this letter, know that we'll come back if you need us. We're here for you, and we always will be, and we should be back very soon.

Take care,
Hermione & Ron.

He wanted to say something, to write back, but he was just so tired. He didn't wish for Hermione or Mrs Weasley, or anybody to care so much. He'd caused so much damage.


It was only when Ginny didn't come one day that Harry realised how much he missed her presence and vowed to say something- at least apologise when he saw her next. If he saw her again, she might've just decided not to waste time on him. So when he heard the doorbell ring the next day, for the first time in ages, he felt his heart quicken with nervousness.

"I'm sorry I couldn't come yesterday, Harry. I just had to do a few things around the house." She smiled tightly and sat down at her usual place; utterly unaware of the substantial amount of courage and energy Harry was trying to build.

He closed his eyes and willed himself to focus on Ginny's face as it was now, instead of the corpse.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, causing Ginny to look up sharply from her book.


He took a deep breath and cleared his throat.

"I'm sorry, Ginny." He spoke a little louder, still avoiding her gaze. But he couldn't do that for long; as she came and sat right in front of him.

Oh, how he missed those chocolate eyes. A pang of guilt shot through him. And now that he'd begun, he couldn't stop as broken sentences poured out.

"I'm so sorry for everything, for Fred, for Collin. I left you all. I didn't reply to their mail- I didn't help Mrs Weasley- I'm so sorry, I-" He felt the tears burning his eyelids and itching to flow. His voice sounded so foreign. He shot up and turned away from her.

"Please go." A flurry of emotions, he couldn't control it for long, he moved towards the wall for support.

Ginny wiped the tears that had trickled down her cheek. Harry's voice sounded so foreign.

"No." She gently turned Harry and willed herself to stare into the eyes she'd fallen in love with. The eyes that were currently glistening.

"Harry-" she hugged him fiercely as he slid down against the wall.

Years later, they would remember the moment to be one of their most vulnerable, most intimate.

"I don't know why you're here- why come to me? I'm the reason they all died- they all left us-" Harry's sob shattered her heart, but it was the only path towards healing.

"Shh, it wasn't your fault- it wasn't your fault, and we all miss you, and we all love you," Ginny said, brushing his hair, choking on her words.

Neither knew how long they spent sitting there. The sky outside had turned black. Harry felt drained, exhausted, but there was some lightness- something had lifted off his chest. At some point, they'd both fallen asleep.

As he moved to clean his tear-stained glasses, Ginny woke beside him.

"Ginny," he said, and his voice sounded more familiar. A candle lit up, dimly, within him.

"Harry." The way she said it, so lovingly, with so much warmth.

"Ginny." He repeated and closed his eyes- the corpses were gone.

He took in a sharp breath when he felt soft, hesitant, lips on his cheek.

She looked at him with swollen red eyes; he swallowed and bought his lips to hers.

A soft, intimate kiss bandaged his wound.

"Everything is going to be okay," Ginny murmured.

He smiled softly, another unfamiliar action- but he felt so much better.

She felt a lightness in her chest, in herself. Harry's swollen red eyes shone with hope for the first time since the battle. And then he took her breath away with a small crooked smile.

"Everything is going to be okay." Harry echoed her words, warmth swelling up in his heart.

In that softly lit room, they felt their hearts heal just a little more.



Author's note: This is just snippets put together, thus the rather abrupt transitions, I'm trying out a new writing style on this one. It's not my best piece, but I must admit, I've written it to portray the characters' feelings. Do let me know if you liked it and any opinions, I'll try my best to reply to the reviews as soon as possible, thanks!

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