Overprotective Gits by millie

Summary: What happens when the Weasley Brother's confront Harry about his relationship with their little sister?
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Published: 2020.12.25
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Overprotective Gits by millie
Chapter 1: Overprotective Gits
Author's Notes:


3 days before Bill's wedding.

"Right," said Bill, looking around at all of the Weasley Brother's seated on the dining table.

There was Charlie, who had come back from Romania for his wedding. Then Percy, who had finally made up. He was treated a bit coolly by his siblings, but this was important. He was a Weasley brother and they couldn't exclude him from this. Then, the twins, Fred and George, looking interested in him, after all, it wasn't often, they called a Brotherhood Meeting, then there was Ron, who was extremely pale, his eyes were darting around nervously. Bill couldn't figure out why, but he realized he probably could contribute to this meeting since he was with Ginny at Hogwarts.

"Welcome to the Weasley Brotherhood Meeting." In front of him were a bunch of papers also known as The Ginny Files.

"You still haven't told us why you have called this meeting, especially with the Ginny Files," said Charlie, leaning back in his chair, arms crossed. Charlie was probably the most protective brother, his jaw was clenched, and his posture tensed.

"Do you suspect someone?" said Percy pompously. He could never learn to speak properly.

"Yes, I do in fact suspect someone. I suspect our very own Harry," said Bill eliciting gasps from Charlie and Percy, wicked grins from the twins, and an even more pale Ron.

"We suspected him too-" started Fred.

"He and our sister share so many looks when they think no one is looking-" continued George.

"What evidence do you have, Bill?" asked Charlie.

"Well, as George said, they share so many looks when they think no one is looking, but the nail in the coffin was when I found this in Ginny's room." He held up a picture, shocked gasps were once again heard, but this time from everyone. He couldn't blame them, he had been shocked too. The picture was a little smudged and there was a teardrop stain was in the corner.

The picture showed a black messy-haired teenager leaning against a tree, his legs open, where a red-haired girl sat, leaning into his chest. She was holding a book and sucking a sugar quill. The boy leaned forward and placed a kiss on the girl's neck, making her smile. The girl twisted to ask him a question, whatever he said made her laugh. The boy kissed her softly, before pulling back resting against the tree, as the girl turned around again. Two more people then joined them, a red-headed boy and a bushy-haired girl, from behind the camera. The camera seemed like it was floating now. The red-headed boy said something making them all laugh. The scene replayed itself again and again.

"Where did you get that?" Ron spoke up the first time.

"I had gone into Ginny's room looking for her. She had left this on her bed."

"Ron, why don't you tell us more about this? You were at school with both of them, you must know something. You are in that picture as well." Charlie leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table.

Ron paled, and mumbled something that even a troll couldn't understand.

"What was that ickle Ronnikins?" (A/N You can guess who asked that)

"They dated, back at Hogwarts." He muttered.

"Aha! 10 sickles, cough up Fred." Fred handed over the sickles to his twin, muttering under his breath.

"If you clowns haven't noticed, we have a huge problem in our hands," said Bill.

"What problem? Ron used the past tense. We all know what happens to exes." Said Charlie.

All of their gazes fell to the files on the table. They had first started these files when their father had said to always protect Ginny, as they were the older brothers and it was their job.

The first file was about a boy named David Neverfield, who used to push Ginny into the mud every time she went down to the village. Ginny had been seven at the time. Bill had been of age, so he had used his wand to sprout boils all over his face. (they didn't want to do too much since he was a muggle)

The second boy was Ginny's first boyfriend, Michael Corner. Fred and George had done something to him that made it impossible for him to sit comfortably for at least a week.

Then came, Dean Thomas(Ron had told them about him). They had tied him to a willow tree with only his underwear and tentacles coming out of his head. He also hiccuped every time someone spoke his name.

"But this is different. Harry is practically part of the family. He is Ron's best mate, has lived here for a few weeks every summer since his second year, and several members of our family owe him their lives." Bill said

"It's a conflict of interest," said Ron sheepishly.

"Has Hermione been teaching you new words? You know there are other things she could do with her mouth to you-" the twins said grinning at Ron.

"Hate to interrupt." drawled Charlie. "But please, Ron, enlighten us how this is different than any other boyfriend of Ginny's."

"He is my best mate, Ron pointed out “And well, uh, I know why they, uh, broke up."

"I don't care why they broke up. He is her ex-boyfriend and we promised that on the next boy, we were going to use that nasty hex Bill found."

"I can't do it," said Ron at once.

"Why, Ron? I agree with Charlie. Harry hurt our sister, he deserves to be punished." said Percy

"He is my best mate. I can't hex him. Besides, have you seen him duel?" asked Ron incredulously. "He'd wipe me off the floor."

"Ron, Harry or Ginny?" asked Bill. He knew Harry was amazing at duels, but surely Harry couldn't defeat him. He was a curse breaker, for god sake.

Ron looked really conflicted before he stood up. "I can't choose. I'm leaving."

"Ron, haven't you noticed how quiet she is these days? I can bet you it is because of Harry," said Charlie, standing up too.

Ron rolled his eyes. "Have you, maybe, thought it is because Dumbledore and Moody died? Or that her brother and best friend is leaving too, not only Harry. You are not giving her enough credit."

"You are giving her too much!" cried Charlie. "Ginny doesn't know how to protect herself. She was the one You- Know- Who possessed-"

He broke off when they heard a snort from the kitchen door. They all turned to see who had broken their silencing and locking charms, and paled when they saw it was in fact the very teenager they were talking about.

"Were you eavesdropping on us?" asked Percy with narrowed eyes, standing up.

Harry rolled his eyes. "No, I wanted to come inside, so I broke the charms, and I heard your last sentence." He arched an eyebrow at them. "You really think Ginny possessed because she was weak?!" When no one replied, he stepped forward. "I'm afraid you don't know your sister at all if you think she is weak. You know Voldemort possessed me as well." He ignored all the stunned faces, excluding Ron's (he knew already)

"Only a few minutes in, I was ready to die. It was certainly better than the pain I was feeling at the time. Ginny fought Tom Riddle for a whole goddamn YEAR!" His voice was rising alarmingly fast. "She fought and she managed to throw him off as well. She only took the diary back because she realized I found it. She risked her own life for me! If that is not the definition of strong then I don't know what is."

He finally broke eye contact with Charlie and turned around going straight to the stairs. The brothers, except Ron, were all stunned though not enough to forget about the files, and the fact that Harry was still Ginny's ex-boyfriend.

"Harry, we actually wanted to talk to you." called out Bill.

Harry paused, his foot hovering over the top step. He slowly turned around, arms crossed and his face an emotionless mask. He was wearing muggle clothes, not his horrible cousin's hand-me-downs. Lupin had taken his measurement, and he and Tonks had gone out to buy him clothes. They had even bought wizards robes for him.

"Come, sit down, Harry. No need to worry, Harry. Don't look his tense." assured Percy.

Harry rolled his eyes and came to stand in front of them. Bill couldn't blame him, no emotion was showing on his face, how could Percy say he was looking tense? Harry actually looked relaxed though, guarded. His eyes darted from one Weasley brother to another, took note of the papers on the table, then he made eye contact with Ron. Something unspoken passed between the two friends, ending with Harry nodding and turning his attention to the others as all of them stood up.

"We have a little matter to take care of with you," said Bill in a silky smooth voice. He was surprised he could do it after all these years. He had used it on all the three boys they hexed. Harry was not intimidated, he merely raised his eyebrow.

"Little matter?" asked Harry.

"Yeah, the little matter between you and our sister," stated Charlie taking a threatening step forward. Ron backed away while the others stepped forward. If they thought Harry would cower and step back, they were wrong. Harry stood his ground firmly.

"Me and Gin? And?" He raised his other eyebrow as well.

"You hurt our baby sister. You are going to have to pay the consequences." And in a practised move, all the brothers took out their wands. (I am not counting Ron in this) They thought Harry might get scared now, but he merely scoffed.

"I am so scarredddd," he said sarcastically. "You are obviously more terrifying than Voldemort. Besides, when was it any of your concern?" His green eyes flashed dangerously.

"Since you made her cry, Potter," growled Charlie. Harry's eyes flashed with something akin to sorrow and guilt, but it was gone as quickly as it came so Bill wasn't sure what he saw.

"So, you would prefer a dead sister to a crying sister?" asked Harry, a bit too bluntly.

"What is that supposed to mean?!" Percy was pale, they all were. Harry's comment about Ginny had scared them all.

"It is supposed to mean that anyone who is associated with me ends up dead," Harry said in a low voice.

"Do you think she can’t handle herself? All that you said right now about her being strong and all, what was that for, then?" demanded Charlie.

"She can't handle herself just fine, Charlie," said Harry shortly. "In fact, she is probably the only person I trust completely with my life, other than Ron and Hermione. But everyone I love ends up dead!!" Harry's voice had risen once again. "Or have you forgotten about what happened to Sirius? My parents? Moody? Hedwig? George? Bill? Have you forgotten that you lost your ear and you got so many scars on your face because you were protecting ME!?"

"Do you even think about my feelings? Do you think I wanted to break up with her? She is my only source of comfort! She is my only family! I had to push her away for her own safety. If anything happened to her, I would never be able to forgive myself. It's not easy for me to let her go! But I love her! I love her with all that I am. And If I survive, and if she will have me, I would like to continue my relationship with her. And besides, anything you do to me, I will deserve it. What are you going to do anyway?" He glared around at all of them.

"Come up with some nasty hex for me?" He shot at Bill. "Come back to me after you have found a curse that is more painful than a Cruciatus Curse thrown by Voldemort himself, three times in a row!"

He turned to Charlie. "Feed me to the dragons? Well, might I remind you, I came face to face with a full-grown vicious dragon and lived to tell the tale?”

He turned his furious gaze to Percy. "Report me to the Ministry, huh? Well, I am afraid you are going to be the one who is going to be dead anyway since it is one step away from falling into Voldemort's hands. The only ones who vaguely concern me and Fred and George but I am not my father's son and Sirius' godson for nothing." He smirked at them. "And I am sure Remus would love to help me. He is after all one of the original Marauders. I might not prank often, but I do know how to." He stopped, breathing heavily. Bill opened his mouth to say something, what he didn't know since Harry was right, they hadn't thought of his feelings. But Harry wasn’t done yet.

"Why don't you duel me now?" Harry pulled out his wand, startling them all. “It's probably going to be good practice for all the new hexes Hermione made me and Ron learn. You guys can come to me at once too if you would like. Surely Voldemort and his death eaters wouldn't care if I was outnumbered, would they?" Harry put his wand back into his pocket and stalked up the stairs. They dimly heard a door slam. Ron shrugged before following his friend.

Bill's wand hand was hanging limply by his side, as the brother's looked at each other, all thinking the same thing. They had definitely underestimated Harry.

“What’s going on here?”

The red-haired men all froze before turning around to face their furious sister, who was turning her wand in her hand.

"Why do you guys always feel the need to be such overprotective gits?"

The End

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