Will He Return? by annkaro

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Harry has started his research on the Horcruxes along with Ron and Hermione. Ginny stayed at the Burrow but the helplessness will make her go find Harry. Harry has found the last Horcrux and the last battle with Voldemort is about to begin. Ginny's worried...will he return?
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Will He Return? by annkaro
Chapter 1: CHAPTER I: The Farewell
Author's Notes:

CHAPTER I: The Farewell

I knew it wasn’t over; I knew he did it to protect me, that he still loved me, but…why did I feel so bad? Why did I feel so scared? Why did I feel so insecure? I felt the need to never let him go, but on the other hand, I understood perfectly why he had to do it; he had to finish with that which tormented our lives, which tormented his life.

“It’s been like…like something out of someone else’s life, these last few weeks with you…But I can’t…we can’t…I’ve got things to do alone now”* he said, and I wasn’t angry. I told him I already knew that this would happen; that he would run after his parent’s murderer. I told him maybe that’s why I love him so much; his bravery and courage, typical of a Gryffindor.

I saw him stand up and leave, I turned aside and stared the place where Dumbledore’s body laid, the man we all loved, although no one appreciated Dumbledore like him. I turned again to Harry; he was talking with my brother and Hermione, who I loved so much, but he loved them so much more. They had been like his brother and sister; they had been through so much together, and no matter what happens they always found a way to settle their differences.

I never knew what they talked about that day. I thought that would be the last I would see him, but three weeks later, I saw him again in the Burrow, two days before Bill’s and Phlegm’s wedding (I think I should start calling her Fleur). I smiled every time we bumped into each other, and smiled back slightly but walked away. Was this because he doesn’t love me anymore? Has he forgotten me? No, those weren’t the reasons he didn’t want Voldemort to know about us.

He tried to avoid me all the time, but I noticed it was hard for him. I knew it at the wedding. I hardly saw him that morning because Fleur made Gabrielle and I rehearse for hours to ensure everything would be perfect. I saw him at lunch but Mum rushed us to get ready for the ceremony and I couldn’t talk to him.

When the ceremony began, Gabrielle walked down the aisle first, and then I went right behind her. Everyone was looking at us except Harry. After I bowed, I lifted my head and saw Bill, gorgeous despite his illness; he was beaming and I couldn’t help but smile. All of the families and their friends were happy which made us all forgot about Voldemort, at least for the duration of the wedding. I saw the twins fighting over who would take the pictures, in the end mum decided that Charlie would be the one to take them. He smiled at me as he took a picture. Ron and Hermione were smiling too and Hermione leaned over and whispered something into Ron’s ear causing him to nudge Harry in the ribs. He turned and looked at me, while Ron winked and Hermione beamed. Harry and I locked eyes for a few seconds and I noticed he looked delighted but hesitant. I gave him a timid smile. I remember earlier Hermione saying how shocked Harry would be when he saw me, but I thought she was just being nice. But now I knew how right she was.

At the party, everyone was enjoying themselves; they were talking, laughing, dancing and Harry, Ron and Hermione were at the same table, a few feet from me. They were talking, or rather, discussing something. Harry kept saying “no” repeatedly, while Ron and Hermione looked exasperated. After a while, they gave up and quite talking. Fred, George and I were discussing their shop when I saw Ron lean in and say something to Hermione, causing her to blush and smile; she nodded and they stood up and walked to the dance floor. I watched as they danced noticing how happy they looked. I smiled, wishing I could dance like that and be that happy with Harry. I heard someone call my name from behind. I turned and saw that it was Harry; he stood behind me with a determined look on his face and asked me to dance. I agreed and he led me to the dance floor. We danced in silence but I felt him stroke my hair and I held him tightly, never wanting to let him go. I enjoyed the moment and didn’t want to think on the future, of what anything might mean or might come to pass. After several minutes, he stepped back and stared at me with a confused look but I could tell he was a bit scared. Then, he walked away; I saw him go inside the Burrow, leaving me alone on the dance floor.


The next day, we all stood in the garden saying our goodbyes to Harry, Ron, and Hermione; my brother and Hermione had decided to go with Harry and help with the search, ignoring mum’s and Harry’s protests. Mum cried and hugged the three of them several times. Dad stood aside, talking quietly with Harry of the journey and promising the Order’s assistance in any way he needed it.

Harry said goodbye to the twins, who stood beside me; after he’d hugged Fred he turned to me. I was staring at the ground, unable to look at him. I didn’t want to say goodbye, because it could be the last time I’d see him. He gently pulled my face up by my chin and forced me to look at him.

We said nothing, we just stood there staring at one another. We could understand one another through our facial expressions and when I thought “I love you” he nodded and smiled slightly, as though saying “I know.” We hugged, and I held him tightly; when he stepped back he whisphered, “Goodbye.”

I couldn’t help but weep and he wiped my tears away as he caressed my face and looked at me as though saying “everything will be ok.” He then turned and joined Ron and Hermione.

Hermione stood in tears, looking at all of us as though for the last time. Harry, Ron, and Hermione then joined hands and looked at one another. Harry nodded and the three of htem looked at us again; Ron looked scared but determined; Hermione was still crying; and Harry looked more determined and ready than ever. He gave me a quick smile before Disapparating along with Ron and Hermione.

I wondered if that was the last time I’d see any of them; if it would be the last time I’d see his smile. I burst into tears, unable to stop myself and I felt Fred pull me into a hug. The only sounds now were mum’s sobs combined with my own and the light wind in my ears.

* Quote from HBP. Chapter 30: The White Tomb Page 646 US edition.

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