Harry Potter and the Sorceress of Love by beeinthebonnet

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Harry has a horrible dream about Ginny and is removed from the Dursleys. Here we embark upon the next book in the series from my point of view.

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Harry Potter and the Sorceress of Love by beeinthebonnet
Chapter 3: Chapter 3- While Everyone is Asleep
Author's Notes:

Chapter Three
While the House is Asleep

Harry barely made it back to his room before Mr. and Mrs. Weasley reached the upper landing of the stairs. He quietly changed into his pajamas listening to Ron mumble with his dreams. Ronwas lost in his own world, most likely curled up with Hermione and ignoring everything that is going on around them.

He layed down on his bed, happiness overwhelming him. He had his Ginny back and to top it all off, she knew exactly how he felt. No more dancing around the word love or its meaning. He loved Ginny and she loved him back. He heard the Weasleys kiss and say goodnight, turning out the lights. That would be him and Ginny some day, he thought. Harry waited until he could hear Mrs. Weasley’s cooing and of course Mr. Weasley’s snoring that shook the walls.

Harry got up, crossed the hallway, and entered Ginny’s room. He turned to the door performing a locking charm or two that Sirius had once showed him. Sirius had used it when he wanted to get away from his parents and they had never been able to break the charms. This was his house, and he knew that he could do as he pleased. Although, he was glad to know that her mum and dad were fast asleep in their beds.

When Harry turned around, he was completely mesmorized. There was Ginny in pale pink pajamas. They had little straps over her shoulders. He then gazed down a little further. The night gown was low cut, very low cut and it fell gracefully along her pale globes, which Harry now noticed had matured since he had seen her at the end of last year. Harry was taken and infatuated with the woman he knew he loved.

"Ginny! I don’t know what to say. You look so gorgeous and you are just in your pajamas. Where did you find something like that? I love it, not to mention that it makes me want to touch you all over. Your brothers would kill me for seeing you in it, not to mention kill you for owning it. Wow!” said Harry.

"I thought that you might like it. I bought it in Hogsmeade last year. I charm it to look like an old sock so my brothers and my mum can’t find it in my things. When we left school last year Inever thought that you’d get to see it. I almost threw it in the fire. When you almost got into trouble earlier I decided to wear it tonight.” she replied witha glimmer of amusement in her eyes. “Please tell me that Ron doesn’t know that you are in here?”

"No. He’s dreaming about ‘Mione’. Rather comical if you ask me,” Harry answered with a smirk on his face that caused Ginny to laugh. He sat next to Ginny on the bed who had moved to a more seductive pose. “You know,” he said as he planted kisses down her neck. “You could always just wear a pair of my boxers and a tee shirt and look just as sexy Miss Weasley.”

“But, what would be the fun in that Mr. Potter. I rather enjoyed your face when you first saw me. It almost makes me want to go shopping.” said Ginny melting into Harry’s arms.

Harry looked up with feigned hurt. “You mean that? After all, I thought you asked me here to spend time together, make up for lost time. I never thought that you asked me here to talk about buying pajamas that drive me mad. I think I am going to return to my own bed!” He started to make a move to get out of the bed.

"I think not Harry Potter. Get back over here!”

Harry wrapped her up and gave her a deep passionate kiss. It had more behind it than she knew but she felt it and kissed him just as strongly. They drifted into a passion so deep yet it was just waiting to be unleashed.

Ginny ran her hands up Harry’s back under his shirt. She could feel each muscle and memorized them. She was lost in a place she didn’t mind succumbing to. Before she knew it his shirt had been taken off leaving her to explore his torso more freely. She knew that she had taken it off, but didn’t quite remember it. She loved him more deeply today than she ever had. She knew that this was due to him confessing his love for her earlier in the day.

Harry allowed his hands to roam, finding places on Ginny that caused her to heat more than she already was. She continued to feel his body, doing to him exactly what he was doing to her. He became brave and scared at the same time as he kissed his way down her chest. He pulled the straps of her nightgown down until the beautiful globes he continued to appreciate were set free.

"Gin,” he whispered into her ear. “If you want me to stop, I will.”

"No, Harry. Don’t take this away from me. I feel wonderful and I don’t want you to stop.” she replied.

With that he took one of her lovely buds into his mouth, savoring every taste and sensation it brought forth from her. Ginny’s breathing became quicker and he could tell she was finding pleasure in this. He was finding equal pleasure in her fingers intertwining in his already messy dark hair.

They reached each others lips once again, rolling over so now Ginny was on top of him, straddling him in a delightful yet extremely devilish way. She got a smirk on her face as she watched his expression when she took the nightgown over her head. Nothing was left on her body, and he just smiled and pulled her closer.

“I wonder if he went down for a snack. I know he wouldn’t ask Kreacher. He despises that wretched creature. I will go look for him downstairs.” came the ruffled voice of Ron.

"Gin, get dressed!” Harry whispered. “Ron woke up and found me gone. He went out in search of me.” he said as he pulled his shirt back on. He returned to her for one last kiss and reversed the locking charms on the door. He looked back one last time to make sure that she was decent again before he opened the door.

"I loved you,” he replied.

“I love you too Harry. Now go before he comes back.” answered Ginny.

Harry returned to his room with a book he had snagged off of the shelf in the library about Kneazles. It had caught his interest because the picture on the cover looked a lot like Hermione’s cat Crookshanks.

Ron walked into the room just as Harry had sat down, with a big glass of pumpkin juice. He sat on his bed in deep thought. He finished his juice and looked over at Harry.

"Where were you? I woke up and you were gone. I went to look for you and couldn’t find you, mate.” Ron asked.

"I couldn’t sleep, so I wandered the house a little bit. Explored. I decided to go to go to the library and I found a book. Then I came back up here. We must have crossed paths on my way up here.”

"Yeah, you must be right.”

They both climbed back into bed, putting out the lights. Both returned to their dreams. Ron to Hermoine, and Harry to Ginny.


Harry woke to a tapping on the window. It was Hedwig with a letter looking a little annoyed that he wasn’t awake and waiting for her. He saw Hermoine’s handwriting on the address line of the envelope. He began to read the letter.


Hey, it feels so much like a year since I saw you last. Even though it has only been a couple of short weeks. I spend so much time writing letters to Ron that I had nearly forgotten that you were there with him too. I miss you and Ginny. I especially miss Ron. I know that you are all together, he wrote about it to me.

Anyway. I have something rather important to tell all of you. I don’t think that I should tell you guys in a letter though. I was wondering when you all would be in Diagon Alley next. I was hoping to meet up with you. Owl me and let me know.

With Love to You All,


Harry rushed over to the table and quietly got out a quill and some parchment. He set to writing her a letter back so as not to wake up Ron. He didn’t want to have to explain himself since he had a surprise for him. He was excited as he wrote.


I was glad to hear from you even though Hedwig thought that she needed to wake me up. I miss you too and I am also sure that Ginny does as well. It does feel like it has been a year since I have seen you.

I want to extend an invitation for you to join us here at Grimmald Place. It just isn’t the same without you here. We need all four of us to be here in order to be completely happy. I could have Fred and George meet you in Diagon Alley in the morning if you wish and your parents will allow. Don’t tell Ron. I want it to be a surprise for him. He misses you so much.

I will tell everyone at breakfastif you agree. Send Hedwig back as soon as you know anything. Don’t worry about Mr. and Mrs. Weasley either. After all this is my house. I am can invite whomever I choose.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Harry attached the letter to Hedwig’s leg and sent her on her way with instructions to wake Hermione for a hasty response. He knew that Ron would be happy. He also thought that maybe that would keep him busy enough that he could have some alone time with Ginny.He smiled to himself as he climbed back into bed and fell asleep once again.


Harry woke to light kisses on his neck and Ginny in regular cotton pajamas. She crawled into bed handing him his glasses off of the nightstand table next to him. She reached under his shirt and ran her fingers across his stomach lightly.

“Good morning love,” he greeted her with a kiss.

"Good morning,” she replied when they broke apart. “You slept in. Breakfast is ready.”

"Well I guess we should go down then. It’s a good thing you changed your night clothes Miss Weasley! Besides I have a surprise for Ron and everyone.” said Harry as they hurried downstairs and into the kitchen.


Hedwig was waiting at the table for him with Hermione’s answer. Luckily Fred and George had shown up for breakfast. He read Hermione’s reply which was yes and also noted that she would arrive in Diagon Alley at noon that day.

"Everyone,” Harry began. “I have good news. Hermione will be waiting in Diagon Alley at noon to join us for the rest of the summer. Fred, George would you two mind escorting her here. I would really appreciate it. It felt like something was missing and that something was her, so I invited her to stay.” he said with all of the surprised looks he was receiving.

"Harry, I think you are the best mate a guy could have!” exclaimed Ron. “Thank You!”

Mrs. Weasley began to shuffle food onto the table. “I guess that means she will be rooming with you, Ginny.” she replied.

"Harry, we could do that for you. No problem mate.” said Fred.

"I guess that we better get back to our shop until then.” said George. With that they both apparated back to Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

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