My Own Padfoot by Marauder Evans

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Harry needs to find a way to protect Ginny. Which method does he use? Ginny, on the other hand, has gotten a new pet. And why does Harry seem to be popping up around the castle wherever she is? She doesn’t need protection! She has Padfoot to protect her from danger. Or is it really Padfoot who’s protecting her?
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My Own Padfoot by Marauder Evans
Chapter 1: My Own Padfoot
Author's Notes:

My Own Padfoot


Ginny Weasley was walking as fast as she was able towards the Hogwarts castle. She’d been serving detention on the Quidditch pitch with Madam Hooch, cleaning the brooms. It was close to midnight now as Ginny was heading towards her warm bed. Oh damn it! She thought to herself. She still had to write a Potions essay. Damn Snape and his six scrolls of parchment!

She saw the smoke rising from Hagrid’s hut. She shivered, pulling her robes tighter as the cold wind puffed at her. Ginny felt something wet land on her forehead. Looking up, she noticed it was beginning to rain as the big raindrops started to pour down on her. Ginny squealed and started running towards the castle. Just my own luck! Had to rain, didn’t it?!

Ginny quickly scrambled inside the castle, strands of hair plastered to her flushed face. Ginny sighed once she was inside, but a faint scratching noise caught her attention. She raised her eyebrow at the door, muttering to herself that she was loosing her mind. She soon heard the scratching sounds again, along with a bark, as well. Ginny quickly looked around to see if any teachers were in the area, especially McGonagall, who seemed to be going through menopause this year.

As she opened the door, a wet black object darted inside, making her yelp in surprise as she tripped backwards. Ginny raised her wand at the vague object in front of her. To her surprise the object braced itself on its two front paws and shook his wet fur, sending all the water splashing in Ginny’s direction, who tried helplessly to block it.

“Oh, honestly! Did you have to dry yourself in front of me?” Ginny yelped half-mockingly to the now recognizable dog who just sat on his back paws, gazing at Ginny with mild interest.

Ginny smiled when she saw the dog lay on the ground, breathing rapidly as his tongue slid from his mouth. Cute little fellow he is….Reminds me of Sirius.

She stuck out her hand to the dog, cocking her head sideways as she watched the dog raise his head in interest before getting up and making his way to her.

God, she smells heavenly! The dog thought to himself, slowly walking over to Ginny’s extended hand. The dog sniffed her hand evenly before he licked it, hearing Ginny giggle. He nudged her hand softly with his nose before leaping at her, giving her a wet lick. He heard Ginny squeal in response but stayed in her place.

Ginny wrinkled her nose at the dog. His tongue was somewhere between sandpapers and something slimy but she couldn’t mistake all the drool that dripped down her cheek. Ginny sighed, smiling slightly at the dog as she watched his tail wag excitedly while she rubbed the back of his ears. Aww, he’s so adorable! I wonder if I’m allowed to keep him…

No, you can’t; this is Hogwarts and McGonagall will kill you!

Ack, who gives? She’s going through menopause; she’s too emotional to handle me! He stays!

The dog grinned as he saw Ginny looked at him with awe and soon enough she was planting kisses in his face and managed to bring him down with one touch of his stomach. The dog rolled onto his stomach gazing at expectantly at Ginny, who grinned.

“Oh, so you want me to rub your tummy, huh? Well, of course, I’ll do it, you cute little adorable doggy woggy! Oh yes you are, a coochie coo!”

Ginny kept cooing at the dog, who was barking excitedly as Ginny blew raspberries onto his stomach and rubbed it in turn. “Who’s the cutest little doggy in the world? Oh yes you are!”

Oh if she could only hear herself right now! But I’m not complaining, ooh you just hit my sensitive spot!

Ginny grinned when she saw the dog relax. Looking down, she noticed that it was a male and blushed at the inspection she had performed. Ginny smiled to herself as she realized the sudden affection she had for the dog she had just met ten minutes ago. Ginny’d never had a dog; she’d had a cat, some owls, a rat and even chickens, but never a dog. She had always wanted one, but seeing as her stupid brother Ronald was allergic to them, they weren’t allowed to have any. Ginny smiled. Finally she was going to have her own dog. Besides, I’m seventeen, it’s not like Mum can say anything…Well for now.

Ginny suddenly glanced at her watch, gasping at the time. It was half past midnight. She swore. She looked at the dog, having a mental discussion to bring him or leave him outside. She sighed. She couldn’t do that to a poor dog. He might freeze to death! Ginny let her Molly gene take over. I’ll take care of the dog through sickness and in health till Voldemort do us part or death, however it went.

“Come on, let’s go. You’re staying with me from now on.” Ginny beckoned the dog to follow her up the stairs as he did. “We’d better hurry; I think Filch and Mrs. Norris patrol the halls around midnight.”

The dog understood quickly that Filch and Mrs. Norris weren’t a good thing. The dog followed Ginny all the way until he reached a portrait containing three ladies with friendly smiles towards Ginny. She whispered the password, calling him on the way.

The room was covered in red and gold wallpaper, along with one or two photos of Ginny and her family or a girl with bushy hair and a boy with green eyes. There was a fireplace, surrounded by loveseats and comfy armchairs. He told himself we would have to try those out later. He saw Ginny walk into another room, so he followed. He was greeted by a big four-poster bed with another fireplace and a loveseat. Ginny’s sheets were silky blue with a purple mantle covering them.

Ok, so she’s Head Girl...

The dog immediately jumped on the bed, twirling around until he found a good spot. He saw Ginny roll her eyes at him as she dived in her trunk, throwing a few books on her bed carelessly. She sighed and climbed on the bed next to the dog. She looked at him and smiled. “You know, I’ve got a name for you…”

Oh Really? What is it?

Ginny smiled. “I’m going to name you Padfoot.”

The dog covered his paws in front of his face which made Ginny laugh.

“You’ll be my own Padfoot. How does that sound? Better?” Ginny grinned as the dog barked in response. “Good, now Ginny here has to do some homework or she’ll be getting detention from Professor Snape. So, please don’t be a sin. I can’t handle more than one at the moment, OK?”

Padfoot barked, resting his head on one of her pillows. Ginny sighed dramatically. “Ok, here we go…”

Padfoot watched Ginny work, once in a while seeking some attention and getting snapped at by Ginny, who would apologize immediately and return to her work. It was about half past one now and Ginny looked like she wasn’t anywhere near the end. Padfoot jumped off of the bed, this going unnoticed by Ginny, who was too busy searching for words in a thick book as he strolled into the room he had first entered.

He jumped up on one of the chairs by the fireplace, sprawling out carelessly as he did. No, this one isn’t comfortable. Padfoot leaped on the loveseat, relaxing into the soft plump cushions, smiling, satisfied with his seat. He sniffed the couch regularly, smelling no trace that anyone had been here besides Ginny. Padfoot sighed; he missed her aroma so much it seemed as if it’d been years since he had last smelled her scent.

But then again, the other females weren’t as good-smelling as she. He really and truly –

“Pads? Where are you? Come here, time for bed!” Ginny’s voice broke off his thoughts as he jumped off the couch, making sure to roll over in it a couple of times to mark his territory.

I’ll pee on that later…

Ginny smiled brightly as he entered the room, patting a large space on the right of her. Padfoot frowned. I don’t want the right side. I want the left side!

Ginny noticed his silence and rolled her eyes. “What’s the matter? I’m not up for discussion tonight, I’m tired. So it’s either you sleep on the floor or the right side of the bed!”

Padfoot swore. I’ll just plant myself on the left side next time. He jumped on the bed, making sure to sprawl out, his pointy, hard nails grazing Ginny’s skin.

Ginny flicked off the light with her hand, leaving only the moonlight to reflect in the room. She smiled softly, her head resting on her pillow as she looked at Padfoot’s eyes. There was something familiar about his eyes. They were green…just as green as Harry’s.

“You know, your eyes look like a friend of mine’s. His eyes are just as green as yours.” Ginny said softly.

Padfoot looked at her, laying his head only inches away from hers. Really? Tell me more about him, would you?

And as if she read his mind Ginny started talking about her friend.

“His name’s Harry, Harry Potter, he’s about seventeen now,” Ginny said as she twirled Padfoot’s hair in curls. “He’s really cute you know….We used to be together, but not anymore. He’s gone out to save the world for a bit. Ironic, huh?”

Padfoot gave her an affectionate lick as Ginny smiled. “Thanks. It’s not that bad. I just miss him, that’s all.” Ginny smiled and conjured a picture of her and Harry looking up at each other.

“That’s him, the deviously handsome, messy-haired, green-eyed, cute-lipped, tight arse,” Padfoot gasped. “Oh if he only knew the things I would want to do with that body!”

Padfoot stared at her in shock. No way! How could she say such things?! Well, not that I’m denying anything…Get a grip, Padfoot! Ok, breathe, she’s just talking about some other bloke…Wait, what is she doing talking about some other bloke?!

Ginny was blushing now. “You must think I’m obsessed. Well, I’m not. Listen up, Padfoot. You’re not allowed to tell anyone this, ok?”

Padfoot barked in response. Your secret’s safe with me…

Ginny smiled to herself, satisfied. “You know, since Harry’s body parts are the main topic here, did I mention he was a bloody good kisser too!”

I’ll be sure to give him that message when I see him…

Ginny smiled softly. “If I could only kiss those soft lips again.” Ginny bit her lip softly before continuing. “I miss him, you know, I wish he would come to Hogwarts soon, just for at least two minutes. That’s enough time for a good shag, right?”

Padfoot snorted and smiled softly, grumbling out a small bark in response. “Yeah, I thought so too. He sometimes writes to me, but I’ve hardly heard anything from him since my seventeenth birthday. Maybe I should throw myself in front of the Whomping Willow and end up at St. Mungo’s! Maybe he’ll visit me!”

Padfoot chuckled to himself. Only you would think of something like that…It might work, you know…

She looked at Padfoot and frowned. “Sorry for the rambling, I always tend to talk a lot.”

Really? I haven’t noticed…

“Come on, let’s go to sleep. Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day!” Ginny stated and pulled the covers over both her and Padfoot.

“’Night, Paddy.” Ginny said, planting a kiss on Padfoot’s head, who barked in response.

‘Night, gorgeous.

Ginny soon drifted off to sleep, snuggling Padfoot close to her chest.

Padfoot grinned. He was on cloud number nine!


Ginny was awakened by the feeling of sharp nails piercing in her skin. She turned, almost jumping out of her skin as she saw Padfoot sleeping as well as stretching next to her. She smiled, slipping out of bed and scowled when she saw Padfoot immediately take over more space on the bed.

She looked at her watch, noticing it was only five-thirty, before sighing. She walked out of her bedroom and was greeted by the sight of Hedwig with a letter tied to her legs. Ginny smiled, walking over to Hedwig, stroking her feathers softly. “Hey girl, you’ve got a letter from Harry for me?”

Hedwig hooted, sticking out her leg so that Ginny could untie the letter. Ginny gave Hedwig some treats before the owl could complain and settled herself on the loveseat close to the fireplace.

Dear Ginny,

How are you? I know it’s a stupid question, but really, how are you? I’m doing great so far. Ron and Hermione are making progress in their undiscovered relationship. We haven’t found anything special yet so it looks like we’ll be coming home in a bit. Well, Ron and Hermione, for the matter. I’ve got other business to attend to. I hope you don’t mind. I really want to see you again but we both know what happens when we talk or see each other...

I just wanted to let you know that I’m coming to Hogwarts this Christmas, well earlier actually, but it’s mostly for Order business so you won’t see me around very much. I’ve got a surprise for you, as well!

Yours only,


Ginny groaned, throwing the letter into the fire. What kind of letter was that? She would’ve at least expected something more fluffy or declaring his undying love for her so she could hate him! Honestly?! Why couldn’t Harry be more like a dog? They’re so easy!

What’s the difference?

First of all, dogs don’t have problems expressing their feelings! Look at Padfoot! He loves me and he’s only known me for half a day!

Second, dogs actually feel guilty when they’ve done something wrong and I doubt Harry’s feeling guilty.

Third, dogs are easy to train! They understand what ‘no’ means and they’re easy to buy for! Why can’t I train Harry to obey me? It would be much easier if I had more power of him!

Fourth, oh, this is a good one. Dogs are very direct when they want to go out!

They have to do their business, you know…

Who gives? And last but not least, dogs don’t play games with you! Well, except fetch or something…

Ginny sighed, stood, and marched back to her bedroom. She snorted when she saw that Padfoot was now totally sprawled out on the bed. How men and dogs are alike - Number one: they take up too much space on the bed…

Ginny sighed and walked into the bathroom. Yay, time to get ready for class…

Padfoot sighed as he saw Ginny walk into her bathroom. Ok, so my plan didn’t work. Time for Plan B…

He cringed, hearing Ginny’s singing in the shower. Really! Do they always have to sing in the shower?!

Padfoot buried his head under the pillows as Ginny starting singing louder. Merlin, make it stop! Make it stop! I promise I won’t pee on Snape’s cloaks anymore!


“Padfoot, come on, boy! We’ve got to hurry before someone sees you.” Ginny told Padfoot as they climbed down the stairs. Nobody would be strolling around the corridors at this time. They were either waking up or trying to, at least.

Ginny had told Padfoot she couldn’t leave him in her room because he was bound to be discovered. Padfoot had sighed but obeyed her nonetheless. He wasn’t quite fond of going out in the icy weather of November. Ginny had promised him that she would let him in during her free periods and after dinner so he could sleep with her again.

Ginny pulled open the door, shivering as she met the cold wind. Padfoot travelled backwards, not wanting to go outside. Ginny frowned sadly. “Come on, Pads. I know you don’t want to go outside, but I can’t find anywhere to put you.”

Oh, come on Ginny. Let me stay in your bedroom! I promise I’ll hide under the bed when the Death Eaters comes!

Ginny sighed. “I can’t let you in my room because someone might walk in. My friends know the pass and so does Dumbledore. Hmm, I’ve got an idea. Come on…”

Padfoot quickly followed Ginny until they stopped at a gargoyle as Ginny whispered the password. They walked up the stairs until Padfoot collided with Ginny when she stopped abruptly, knocking softly on the door.

“Come in…”

“Stay here, Padfoot.” Ginny whispered before she entered the room. “Morning, Professor.”

Albus gave Ginny a warm smile and offered her some Lemon Drops, which she gladly took. “So, tell me, Miss Weasley. To what do I owe this early visit?”

Ginny smiled, biting her lip. “Well, I’m sorry to bother you so early, but I’ve got a little bit of a problem….You see, last night when I was coming from detention I came across a, well — I — actually, you see, I found this dog, wandering - no wait.”

She sighed. “Last night when I was coming from detention, this dog was outside in the rain so I let him in and then I took him back to my room and all, but I don’t want to let him out, because it’s much too cold for that so I was wondering: canIkeepthedogplease?”

Albus raised his eyebrows, still smiling good-naturedly. “I’m sorry, Miss Weasley, what was that last bit?”

Ginny took a deep breath, fidgeting with her hands slightly. “I asked if I could keep him.”

Albus frowned a bit, leaning forward so that his half-moon glasses slid to the end of his nose. “Are you willing to take full responsibility?”

She nodded, looking at him hopeful. “Yes, sir.”

Albus smiled and shrugged. “Then I see no difficulties with you keeping him.”

Ginny gasped, jumping out of her seat. “Really! I can keep him!”

Albus smiled and nodded. He heard Ginny squeal before she ran to the door and opened it. A big shaggy black dog entered his office. Albus smiled knowingly into the dog’s bright green eyes. The dark barked at him as Albus patted him softly.

“His name’s Padfoot. I called him that ‘cause he looks a bit like Sirius in his dog form, doesn’t he?” Ginny told him excitedly as Padfoot walked back over to her, nuzzling his head between her feet.

Albus nodded in consent. “A wonderful name, Miss Weasley; Padfoot: a true Marauder.” Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled towards the dog knowingly.

“Now, I suggest you head towards breakfast, oh, and Miss Weasley?”


“I suggest you keep a close eye on…Padfoot. He doesn’t seem as innocent as he looks.” Dumbledore told her, grinning casually as Padfoot turned his nose up in Albus’ direction.

“Of course, sir. Come on, Pads, lets go.” Ginny beckoned Padfoot over as they walked out Dumbledore’s office.

Albus smiled knowingly. He wondered what Padfoot was up to now…

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