The Bond and the Philosopher's Stone by HarryBond007

Summary: Harry and Ginny need to face to challenges that come together with a bond while facing with the philosopher's stone
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Published: 2012.10.29
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The Bond and the Philosopher's Stone by HarryBond007
Chapter 1: The Girl-Who-Dreamed
Author's Notes:

Ginny Weasley was asleep when the sun appeared across the orchard on the Burrow. She was definitively not a morning person and as soon as the light reached her she got grumpy about the lost fantasy of her perfect dream. That wonderful dream was about a boy with a lightning bolt scar on the forehead that came to rescue her from an evil dragon, not that she liked to be a damsel on distress but with him she made an exception. His name was Harry Potter, a mysterious boy who saved the wizardry world when he was just a baby, she had been told stories about him ever since she could remember. She sat down on her bed half asleep while opening her eyes very slowly trying to remember how the dream had ended but she couldn't and let out a sigh. After a specially good dream like that one, she just hated so much waking up.

"Ginny! Ron! I want you ready at the table in five minutes! Hurry up, we're late already!" Her mum yelled from downstairs.

"Coming Mum!"

Ron was the second youngest child of the Weasley family, Ginny was the youngest. Ginny knew that her brother could sleep the entire morning if given the chance but she was certain that he was not going to take long time to be ready once that he realized that there was food over the table. Today would be a very stressful day and considering the current mood of her mother she knew it was best not to take a long time in doing as she said. It was that day of the year in which they had to go to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies.

It was always the same, first the rush to leave the house on time, then the pressure to not forget something that was needed and finally the concerns to afford everything. It was chaos, where his mother and his brothers went from one store to the other trying to complete school supply lists and amid the chaos Ginny was dragged from the hand the entire day.

When she came to the table her brothers were already there. Percy was explaining to anyone willing to listen about the duties that implied being a prefect while the twins were mocking him. Ginny had six brothers and two of them, Bill and Charlie had already finished school, they no longer lived at the Burrow. Percy was the oldest of those still in school.

While Percy was still talking to his mother about his great achievement, the twins Fred and George, took the opportunity to joke about the disaster that was having a new prefect in the family. Percy just glared at the twins while his mother scolded them. Ron barely paused for breath while eating.

"If you just took your studies more seriously there could be more prefects in the family in a few years!" their mother yelled.

"Mother! you can't possibly mean that.." Fred said, touching his chest with a false expression of pain.

"you had just hurt our feelings, so much.." George mimicked.

"Just shut up both of you and finish that bacon already" the Weasley matriarch said.

Meanwhile Ginny was still trying to recall the last night's dream with her face supported on her left hand. She wondered what Harry Potter would do on a normal day, what was he doing right now? In her dreams they always met and fell in love with each other, in some of them they even married. But she knew that that was barely possible, he was the famous savior of the wizarding world and she was only the small and unimportant Ginny Weasley.

"Is Ickle Ronniekins ready for his first Hogwarts shopping trip?" Fred said.

"Shut up! don't call me that" Ron answered. The twins always enjoyed messing up with Ron whenever they could. He on the other hand hated it, one time they even transformed his teddy bear into a spider and since spiders are Ron's greatest fear.

"Now Ron, don't lose control of that temper of yours.." George said

"if we didn't know better, you could say that you inherited all of the family's temper.."

"..not Gin-Gin over here!" George finished pointing at Ginny. She was surprised at first because she was not paying attention to the conversation, then she just frowned in their direction. The twins knew that it was best not to cross the line with Ginny, when they did it usually ended up with them being hexed with her famous Bat-Bogey-Hex.

"See Fred, our little sister is daydreaming again." George said when he saw that her sister was at a completely different place.

"Wonder about what.. or who.." Ginny blushed at this.

"maybe she is picturing herself as a prefect.." George said putting a finger on his chin questioningly. Percy snorted without looking at them.

"or maybe this is regarding a certain Harry P.." He never finished the sentence because her sister hexed him with the wand she took out of George's pocket. Then, she also hexed George and returned the wand with the face still red. Fred and George laugh while a bunch of large things kept flying out of their noses.

"Fred! George! leave your sister alone and hurry up we were supposed to be there 20 minutes ago!" Mrs Weasley shouted while clearing the table.

Ron was eleven so he was going to Hogwarts this year for the first time, on the other hand Ginny was almost ten years old so she would have to wait at home until next year. She hated not being able to go to school yet. Not that she did not like living at the Burrow, she did but as Ron was going to school this year she was going to have to stay alone with her mom all year. She would not have Ron to talk or play anymore. Besides, all of her brothers had said so many wonderful things about Hogwarts that she was so anxious to go.

When they were all ready they flooed to the Leaky Cauldron to start the day. Ginny's mother took all her children through the pub waving quickly several times as they walked toward the entrance of Diagon Alley. Ginny stood behind her mother all the time because Tom, the owner, scared her a little.

"Come on keep moving or we'll be here all day" she heard her mother say.

When they arrived at Gringotts, her mother entered the bank accompanied by the twins while she stayed with Percy, who was left to look after Ron and Ginny. Ginny did not want to see the goblins. She knew that her family did not have much money and every year her parents had a hard time providing school supplies for several children. Next year she would go to Hogwarts and that would make things even more difficult. Most of the things they had were previously owned by an older brother or second hand, the things she was getting next year will be the same.

Not even two minutes had passed since they left the bank when the twins found their friend Lee Jordan, who had told them previously that he was going to do his purchases the same day. The three of them set off for Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop in spite of their mother's complaints, Ginny thought she heard something about fireworks when they were out of their mother's reach.

Ginny had always been fascinated by the shops and stalls in the alley, it was a pity that most shady things were too expensive. Ron on the other hand was usually the first one in getting bored, this time it was a little different since some of the things being bought this year were for him so he was a bit excited. They bought some simple quills and parchment at Scribbulus Writing Instruments and only the indispensable ingredients for potions at Slug & Jiggers Apothecary before heading to Potage's Cauldron Shop where they spent a little more money since Ron didn't have a cauldron before.

Fred and George joined them by the time they reached Magical Menagerie. There they got some treats for Scabbers, Percy's rat. In fact the pet was now Ron's property since Ginny's parents promised Percy a present for making it to prefect and he wanted a new pet.

"So Percy, have you decided what kind of pet do you want?" Mrs Weasley asked his son.

"Not sure mother, maybe an owl can help me with my objective this year. I may be involved in some important mailing." Percy said looking up.

The twins smirked, they were pranksters and you didn't need to be a genius to guess that they were already thinking on some joke to use on Percy, even when he could take points from them now.

That's how they got out of the owl shop with a brand new screech owl for Percy which he named Hermes. George's robes were a bit worn out so they made a quick visit to the Secondhand robe shop then they were ready for the books which were the most expensive items to buy. The books that they didn't find on the secondhand book shop would need to be bought at Flourish and Blotts.

They were half way when they saw a huge bearded man standing next to a skinny boy, surely he was a first year.

"Look, it's Hagrid!" Fred yelled pointing at the bearded man.

"Who's Hagrid?" Ginny came forward asking and looking at the boy.

"He's the eleven feet guy over there" George pointed out also.

"He is the gamekeeper at Hogwarts or something like that. He's not a teacher but he is a nice guy" Percy stated

"Yeah, He's very cool, and he has this horrible beasts that.."

"Fred!" Mrs Weasley intervened frowning.

"That are one totally harmless mother" George finished winking at Ginny.

Mrs. Weasley said hello from the distance and Hagrid replied waving. To little Ginny the man could easily be a giant. The Weasleys headed their own way when a strange feeling made Ginny turn to where Hagrid and the boy were. He was following Hagrid in the opposite direction from Ginny when the boy stopped and turned to see in the Ginny's direction with a puzzled expression on his face. The rest of the Weasleys weren't aware that they kept walking and Ginny stood behind.

It was then that Ginny started walking towards the boy not sure of what made her take that decision. The boy stopped and waited for her, as she approached to him she noticed that he was wearing some round glasses. Mrs Weasley was yelling at her from far away but Ginny couldn't decipher her words, it was clear that Hagrid was as confused as Mrs Weasley. Ginny stopped and faced the boy directly. He had an unruly jet-black hair and had an expression of uncertainty. Then he saw her through his round glasses with his startling green eyes and opened his mouth after the weird silence.

"Hi" he said

"Hi.." she answered shyly "I'm .. Ginny" she extended her hand smiling at him.

The boy doubted for a brief moment, then he smiled back extending his hand. "I'm Harry" said as he approached his hand "Harry Potter". There was an instant when Ginny didn't know what those words meant. Her eyes traveled slowly to his forehead, she let out a silent gasp and lost her smile while her eyes went wide. Their hands touched and all went black.

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