Fairy Tale by Ravenclawdistrict7

Summary: "I went to the muggle doctor and they smeared this blue goo on my stomach… I heard their heartbeat… I could barely hear but it was the best sound in the world mum… I never know how I feel anymore if I'm happy or mad, or scared, or excited or terrified. But I want to meet him or her, I want to be their mum," Even if she had to do it alone.
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Published: 2017.09.20
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Fairy Tale by Ravenclawdistrict7
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes:

Ginny Weasley was scared. No, she was terrified. She was scared out of her mind and to her wit's end...she was pregnant.

She did not know how this could happen (well of course she knew, she just didn't want to think about it). She wasn't married or engaged. She wasn't even dating anyone.

Maybe she was freaking out over nothing, maybe the test was false; I mean it muggle contraptions mess up around magic. Right? Maybe she wouldn't have to raise a child by herself or receive the Molly Weasley glare of shame. Ginny couldn't stand waiting. Would she soon be responsible for another life?

She got her things from her desk. she had been working for quidditch weekly for about a year now, which meant she still got the articles the more senior reporters didn't want. The pay, that gave her just enough to make ends meet but surely that would not nearly cover the expenses of a child, and maternity leave would be a huge setback.

All the more reason to be sure.

"Bonnie", she called out to the front desk manager, "I have to leave early today, I'm not feeling so well".

"Oh no, hope you feel better!"

"Me too!"

Ginny had planned to go to St Mungo's, but there was too much of a risk she would run into someone she knew. Instead, she decided on going to a muggle doctor. She walked into Ottery St. Mary Hospital, filled out some paperwork, and found herself waiting for the doctor.

The doctor came in with a smile on her face and files in her hand. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and blinding white teeth. 'She looks like a princess,' Ginny thought to herself. Ginny couldn't tell if she wanted to slap the doctor for being so cheery or latch onto the ray of happiness that seemed to emit from the woman.

Introductions seemed to draw out unnecessarily and Ginny found herself impatient. "Am I pregnant?"

"Yes, Miss Weasley. You are." Ginny didn't mean to cry, but she knew she must be from the warm tears she felt cascading down her cheeks. "I take it this wasn't planned?" Ginny could only shake her head, not trusting her voice quite yet. "You do have options," the doctor replied.

Ginny shook her head again. "I think I know what I want to do," Ginny answered.

"If you'd like we can run some tests? Maybe we can pinpoint a due date? Do you know when you conceived?"

"That's not necessary. It... um... It could... It could only have been in the first week of July."

"Well, then I'd say you're due around the first week of March. If you want... you should be able to hear the heartbeat."

Mornings were awful, filled with nausea and aches. She was supposed to be enjoying her day off! Unfortunately, she could barely enjoy the smell of eggs.

Ginny had known she was pregnant for 2 weeks now, and it was starting to become obvious. Her shirts were beginning to look tight and she was starting to worry others would notice. To her, it seemed visible from a mile away, so she decided to hide. She hid from family, friends, and everyone really. Ginny's life quickly became lonely; She stayed at home and went to work and only went out to occasionally shop at the grocery store.

Her family was beginning to worry. She had missed quite a few Weasley dinners, and she knew it would be only a matter of time until the twins would be sent over to force her out of hiding. There was another dinner tonight, and she really wanted to go. She missed her family, and she knew she couldn't avoid them forever, but Ginny also knew her mother.

Molly Weasley could sense a grandchild a mile away. Ginny remembered one-time Audrey, her brother Percy's wife, hadn't even sat down before her mother began to circle her, and then she sniffed her. She sniffed her! What was truly terrifying was the large grin that engulfed her face before she said, "I'm so happy for you dear! I remember how exhausting it is with twins." What was incredibly disturbing about her comments? Audrey had not even known know she was carrying more than one child. At the time, Audrey was only one month along. For Ginny being in the middle October, this was the beginning of her second trimester; she had no doubt her mother would be able to tell.

She just wanted to put off the stares of disappointment she'd get from them for as long as possible.

Ginny left the restroom; She was now ready to accept the challenge of breakfast. 'Maybe I can keep a bit of toast and some tea down.' She knew it would be stupid to attempt anything more.

After breakfast, she took a hot shower and dressed in a Weasley jumper she got from her brother George. They had this deal that if they ever both preferred the color of the others jumper they would trade. Of course, it meant that George's was way too small and only came down a little way past his chest, whereas Ginny's was way oversized, stopping just above her knees. Putting it on made her wonder what the Twins would think when they found out. They were the probably the only ones who acknowledged she was grown up. The rest liked to treat her like a twelve-year-old nun. 'Hmm... perhaps I could say the child was a result of immaculate conception,' she smiled to herself.

She spent the day cleaning her small one-bedroom flat and trying to figure out if she had enough room for the baby. If she turned her room into a nursery and slept in the living room, then she did.

Around 7:00 pm she settled on the couch with a large box of saltines in hand and watched the television, a flat warming gift from one of her brothers' wives, Hermione. After some trials, she had learned how to successfully navigate the muggle contraption.

'Dinner at the Burrow would have started by now.' she thought. It wasn't too late to attend; her jumper was big and baggy enough to hide her bump. She quickly decided against it. It was a bad idea, and she didn't trust her volatile emotions. 'Knowing my luck, I'd break down crying the moment I saw my parents.' Just the other day, she had started to tear up after finding a sock she had lost long ago in the wash ('It's just that it looked so lonely and forgotten; poor little sock').

She was adjusting on the couch when she heard it. Those two pops of apparition that could only bring bad things.

Two identical bad things.

"Oh, Gin-Gin… We've come for you!"

"Bloody Hell," Ginny muttered to herself.

She knew this was going to happen, it was only a matter of time. Molly Weasley was not one to be messed with especially not when it came to her family dinners.

"Hello, little sister," George said as he strolled into her living room, Fred was an only a few steps behind him. They stopped between her and the TV. When she had first heard them come in she felt nervous, however that nervousness had somehow become an annoyance in the short time it took for them to cross in front of her. Perhaps it was the headache she'd had since the morning, or perhaps it was the fact she hadn't been able to keep down any real food or perhaps it was the fact that they were blocking the scene while the doctor was about to take a ride in the Tardis, either way, she wasn't in the mood.

"How the hell did you apperate in here? I have wards" she one hand on her hip while the other massaged her temples.

"Let's not ask silly questions Gin," said Fred as if it was ridiculous of her to even ask the question. He plopped down next to her on the couch, "I mean honestly we haven't seen you in almost a month and that's how you greet us? " he said with an expression of sincere hurt.

"That hurts Gin, right here", said George pointing to the middle of his chest.

"How did you get in my flat?" said Ginny she honestly didn't have the energy or patience for their antics.

George gave a dramatic sigh of exasperation "Ginny, stop wasting time" he stood tugging Ginny up with him, "Mom said she'd hold dinner, but the way Ron was eying the pudding worries me." said George, as he dragged her towards the floo.

"I know what you mean he had that glint in his eye, Charlie came and you know he only comes when he's really hungry or needs his clothes washed."

"Let me go," Ginny pulled her arm back from George. Her annoyance was very quickly becoming anger. How dare they enter her home, eat her crackers, and tell her what to do. Between her discomfort, her headache and the excess hormones coursing through her veins, the reserve of patience she normally kept for interactions with the twins ran out very quickly.

"Look! I don't feel well alright." She ground out sharply, "It's nothing serious" (I'm only growing a human being inside me) "I just need some rest. Tell Mum that I'll owl soon."

They were slightly taken back by the force in their sister's tone, and although they were wary to anger their sister, their mother wanted Ginny at dinner and Molly Weasley was much scarier. "Unfortunately, that's not an option mum said and I quote" he stuck out his hip and raised a finger to her face, "Fred, George, go and get your sister. I don't know why she feels the need to avoid her family but I will not allow it! I don't care how you do it but you bring her to dinner, don't even consider returning if she isn't with you."

"So you see Gin, you have to come with us or we don't get fed," Fred exclaimed as if it would be the worst thing that could possibly happen.

"And, you really must be sick if you think mum won't come down here herself if we tell her you haven't been feeling well for the past three weeks."

"Well then it's too bad I don't really care, Look, my head is killing me and I feel nauseous, I don't care what you tell mum, I'm not coming to dinner." She settled back into the couch pointing her wand at them but kept her focus on the television screen.

Having been on the painful end of his sister's wand George decided not to push the matter and headed towards the floo. "Right Fred, let's go, Ginny's sick"

Fred however, wasn't as easily turned away "We'll just have to say she wasn't — STUPIFY!"

Ginny recognized the incoming attack far too late. It struck her squarely in the chest knocking her back onto the couch unconscious. Fred walked over and swung Ginny's unconscious body over his shoulder. As much as he would have liked to leave her be, it just wasn't an option for him. Unlike the rest of his brothers, with the exclusion of Charlie, who had women in their lives to feed them, these Sunday dinners were the only time he could get a home-cooked meal, and if he had to stun his sister to do it so be it.

"I thought we agreed not stun her!" George exclaimed, "you do realize she's going to murder us when she wakes, right?"

"She obviously wasn't going easily and if we waited much longer Charlie and Ron would have devoured everything before we got there." He shifted Ginny on his shoulder and bustled towards the floo "Come on, she heavier than I thought she'd be."

"Can you two stop staring at the roast like that" Bill Weasley said to his brothers. He was reclining in the sitting room of his childhood home waiting to start Sunday dinner, surrounded by family. It was amazing how many people that word now pertained to. On his left, his sister in law Hermione and sister in law to be Angelina were discussing some ministry legislation, his dad and brother Percy were playing a game of chess, his daughter Victorie and nieces Molly and Lucy were toddling about somewhere, while their mothers assisted his with something in the kitchen. His attention, however, was set on his brothers Ron and Charlie currently seemed to be trying to banish the food on the dining room table directly to their mouths simply by staring at it intensely enough. "I mean honestly, it won't walk away if you take your eyes off it for 10 seconds."

"Shut it, yeah Bill? You couldn't possibly understand how hungry I am right now," huffed Charlie "I don't get why we have to starve because Ginny doesn't want to come to dinner."

"Because it doesn't really count as a family dinner if the whole family isn't here, does it?"

"Well, I say if she doesn't feel like coming we shouldn't force her" Ron chimed in.

"Well I think — " whatever it was he never got to say as the floo flared and out stepped the rest of his siblings. George tumbled through first, shortly followed by Fred who carried Ginny unconscious in his arms.

They must have made a bit of commotion because his mother suddenly appeared, but was slightly taken aback to see her daughter in her current state. "What did you two do? Why is she unconscious? All I told you was to tell her to come?"

George, who was upset at being scolded for following instructions as he was told said "No, you did not. You told us to get to her and not come back unless she was with us, she didn't want to come, said she wasn't feeling well, so we had to stun her to bring her with us. "

"We were simply following directions, now can you two move over, my arms are killing me," Fred said, indicating to Ron and Charlie who were sitting in the love seat.

"Is the hundred-pound girl too much for you Fred?" teased Angelina.

"She's heavier than she looks," he said as he set her down.

"Isn't stunning her a little extreme though?" asked Arthur.

"We wouldn't 've but mum said we weren't getting fed if we didn't come back with her." Fred defended as he rolled his shoulder. "So, who wants to wake her?"

Having seen the extent of Ginny Weasley's temper no one volunteered.

"You're the one who stunned her" Percy chimed in.

"Which means we should be as far away as possible when she gets up. Her temper was even worse than usual today."

"Well, we're not eating until someone rennervates her," said . If she had learned anything in the 35 years since meeting her husband, it's that if you want a Weasley to do something, bribe them with food.

And sure enough "RENNERVATE!"


She was going to have to kill them, there was no other option. The twins we going to have to die. Where the HELL do they get off breaking into her home, stunning her and dragging her somewhere she didn't want to go!? She was going to have to murder them. "Fred, George, you have exactly 3 minutes to get out of my range of sight, before I push my wand so far- " the destination of her wand would remain unknown as she was suddenly assaulted with the repugnant smell of the roast in the dining room, jumping from the couch she ran upstairs to the restroom and heaving into the toilet.

When she was done being sick she washed her mouth in the sink and stared at herself in the mirror. "Are you ok? You look horribly pale " said the mirror. She didn't appreciate being criticized by an inanimate object, but she had to agree. All color had drained from her face, her hair was dull and greasy. Where was her maternal glow that all pregnant women were supposed to have? She slid down against the door and put her head between her legs.

Three months ago, when she was in that bar, feeling like her life had lost all excitement, she could never have imagined it would lead to this. To her sitting on the floor of her childhood home, with puke on her jumper and her brother kidnapping her, since she had avoided her family too long and the smell of roast had sent her running for the toilet. Now she sat on the dirty floor trying to calm her emotions because she was pretty sure she was crying, which didn't make sense since she was pretty angry just 5 minutes ago.

The knock at the door made her jump, spooking her from her thoughts, "Ginny, are you ok in zere?" Rapidly wiping the tears from her face she opened the door and poked only her head out, beyond grateful that the voice belonged to Fleur and not her mother, who would have simply burst in.

"Yeah, I'll be down in a minute," the returning smell of the roast, however, had her once again dry heaving into the toilet. It wasn't until she felt the soothing rubbing on her back that she realized there was someone had come in. "Thanks, Fleur, I've just haven't been feeling well for a while"

"Maybe she would have bought that but you can't possibly expect me to." Shit, this is why she hadn't wanted to come to dinner, she knew that if she came and her mother saw her she would immediately be aware of her condition.

"I don't know what you mean mum," I mean honestly, it's not like she knew anything for sure. Sure, she was sick but that could have been for any reason. Her mother had no proof and she was confident in her ability to lie. "I just have the flu"

"Really? Then lift your jumper." After 22 years Mrs. Weasley didn't know why her children still tried to lie to her. She knew each and every one of their tells.

"I'm not a chi- "

"NOW Ginevra!" She couldn't help how much she felt like a child in that moment. She lifted her shirt as slow as possible, the camisole she wore under her jumper defined the swell of her stomach really well. "Oh, Ginny."

"Save it, Mum. I honestly don't need- " she had imagined how this conversation would go numerous times. She had prepared herself for the screaming, the yelling, for her mother to tell her how disappointed she was and how irresponsible she had been. She was prepared to be told how unprepared she was to raise a child. What she was not prepared for however was the warmth of her mother's arms as she pulled her into an embrace that made her feel completely ok for the first time in weeks.

"Are you ok?" she couldn't imagine what her daughter was going through. She remembered when she found out she was pregnant at the young age of 19. She was terrified and unprepared and constantly dealing with aches and nausea which only made her feel made her more terrified. She didn't tell her mother until it she absolutely had to. The hour-long lecture that followed only made her feel ashamed of herself. Now that her daughter was in a similar position she knew she didn't want to make her feel the way she had felt.

"I went to the muggle doctor and they smeared this blue goo on my stomach… I heard their heartbeat… I could barely hear but it was the best sound in the world Mum… and I feel sick all the time and my boobs are constantly aching. I LEAKED yesterday Mum! But he or she has fingers now and swore I felt them move this morning. I never know how I feel anymore, if I'm happy or mad, or scared, or excited or terrified. But I want to meet him or her, I want to be their mum." She was crying uncontrollably and she didn't care.

"I've known the feeling" Mrs. Weasley smiled "The father?" What about him? There were days when she constantly thought of him, and others when he was the furthest thing from her mind.

"He's not a part of the picture." Her mother obviously wanted to know more on that matter, unfortunately for her, and thankfully for Ginny, they were interrupted by the banging on the door.

"Mum, are we still having dinner?" someone yelled through the door.

"I swear those boys think of nothing but food" Molly grumbled. "Go ahead and get seated, we'll be down in a minute."

"I don't want to go out there, Mum."

Molly raised her eyebrow. "Don't tell me you care what they think. Ginny, you have never cared for the opinions of others. Now, is not the time to start. Everyone downstairs loves you and they will love the new member of this family, this isn't a secret you can keep for very much longer."

"That's not what I meant. The roast, just the smell of it makes me nauseous,"

"I remember that I think with each pregnancy there was something different I couldn't stand, except Ron he made me want everything". If she thought about it, with Ron the only time she could calm down was when she was eating. "Give me five minutes to get rid of it and the smell," right before she opened the door, she turned "It's probably best to just blurt it out, they're going to be shocked, either way, might as well get it over with quickly."

Ginny splashed some water on her face, stealing her nerves. Her mom was right, there was no easy way to tell them, might as well get it over as quickly as possible. Honestly, she thought her mother would take it badly but she had been nothing but supportive. Telling the rest of her family would be easy, right?

WRONG! so terribly wrong.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY PREGNANT!?" Shouted Bill. So perhaps shouting 'IM PREGNANT!' as soon as she walked into the dining room was not the best idea, but that was still an awful reaction.

"I mean I'm currently forming a human being." Was there another meaning for the word pregnant?

"How did that happen?" blurted Percy.

"If you need me to answer that for you, then Audrey has some explaining to do." She said in an attempt to lessen the mood.

"How far along are you?" her father asked, an indecipherable expression on his face.

"3 months."

"What about the father?" she hadn't expected George to ask the question, she honestly expected him to be making jokes at this point, and it was always a bit unnerving when the twins used a serious tone.

"He's not in the picture" she repeated.

"You mean it's not Bridges?" Her relationship with Cleve Briggers was one of the more regrettable events in her life. She met him at Quidditch match. She was a reporter and he was a player on a failing team. The relationship was fun, filled with lavish dates and romantic surprises. It was all amazing before she realized the real reason he sought a relationship with her. He had been receiving a lot of negative media due to his bad boy reputation, so the best thing to fix that was obviously to date a sweet girl from a prominent wizarding family. "No, we broke up months ago."

"Then who's is it?"

Why can't they ever let things go? "Does it matter?"

"Yes, we need to know who knocked up our sister so we can kick his ass." Of course, only Charlie could say something that annoying.

"Could you be any more ridiculous?"

"Save me the lesson on feminism, I want his name," he slammed his hand on the table making everybody jump a little.

"Well then too bad I don't know what it is"

"What's that supposed mean, did someone force- "

"No!" Deep breaths. "I don't know his name because I didn't ask for it. I met him in a bar in France, we spent one-night together, and he was gone before I woke up. "I'm not going to try to find him so don't even ask."

"When did you become such a slag?" of all the thing she had expected them to say, that was not one of them.

"Fuck you Charlie" she practically ran to the floo wanting to get away before they saw the tears.

It was when she returned to her beloved couch that she truly let herself feel the weight of the day, once again letting the tears stream down. It was twenty minutes later that she felt him wrap an arm around her, and honestly, she was surprised it took him so long. Usually when one of them was upset the other was there only a few seconds later.

"I think Charlie regrets what he said," Ron tried to reassure her.

"Why, did you punch him?"

"No, believe it or not, Percy beat me to it. You know I don't believe that story for a second right? A one-night stand in France with a guy whose name you don't even know? I know I can be a bit daft sometimes, but give me more credit than that. Tell me the real story"

"I did meet him in Paris and I never asked him for his name "

"The whole story Gin."

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