Memories & The Secret of Hogwarts by Ruth Ann

Summary: Harry Potter begins his second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The dreams continue for Harry this time with his newest friend lying cold on the stone floor and the iniquitous voice saying "Speak to me Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts four."

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2
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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Author's Notes: If anyone it intrested in this being a soulbond fic let me know. It is one of the thought I have floating around in my mind.

Memories and the Secret of Hogwarts By Ruth Ann Chapter 1 — Longbottom Home

Harry was well on his way to having the best summer ever. Arriving back at Private drive Harry expected his Aunt and Uncle to take his things and lock them away. However, all they did was tell him to take them to his room and that they didn’t want to see any of it while he was here. As he would only be here for just over a week Harry wasn’t going to complain that when they didn’t want to see his things they also meant him.

He found that it bothered him very little that his Aunt and Uncle never seemed to care about Harry and how he was doing. They never once asked how his schooling was going or how he fared on his exams. He did however find that Dudley had almost failed all of his exams and had to attend summer classes in order to catch up with his peers.

Harry couldn’t wait until the first arrived and he could back to his world with at least one of his friends. He would have to ask Neville if they could invite Ron and Hermione to stay for a bit. If nothing else they could all arrange to meet up in Diagon Alley to get school supplies.

On the first of July Harry had awoken early from a weird dream, all Harry could remember from it was a hissing voice calling, “speak to me Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts four.” Harry didn’t like the way the voice spoke and he didn’t like the flashes he had when he thought those words a statues mouth opening and a huge snake slithering out.

He could remember the pale face of Ginny Weasley and how seeing her unmoving body made him feel. Seeing her lying there made him feel so helpless but at the same time made him vow to never let what-ever had or was going to happen. He vowed right there that he would protect her and love…

Harry had to stop that thought right now. He was not even twelve but at the same time he didn’t really feel much like an eleven or twelve-year-old whenever he thought of her. When she passed his mind, he felt like an adult. Ready to face the world and start a family of his own. These were not the thoughts anyone his age should be having.

He was interrupted from his musing by the door bell chiming. Harry quickly crawled out of bed and pulled on some of Dudley’s old clothes, he really needed to go shopping and pick up some new ones. He jumped a bit when he heard his aunt give a little screech when she opened the door and Harry couldn’t help but smirk a bit because Harry would bet his entire vault at Gringotts that Mrs. Longbottom was standing on the front porch wearing her hat with the stuffed vulture.

“Boy” his aunt called out.

Harry quickly let Hedwig out of her cage told her to meet him at Neville. He grabbed her cage and his trunk and left the room dragging his trunk behind him. As he reached the bottom of the stairs Harry smiled at how right he was. There was his aunt was standing the open door looking around outside to make sure none of her neighbors are seeing the strange people on her porch.

“Ready,” Harry called out reaching his aunt.

She gave a stiff nod of her head and retreated from the doorway and back to the kitchen. Mrs. Longbottom looked at the kitchen door a bit confused at the goodbye Petunia gave her nephew and then looked at said boy.

“I’m all ready Mrs. Longbottom,” Harry said quietly looking up at her intimidating form.

Mrs. Longbottom smiled down at him and Harry relaxed. “Good Harry,” she said pulling out her wand. She pointed her wand at Harry’s luggage and his trunk and Hedwig’s cage disappeared from sight.

Harry followed Mrs. Longbottom out the door and down the street. He was not quite sure how they were going to get where they were going but Mrs. Longbottom seemed to know where she was going. He followed her down into an alleyway where she stopped.

“Alright Harry dear,” Mrs. Longbottom said turning to face him. “Have you ever side apparated?”

“Yes, Mrs. Longbottom.” Harry said nodding. “Professor McGonagall took me to Diagon Alley that way.”

“Good, now grab ahold to my arm.” Mrs. Longbottom said and Harry grabbed her arm.

Harry didn’t think that he would ever get used to the feeling but when he opened his eyes they were there. The house was more of a manor than a house and Harry could honestly say he couldn’t wait to spend the remainder of his summer here.

The front door opened and Neville came running out. “Harry! I am so glad to see you.” Neville shouted and Harry smiled. “Come on inside and I’ll show you your room.”

Harry looked back at Mrs. Longbottom and with a nod Harry ran over to Neville and followed him into the house. The inside of the house was just as regal as the outside but seemed to have a homey feel. Harry didn’t get much time to look around as Neville pulled him up the stairs. Harry felt he was doing almost as much walking as he does at Hogwarts.

Harry counted a total of four sets of stairs before Neville finally stopped in front of a door that had Harry’s name on it.

“This is your room Harry.” Neville said with a smile.

Harry had figured that he might stay in a guest room or even share Neville’s room. He had never expected to get a room especially for himself. Neville open the door and Harry’s eyes widened. The walls were covered in Gryffindor paraphernalia and family pictures, of Harry’s family.

Harry felt his eyes water as he walked into the room. They were right there smiling, laughing, and showing so much love. Harry looked at the pictures and he felt a tear fall from his eyes. One particular picture Harry felt was almost like looking in a mirror of himself and his friends.

Harry stared at the picture, it was his dad and three of his friends. Harry could name all of them. Remus whom Harry had met at the beginning of last school year. Peter, whose name seemed to leave a fowl taste in Harry’s mind and Sirius.

Sirius, Harry could remember very well from the few memories he had before his life changed. Sirius was his dad’s best friend and Harry’s third favorite person to ever walk the earth. He could remember all the smiles and laughs. Sirius would play with Harry. Harry could remember that Sirius would turn into this big black dog and Harry would ride him all over the house.

He knew where Remus was but, where were the others. What had ever happened to Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black? Harry shook his head and turned around and smiled at Neville.

Neville seemed to understand the tears because he just smiled. “Thanks Neville, this is great, you and your grandmum have gone above and beyond for me. I was just expecting a cot in your room, not a room practically designed with me in mind. You are the best friend I have ever had.”

“It was nothing. My home is your home. Gran and I are going to try and limit your time with your relatives as much as possible. Even the short time Gran met them she knew they were not very nice to you. You are officially a part of the family.” Neville said pulling Harry into a hug.

Harry had been at Neville for a week when Neville received a letter from Ron asking about why Harry hasn’t responded to any of his letters. Neville responded to Ron that Harry had not received any letter from anyone and inviting Ron, Fred, George, and even the Weasley’s little sister to stay for the week of Neville and Harry’s birthday.

The week before Neville and Harry’s birthday Mrs. Longbottom took them to Diagon Alley. Harry also convinced her to take them to Muggle London to get some muggle clothes that actually fit Harry. Harry could honestly say that he had not had this much fun shopping before.

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Memories & the Secret of Hogwarts By harryginnyfan91 Chapter 2 — Back to Diagon Alley
August 12th

Harry woke up early this morning he was excited because Ron, Fred, and George were coming over as they had been unable to make it for Harry and Neville’s birthday as originally planned. In fact both Neville and Harry had been a bit upset that they hadn’t received as much as a letter wishing them Happy Birthday.

It was actually the day after Harry’s birthday that they found out why the letter they did get were few and far. Harry had woke up after the ‘family’ get together Gran had thrown together to find a dirty looking house elf. At first glance Harry assumed it was one of the Longbottom elves, but the few times Harry had seen them they had been clean and less twitchy.

The house elf introduced himself as Dobby and proceeded to bang his head against one of Harry’s bedposts because he had been asked to sit down like an equal. Harry made the offhand comment that he must not have met some very good people because both he and Neville treated the Longbottom house elves with nothing but respect and care. When the elf agreed he once again started to hurt himself only this time he was closing his head in the door of Harry’s clothes cupboard.

Needless to say the entire conversation didn’t go very well. Dobby wanted Harry to not return to Hogwarts this coming September as there is expected danger. Harry wanted to laugh as his entire life seemed to be nothing but one danger after another and if he just stopped living he would never get anywhere. He explained that Hogwarts was his home and that not returning is not an option.

Dobby tried to stop him by preforming magic around him and disappearing before Harry could tell him not to. Harry stood there for a few minutes waiting for notice from the ministry for him using magic outside out of school. Later that day Harry told Neville and he laughed. Neville explained that the ministry had no way to determine who it was that preformed magic inside this house. That if he had been at the Dursleys he would have been blamed for the use of magic because there are no qualified witches or wizards at that place.

Harry couldn’t help that it sounded a bit unfair to muggle born children because students that lived with a magical parent could use magic outside of school. Neville shook his head and told Harry that it fell of the parent’s responsibility to enforce the law. Harry could see how that would work at least in Neville and his case as there was no way Gran was going to let then get away with magic outside of school.

Harry smiled as he reached the breakfast table. Neville held up a letter Harry recognized as his Hogwarts letter. Harry opened the letter and pulled out the book list. As Harry stared at the list he couldn’t help think of the dream he had last night which was more of a jumble of moments with one person and they didn’t depict a very appealing picture.

Harry was staring in line waiting with Ron and the Weasley’s. A reporter had just stepped on Ron’s foot and Ron said, “Big deal” to the reporter’s non apologetic reply about the picture being for the Daily Prophet. The blond haired man sitting at a table surrounded by winking pictures of himself and a sign that said ‘Book signing today! Gilderoy Lockhart’ looked up at Ron as if he couldn’t believe that someone thought he was anything other than a big deal. He looked at Ron and then Harry. When he saw Harry, Lockhart jumped to his feet and shouted for everyone to hear, “It can’t be Harry Potter!”

Before Harry knew what was happening Lockhart dived through the crowd and pulled Harry by the arm and to the front. Lockhart wrapped an arm around Harry’s shoulder and said, “Nice big smile Harry. Together you and I are worth the front page.”

Harry was then sitting the defense classroom trying to hide behind a stack of all seven of Lockhart’s books. Lockhart started to talk about himself and about all the things he had accomplished in his books. He then proceeded to hand out what could only be described as the most ridicules test had ever heard of.

Lockhart wanted to know who knew things like what Lockhart’s favorite color was or when his birthday was. After the test Lockhart proceeded to uncover a large cage. The cage held a swarm of Cornish Pixies. It wasn’t long after Lockhart released the pixies that there was nothing but chaos and when he tried the stop the pixies with a spell that had no effect at all that his wand was stolen from him and thrown out the window.

Needless to say when Harry, Hermione, and Ron were left to round up the pixies Ron and Harry had figured out that Lockhart was nothing but a fraud while Hermione seemed to give him the benefit of the doubt claiming some hands on experience.

Harry shook his head out of the memories and couldn’t help but think that this year’s book list was going to be nothing but a waste of money. Harry already a copy of The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2 so he wouldn’t need that and might even be able to talk Gran out of going to Flourish and Blotts at all when they went to get school supplies.

“Look at this list,” Harry said to Neville. “It’s not only expensive, I’d snap my wand in half if he did even a tenth of the things in claims.” Neville laughed before he saw how serious Harry was.

“Really?” Neville asked.

Harry told Neville that he was completely serious and that Harry couldn’t think of one thing about Gilderoy Lockhart that said anything other than that he was an attention seeking fraud.

After breakfast Ron, Fred, and George arrived and they headed outside to play a pickup game of Quidditch. Harry agreed to take both Ron and Neville on his team in a 3 on 2 game.

Harry managed to keep his team from being completely destroyed but only barley. Harry could tell that Neville would one day come to enjoy a good pickup game but he would never play with the competitive edge Harry truly enjoyed. Ron on the other had didn’t have much in the ways of a talent but he made up for it with a general knowledge and love of the game. He could already tell that Ron could one day play on the Gryffindor team with a bit of hard work. He also made sure to point out to the twins every little mistake they made.

As they were leaving that evening they all agreed to meet up next week in Diagon Alley to get supplies.

August 19th

The morning of the 19th Gran gathered Harry and Neville around the fireplace in the entrance hall. She was explaining to Harry how the floo worked. Harry was a bit nervous but tried not to show it. Neville went first and then Harry climbed into the floo, threw the powder, and very clearly said “Diagon Alley.”

It was an experience like nothing he had experienced before. Harry wasn’t sure which method of wizarding travel he preferred less the floo or apparition. They both were rather unpleasant ways of travel but Harry could also see how the convenience could make up for the unpleasantness.

Harry managed to make it to the Leaky Cauldron’s floo exit without any issues. Staying on his feet upon exist was an entirely different situation. Harry did manage to not break any bones or his glasses but he did land on someone.

Harry saw nothing by flowing red hair and smelt the most pleasant flowery smell. He heard a small squeak almost like a small mouse. Harry pulled himself up on his forearms and looked down at the person and even with her panicked expression he could see that she would grow up to be the most beautiful person both inside and out.

As he looked down at her he could feel a connection unlike anything he had ever felt. He could tell that his world would one day soon revolve around her very person. It was then that he realized he was lying on top of her just staring. Harry felt his checks redden and he quickly climbed off top of her. He held out a hand to help her to her to her feet.

Harry helped her to her feet and said, “Sorry for falling for you.” Her face seemed to become even redder than it already was. Once she was on her feet Harry’s brain finally caught what his mouth had said and stuttered a correction. “I… meant sorry for falling ON you. I’m Harry.”

“I’m Ginny.” She replied and stuck her hand out. Harry took her hand and he felt a shook enter his body. It was almost like the world had stopped and everything that mattered before her was not as important as it was previously.

Harry could see a future with her when he caught a brief glance of her when he was getting on the train back when he was getting off the train back in June. Now holding her hand everything made perfect sense. Her laughs filled his mind and he found himself in a completely new place. Looking around, it was wasn’t anywhere he had ever remembered being but it felt like home. More home than Hogwarts, the Dursely’s, or Longbottom Manor ever felt. It was warm and he had a feeling of peace he had never experienced before.

Harry was broken from his musing when Ginny, whose hand Harry suddenly realized he was still holding let out another squeak. Harry let go of her hand and mumbled another apology. Harry looked over at Neville and found him hold in a laugh. Harry smiled at his friend and let out a laugh. At first Ginny was surprised about Harry laughing at the situation but as soon as she looked at the people around them she to let out an amused giggle. Laughter filled the room around them. Harry still laughing looked at Ginny and thought she couldn’t look any more beautiful.

After they calmed down they all headed out into the alley. The first stop was Gringotts. Mrs. Weasley, Gran, Neville, and Harry all headed inside the Bank while Mr. Weasley stayed outside with the rest of the Weasleys. Harry was a bill surprised that Mrs. Weasley didn’t insist that the others come into the bank like Gran did with Neville.

After the bank Mrs. Weasley said that she was going to take Ginny to get her robes and other school supplies saying they would all meet up at Flourish and Blotts. Harry had no desire to make his way to the book store and meet the blond haired idiot. Harry stopped at the apothecary and refreshed his potion supplies as well as some that weren’t on the normal list. Harry and Neville both needed to be refitted for robes as they both had grown a bit since the previous year. After they were fitted for robes they stopped for ice cream. Harry told them that he needed to get some new gloves for Quidditch.

Ron stood outside staring at the Chudley Canon robe in the window of Quality Quidditch Supplies while Harry, Fred, and George all headed inside. Harry immediately walked over to the gloves and started to try some on to find the right fit. It took him almost a full ten minutes to find a good fit. When he was done he saw both Fred and George over at the brooms discussing the pros and cons of the new Nimbus 2001.

Harry walked over and looked at the new broom. He called over the sales rep and asked to see the broom. The witch looked at him for a moment or two before taking the broom down. Harry looked at the broom. Harry ran his hand along its sleek handle. He could feel that it was faster than the 2000 but Harry didn’t care for the brooms coloring. He didn’t mean to be picky but if the broom had more natural coloring like the 2000 he would have been tempted to buy one but its black and silver design reminded Harry of Slytherin house colors with their green and silver.

Harry handed the broom back and thanked the witch. He headed over to the register. Harry paid for his gloves and headed out with Fred and George closely behind him. Everyone laden with supplies met up in front of Flourish and Blotts.

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Memories & the Secret of Hogwarts

By harryginnyfan91

Chapter 3 — Gilderoy Lockhart

August 19th 1992

Harry stared at the sign in front of Flourish and Blotts. Harry struggled not to roll his eyes at the picture of the Blond haired wizard who would wave and wink at him every few seconds. He cringed when he walked inside and heard Mrs. Weasley sounding giddy at the excitement of getting to meet Mr. Lockhart.

Neville elbowed Harry’s side in a teasing manner and nodded his head towards Ginny who was standing in line with her mom. Ginny looked like she wanted to be anywhere else. Harry didn’t know how but he could tell she was highly annoyed. Harry and Neville walked over to them. Harry tapped Mrs. Weasley on the shoulder. She looked down at him and Neville and smiled.

“You boys should hurry up and grab your books and we can get them signed at no cost.” Mrs. Weasley said smiling down at the two boys. She turned back to the front of the line for a moment before her head snapped back to the two boys, and asked with wide eyes. “Where are my boys?”

Harry and Neville were confused. They knew that the twins were right behind them as they left Quality Quidditch and Harry could have sworn that Ron had followed. Harry looked around the crowded room and spotted the twins near the door chatting with Lee Jordon.

“Fred and George are over there.” Harry said pointing over to the twins. Mrs. Weasley looked over and frowned at the twins. Harry couldn’t quite tell why she would be upset with them, they hadn’t done anything and Harry and Neville had managed to curb some of the more extreme items they had planned to purchase at Gambol and Japes stating it would be more efficient to work on spells and create their own items. The twins had been almost giddy at the prospect and just a few of the more common celebratory items.

Harry was about to ask Mrs. Weasley what was wrong when Neville pointed to Ron who had someone made his way to front of the room stood next to Hermione. Hermione was practically jumping up and down in excitement at the thought of meeting such a renowned author. Ron on the other had was glaring furiously at the fraud. Every now and then Ron would look over at Hermione give her a look of disbelief and almost downright loathing. Harry could tell that it wasn’t really a loathing of Hermione as they were friends but more loathing at her dare he say it fan girl attitude.

Mrs. Weasley looked over to where Neville pointed and her frown deepen even more when she saw Ron. She huffed and thrust the large stack of books she had been holding into poor Ginny’s arms and she started to fall as under the weight. Harry quickly stepped behind Ginny and grabbed her under the arms to keep her on her feet. Neville noticed Harry holding Ginny and quickly grabbed some of the books.

The scolding Ron was getting was attracting a lot of attention including the attention of the large crowd and the man of the hour. Lockhart looked at Ron and Mrs. Weasley in disgust before he spotted Harry. Harry was about to take a step behind Ginny but thought better of it a moved behind Neville quick and muttered a quick apology.

Neville looked at Harry confused for a moment before he found himself shoved to the floor and Harry being dragged to the front of the room. It was in that moment that Neville remembered the conversation they had had a few days ago and now the fraud was going to use Harry to get more attention.

He started forward as Lockhart started his speech. “When young Harry walked in today to purchase my new book ‘Magical Me’ he never would have figured that he and his classmates would be soon getting the real thing. Yes, beginning with the coming school year, I Gilderoy Lockhart will be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.”

Harry looked horrified at the thought of this man being at there school. Harry was trying to pull himself away from their new defense professor but the man had a good strong grip on Harry’s arm. Neville could see Harry trying to pull away but the man wasn’t letting go. Neville decided at that moment he needed to do something.

Just as he was about to step in to protect Harry his Gran walked into the store and saw Harry’s mortified face. “Let him go this instance!” Gran shouted and moved towards the front of the room pushing people out of the way. Gran quickly pulled out his wand and pointed it Lockhart. “Let him go.”

Lockhart’s grip seemed to tighten his grip on Harry arm. Harry cringed in pain as Lockhart’s sharp manicured nails dug into his arm. Harry soon found himself muttering silent pleases to Lockhart to release him as his arm was really starting to hurt. Gran heard Harry’s pleading and decided that she had given the man more than enough opportunities to release the boy she considered another grandson.

“Stupefy” Gran mumbled and a red blast shot from her wand. When the blast hit Lockhart he was blasted back and knocked out taking Harry down to the ground with him. Gran quickly put her wand away and helped Harry up. “Are you alright Harry?” she asked as she pulled Harry towards the entrance. Harry nodded as Neville and Ginny came up to him.

Gran had motioned for Harry to head outside while she finished getting the necessary books. Harry nodded in agreement and headed outside. Stepping into the bright sun Harry tried to get as far away from people as possible but his path was blocked by none other than Draco Malfoy.

“Bet you loved that,” Malfoy said. “Poor little Scar face can’t even go into a book shop without making the front page.” Harry was about to respond when someone beat him to it. “He didn’t want that!” The short spit fire otherwise known as Ginny Weasley exclaimed pushing her way between Harry and Malfoy.

Malfoy sneered his nose at Ginny before looking up to Harry. “Got yourself a girlfriend.” Malfoy teased. Ginny’s face turned as red as her hair. Harry’s cheeks also turned a bit red but he wrapped his arm around Ginny hopping to calm her. “Yeah, she is pretty isn’t she?” Harry responded. Ginny turned even redder ad Neville who had followed Harry outside chuckled beside them.

Harry was about to say more when Mr. Weasley stepped outside with Ron, Fred, and George. “Harry,” he said. “I saw you come out here, are you alright?” Harry nodded his head indicating he was fine. Ron glared at Malfoy while the twins crocked their heads as they looked at Harry holding their little sister.

Harry nodded to Mr. Weasley indicating he was fine.

“Well, well — Arthur Weasley.” A voice said. Harry looked up and behind Malfoy stood Malfoy Senior. Harry wasn’t quite sure how to describe the older Malfoy. He had what Harry could only describe as a mean, superior look in his eye and his tone of voice.

Mr. Weasley scowled at Malfoy Senior. “Lucius,” Mr. Weasley said. Malfoy Senior smirked at Mr. Weasley. “I hear it’s been busy at the Ministry.” Malfoy Senior said. “All those raids. I hope their paying you over time.”

Before Mr. Weasley could respond Malfoy Senior reached around his son and grabbed Ginny’s ‘new’ copy of A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration out of her caldron.

“Obviously not.” Malfoy Senior said examining the tattered book. “What’s the use of being a disgrace to Wizard kind, if they don’t even pay you well for it.” After he said that he thrust Ginny’s book back into her caldron.

“We have a very different view on what disgraces the name of Wizards.” Mr. Weasley snarled angrily. Before Malfoy Senior could respond Gran came out of the store and over to Harry.

She stopped next to Mr. Weasley and nodded to the two men. “Arthur — Lucius.” She said in greeting. Both men nodded at her and before anything else could said or done Gran smiled at Harry and Neville. “I trust you both have gotten all of your supplies.” Both boys nodded. In truth they were both missing Lockhart books but Harry was confident that they could they could make it through the year without buying a single one.

’Ello ‘Arry,” a voice boomed from down the Alley. All the adults looked over towards the voice. It was Hagrid.

Both Mr. Weasley and Gran greeted Hagrid with a smile. Malfoy Senior just sneered at them and led his son away without saying a word.

“Hey Hagrid,” Harry said after the Malfoy duo left. Later that afternoon the Weasley family, Harry and the Longbottoms’ headed to the Leaky Cauldron.

Before heading back home they all decided to get something to eat. Harry was sitting between Neville and Ginny with Fred and George across from them. Ron was pouting after failing to push his way between Harry and Ginny.

“Ginny,” Harry asked as they were finishing up dinner. “Are you excited about starting Hogwarts?”

She blushed and gave him a shy smile before nodding her head. Harry wanted to get her talking figuring the friendly they were the less likely his dreams were to come to fruition. He never wanted to see her laying cold on a stone floor covered in mud. He didn’t want to think of her skin as white and cold as the marble counter his Aunt Petunia used to tell his Uncle she wanted before they made Harry take over cooking.

For the next hour Harry and Neville incorporated Ginny into their little group of friends. By the end of the night. Harry could tell that the twins were starting to have their sister as part of the conversation. Ron on the other hand did his best to exclude Ginny from the conversation as much as possible.

Harry waved from the fireplace saying goodbye after agreeing to meet them on September 1st on the train to Hogwarts.

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Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Memories & the Secret of Hogwarts By harryginnyfan91 Chapter 4 — Back to Hogwarts
September 1st 1992

Harry and Neville dragged their tired selves towards Platform 9 the morning of the first. They had actually just gotten back a few hours ago. Gran had taken them on a back-to-school Holiday in Vietnam learning about how the magical community in Vietnam had assisted to help bring a semblance of peace to the region during the war.

It was an educational experience that neither boy complained about as it was as much fun as it was educational. Harry’s favorite part was the visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels. It was a muggle attraction but Harry and Neville both found it fun crawling through. They had also spent ample time lounging on the beach and playing in the ocean.

Harry did have the weirdest dream last night. In it, he had been staying at the Weasley’s and they had been running behind. Mrs. Weasley had gone through the barrier ahead with Ginny leaving Harry and Ron to follow. When they had tried to go through they couldn’t get through they couldn’t and crashed their trollies into a completely solid wall attracting the attention of all the Muggles on the platform.

As Harry and Neville approached the platform Harry could feel an unpleasant tightening in the pit of his stomach. Harry recognized the feeling, it was the flittering feeling of fear. The fear that even now with Gran that she would go ahead and Harry would be stuck not able to get on to the platform. Harry watched as Neville ran through the barrier. Harry’s heart started to beat faster, he looked over at Gran to see if she was going to go ahead of Harry and she was looking around keeping watch of the muggles passing by to make sure none see them.

Harry sighed and took a deep breath before heading towards the barrier. He decided to walk in case his dream was right and it sealed. Harry closed his eyes as he approached the barrier. He pushed and found that he wasn’t able to get through. He pushed on the trolley a bit harder trying to force his way through. He tried for almost a full minute before gran seemed to process that Harry was not able to get on.

He felt like a little lost puppy looking at Gran. Gran glanced around quickly not saying a word waved her wand at the wall that was the barrier to platform 9 .

Gran shook her head as she looked at the time on her pocket watch. Harry knew that it was still early and the train hadn’t left yet but he was still worried not so much for himself because he knew Gran would get him on the train but what about all of the muggle-born students, how would they get on the train without the barrier.

“Harry. Dear,” Gran said breaking Harry out of his thoughts. “Let’s go find somewhere to apparate onto the platform and then I’ll notify the ministry that something is wrong with the barrier so that others won’t miss the train.” Harry nodded and grabbed his trolley and they headed out of the station.

Harry didn’t like the feel of apparition anymore that he did at the beginning of summer but each time it did get easier. Hedwig squawked at Harry in discomfort. It seemed she didn’t like apparition any more than Harry did. Harry quickly opened Hedwig’s cage and the owl swooped out. She stretched her wings for a few minutes before perching herself on Harry’s shoulder. Harry reached up to stroke her feathers when she gave his hand a more that affectionate nip. Harry let out a small cry of pain and looked up at the owl who stared back almost daring Harry to say something. He intelligently decided to keep his mouth shut.

“Harry! Gran!” Neville cried from the other side of the platform pushing his way through the crowd. “What happened I thought you were right behind me?”

“I don’t know,” Harry responded. “When I tried to follow the barrier was sealed and I couldn’t get through."

Gran smiled at the boys. “Doesn’t matter now your both here and can get on the train. I would normally stay a bit longer however I need to head to the Ministry to let them know about the barrier.” Gran said, she leaned down a bit and gave Harry and Neville both hugs and wished them a good school year.

Harry was still a bit uncomfortable with the affection Gran gave him but he hugged her back and gave her a tight smile as she left. Neville and Harry quickly found a seat towards the back of the train and waited for their friends.

They were only waiting about fifteen minutes when Hermione arrived pulling her trunk behind her. Hermione grinned at them as they both got up and helped her put her trunk up into the rack.

Harry was about to ask how she got on to the platform when she pulled out her summer essays and started to review them. As she reviewed her essays she rambled about what she struggled with and what she thought she could improve upon.

“Did you two finish your work?” She asked. When both boys nodded their heads she held her hand out waiting for them to show her. Neville made a move to get his out when Harry stopped him.

“Hermione,” Harry said with a sigh. “We talk about this last year. If we ask you to review our work that one thing, but demand to look at our work isn’t nice. Besides Neville and I looked over each other’s work after we finished it.”

Hermione’s cheeks reddened at Harry reprimand. “Sorry.” She mumbled quietly. There were only a few minutes left before the train would be leaving and Harry was starting to worry about Ron and the other Weasleys. He stood up from his seat and looked out the window hoping to see his friends.

As Harry was looking out the window the door to the compartment opened and Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny entered.

Harry smiled at his friends and he and Neville made room for Ginny to sit by them. They were surprised when Ron plopped himself between then before he looked and Ginny.

“You can go now Ginny,” Ron said with what Harry could only describe as a snarl. Everyone’s mouths dropped opened and Ginny’s eyes started to water.

Before any of the tears could fall from her eyes Harry stood up and grabbed Ginny’s hand and pulled her all the way into the compartment. Neville who couldn’t believe Ron’s nerve proceeded to push Ron off the seat and th8+9 Hermione decided to take pity on Ron and asked him how if summer essays went. Ron’s blushed a bit and muttered that he hadn’t started.

Hermione’s eyes widened and everyone else knew exactly what the twelve almost thirteen years old was thinking. “How have you not done any of your work and we are on our way to school.” Hermione spoke her thoughts. “Get your things out now we’ll hopefully get some of done before school.”

“I would start with your potions essay.” Neville said, “Snape will give you 2 months’ worth detention and take house points away.” Everyone nodded in agreement and Hermione set to work on helping Ron complete at least the potions assignment.

Harry asked the twins if they finished their work to which he was pleased to see them both smiled and nod. The rest of the ride was spent helping Ron with his work and telling Ginny about Hogwarts over games of exploding snaps.

Arriving at the station Ginny didn’t want to leave them to go with Hagrid but they all assured her that crossing the lake was something she didn’t want to miss and it would give her a chance to speak with some of her classmates before they were sorted. They all gave her a hug before she headed over to the boats with the other 1st years.

Harry smiled as she looked back at them. He then turned around and followed Fred and George to the carriages. Harry stopped at the sight of them. He wasn’t sure how to describe what he was seeing the carriages that the others were climbing into looked perfectly normal except for what was pulling them. He wasn’t sure how to describe them.

The creatures had the body that resembled a very large horse with bat-like wing. Its body looked to be just a skeleton with fleshless black coats. It was an unsettling sight. Harry could only stand and stare at the creatures. Harry jumped back when one of the creatures turned its dragon-like head straight around and looked at him with pure white eyes.

“Harry?” Ron called from the carriage door. “What are you looking at?”

Harry looked from the creature to Ron and back again. Harry figured seeing things that no one else was seeing was not a good thing and he would ask Hagrid how the carriages were pulled but he wouldn’t mention it to his friends. Harry just shook his head and smiled at his friends and joined them inside.

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Author's Notes: I thought about making this chapter longer but decided against it so hopefully, I will be able to rock out another chapter soon.

Memories & the Secrets of Hogwarts Chapter 5 — First Day Back at Hogwarts
September 1st, 1992

Harry watched as Professor McGonagall led the first years into the Great Hall. Harry saw Ginny looking around the room and he smiled and waved at her. She seen him and smiled back. Their attention was brought back to the front of the room when McGonagall placed the sorting hat onto a stool. Every student and teacher looked at the hat waiting.

The hat opened its ‘mouth’ and began to sing.

“Oh, I may not look so pretty, But do not show me pity I have a purpose here. To sort students every year. Put me on So, I may see Where you ought to be. If you’re brave within your heart, Gryffindor will help set you apart. If you value loyalty beyond anything Hufflepuff will help you spread your wing If what leads you is your wit Ravenclaw will be a good fit If cunningness is what you employ Slytherin will help you achieve your ploy Don’t be afraid Put me on And I will grade What Hogwarts’ house you belong to!”

When the sorting hat finished its song every clapped.

“That was a different song than last year,” Harry said.

Fred laughed, “He changes it every year.”

Harry and Neville quietly watched the sorting begin. They watched as Colin Creevy became the first Gryffindor and some boy by the name of Harper was sorted into Slytherin.

When Professor McGonagall said, “Luna Lovegood.” Harry sat up a bit straighter and looked at the girl who sat down on the stool. Harry could swear he had never met this girl but something about her stood out. He could picture her sitting in a compartment with Neville, Ginny, and himself laughing as Neville’s Mimbulus mimbletonia squirted pus all over them when poked.

Her sorting only took a few minutes before the Hat shouted, “Gryfindor” out for the hall to hear. Harry was surprised that the hat placed her in Gryffindor he thought she would have been going to Ravenclaw. Her being in Gryfindor was not something Harry imagined. He clapped with the rest of the Gryffindor table as Luna came over to join the table.

“Here,” Neville said motioning to the spot between him and Ron. Ron looked like he was about to object but swallowed his objection when everyone sent him a glare.

Luna smiled dreamily at Neville as she said, “Thank you. I appreciate the gesture. My name is Luna. Luna Lovegood.”

They missed a lot of the sorting as they chatted with Luna cause the next thing, they know Ginny’s name is being called and she is sitting on the stool with the hat firmly placed on her head. Ginny sat there for almost a whole six minutes and everyone was starting to get nervous when the hat finally shouted, “Gryffindor.”

Harry imminently made room for Ginny between Neville and himself. Ginny sat down between them and smiled as everyone welcomed her to Gryffindor's house.

September 2nd, 1992

Harry and Neville came down to breakfast early the first morning back. They were filling their plates with eggs, bacon, and sausages when the twins showed up with Ginny between them. Neville and Harry scooted apart to make room between them for Ginny. Ginny looked at the two confused before Fred and George pushed her into the seat.

Ginny blushed as she looked at the two. When she didn’t move to fill her plate, Harry started to fill it for her.

“Aww,” Fred said. “Look at the cute couple.”

“Wittle Harry his filling ickle Gin Gin’s plate for her.” George continued.

Neville snorted into his glass of pumpkin juice and Ginny’s face turned a new shade of red. Harry looked up from Ginny’s plate and gave the twins a look that clearly said to shut their mouths or pay the price.

“Ginny you should really eat,” Harry said turning to look at her. “You have a full day ahead of you.”

Ginny nodded her head at Harry and grabbed a piece of bacon.

“Did you guys talk to McGonagall about switching your classes?” Harry asked the twins to lead the conversation away from Ginny and himself.

“Why would we do that?” They asked together looking at Harry confused.

Harry smirked at the twins. “You guys did say over the summer that Divination was a complete and utter waste of time.”

The twins were about to say something when Professor McGonagall appeared behind them. She smiled at Harry, Ginny, and Neville and said, “I’m sorry to hear that Divination is not providing the challenge you boys are expecting from your courses. I would be more than happy to find you two a more appropriate course to help keep your attention. Perhaps Arithmancy or Ancient Runes?”

Fred and George’s face paled as McGonagall pulled out the boy’s schedule and looked it over. “What is it you boys want to do after Hogwarts?” McGonagall asked surprising the two boys. “We would usually have this conversation sometime next year after Christmas to decide what classes to continue to best suit where you want to be in life but you saying you don’t like one of your elective courses makes me think maybe these conversations would benefit you in your second year before you choose any electives.”

The twins looked at McGonagall for a few moments before turning to each other. They were quiet for a few moments, seeming to have a silent conversation before they turned back to McGonagall.

“Honest, Professor,” Fred started.

“We’re not sure.” George continued.

“We’d like to do something…”

“Where we can work together.”

“Something, we’re good at.”

McGonagall was quiet as she thought over what the boys said.

Harry’s not sure where the thought came from or why he said it but it was out of his mouth before he could even process it. “Maybe you guys should start your own joke shop.”

Ginny’s eyes widened in surprise and she gave out a squeal of excitement and said, “that’s perfect!”

The twins looked at each other and leaned in and started to whisper together. They were like that a few minutes before they both nodded and turned back to Professor McGonagall.

“We’ve decided that if there is room in the third year Ancient Runes and Arithmancy we would like to take those instead of Divination.” McGonagall looked surprised at the two assuming they would have chosen muggle studies instead of one of the really hard classes.

McGonagall switched the schedules and handed them to the boys. She handed continued to hand out the schedules to those already there.

Neville looked at the schedule and said, “It doesn’t look like it’s going to be a bad day. “Herbology should be good and Transfiguration shouldn’t be too bad.”

Harry nodded in agreement; Herbology and Transfiguration some of their better classes. Neville was great at Herbology and had been able to help Harry get an O last year. Harry had also been able to help Neville in Transfiguration. Harry had gotten an O while Neville got an E. After breakfast, Harry and his friends were almost down to the greenhouses for Herbology when they saw Lockhart coming towards them. Harry tried to duck behind a tree but wasn’t fast enough.

“Harry, my boy,” Lockhart said with a smile.

Harry grimaced before responding. “Professor,” Harry said. “How may I help you?”

“I was just helping Professor Sport prepare her lessons.” Lockhart said, “I am better at Herbology than she is, and as I have come across a wide variety of exotic plants over the course of my travels.”

Hermione seemed to be in awe at the man and the boys could tell that she was hanging onto every word out of Lockhart’s mouth. Harry was about to ask how he could help him when an angel called out to them.

Well, it wasn’t truly an angel, it was Professor Sport calling out to the students and letting them know that they would be in greenhouse three as she unlocked the door.

“I’m glad I ran into you today, Harry,” Lockhart said grabbing Harry’s arm to keep him from moving to follow his classmates into the greenhouse. “You of course don’t mind madam.” Lockhart continued addressing Professor Sprout.

Harry shot Professor Sprout a pleading look which she seemed to ignore and shot Lockhart a glare that told Harry that she did in fact mind him holding Harry back from class. Before Professor Sprout could say anything, Lockhart dragged Harry away from the greenhouses.

“Harry, Harry, Harry,” Lockhart said shaking his head. “I understand the need for attention. I wish you would have talked to me first. I could have helped you out.”

Harry was so confused about what Lockhart was talking about. Harry could recall doing anything that would have made him want attention.

“Making your little red-headed friend argue with the sorting hat to get it to put in the same house as you.”

Harry wanted to argue with Professor Lockhart but something told him the man wasn’t going to listen to anything Harry had to say because before he could say anything Lockhart continued. “Telling your little red-headed friend to argue with the sorting hat to draw attention to your house and thus yourself.”

He failed to see the connection between Ginny being a hat stall and Harry. “It’s my fault really,” Lockhart continued. “Gave you a taste of the spotlight and now you can’t get enough. Don’t worry though, it’s natural.”

With that said, Lockhart strode off towards the castle.

Harry couldn’t figure out what had just happened. It didn’t make any sense. Shaking his head, he quickly made his way into the greenhouse.

Entering the greenhouse Harry grabbed a pair of earmuffs and quickly took his place beside Neville. He gave Neville a tense smile indicating he would explain later.

The lesson gave Harry a severe case of deja vu. The mandrakes made Harry uneasy. It had nothing to do with the power the mandrake had in the adult form or that the young could knock someone out with their shrill shriek. Harry fought the feelings the rest of class.

At the end of class, Harry was both mentally and physically exhausted. As much as the saplings didn’t want to leave the earth, they didn’t want to go back in either. Neville and Harry both listened as Ron complained about how that lesson was too hard for the first day back as they made their way to Transfiguration.

Lucky for Harry Transfiguration was one of the subjects Harry excelled at. They spent the hour turning beetles into buttons. Harry managed to perform the spell without too much difficulty and was able to help Neville get a few of his beetles into buttons. From what Harry could see of Ron he seemed to be struggling with the spell. Hermione who was next to him didn’t seem to be having any trouble but she wasn’t like Harry in that even though she had gotten the spell down she wasn’t offering Ron or anyone else help.

This fact became even more concerning when she proceeded to show off her buttons to them on the way to lunch. Harry wasn’t sure if she knew what she was doing and how hurtful her actions could be. She was basically bragging that she was better than Ron and was proud of it. He wished she would want to help Ron understand the work as much as he wished Ron wanted to understand it.

All in all the day wasn’t the best first day back and it was only half over because after lunch they had Defense Against the Dark Arts.

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Chapter 6: Chapter 6

Memories & the Secrets of Hogwarts

Chapter 6 “ Professor Gilderoy Lockhart

September 2, 1992

Harry tried his best to enjoy lunch as much as possible. He was a bit concerned about what Defense was going to have in store for them. Harry wasn’t looking forward to having to sit through a two-hour lesson with Lockhart. Especially after the run-in, they had earlier on his way to Herbology.

Hermione sat next to Ron across from Harry and Neville. She had all of the Defense course books in front of her reading through them when she should have been eating. They had been there for a few minutes when Ginny & Luna joined them.

“How were your classes?” Harry asked as Ginny sat down next to him.

Ginny gave him a sideways glance; he could tell she didn’t want to answer that.

“We had double Defense this morning.” Luna said from her seat next to Neville. “Lockhart gave us a test.”

Both Harry and Neville looked at the girl expecting to say something more.

“It was ridiculous.” Ginny muttered. “the questions on that paper made no sense. I’m not sure what the man is supposed to teach us.”

“We should be thankful to have such a knowledgeable Professor available this year.” Hermione who had apparently been listening as she read ‘Wandering with Werewolves.’ Both Ginny and Luna looked at Hermione like she was batty.

“Professor Lockhart is about as knowledgeable as a flobberworm,” Ginny whispered in Harry’s ear. Harry’s cheeks reddened and let out a small chuckle.

“Don’t worry Hermione I’m sure you will find Professor Lockhart’s lesson effervescent,” Luna said dreamily.

Hermione huffed and closed her books. She stood up and said, “I don’t know why you first years don’t find someone your own age to sit with.” After that Hermione grabbed Ron by the arm and motioned for Harry and Neville to follow as she dragged Ron away from the table and out of the Great Hall.

Neither Luna nor Ginny said anything. Both were doing their best to keep the tears at bay. Harry reached his arm around Ginny and pulled her close. “Don’t concern yourself with what Hermione said. You and Luna are welcome to sit with us during meals and in the common areas. Both Neville and I feel this way. Right, Neville?”

Neville nodded his head and wrapped his arm around Luna. “You guys are welcome to hang with us at any time. Let us deal with Hermione.”

“Yeah Gin,” Harry said. “You are wonderful and I’m sure Luna is as well.”

When Ginny and Luna were done with lunch Harry and Neville decided to walk them to their next class. After dropping Ginny and Luna off at their Charms class they headed to Defense. Harry and Neville walked into the classroom. Neville was going to go and join Hermione and Ron at the front of the class when Harry pulled him towards the back. After sitting down Harry made a show of pulling out all of his course books trying to build a shield between himself and the rest of the classroom. Neville gave a small laugh as he handed Harry a few books to help.

They were only there for a few minutes when Professor Lockhart walked into the room. He turned and faced the class, giving a brilliant white smile. He picked up Hermione’s copy of Travels with Trolls and held it up for the class. “Me,” he said. “Order of Merlin, Third Class, honorary member of the Dark Force Defense League, and five-time winner of Witch Weekly’s most charming smile, but we don’t talk about that. I didn’t get where I am by smiling.” He waited for the class to laugh at his humorless joke. A few people gave small smiles but for the most part, the class just started.

“I’m Gilderoy Lockhart and I am your new Defense Against the Dark Arks Professor. Since everyone brought their books, let’s start with a little pop quiz.” Lockhart said before he passed out some tests. “You have 30 minutes. Starting now.”

Everyone flipped the test over to start. For some reason when Harry saw the questions on the test, he wasn’t surprised. He should have been because instead of questions relating to the actual subject Lockhart was being paid to teach all the questions were relating to Lockhart himself. For example, the very first question on the test was, ‘What is Gilroy Lockhart’s favorite color?’

Harry wasn’t sure what to make of the test. Harry didn’t really know any of the answers because he didn’t actually buy any of Lockhart’s books. He looked over at Neville who looked just as confused as Harry did.

Time passed slowly as Harry and the rest of the class did their best to answer the most ridiculous test questions any of them had ever seen. Soon enough Lockhart called the class to hard in their test.

Lockhart took a few minutes to review the test papers. Both Harry and Neville didn’t bother to put their names on the test as neither knew any of the answers and had stared at the test papers for most of the time. Harry sighed and rolled his eyes when Lockhart reached Hermione’s paper. He seemed to be busy stroking her ego as he gave her points for knowing when his birthday was.

After Lockhart was done reviewing the test papers, he stood at the front of the classroom with his hand resting on top of a covered cage.

“What I am about to reveal is something so terrifying, you may want to scream. I ask you not to and it might agitate them and could cause them to attack. You must not fear, as I am here and nothing shall befall you as long as I am around.” Lockhart said, calling attention to the class.

“Freshly caught Cornish Pixies,” Lockhart said dramatically, and then that he whipped the cover off the cage and revealed the impish creatures. Harry knew that the pixies were more mischievous than actually dangerous, at least with proper adult supervision. Unfortunately, Harry wasn’t sure if he would call Lockhart proper adult supervision.

One of Harry’s dormmates, Seamus Finnigan snorted when he saw the pixies. Lockhart didn’t seem to appreciate the amusement much and called Seamus out in a seemingly friendly way. “Yes?”

Seamus responded that the pixies weren’t exactly what he would call dangerous.

“You don’t think so?” Lockhart asked and many of the class nodded in agreement. “I wouldn’t be so sure if I was you. These seemingly small insignificant creatures can be devilish and tricky little blighters. So, let's see what you can do.”

Harry quickly grabbed Neville by the collar and pulled him under the desks as Lockhart released the pixies from the cage.

Within seconds the classroom was thrown into chaos and many of the students joined Harry and Neville in taking cover underneath desks. The pixies were all over the room. Some zoomed right through the window breaking the glass, while others tore books apart and tried to attack the students.

Lockhart tried to get the class's attention, but he wasn’t having much luck. “Come on everyone,” Lockhart called. “Round them up, they are only pixies.” When no one tried to ‘round’ them up, Lockhart rolled up his sleeves and said what Harry could only assume was some made-up spell because it had absolutely no effect that one of the pixies grabbed Lockhart’s wand and tossed it out the window.

Lockhart seemed stunned for a moment or two before he joined the rest of the class under the desks. Everyone sighed in relief when the bell rang and the class ran for the door.

Harry and Neville let most of the students clear out as they waited for Ron and Hermione to reach the door. Right as they were going to leave the room Lockhart pushed past them. “I’ll just let you four get the rest of them back into their cage,” Lockhart said as he shut the door effectively cutting them off from leaving.

“Can you believe him?” Ron asked outraged.

Hermione quickly immobilized two pixies and said, “He just wants us to get some hands-on experience.”

“Sure,” Harry mumbled under his breath as he froze six pixies.

Neville nodded in agreement and tried to freeze a pixie of his own. It didn’t work out too well and Harry took a moment to show Neville the spell so they could work faster. “Hermione, I don’t know what rubbish you are thinking but Lockhart had no clue what he was doing,” Ron said irritated.

“It’s not rubbish,” Hermione said. “I’ve read his books and he has done all these amazing things.”

Harry glanced over at Neville and whispered, “he says he’s done.”

It took Harry and his friends a good hour to round up the pixies. Later that night Harry sat in the common room with Neville, Ginny, and Luna. He had just finished his homework and was helping the girls finish up their work before bed. The girls had asked the boys how their class was and the boys spent the rest of the time chatting about their day.

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