Bedside Talks by Gryffinclaw_31

Summary: Being an Auror is dangerous, so how do our beloved characters react to Harry's injuries. A one-shot collection of what our different characters do on Harry's bedside, R&R!
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Published: 2020.06.25
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Bedside Talks by Gryffinclaw_31
Chapter 1: Ginny
Author's Notes:

Pain. Blood. Screams.

It was the clean hospital smell that infiltrated his senses first. The next was the feeling of a soft hand rubbing his left arm; followed by an uncomfortable realisation that he couldn't move his body at all, thus, it was panic which forced his eyes to open. Almost immediately, bright white lights blinded him. He saw a flash of red which immediately calmed him.

"Gin" he croaked, causing her red hair to disappear from the view and instead have his glasses coming down, he closed his eyes as she softly slid it onto his face.

"You're awake," she murmured, but it was easy to feel the relief radiating off her.

"Why can't I move?" he said, his voice still raspy; in response, Ginny waved her wand to create a semi-sitting position and softly bought the glass of water close to his lips.

Gulping down hungrily, he relaxed as she rubbed his back. "It's just a potion- you were in a lot of pain; thrashing during the surgery, so they had to temporarily paralyse you below the neck, it'll wear off in some time, they'll give you an oral pain potion now that you're awake,"

He sighed in relief and leaned into her touch, but he needed to know what happened of the situation which landed him in this position, "Where's Ron?" he murmured, he was about to ask where Hermione was before realising that she was in France at a conference for the promotion of the welfare of Elves and other magical creatures.

"He's in the tea-room, there were some people from your place, Sebastian and all, Ron looked angry though, scared but furious, what did you do, Harry?"

He stiffened, "He was overreacting,". But even as he said it, the screams filled his head, the dark place, pain shot through his head.

"Harry!" Ginny was snapping her fingers in front of his eyes, but the pain was blinding, he hissed as he squeezed his eyes shut; then suddenly, it all went away. Gasping he looked up, to see Ginny almost at the door, "Wait, Gin, I'm fine now,"

Realising that he could move his hands, he beckoned her closer, "I'm fine now,"

"No you're not," she said quietly, "I'm calling the healers," but she was walking towards him," he let his head fall back onto the pillow and sighed, she took her place and smoothed his hair which had gotten stuck to his head because of sweat.

"What happened?" She asked, and he could tell that she was ready to bolt out any moment.

"Nothing, I mean- I don't know, I think it was the potion wearing off because I can move now," he said, waving his hand as proof, which was a bad move, he bit his cheek from crying out loud as he slowly bought his hand down.

"Harry, I am calling the healers, don't you think for a second that I can't tell you're in pain,"

As she started to get up, he gripped her hand, that in itself was painful but it made her stay, "They'll spoil the moment, I just want you here, please," he said gently,

"I want you to be okay more than have this moment, you have no idea how pale you're right now, and how pale you've been when you were unconscious." She said firmly, but her resolve was crumbling,

"Can you please tell me what happened?" still gripping his hand tightly, although not tight enough to hurt.

He knew that she won't stop until he told her, "The basement of that house, we thought we might find the hostages there, and we did, but then there was this closet sort of thing, well, that's what we thought, but it turned out to be a corridor, the hostages were in a bad shape, so we decided that we had to split the work, the rest of the Aurors apparated away with the hostages just as our targets entered the house," with a start he realised that the screams couldn't have been coming from anyone, so it must have been his screams,

"Harry? you've gone paler," jerking out of his thoughts; he looked at her concerned face and ignoring her question, he continued,

"So I told Ron to go and check the corridor while I held the kidnappers off, but, for some reason, he couldn't go farther than a few metres in, we were running out of time, then they came, and they were much more experienced than we had estimated, so while Ron was trying to bring down the wards, I duelled with the three, I remember hearing Ron shout that he cracked the code," Ginny had a deep frown as she listened to him,

"Drink this please, it's the potion they told me to give you a few minutes after you wake up," she said suddenly as she handed him a vial. He knew better than to ask her, surprisingly, it did not taste that bad, after saying so, which made Ginny smile a bit, he continued,

"But I couldn't respond because the targets were firing away rapidly, but then Ron came and tried to help me, I'd already stunned one of them, in some time we had the others down as well. One of them must've pretended to fall, or perhaps wasn't unconscious at all, but was pretending. He sent some sort of curse at Ron, who's back was turned, as I charmed a table to come in between them, he sent another curse at me, I don't remember much after that except that the curse was similar to the Crutiatus. I remember hearing someone screaming, and blood was leaking out, but I don't understand what it could've been, it was not Sectumsepra, I don't remember after that though," He finished, a silence stretched out between them, Ginny made circles on his palm as she stared off into the distance.

"They were your screams," She said at last,

"Yeah," he added quietly, but his head was starting to ache again, he needed to know what happened, "Did Ron tell you anything?"

"He didn't, but he didn't mention a failure either, I think the kidnappers were caught, we were too worried about you, they said that you had lost too much blood," her voice quivered slightly,

"You still don't have enough blood, that's why you're feeling weak," He could hear the worry and fear behind her strong voice.

"I'm okay now," He said in what he hoped to be a soothing tone, but she just clutched his hand tightly, "When can I go home?"

"In a few days, hopefully, the healers think that you'll be able to recover well if there are no complications, but you'll probably have to lay off the weekend flying with Teddy,"

Her voice sounded like it was coming from underwater, "Yeah, I'll lay off it,"

She smiled again, "looks like the potion is taking effect,"

"It was a sleeping potion!" his words slurred which rather ruined the indignance.

She lowered his bed and kissed his forehead, "Sorry love,"

She smiled softly as he fell asleep, the potion was working well, he was probably in a lot of pain but at least this would give him a moment's rest.

"Ms Weasley, we have to check him now," the healer said, as he levitated a set of instruments. "We're going to check his internal organs and his blood pressure, he'll be awake soon," he smiled reassuringly but there was a hint of worry in his voice.

"Sorry love," she repeated softly as she kissed his palm and went out of the room.


Author's Note: I know this one didn't turn out to be as good but promise next one will be better! And as always, reviews are my only way of knowing if you liked it or anything you think should've been better, and thanks for reading!

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