A Week at the Burrow by beginningimprovised

Summary: The Weasley family is finally all together at the Burrow for the week prior to Easter. During their stay Harry and Ginny, discover their feelings for one another, or the fact that they hadn't left.

Set in an AU where Harry and Ginny were unable to talk following their kiss in HBP.
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Published: 2020.08.21
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A Week at the Burrow by beginningimprovised
Chapter 1: Arrival at the Burrow
Author's Notes:

With a pop, Harry and Alice apparated into the front garden of the Burrow. A month ago it had been finally settled that the entire Weasley family would be coming to stay during the week of Easter.

After the end of the war, and the loss of Fred, the Weasleys had realized the cost of not staying in touch. Percy and Charlie who were not great at it prior to the War’s end, now made a far greater effort to come and visit, though unlike Percy, Charlie wasn’t able to come to most of the regular family events but he made sure to come for Holidays and birthdays.

This however was the first time in the four years since the war that the entire Weasley family (Harry himself being an honorary Weasley and Hermione a soon to be) would be spending the week of Easter together rather than just Easter itself.

Alice had met the Weasleys many times prior to this and from what she had told Harry she actually enjoyed them. He and Alice had met about three years ago, a year after the war had ended. She was American and came over to work for the American Ministry’s Embassy, as practically all staff from the embassies across all Wizarding Britain had fled during the war.

She had gone to Ilvermorny and played chaser for her house quidditch team for a couple years, but more importantly to him, she didn’t really care who he was. His fame hadn’t really ever reached America, so at first she didn’t really have any Idea who he was until they had been dating for a while and she started to learn he was ‘more’ than ‘just another war hero’.

“Alright, let’s go in.” Harry said, pressing a kiss to her cheek as he opened the door to the Burrow.

“Hello!” He called out into the house.

“Harry dear!” he heard Molly call from inside, making her way to the door from the kitchen. Wrapping Harry in a bone crushing hug.

“Hello Molly.” he managed to squeak out. She let go and turned to look at Alice.

“Ah, Alice.” she gave the blonde girl beside Harry a quick weak hug before pulling back and clapping her hands together with a huge smile on the face.

“Harry, why don’t you show Alice to Percy’s old room, she, Hermione and Angelina will be sleeping in there too, you, George and Ron will be sleeping in Ron’s old room of course.” Harry was surprised that Hermione wouldn’t be staying in Ginny’s room as she had almost every time they had stayed at the burrow.

“Right, we’ll be down in a few minutes.”

“Ginny’s the only other one here, somewhere,” Molly said, motioning to the general area of their property. He felt excited knowing that Ginny was here. They had become very close after the war, and Andromeda had even made her Teddy’s godmother, because she visited him so often with Harry, and had come to care for him so much in her own right.

Lately, especially after he got together with Alice and her with Evan, the two had kind of fallen out of touch a bit. He would be lying if he said that he didn’t miss her greatly. He couldn’t even remember the last time they had truly had a good conversation.

“I’ll keep an eye out.” He said as Alice made a quiet noise at his response to Molly.

“I'm glad you came dearie,” Molly said, turning back to Alice.

“Thank you for having me Mrs.Weasley.” She spoke with a thankful head nod.

Harry led the way up the stairs to their respective bedrooms.

“I didn’t realize we wouldn’t be sleeping together,” Alice whispered, knowing the tales of Molly’s supposed super hearing and that the walls of burrows had ears.

“Neither did I but I shouldn’t be surprised, she is big on nothing before marriage, though she knows that didn’t stop any of us except maybe Percy. It’s not like we could even all secretly switch rooms at night, she can tell who is walking where just by the creaks of the floorboards.”


“I know. Anyways, here is your room for the week, looks like you get first pick,” Harry said smiling, before pulling out her suitcase from a bag Hermione had given him, bottomless, similar to the one that she had carried during the Horcrux hunt.

He climbed the stairs to Ron's room as he had done so many times throughout his life. He was glad that the Burrow was one of only two places he felt safe. That now it was truly a place he could call a home and all the people in it considered him family just as much as he did them.

When he walked into Ron’s room it was just like it had been any of the times he’d stayed in it before. Though there were now three beds in the room opposed to the normal two beds during most of his stays there. It was clear that the room had gone largely unused for quite some time, though some posters were gone and basically everything that wasn’t Ron’s sheets was gone.

He moved past Ron’s bed to the cot that was in the position where his cot always was. He pulled out his suitcase from within the bag Hermione had given him, and placed the suitcase on bed. Opening it up just as he had done in the countless times that he could remember.

Harry made his way over to the window that looked out over the orchards of the property of the Burrow, and towards the goals of the homemade quidditch pitch. Then something flew past the window, it was far too big to be Pigwigdeon or any of the other Weasley owls. Then it flew by again and this time it was clear what he had seen. Ginny.

Harry raced back to the charmed bag he tossed on the floor, and pulled his firebolt out of the bag, he still loved the woody smell of broom stick handles. He raced out of Ron’s room and down the stairs of the burrow nearly stumbling, as soon as he hit the first floor he was met with a wall of sweet smell which he immediately knew was Mrs. Weasley’s treacle tart.

The door of the burrow flew open as he motioned with his wand, and followed him shut as he motioned again upon his exit. Quickly he mounted his firebolt and took off into the air, his eyes darting around as his seeker reflexes began to kick in as he flew high around the Burrow itself very quickly noticing the practical blur that was Ginny.

She had clearly noticed him too, as she sped towards him the way he knew she would do to a quaffle. He dove hard to the ground but pulled up just enough to hop off once he slowed down. He turned around only to be met by a flow of beautiful red hair entering his arms, and the same flowery smell that he had smelled in his first potions class with Slughorn all those years ago. The same smell that he would realize later that year belongs entirely to Ginny.

He wrapped his arms around her and secured her in as closely as he could, more than she had already pushed herself in. They stayed like that for a brief moment, enjoying being able to hug one another again, in that moment he envied anyone who could freely hold Ginny as they pleased, or rather as freely as she let them. Though he hated that he felt that pang. He had Alice whom he could hold whenever he pleased.

They pulled apart after a moment and he was met with her bright smile.

“Why’d you stop flying? Worried I was about to catch you?” She said, her smile turning into a cocky smirk.

“Hah, you wish!”

“You know I could”

“Well maybe I just wanted to see you quicker”

“Oh” Ginny was taken aback by his answer.

“I- well, it’s good to see you,” she finally responded. “I’ve missed you”. She looked up at him, her beautiful brown eyes still had an unmatched warmth and care in them, that warmth too seemed to spread not from any warming charm she used, but rather her whole body when they hugged. He could still feel the remnants of it traveling through his body.

“I know, I’ve missed you too.” He smiled down at her.

“Come on then, I’m getting cold and I’m sure Alice is wondering where you’ve gone.” Something about the way she said Alice, whenever they were away from her, always reminded Harry of the way she used to say Phlegm when Fleur was around, following her engagement to Bill. But he figured it was just him overthinking it.

As they walked into the Burrow Harry and Ginny were met by Alice coming down the stairs, who took notice of their chatting as they came through the front door.

“Ah, there you are Harry, I was wondering where you’d run off too, and I see you’ve already found Ginny.”

“Hello, Alice,” Ginny spoke with a smirk though Harry had no idea why. “And yes I was flying ‘round the house and Harry appeared in the window so I chased him like a quaffle.”

“Of course, well it’s good to see you.” Alice smiled a mostly genuine smile to Ginny.

“Ah good, Ginny dear get washed up and then come sit down, I have some lunch ready.” Mrs. Weasley called from the kitchen. Harry couldn’t help but remember all the times in his life that he’d heard Mrs.Weasley yell that at all of them as they came in from outside.

As Ginny started climbing up the stairs, Mrs.Weasley turned to him and Alice.

“Would you like some lunch dears?” she smiled as she asked them.

“Of course”

“Yes please,” Alice chimed in at the same time.

After a short time, Ginny joined them and they all sat and enjoyed a small lunch of sandwiches that Mrs.Weasley prepared, discussing the recent goings on at the Ministry and assignments Harry had recently finished or people he’d sent to Azkaban.

Throughout the entire lunch, Harry and Ginny laughed at themselves and even at a few things that Alice said; though Alice was a little curt but never not polite. Ginny took full well notice, and unlike Harry, she figured. She knew full well why Alice was the way she was towards her.

When Harry had first started dating Alice, Ginny had tried to get along with her and for a while they had; one day, however, Alice changed sides, so to speak. She didn’t talk to Ginny anymore than she had too, never started conversations when they were alone, whenever she saw Ginny talking to Harry or when one of them mentioned something specifically involving the other, she got a little passive aggressive and made a concerted effort of showing off that Harry was ‘her territory’.

It had taken a while, but it became clear (with the help of some conversations with Hermione) that Alice had some weird jealousy towards her relationship with Harry. Perhaps Alice was a legilimens, and during some evening where she and Harry were together Alice had encountered some of her unresolved feelings, that may or may not spike when she and Harry were close. Perhaps she’d even stumbled upon the memory of the never-again-spoken-about kiss after her win in quidditch during her fifth year.

The intense stare they had held following the kiss told her that there was a conversation to be had, but it would never come as Harry was almost immediately called to Dumbledore's office. And any chance they’d have of talking about what the Kiss may have meant went with him out the door. The feelings, however, that she had tried to share through the kiss she had hoped he’d received and hoped that she had received them too.

After the kiss things became very different between them, they became very close, and intimacy between them was normal, as much intimacy between friends could be, sitting shoulder to shoulder no matter how much room they had, the occasional grasp of fingers. She felt as though she was radiating her feelings for him during that time. Their many shared glances, and too the many times that she had caught him, staring, or examining her, still almost made her blush.

The feelings that she had felt during that time were hardened during the war and Harry’s hunt, the constant longing, going to sleep wondering where He, Ron and Hermione were, desperately hoping that she would not wake the next morning to news of his (or any of theirs) death.

Once their friendship resumed after the war, they were each other’s rock. The only solace in the grief stricken but finally free world, was one another. They both needed to pick up the pieces of the other together, the understanding they shared, that no one else had ever seemed to garner with Harry (Ginny supposed that’s what being possessed by the darkest wizard of all time did to you), proved very helpful for them both. During the time up to her return to Hogwarts, they practically never left each other’s side, and she couldn’t have imagined being where she was now without him.

But she figured that Alice could never know, never understand what that was between them. And though she felt horrible for it, she didn’t know if she wanted her to understand, it was their thing.

It was only an hour after lunch that the rest of the family began to pile into the house. Ron and Hermione arrived barely an hour after lunch causing a stir in the at the moment quiet house.

“Hello! Mum!” Ron called as he entered looking throughout the first floor for her, but only finding Harry, Alice and Ginny in the sitting room.

“Blimey Harry, you’re here a bit early aren’t you” Ron chimed with a wide smile on his face.

“I think we’re late, Ron” Hermione added with a knowing smile.

Ginny couldn’t help but admire Harry’s bright smile and the way his eyes lit up as his friends arrived. His love for his friends was one of the things that Ginny had found she loved most about harry. Harry embraced them with wide smiles all around.

“Oi! I’m here too y’know” Ginny said, making herself known after they finished hugging each other.

“Yeah, yeah but it’s Harry Potter!” Ron said sarcastically and they all laughed, before moving in to hug her.

“How long have you been here?” Hermione asked her as she moved in to hug Ginny, while Ron greeted Alice.

After Hermione and Ron arrived, more and more of the Weasley family arrived at the burrow, each was rewarded with more and more joyous applause as the rest of the family guessed who would be next. An upset to all, Percy arrived last, causing many to lose galleons to George. However, it was the Arrival of Bill with Fleur and the now 2 year old Victoire that seemed most of note to Ginny.

That was when Ginny noticed the smile that formed on Harry’s face, it was a certain smile that she really only saw on his face when they were at Weasley family gatherings, she liked to think that the smile came because purely because he had realized at some point that he had a family whom he loved and in turn loved him. It wasn’t only at Weasley gatherings that she had seen it though. During their stay at Grimmauld place in her 4th year Harry wore the smile whenever he and Sirius were together and especially when he, Sirius and Remus were together.

It was the small things like this about Harry that brought her joy, that the boy who for a long time believed his family dead, finally understood that though they aren’t related through blood, since the moment he first asked for help on that platform nearly 11 years ago, he had a family in them, that loved him. That was also the first time she had fallen in love with Harry, the real Harry, rather than the one her mother told her stories about; and as much as a 10 year old could understand love.

As the family chatted, the smell of dinner became more and more enticing, finally after nearly everyone had arrived her mother called them into the kitchen to sit around the elongated table to get ready for her father’s arrival which she said should be any minute. Ginny again noticed Harry, only this time he was looking in the direction of Bill and Fleur walking and talking while getting Victoire into her highchair and ready for dinner, but she could tell that he was in his own head.

Harry had told her back in sixth year that one day he’d wanted a family of his own, and as far as she knew that was still the case. He and Alice had been dating for almost three years, longer than his parents had been when they married, longer than her parents and most certainly longer than Bill and Fleur. She made a mental note to ask him about that later.

As she was taking her seat between Bill and Harry her father walked through the door, wearing the large smile that he tended to frequent these days and with that everyone was settled in and began the feast. Marking the beginning of their holidays at the Burrow.

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