A Week at the Burrow by beginningimprovised

Summary: The Weasley family is finally all together at the Burrow for the week prior to Easter. During their stay Harry and Ginny, discover their feelings for one another, or the fact that they hadn't left.

Set in an AU where Harry and Ginny were unable to talk following their kiss in HBP.
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Chapter 1: Arrival at the Burrow
Chapter 2: A Midnight Meeting
Chapter 3: Teddy
Chapter 4: A Morning Meeting
Chapter 5: The Final Day
Chapter 6: An End and A Beginning
Chapter 7: The End

Chapter 1: Arrival at the Burrow

Author's Notes: This is my first Harry Potter that I have published anywhere, and obviously first fic on SIYE. The story is finished already so I will post a new chapter every few days. Thanks for Reading!

I would also like to note that the kiss at the beginning of the Deathly Hallows never occurs in this AU.

With a pop, Harry and Alice apparated into the front garden of the Burrow. A month ago it had been finally settled that the entire Weasley family would be coming to stay during the week of Easter.

After the end of the war, and the loss of Fred, the Weasleys had realized the cost of not staying in touch. Percy and Charlie who were not great at it prior to the War’s end, now made a far greater effort to come and visit, though unlike Percy, Charlie wasn’t able to come to most of the regular family events but he made sure to come for Holidays and birthdays.

This however was the first time in the four years since the war that the entire Weasley family (Harry himself being an honorary Weasley and Hermione a soon to be) would be spending the week of Easter together rather than just Easter itself.

Alice had met the Weasleys many times prior to this and from what she had told Harry she actually enjoyed them. He and Alice had met about three years ago, a year after the war had ended. She was American and came over to work for the American Ministry’s Embassy, as practically all staff from the embassies across all Wizarding Britain had fled during the war.

She had gone to Ilvermorny and played chaser for her house quidditch team for a couple years, but more importantly to him, she didn’t really care who he was. His fame hadn’t really ever reached America, so at first she didn’t really have any Idea who he was until they had been dating for a while and she started to learn he was ‘more’ than ‘just another war hero’.

“Alright, let’s go in.” Harry said, pressing a kiss to her cheek as he opened the door to the Burrow.

“Hello!” He called out into the house.

“Harry dear!” he heard Molly call from inside, making her way to the door from the kitchen. Wrapping Harry in a bone crushing hug.

“Hello Molly.” he managed to squeak out. She let go and turned to look at Alice.

“Ah, Alice.” she gave the blonde girl beside Harry a quick weak hug before pulling back and clapping her hands together with a huge smile on the face.

“Harry, why don’t you show Alice to Percy’s old room, she, Hermione and Angelina will be sleeping in there too, you, George and Ron will be sleeping in Ron’s old room of course.” Harry was surprised that Hermione wouldn’t be staying in Ginny’s room as she had almost every time they had stayed at the burrow.

“Right, we’ll be down in a few minutes.”

“Ginny’s the only other one here, somewhere,” Molly said, motioning to the general area of their property. He felt excited knowing that Ginny was here. They had become very close after the war, and Andromeda had even made her Teddy’s godmother, because she visited him so often with Harry, and had come to care for him so much in her own right.

Lately, especially after he got together with Alice and her with Evan, the two had kind of fallen out of touch a bit. He would be lying if he said that he didn’t miss her greatly. He couldn’t even remember the last time they had truly had a good conversation.

“I’ll keep an eye out.” He said as Alice made a quiet noise at his response to Molly.

“I'm glad you came dearie,” Molly said, turning back to Alice.

“Thank you for having me Mrs.Weasley.” She spoke with a thankful head nod.

Harry led the way up the stairs to their respective bedrooms.

“I didn’t realize we wouldn’t be sleeping together,” Alice whispered, knowing the tales of Molly’s supposed super hearing and that the walls of burrows had ears.

“Neither did I but I shouldn’t be surprised, she is big on nothing before marriage, though she knows that didn’t stop any of us except maybe Percy. It’s not like we could even all secretly switch rooms at night, she can tell who is walking where just by the creaks of the floorboards.”


“I know. Anyways, here is your room for the week, looks like you get first pick,” Harry said smiling, before pulling out her suitcase from a bag Hermione had given him, bottomless, similar to the one that she had carried during the Horcrux hunt.

He climbed the stairs to Ron's room as he had done so many times throughout his life. He was glad that the Burrow was one of only two places he felt safe. That now it was truly a place he could call a home and all the people in it considered him family just as much as he did them.

When he walked into Ron’s room it was just like it had been any of the times he’d stayed in it before. Though there were now three beds in the room opposed to the normal two beds during most of his stays there. It was clear that the room had gone largely unused for quite some time, though some posters were gone and basically everything that wasn’t Ron’s sheets was gone.

He moved past Ron’s bed to the cot that was in the position where his cot always was. He pulled out his suitcase from within the bag Hermione had given him, and placed the suitcase on bed. Opening it up just as he had done in the countless times that he could remember.

Harry made his way over to the window that looked out over the orchards of the property of the Burrow, and towards the goals of the homemade quidditch pitch. Then something flew past the window, it was far too big to be Pigwigdeon or any of the other Weasley owls. Then it flew by again and this time it was clear what he had seen. Ginny.

Harry raced back to the charmed bag he tossed on the floor, and pulled his firebolt out of the bag, he still loved the woody smell of broom stick handles. He raced out of Ron’s room and down the stairs of the burrow nearly stumbling, as soon as he hit the first floor he was met with a wall of sweet smell which he immediately knew was Mrs. Weasley’s treacle tart.

The door of the burrow flew open as he motioned with his wand, and followed him shut as he motioned again upon his exit. Quickly he mounted his firebolt and took off into the air, his eyes darting around as his seeker reflexes began to kick in as he flew high around the Burrow itself very quickly noticing the practical blur that was Ginny.

She had clearly noticed him too, as she sped towards him the way he knew she would do to a quaffle. He dove hard to the ground but pulled up just enough to hop off once he slowed down. He turned around only to be met by a flow of beautiful red hair entering his arms, and the same flowery smell that he had smelled in his first potions class with Slughorn all those years ago. The same smell that he would realize later that year belongs entirely to Ginny.

He wrapped his arms around her and secured her in as closely as he could, more than she had already pushed herself in. They stayed like that for a brief moment, enjoying being able to hug one another again, in that moment he envied anyone who could freely hold Ginny as they pleased, or rather as freely as she let them. Though he hated that he felt that pang. He had Alice whom he could hold whenever he pleased.

They pulled apart after a moment and he was met with her bright smile.

“Why’d you stop flying? Worried I was about to catch you?” She said, her smile turning into a cocky smirk.

“Hah, you wish!”

“You know I could”

“Well maybe I just wanted to see you quicker”

“Oh” Ginny was taken aback by his answer.

“I- well, it’s good to see you,” she finally responded. “I’ve missed you”. She looked up at him, her beautiful brown eyes still had an unmatched warmth and care in them, that warmth too seemed to spread not from any warming charm she used, but rather her whole body when they hugged. He could still feel the remnants of it traveling through his body.

“I know, I’ve missed you too.” He smiled down at her.

“Come on then, I’m getting cold and I’m sure Alice is wondering where you’ve gone.” Something about the way she said Alice, whenever they were away from her, always reminded Harry of the way she used to say Phlegm when Fleur was around, following her engagement to Bill. But he figured it was just him overthinking it.

As they walked into the Burrow Harry and Ginny were met by Alice coming down the stairs, who took notice of their chatting as they came through the front door.

“Ah, there you are Harry, I was wondering where you’d run off too, and I see you’ve already found Ginny.”

“Hello, Alice,” Ginny spoke with a smirk though Harry had no idea why. “And yes I was flying ‘round the house and Harry appeared in the window so I chased him like a quaffle.”

“Of course, well it’s good to see you.” Alice smiled a mostly genuine smile to Ginny.

“Ah good, Ginny dear get washed up and then come sit down, I have some lunch ready.” Mrs. Weasley called from the kitchen. Harry couldn’t help but remember all the times in his life that he’d heard Mrs.Weasley yell that at all of them as they came in from outside.

As Ginny started climbing up the stairs, Mrs.Weasley turned to him and Alice.

“Would you like some lunch dears?” she smiled as she asked them.

“Of course”

“Yes please,” Alice chimed in at the same time.

After a short time, Ginny joined them and they all sat and enjoyed a small lunch of sandwiches that Mrs.Weasley prepared, discussing the recent goings on at the Ministry and assignments Harry had recently finished or people he’d sent to Azkaban.

Throughout the entire lunch, Harry and Ginny laughed at themselves and even at a few things that Alice said; though Alice was a little curt but never not polite. Ginny took full well notice, and unlike Harry, she figured. She knew full well why Alice was the way she was towards her.

When Harry had first started dating Alice, Ginny had tried to get along with her and for a while they had; one day, however, Alice changed sides, so to speak. She didn’t talk to Ginny anymore than she had too, never started conversations when they were alone, whenever she saw Ginny talking to Harry or when one of them mentioned something specifically involving the other, she got a little passive aggressive and made a concerted effort of showing off that Harry was ‘her territory’.

It had taken a while, but it became clear (with the help of some conversations with Hermione) that Alice had some weird jealousy towards her relationship with Harry. Perhaps Alice was a legilimens, and during some evening where she and Harry were together Alice had encountered some of her unresolved feelings, that may or may not spike when she and Harry were close. Perhaps she’d even stumbled upon the memory of the never-again-spoken-about kiss after her win in quidditch during her fifth year.

The intense stare they had held following the kiss told her that there was a conversation to be had, but it would never come as Harry was almost immediately called to Dumbledore's office. And any chance they’d have of talking about what the Kiss may have meant went with him out the door. The feelings, however, that she had tried to share through the kiss she had hoped he’d received and hoped that she had received them too.

After the kiss things became very different between them, they became very close, and intimacy between them was normal, as much intimacy between friends could be, sitting shoulder to shoulder no matter how much room they had, the occasional grasp of fingers. She felt as though she was radiating her feelings for him during that time. Their many shared glances, and too the many times that she had caught him, staring, or examining her, still almost made her blush.

The feelings that she had felt during that time were hardened during the war and Harry’s hunt, the constant longing, going to sleep wondering where He, Ron and Hermione were, desperately hoping that she would not wake the next morning to news of his (or any of theirs) death.

Once their friendship resumed after the war, they were each other’s rock. The only solace in the grief stricken but finally free world, was one another. They both needed to pick up the pieces of the other together, the understanding they shared, that no one else had ever seemed to garner with Harry (Ginny supposed that’s what being possessed by the darkest wizard of all time did to you), proved very helpful for them both. During the time up to her return to Hogwarts, they practically never left each other’s side, and she couldn’t have imagined being where she was now without him.

But she figured that Alice could never know, never understand what that was between them. And though she felt horrible for it, she didn’t know if she wanted her to understand, it was their thing.

It was only an hour after lunch that the rest of the family began to pile into the house. Ron and Hermione arrived barely an hour after lunch causing a stir in the at the moment quiet house.

“Hello! Mum!” Ron called as he entered looking throughout the first floor for her, but only finding Harry, Alice and Ginny in the sitting room.

“Blimey Harry, you’re here a bit early aren’t you” Ron chimed with a wide smile on his face.

“I think we’re late, Ron” Hermione added with a knowing smile.

Ginny couldn’t help but admire Harry’s bright smile and the way his eyes lit up as his friends arrived. His love for his friends was one of the things that Ginny had found she loved most about harry. Harry embraced them with wide smiles all around.

“Oi! I’m here too y’know” Ginny said, making herself known after they finished hugging each other.

“Yeah, yeah but it’s Harry Potter!” Ron said sarcastically and they all laughed, before moving in to hug her.

“How long have you been here?” Hermione asked her as she moved in to hug Ginny, while Ron greeted Alice.

After Hermione and Ron arrived, more and more of the Weasley family arrived at the burrow, each was rewarded with more and more joyous applause as the rest of the family guessed who would be next. An upset to all, Percy arrived last, causing many to lose galleons to George. However, it was the Arrival of Bill with Fleur and the now 2 year old Victoire that seemed most of note to Ginny.

That was when Ginny noticed the smile that formed on Harry’s face, it was a certain smile that she really only saw on his face when they were at Weasley family gatherings, she liked to think that the smile came because purely because he had realized at some point that he had a family whom he loved and in turn loved him. It wasn’t only at Weasley gatherings that she had seen it though. During their stay at Grimmauld place in her 4th year Harry wore the smile whenever he and Sirius were together and especially when he, Sirius and Remus were together.

It was the small things like this about Harry that brought her joy, that the boy who for a long time believed his family dead, finally understood that though they aren’t related through blood, since the moment he first asked for help on that platform nearly 11 years ago, he had a family in them, that loved him. That was also the first time she had fallen in love with Harry, the real Harry, rather than the one her mother told her stories about; and as much as a 10 year old could understand love.

As the family chatted, the smell of dinner became more and more enticing, finally after nearly everyone had arrived her mother called them into the kitchen to sit around the elongated table to get ready for her father’s arrival which she said should be any minute. Ginny again noticed Harry, only this time he was looking in the direction of Bill and Fleur walking and talking while getting Victoire into her highchair and ready for dinner, but she could tell that he was in his own head.

Harry had told her back in sixth year that one day he’d wanted a family of his own, and as far as she knew that was still the case. He and Alice had been dating for almost three years, longer than his parents had been when they married, longer than her parents and most certainly longer than Bill and Fleur. She made a mental note to ask him about that later.

As she was taking her seat between Bill and Harry her father walked through the door, wearing the large smile that he tended to frequent these days and with that everyone was settled in and began the feast. Marking the beginning of their holidays at the Burrow.

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Chapter 2: A Midnight Meeting

Author's Notes: Here we are another chapter, I didn't mean to post it this late but I wanted to get it out today. Enjoy, thanks for reading!

Harry and Alice bid everyone that was left sitting downstairs goodnight, Mr. Weasley, Bill and Charlie; Ron and Hermione had only gone up a few minutes before he and Alice began to make their way upstairs.It was their second night there, likely the first one with the entire family in countless years. That of course meant that everyone ended it by drinking firewhiskey, which had for many, led to their departure. Ron had fallen asleep in his chair a few times until Hermione had finally woken him up when she wanted to go to sleep.

Harry had been surprised to see Ginny go up as early as she did, just after Fleur had. He wished she would’ve stayed and all her brothers tried to get her too, but she said she wanted to keep to her training schedule even during her vacation; which he could hardly blame her, he unfortunately learned just how early she would get up during his brief time as her minder.

As they were walking up the stairs to Percy's old room Alice broke their silence.

“It’s a shame that we don’t get to sleep together.” She said.

“I know, but there’s nothing we can do.”

“I miss you holding me as I fall asleep. Alice said.

“I miss it too.” Alice leaned up and pressed a small kiss to his lips. Before pulling away and saying “goodnight” as she closed the door quietly behind her.

He did miss sleeping with her, though he was unsure whether it was just sleeping next to another person or her specifically. Either way it was a feeling he knew he had to get used too soon. It had become clear to him, that though he hadn’t wanted to admit it to himself for a while now, that he would break up with her, likely in the following weeks. He no longer felt for her what he once had and the tiny life they had built together was not the one he wanted.

At first, one of the things that had attracted him to her was the fact that she had no real idea what or who he was. Though it was still pleasant that she didn’t care about his fame or the titles he’d been given. It was largely the fact that she could truly not understand what he, his friends and family, and all the population of Wizarding Britain had gone through during the years of Voldemort's return and the Second Wizarding War. She could never understand in the ways that he needed her too, sure his friends could, but for his relationship with Alice to flourish she needed to and that was damn near impossible. Which made it very difficult for their relationship to work and overall that made him unhappy.

All of that, not to mention the thoughts of a certain redheaded harpy chaser, made things tumultuous. Thankfully Alice knew nothing of legilimency, like most wizards. But still she somehow once asked if anything had ever happened between him and Ginny. He told her mostly the truth, other than the kiss, (which he found himself thinking about more often as of late, and too whether things would feel the same if were to happen again now he felt bad thinking about it but, in that one kiss than he had ever felt with being with Alice) and she accepted it but seemed to remain skeptical.

Thankfully the bathroom was empty when he reached it, despite the house being at maximum capacity, he was able to brush his teeth and get up to Ron's room to discover Ron already snoring. And Harry couldn’t help but smile as he pulled his shirt off and pulled on pajama bottoms, being reminded of their Hogwarts days. Now however, he found he fell asleep far faster than he ever had at Hogwarts.

When Harry opened his eyes it was still dark, he had had trouble sleeping as of late, though thankfully the nightmares and horrid dreams had lessened over the years, his inability to sleep through the night remained. Fumbling for his glasses he found them right next to the watch that Molly and Arthur had given him for his birthday. It was just past 2 am. Suddenly feeling the need to use the loo, he got up and quietly crept out of Ron’s room.

As he quietly made his way downstairs he found the bathroom door closed and the light on. He settled in for a wait, but after a minute the door opened and Harry expected to be met with one of the elder Weasleys brushing their teeth after finally coming upstairs, but instead was met with Ginny. Who just like him, looked taken back by the fact that he was there.

The light in the bathroom turned dim as no one stood inside it anymore, but it was just enough that the hallway was lit so that he could clearly see Ginny. Harry found her so beautiful even then, she was only wearing a nightie that hung a bit low in the front, but he tried to not pay attention to it. He locked eyes with Ginny for a few minutes, he wanted to reach out to her but didn’t let himself. but then she looked towards his chest and she stared at his abs for a sometime, not even trying to hide it , he looked her up and down, her pale skin practically shining in the dark, his eyes drew to her legs, clearly visible muscle stood out in them, as his eyes made their way slowly back up to hers.

He found her eyes still fixed on his chest but they were wider now and her expression was somewhat shocked, and he realized what she was looking at, the lightning scar on his chest from the second killing curse he survived. He realized now that she had never really seen it before, nor had they ever discussed the scar itself. He noticed her hand move a little bit but stopped, she looked into his eyes as if to ask ‘can I touch it?’ and he nodded his approval.

Gently and with a little hesitation Ginny reached forward, and took a step so that her hand lay flat over his chest where the scar was. The one on his chest was slightly larger than the one on his forehead though much fainter. The second her hand hit his chest he felt as though small fires traced where her fingers were.

Slowly her fingers traced the outline of the scar on his chest. The horrible scar that marked his yet again surviving death. He couldn’t help but for a brief moment worry that this moment was not real, that it was only the last imaginings of his brain in the moments before the killing curse hit him. But then he felt Ginny’s weight against him as she cuddled into his chest, reassuring both of them that he was in fact alive, and that the moment was really happening. Harry wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in close, as she rested her head in the crook of his neck.

He could have stayed in that moment forever. He felt utter and complete comfort in that moment. Something that only tended to happen in moments between him and Ginny. Though they happened less in recent years, the effects they had on his feelings for her were immeasurable.

Harry had no idea how long they had stayed clutching onto one another, Ginny for almost the entire time keeping a hand or finger on the faint outline of his scar. As though she was trying to assure herself that the scar was a reminder that he had come back. He died and yet he was here holding her.

They had to separate, by likely, the only thing that could make them separate, a creak of a floor board that they couldn’t discern if it was caused by a person or it was just the house settling, but in their jump apart their bodies disconnected but Harry noticed that his hand become entwined in hers.

They locked eyes one last time before they finally let go of one another’s hand, he felt the urge to say something but he had no idea what to say, you’re the only one I’ve trusted to do that. No. They just parted ways. He walked into the bathroom and splashed warm water on his face. He didn’t want to wake up if it were a dream, but he wanted to make sure it was real. It was, and for that he was glad.

Harry awoke again, though this time not due to his inability to sleep through the nights but rather to George pulling on his clothes and heading out of room, not as quietly as he clearly thought he was. When George noticed that he had woken him up, he flashed Harry an apologetic face and tip-toed out of the room.

As he put on his glasses Harry noticed, thankfully, that Ron was still asleep. Harry didn’t want to face any of the Weasleys especially Ron after a particular dream he had. He was sure that no one in the family could use legilimency, but he made sure to use occlumency to protect the memories of his dream.

He was however curious to see Ginny; of his two night encounters with her, he enjoyed the one that had actually happened more so than the dream. Though the version of himself in the dream seemed to greatly enjoy what they were doing. Yet for all that Harry was doing, real Harry couldn’t stop thinking about last night.

No one had ever looked at, or touched the scar on his chest the way Ginny had last night (he wondered if anyone ever could do it the same, he figured not). Though Alice had seen it countless times, during sex and any other time he was shirtless, on a fairly regular basis over the past three years, it wasn’t the same.

Alice never directly touched it, she knew and rightly assumed it wasn’t something he enjoyed talking about, thus she skirted around it. Whether she was just lying on his chest or planting kisses on his chest while lying on it or during sex she was always careful to avoid it.

Ginny however, paid it respect almost, perhaps because she had some understanding of what it had done to him and the destruction such a curse caused. Rather when she reached out for it, he could feel the love that he assumed she wished to impart on him through her touch. It was moments like that that made him realize that there was no one else like Ginny, no one who could understand him and care for him, the way she did.

He finished getting dressed and made his way to the door far quieter than George did, but he still made sure not to make too much noise closing the door. On the other side however he found Hermione and Alice clearly waiting for them.

“Oh, how long have you been here?”

“We were just about to knock, but we heard you walking about.” Alice answered.

“Ron still asleep?” Hermione asked.

“Of course.”

“Bloody hell.” Hermione said with a small grin, before moving past Alice and Harry and into Ron’s room.

“Morning” Alice said as she wrapped her arms around him and pressed a soft kiss to his jaw. It felt so very strange to Harry, now that it wasn’t Ginny in his arms. He shook those thoughts away as best he could, but the wishes for Ginny to be in his arms continued to fly through his mind.

“G’morning” he responded planting a kiss on top of her head. After a brief minute of standing like that they made their way downstairs to join the family for breakfast, as the smell of bacon and sausage began to waft all the way up the stairs.

As they walked down the stairs Harry couldn’t help but to peer into Ginny’s room as they passed, he had hoped and was correct, that the door was open meaning she was already downstairs.

When they reached the final Flight of stairs, he noticed most of the Weasleys already awake and bustling around the table finding spots and getting things ready for breakfast.

“Alice, Harry, would you like tea or coffee?” Ginny called from the counter next to her mother.

“Coffee!” Both he and Alice responded at the same time.

“Alright, Harry I have yours here already, and Alice how do you take yours?” Harry realized that Ginny was playing their game from his time as her minder, her slightly mischievous smirk gave it away before she turned back to the coffee pot floating over the mugs.

“Two creams and Two sugars, please.” Alice called.

“How’d you sleep?” Alice asked after they settled into place, Ginny placing their coffees in front of them as she sat down on the other side of Harry, her coffee already on the table.

“Alright, I woke up in the middle of the night, but I splashed some warm water on my face, after that though I slept great.” as he said this he felt Ginny’s leg shift under the table so that it was touching his, acknowledging his hint at their encounter.

“How’d you sleep?” he asked back.

“Ah, okay, I fell asleep pretty quick after I went up but didn’t really get a deep sleep, and I miss sleeping with you” She smiled sweetly at him. He didn’t even have to turn round to know that Ginny had rolled her eyes when she said that.

“How did you sleep Ginny?” Alice finally asked her.

“Oh,” Ginny lengthening the oh as she began, “I couldn’t for a while, but then I had a shower and after that it was great.” She said, a smirk arriving on her face. Harry pressed his leg further against hers, acknowledging just like she did, that he picked up her hint.

As they settled into light conversation, Ron and Hermione finally came down stairs, marking the start of their breakfast, in between heavy mouthfuls of food, the conversation as it always tended too with Weasleys, came to the inevitable game of Quidditch.

“So after breakfast who’s up for a friendly game of quidditch?” Charlie said. Immediately Harry noticed out of the corner of his eye, the Grin on Ginny’s face.

“I sure as hell am” She said.

“Right, we got the Harpy, who else?”

Harry, and most of the others around the table agreed to take part.

Before long pretty much everyone was out in the orchard by the quidditch pitch.

“I think it’s only fair to the rest of us that little Ms.Harpy sit out” George joked as he received a punch in the arm from Ginny.

“I can beat everyone here on my own!” Ginny said triumphantly.

“I’ll take that challenge.” George said.

“Alright, I do need a seeker though.”

“Righto” Charlie said, taking a step forward.

“Ha you wish, Potter you’re with me” Ginny said.

He didn’t play quidditch that often anymore, but they had spent countless hours practicing and playing together back at Hogwarts, it only made sense. They were going to destroy the other Weasleys. He hoped. He had never seen Charlie play really, but he knew Ginny was the best out of all of them and he hoped their ability to play in sync had not been lost in years since. Or that he would be too distracted by her.

“Right, we’ll be team Potter and you can be team Weasley” She said with a smirk, Harry noticed Alice, standing with the rest of the Weasleys, huff when Ginny said that, and some of her brothers raised an eyebrow but didn’t bother to say anything. He would be lying if he said that he didn’t greatly enjoy the idea of Ginny being Ginny Potter.

As he and Ginny made their way to the other side of the pitch, she turned to him.

“Still got it?” she asked with a smirk.

“I hope so, Potter. Think we still got it together.” Harry shot back

“I haven’t forgotten, have you?”

“Never.” they shared the same pleased expression and Ginny went to the middle for the captain hand shake.

Hermione released the balls and Harry launched into the air, he just sat back and though he occasionally looked for the Snitch, he mostly was able to watch Ginny as she captured Quaffles left and right. She moved through the team of Weasleys like it was nothing. Harry couldn’t help but feel mesmerized by the red flowing hair of Ginny as she passed through the other side of the pitch and more often than not scored. He felt so drawn by the flowery scent that filled his nostrils when she blew by him.

As the game went on, Harry still hadn’t seen the snitch and had pretty much spent the entire time watching Ginny. Thankfully however his watching her paid off, as she was flying around near the goal he caught a glimpse of gold against her hair. He leaned forward and pushed hard and fast after her as the Snitch began to follow her as she flew back towards their side. Charlie hadn’t seen the snitch yet but saw that Harry was flying and began to look around wildly.

Harry narrowly avoided a bludger sent his way by George but the snitch had stopped following Ginny as she turned around and caught up to him.

“Finally gotten in the game have we?”

“Figured I’d let you have enough of the spotlight.”

“Good, I got bored kicking their ass” She said as they began to laugh.

Harry saw the golden glint of the snitch again in the grass near ‘Potter’s’ goal and he knew Charlie saw it too. He pushed forward on his broom and shot towards it, but it rocketed up just as he got close, pulling up after it he felt the wind rush as Charlie went underneath and also pulled up behind him.

The snitch flew up and through the center goal, Harry followed it through, right behind the snitch, Charlie pulled up practically neck and neck with Harry as they both reached out for, Charlie’s height allowed to reach just further than Harry almost touching the snitch, but Harry leaned more forward and his faster broom pulled ahead just enough to catch the snitch.

“Bloody Hell” Charlie said, astonished, from behind him as they came to a stop.

“Good game” Harry spoke with a smile.

“Good game, you killed us” Charlie laughed.

They both flew down and toward their respective team gathered in the middle of the pitch. The second he set down he looked for Ginny in the sea of redheads, but he was nearly knocked over by the force of her running into his arms and wrapping him in a hug. He was instantly reminded of a time very similar to this, when they had done more than hug, though that time he hadn’t played.

After he hugged her back she pulled away a little bit but just enough so they could look at one another. It was the same feeling he had all those years ago, but he knew they couldn’t and he also knew that she was thinking the same thing. They separated quickly but he kept his arm wrapped around her shoulder and hers around his torso.

“Bloody Hell Ginny” Ron said. Still having played keeper, they’d played loads of games against one another but never like this, never when she was in her prime.

“We couldn’t have even won if Charlie had caught the snitch.” George said.

“Hey, I tried!” Charlie said with an offended face.

Ginny just stuck her tongue out her brothers.

“So you do still have it, huh.” Ginny said turning to him, a large smile on her face.

“Guess so, but you did the heavy lifting.”

“Mmm, if you ever fancy a career change, I know some people who would love to meet you.” She laughed.

“I don’t think the Harpies take my lot.”

As they began to make their way back with the rest of the Weasleys, Molly called them all in for lunch. Alice walked up next to him, she had played too, though he hadn’t noticed her all game. Or really even until this moment.

Alice linked her arm around Harry’s as they made their back into the Burrow.

“I had no idea you were that good at quidditch.”

“Thanks, but I didn't really do much, it was mostly Ginny” Ginny smiled at his response.

Once they were inside they all sat down at the table to settle in for soup and sandwiches, they chatted about the game and how they would have let Ginny play more often when she was younger if they’d known she’d of gone pro, she flipped them off for that, but they got through lunch pretty quick and Harry soon found himself just relaxing at the kitchen table with Ginny to his left, where she had sat the entire time they had been there thus far. Alice had wandered away at some point but soon he felt her hands on his shoulder.

“Why don’t we go for a walk” She said, leaning close to his ear.

“Sure” Harry responded before turning to the rest of the Weasleys around the table.

“Hey-” Alice put her arm on his shoulder again.

“I meant more, you and I are going for a walk.” She smiled.


“Alice and I are going for a walk” He announced, and the Weasleys around the table muttered their acknowledgements. Ginny narrowed her eyes, he flashed her a smile as a response and she responded back with one.

He and Alice wandered through the orchards that surround the Burrow, Alice making mostly small talk about how pleasant the past few days have been. Though they remained mostly quiet.

“Where have you been the past few days?” Alice asked, looking at him.

“Right here” He responded, but Alice shot him an unenthused glare.

“Ever since we got here you’ve been quiet; you seem happy but, like you’re off in your own world.”

“I’m always quiet compared to the Weasleys,” Harry joked, but he knew that he had been distant the past few days, but largely wasn’t in his own world, but more in one that he shared with Ginny.

“I’ve also just been enjoying sitting back the past few days; it feels like I am part of a family now. No dark lords, or fates for us to be in fear of. The grieving has mostly ended, we’re all finally able to move on, be happy.” Alice smiled at his answer. Most of it was true, he was taking it all in and he did truly feel more a part of the family than ever before. He just so happened to leave the large portions that involved Ginny.

Alice wrapped both her arms around Harry as they continued to walk through the orchard, moving in close to him to stave off the chill in the air. After a comfortable silence following a brief conversation about Easter. Alice asked him about Ginny.

“So you and Ginny seem to be getting on really well again.” Harry knew that it was a leading conversation, but he didn’t want to give her anything, as really other than telling her his thoughts, there was nothing to give her.

“Yeah, we haven’t talked much in a while before this, but it's nice being close again, it’s like our sixth year, or when I was her minder.”

“That’s good. She seems to be very attached to you.”

“And I to her, after the war everyone seemed to pair off and deal with grief quietly as we all worked our way through, Ginny and I were one another’s rock. Plus sharing a godchild helps” He couldn’t help but smile at the memories of him, Ginny and teddy all together.

Alice hummed an acknowledgement, and they remained in silence as they slowly made their way back to the Burrow.

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Chapter 3: Teddy

Author's Notes: I'm back! Sorry for the wait, SIYE was down right when I was going to post prior to my not having internet for a few days. But the schedule will back to normal now!

Ginny, much to her surprise, had awoken fairly late, and not in the middle of the night as was often the case. Ever since the encounter with Harry two nights ago, she had slept far better than basically anytime previous to it. She wasn’t sure what it was anymore that kept waking her up. During and after the war it had been nightmares about the battles and her possession in her first year. She wondered if her body had just gotten used to the idea of waking up at random from some horrible possible reality, and kept on with it.

The nightmares had faded away for the most part a year after the war. But she would still get a random one some times and wake up sobbing. She knew she wasn’t the only one either, she knew that Harry had been having them practically since he had found out he was a wizard, and they were very bad following the war. She figured they’d spent days worth of time talking about the horrible things they saw and felt in their nightmares. But she also knew that just like her’s, Harry’s had slowly faded away too. Though he seemed to still get them more often than she did.

They had found a sort of solution, one time after waking up in the middle of the night from a nightmare she had gone down stairs to make some warm milk but found Harry off in space on the couch. They’d begun talking about their nightmares that had woken them up. That particular night she remembered having dreams about her possession, and Harry not saving her in time. She went from seeing everything glaze over to seeing through Riddle’s eyes, as a twelve year old Harry was killed within seconds of entering the chamber.

They’d talked for a bit longer but soon lapsed into a comfortable silence, sitting shoulder to shoulder on the otherwise empty couch. Ginny however had a hard time getting the images from her nightmare out of her head, and asked Harry to hold her, and he did.

The next thing she remembered was Harry waking her up saying that her mother would be awake soon and that she should go to sleep. In later conversations they discovered that the short time in which they had fallen asleep on the couch in the arms of one another, was the best they slept in a long time. Thus began a small and seldom performed tradition.

Never again did they sleep together at the Burrow, but just before she left for Hogwarts, the renovations on Grimmauld Place had finished. Turning it from the dark, foreboding and unloving house that had facilitated so much abuse, that then turned into another prison for Sirius; had been remade into a much warmer very Harry feeling home. Though Harry had been unsure if he could sleep in the house alone and asked her to join him for the night, beginning the tradition in full.

When she awoke in Harry’s room that next morning in Grimmuald Place, laying on his chest with his arms around her, they talked about what she would do and what he would do when she left for Hogwarts in a few days. They both came up with nothing. However on the morning of her departure to Hogwarts, Harry pulled her aside and handed her one of his Weasley sweaters, the one he’d been given in her fifth year. That simple act had overwhelmed her with love and admiration for him throughout her final year.

After she returned they restarted the tradition. Though they only slept in the same bed three more times before Harry said they couldn't because he’d begun to see Alice. She hadn’t liked that they couldn’t anymore, but didn’t blame him. And eventually she started dating too, but it never felt the same as she did being ‘just friends’ with Harry.

And now she had awoken alone, just as she had done for the past two months, since she broke up with Evan. Every morning she woke up mourning the fact that she wouldn’t be surrounded in the warmth and protection of Harry’s arm. Or that she could simply roll over and find him there, able to move closer into his arms and bask in the warmth that he seemed to radiate out.

Deciding that she wanted to make use of the quiet, early morning prior to her mother’s waking, Ginny got out of bed. The second she was out from her covers she felt the slight chill in the air. Pulling on her pants from the previous day she looked around for one of her jumpers, but couldn’t find any of the ones her mother made.

On occasion she still came to the burrow and stayed for a few days, usually bringing clothes and sometimes leaving them there. Thankfully just as she looked into the worn closet, there was a jumper. As soon as she pulled it on however she realized it wasn’t hers, it was the one that Harry had given her at the start of her seventh year.

After a quick consideration she decided that she didn’t care at all what her brothers (and likely mother) thought about her wearing Harry’s clothes. No matter how platonic or innocent in nature was. She couldn’t help but wonder if Alice had any of Harry’s clothes. But she pushed that thought away to the area where she pushed most of her thoughts about Harry. Though lately it has been overflowing.
When she reached the main floor of the burrow, it was empty just as she had suspected. Everything seemed to be so loud when she touched it, the creaks of the stairs and the warming of the kettles. All noises she otherwise wouldn’t have heard in the usually noise filled home. That was why she enjoyed keeping to the terrible hours of her quidditch schedule even during her vacations.

She was able to sit quietly at the table and drink her coffee, free to stretch out and not have to worry about hitting anyone, she could freely strew the pages of the daily prophet about as she liked.

By the time her mother came down she was on her second cup of coffee, she moved on to the Seeker Weekly, careful to avoid the stupid interview she had done with some freshly promoted writer. That wasn’t the worst part however. It was the stupid commentators opinions or speculators, she didn’t know what they were called nor quite frankly, cared.

She figured that many of them had wanted to be professional players but it was more than likely that they were unable too. Perhaps some had never even played a game of quidditch before. It was like they had no idea what it was like playing for close to seven hours (it was only one time, but she was still haunted by it, she’d practically collapsed once she landed). One of these days she planned on writing them a letter telling them off and providing some of her own thoughts on things instead of what these so-called ‘experts’ spout.

Bringing her out of murmurings was Hermione, coming down the stairs muttering things at Ron. The peace that she had been enjoying truly not that long ago was broken. However, if Ron and Hermione were up that almost certainly meant that Harry was up as well.

Hermione plopped herself down across the table and looked at Ginny for a brief moment with the face she made while working on essays at school.

“What are you wearing?” She asked, knowing full well the answer from the second she had taken notice.

“Jumper.” Ginny responded dryly.

“And who’s jumper would that be?” Hermione asked with her know-it-all smirk on her face.

Before Ginny could deflect her question, the answer came walking down the stairs.

Ginny didn’t even bother to respond to Hermione as the older girl had turned around the second Harry stepped off the stairs.

“I don’t-” Ron began, Ginny hadn’t realized Ron was awake enough to process the conversation they'd been having. But before he could finish asking Hermione leaned over and whispered in his ear. He looked surprised for a brief second, though not confused or disappointed. He just nodded his head and went back to absent minded staring as he drank his tea.

Harry plopped down beside her, and poured himself some coffee and then passed the pot to Alice sitting next to him.

Hermione shot him a look, Ginny knew that Harry would be able to interpret that Hermione was getting at something. He turned and looked at Ginny for a brief. She wanted to hide away, not show the fact that she was wearing his clothes, when the truth was she didn’t care. It was fine to wear friend’s clothes, right? Though she didn’t know if it was the same, if at one point you had (and maybe, more than likely, still had) feelings for.

Just then however Harry leaned over to her.

“Nice Jumper.” She didn’t need to see his face to know the smirk that was on it. It was the smirk he always wore when things happened between just the two of them. It was their smirk.

“Thanks, some tosser gave it to me. Long time back” she whispered back.

“Are the nightmares back?” Harry’s voice had grown more serious. She couldn’t help but smile at the fact that after all these years, Harry still remembered why he had given it to her, and that he was still concerned, that he still cared.

“No, not for a while. Mostly just unable to sleep most days. I’ve slept just about every night, since…” she trailed off, not knowing what to call or if she should refer to their encounter outside the bathroom two nights.

“Since our encounter. I know so have,” Ginny felt a tiny rush fly through her. She was glad that the encounter had affected him just as much as it had her. She patted his hand under the table. He grasped hers and squeezed it quickly before letting go. She felt as though she was going to blush. She hated the way he made her feel like she was her younger self again. But also loved that he treated her as an equal in a way different to everyone else. Since according to him, she is different from everyone else.

They moved to idle chatter with Ron and Hermione, even Alice at some points, as the table filled with more and more Weasleys as breakfast began.

Just as Ginny had gotten back to her room from breakfast, Hermione came in and shut the door quietly behind her.

“Silencio” She cast the spell towards the door and locked, ensuring they could not be eavesdropped on.

“Hi?” Ginny said as Hermione turned to face her.

“Ginny, I’m going to ask you something and I want you to be completely honest.”


“Do you have feelings for Harry again.”

Ginny just sighed, based on the conversation and glances from Hermione at the table, she should have known this was coming.

“Yes I suppose I do, though I wouldn’t really say again.”

“I thought so.” Hermione confirmed.

“Is it really that obvious?” she asked but she knew the answer.

“Oh Ginny, everyone sees the way you look at one another.”

“I’m pretty sure Harry feels the same way.” Hermione continued.

Ginny knew that this was likely true, especially after the vibe she got from their ‘encounter’ the other night. Not to mention their conversation this morning. Yet her heart still raced when Hermione said it.

“Wouldn't be the first time. But I can’t understand why he’s still with Alice.” Ginny knew the answer, and apparently so did Hermione.

“Stupid and noble” they said at the same time.

“I think Harry didn’t want her to be alone during the holiday. Her family doesn’t live in Britain” Hermione seemed to be reassuring.

“I hope that's so.”

“It is.” Hermione confirmed, before smirking and releasing the charms as she left.

Towards the end of Lunch, Harry and Alice seemed to be in a rather deep conversation, but just as Ginny was about to get up and leave, Harry grabbed her arm to stop her from leaving. Electricity shot through her body from his hand. She hoped that neither he nor Alice had noticed her staring at his hand on her arm.

“I was thinking that we could maybe bring Teddy here today, just for the day. I know that he and Andromeda are coming tomorrow but I would like to spend some more time with him than that, plus I’m sure Andromeda could use a break.” Harry said with smile.

“Of course, that’s a great Idea. I haven’t been able to get out to visit him that much lately and the last time I saw him was one of my last quidditch matches. I miss him.”

“I know, I haven’t seen him in over a month, I miss him too.” Harry said sadly.

With that matter settled, Ginny left the kitchen to go put on some fresher pants. Though she kept the sweater. Which she heard as she left, Alice asking about.

When she came back down she found Harry waiting by the fireplace.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Let’s roll.”

Harry went first, throwing the floo powder down, and saying Andromeda’s House. Correctly unlike the first time she had seen him floo, just prior to her first year. Once the flame died down, she stepped in and said Andromeda’s house. And soon found herself in the warm living room, holding a smiling Harry and Andromeda, who was looking at Harry holding Teddy the same way her mother looked at Bill holding Victoire.

Anyone could easily see how much Harry loved Teddy. Ginny knew that Harry thought of Teddy, as something close to a son. She also knew that the two boys she likely cared about most in the world, had a special yet horrible connection. Both of their parents had died before either of them was ever able to know them.

She knew this was why Harry made so sure that Teddy knew how much his parents loved him, how he and herself loved him. When Teddy saw the flame and her come out of it he squealed and walked over to her.

“Ginny!” He said excitedly.

“Hello little man, you’ve gotten so big since the last time I saw you.” Ginny said as she picked the toddler up into her arms.

“No, I haven’t!” He giggled.

“God, you all are growing up so quickly” Andromeda, said with a smile.

“Well, there Teddy, do you wanna go see the rest of the family?” Harry asked Teddy, moving close to play with him, while he was still in Ginny’s arms. Teddy and Andromeda didn’t exactly have much in the way of family that didn’t want to kill her, or any of the people she loved, so as they seemed to do with so many people, the Weasley family had practically adopted her. It helped that Molly and her had become close friends in the years after the war.

“Thank you two, by the way,” Andromeda let out a little laugh, “I have been in desperate need of a nap today, and then you called.” Harry let out a laugh.

“Good, get rested up for the next two days of nonstop Weasley family fun” Ginny said, laughing with them.

After a few minutes longer of Goodbyes, Harry took Teddy from her and sidealonged him too to the Burrow. Ginny could apparate but had never sidealonged anyone before, only having been the one to be sidealonged.

Seconds after she stepped into the fireplace at Andromeda’s house, she was in the Burrow, just as Harry and Teddy were walking in the door. As soon as they came through and Harry set down the small bag of toys Teddy had brought, everyone came to say hello.

Her mother almost immediately dropped whatever she was doing and came to see Teddy. Extracting him from Harry’s arms, where he’d retreated to in shyness after Fleur had said hello.

“How have you been?” Her mother asked trying to get Teddy to show her his face as he had buried it in her shoulder, to still hide from Fleur and the rest of the Weasleys come to say hello. She loved seeing the way her family treated Teddy as though he were her and Harry’s child, despite them not being together (not for long, she hoped).

Ginny couldn’t help but feel a little bad for Alice, she had tried to connect with Teddy in a motherly way to equal Harry fatheresque way, but it didn’t seem to work the same; and Teddy never showed Alice the same unequaled love he showed her and Harry. She knew it was hard and a little weird, Evan before they had broken up had made a few comments about it, but she brushed him off as being a prat anyway.

Eventually everyone, including Harry, with Teddy returned to his arms, made their way into the living room. And she made her way to the kitchen to help her mother prepare for tea.

After nearly finishing cooking with her mother, she headed back into the living room. No one had noticed her walking in just yet, so she hung back leaning against the wall, peering into the sitting room.

Everyone in the room was in little groups of their own worlds. Charlie, Ron and George were having an idle discussion about what she presumed to be the joke shop, as Ron had recently come on with George as another partner to help with the workload. Alice, Hermione and Percy sat discussing politics and Hermione’s beginning in the political scene of the ministry. Alice seemingly interested as an outsider, though still technically a member of the ministry. Her father and Bill sat next to one another discussing something she couldn’t hear though there would be the occasional laugh.

Then her eyes finally came upon Harry with Teddy and Fleur with Victoire. The two quietly chatted while watching ‘their’ children play. Harry leaning in to talk with Teddy and enchant a toy snitch to fly around a little bit.

She loved Watching Harry and Teddy. She loved them both. She loved Harry. She wasn’t quite sure what it was this time, that made the feelings she knew she had, come quite so loose and clear, that she was finally able to admit that to herself. Despite the fact that she had seen Harry care for Teddy and play with him countless times, this time felt different.

This was the life that she wanted. The life that she only ever wanted with Harry. The one she had never truly envisioned with anyone else but him. The bits of life that she had built with him and Teddy already. She wanted that life. She wanted to live and laugh with Harry. She wanted to come home to him after her games. She wanted to help him after assignments, whether they were sick, stuck at home taking care of one another, or out traveling the world having the best times of their lives. She wanted to give him the idea of life that he wanted, very similar to the one she herself wanted, if not the exact same. She wanted it all with him. The good and the bad. All of it.

She didn’t know where life would take them from this point forward. All she did know was that she loved Harry Potter.

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Chapter 4: A Morning Meeting

Author's Notes: I am fairly certain this has kept to the schedule I have set for release, but I can't help but feel as though it is late. Thank you all so much for the reviews it truly means a lot! Enjoy!

Also this chapter contains more than a few references to fics that I really enjoyed. Some rather overt like: Ginny duty by Count Westwest, many others as well but merely in passing and none as obvious.

When Harry awoke that morning he was more than a little unhappy to find that the pillow on which he was laying, did not in fact have red hair splayed on it. And the room did not smell of that flowery scent that seemed to emanate from Ginny. But rather smelled of unwashed socks.

He blindly searched for his glasses and his watch on the nightstand, finding, once he put his glasses on, that it was just past five in the morning. The room was still mostly dark but for a small line of light from the beginning of the sunrise. He knew he wouldn’t get back to sleep at this time nor was it even really worth it. When he stepped out of bed the cold shocked him. He hadn’t realized it was this cold this late into March. He pulled on his most recent Weasley jumper. And for a moment was pleasantly reminded of Ginny in his jumper which still sat big on her even though it was from his sixth year.

Harry made his way down the stairs and quickly made himself a cup of Coffee. He always associated the Burrow with being loud with the love of the Weasley family. But it was at times, nice to enjoy the quiet mornings sometimes provided by his horribly irregular sleep schedule.

After he poured his cup he went out and sat on the front step. He casted a small warming charm on himself, hoping to maintain the coziness of his bed, and maybe be reminded of the pleasant dream he had already forgotten.

He sat there for a short time just watching the sun crest the orchards and trees that spanned out around the Burrow, until a sweet quiet voice interrupted.

“In need of company?” Ginny asked, plopping herself down next to him, her own cup of coffee in hand. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail and she was clearly already dressed, though he was a little disappointed that she wasn’t wearing his jumper.

“You’re up early.” Ginny said with a slight knowing smirk.

“As are you.”

“I’m always up by now unlike you sleepyheads.”

“Really?” he’d never heard her ever come down when he was awake and trying to fall back asleep during this time. And you could hear everyone on the stairs of the Burrow.


“Well if you ever need company you know where to find me.”

“I’ll let you get your beauty sleep. You need it.” Ginny teased. Harry stifled his laugh so as to not wake the whole house. But took a sip from his coffee.

They stayed silent just watching the sunset for a while.

“I’m sorry we haven’t talked much recently.” Harry said breaking the warm silence between them.

“It’s alright, I know you’re busy.” she said, with the slightest hint of disappointment in her voice.

“I was but I haven’t been in a while; I should have reached out prior to this.”

“Harry, really, it’s alright.” He hoped that was true but knew that if he kept pushing, Ginny would only keep insisting it was.

“I can’t say I didn’t miss you a whole lot though.” she said.

“I thought about you quite a bit too.” Harry hadn’t meant to sound forward with emotion but frankly didn’t care. He had thought of her often, and they were always truthful with another about how they felt. He noticed Ginny's small smile at his response to her before she took a sip of her coffee.

They fell back into a comfortable silence, them both enjoying the sunrise, and thinking about the implications of what Harry had said. Until Harry broke the silence again.

“Remember when I was your minder for a while, just after you joined the Harpies?” they both laughed at the memory.

“How could I forget. My teammates all started fawning over you.”

“Oh yes, quite a few made some comments at me.” Harry laughed recalling some of the less lewd implications and direct offers of Ginny's teammates. Though he wanted to tell them that there was only one Harpy from which he’d accept, he always went with a simple ‘No, thank you’.

“Oh god, that jumping jack prank you pulled.” Harry said, causing Ginny to spit a bit of her coffee out with laughter at the memory.

“Oh, please I’m sure you enjoyed the view.”

Harry looked around for a brief moment but turned back to face her with a small smirk.

“Can’t say it wasn’t all bad.” Harry hoped that she would pick up the small hint.

“Well then it served its purpose.” Ginny responded.They fell back into a comfortable silence for a while, before Harry broke it once more.

“Do you think that any of them found me attractive or did they just care because of who I am?”

Ginny paused for a second. She knew that Harry had a hard time connecting with people, given all he’d done and been through; all people treated him like that without even knowing the amazing person that he actually is. Not to mention what he'd truly given up at the battle of Hogwarts. The remnant of the order thought it best to keep the fact that Harry had died and come back a secret, as opposed to faking his death to fool Voldemort, as the public was told.

Regardless of what was between Harry and other people, she and Harry sat there together, even if not in the way she wished, that to her was an astounding fact. Thus she was honest with him.

“I think it was a combination of both for many of them. Though I know for a fact that one of them found,” she corrected herself “finds you attractive and has absolutely zero cares for what fame or fortune you may possess”

Harry turned to look at her.

“Really? Who?” Ginny sometimes forgot how clueless Harry was sometimes.

“Me, I’ve always found you very attractive.”

“Oh?” Harry looked surprised, and she hoped that the heat she felt rising in her face did not show to him.

“I’ve always thought you were attractive too. I’d even wager the most beautiful woman I know.” Ginny felt bad for the slightest second for Alice, it was so clear. But she also felt a rush of butterflies and warmth of his words flow through her that pushed those thoughts away.

“Why thank you.” She winked at him. As they felt back into a comfortable silence. They just continued to sit there for awhile saying nothing but enjoying one another’s company.

After a short time, the wind picked up the slightest chill but it was just enough to give Ginny a chill. Which Harry noticed.

“Are you cold?”

“No.” she lied as she shivered lightly.

“I have a warming charm on, I’ll extend it. Move over here.” Harry patted the spot right beside him. Ginny smiled and moved closer to Harry. She slid herself right against Harry, shoulder to shoulder and knee to knee. The warming charm helped but she could feel how warm Harry was too where their bodies came into contact. She leaned her head onto his shoulder, and he smiled.

“Harry is this the life that you thought you would be living just after the war finished?” Ginny asked softly.

“I didn’t think I would make it through the war.” He always said it so bluntly, and though she knew it, and tried to tell him otherwise during the years prior to the war many times, it still hurt to hear.

“I know that. But after the dust settled, and all the funerals were over. Is this where you thought you would be? Where we would be?”

“Honestly, yes and no. I knew that I wanted to be an Auror and wanted to stay a part of the family as much as I could. I hoped that one day we would again be able to have get-togethers like this, like the family I was never able to have.”

“You always talked about wanting to get married, how come you and Alice haven’t married?”

Harry laughed, a little stiltedly at her question but answered nonetheless.

“She’s not really the person that I want to marry.”

“Is there anyone?” Ginny felt her heart begin to race a little with his honestly.

“Yes.” she wanted to ask more, but she didn’t want to know at the same time.

“I also think that I maybe,” He paused and looked around for a moment very intently following this, before leaning close to her ear on his shoulder and whispering “breaking up with her soon.”

“Why?” she was thankful that it did not come out with the excitement that she felt rise up in her, that she was trying to quash.

“She’s not the person I want to be with.” She heard what he said, but she also was pretty sure she heard what he implied or what she hoped he implied; “She’s not you.”.

“I see.” she replied a little smugly.

“I hope you do.” Harry said, a smirk on his face as he looked at her. They fell back into silence for a while. The sun was now fully up but they stayed out there, simply enjoying being with one another.

At some point her Mum had awoken and the beginning sounds of breakfast were starting, the mixing of what was likely to be a big batch of eggs. Yet still they remained. wanting the moment to last as long as possible.

“When is your next game?” Harry asked, breaking the silence that had fallen between them.


“Damn.” She felt him sigh a little in what she assumed was disappointment.


“I wanted to watch, I haven’t in a while. But I have a meeting then.”

Ginny looked down. She felt disappointed that he couldn’t come, she was pretty sure Harry was her biggest fan. One time when she had a day match he’d stopped in during his lunch to watch.

But she knew he couldn’t rearrange meetings, yet at least. There had been talk and likely a plan of Harry being fast-tracked to being Head-Auror. But he only had just become a full Auror and thus was still subject to the whims of his superiors. Just like everyone else.

“It’s okay, everyone’s busy that day, it’s all our first days back. No one can come.” She sounded more disappointing and sadder than she had meant it. But she was pretty sure Harry understood.

Again they fell back into a comfortable silence. That this time however did not last long.

Behind them the door opened, causing them to jump a part a little bit. So that they were no longer touching anymore. Then there was a sharp inhale of breath from whoever opened it.

“Oh.” the voice that said that was very distinctly Alice's. Ginny cringed a little bit for Harry, but tried not to show it. They weren’t doing anything wrong, really.

“There you are Harry,” Alice paused “and Ginny.” she emphasized Ginny’s name.

“Breakfast is ready.” She said very pointedly to just Harry, who got up and followed hastily after Alice. Shooting Ginny a very slightly annoyed look. Though she knew it was not at her.

Breakfast was rather quiet and awkward, Harry ensured that he was attentive to Alice, as she had likely come out of her room with Hermione looking for him only to discover him nearly cuddling with Ginny.

They spoke normally however throughout the rest of the day. She seemed to pay no mind to how she found him and Ginny that morning, though he supposed that there really was no reason too. Nothing had happened. At least nothing physically wrong.

Eventually however a couple hours after Lunch, Andromeda arrived with Teddy.
The entire family of course, followed around and played with Teddy. So he too sat there next to Alice, enjoying a small conversation with Andromeda, recalling a time they took Teddy to the zoo, the same one Harry had removed the glass from when he was eleven. The snake wasn’t the same, nor had been able to speak to any snakes since the Horcrux inside him had been killed. But he still was reminded of the conversation he had with the snake nonetheless.

Teddy passed himself around the arms and laps of various members of the Weasley family and eventually ended up in Alice’s lap. He was playing with a little snitch toy, but at one point he looked up at Harry and he realized that Teddy at some point had morphed the colour of his eyes to match Harry’s.

Everyone laughed in admiration at Teddy, but Harry loved it so much he could not even describe it. Alice set Teddy down and he wandered around the room changing his eyes colours of those around the room. But eventually he got bored and went back to playing.

After a short time Ginny came in telling everyone that dinner was almost ready and in doing so she picked up Teddy. She began talking to and playing with the small boy in her arms.

She stayed there for a short time and Harry just watched the two people he perhaps cared about most in the world. Something he felt sorry admitting to himself. That Alice came second to the two of them. He loved them both so much. They had each in some sense given him everything he had ever wanted. He would do anything in his power to ensure that the two of them were not alone in the world. They would be taken care of, and know that they were loved. At the moment he thought of his will and the names of those who would receive his collected wealth, despite none of them not wanting it, even Teddy who would likely feel the same when he grew up, based on who raised him and who his parents were.

But most of all he was stunned by Ginny in that moment. The strong beautiful woman she had grown into, really that she had always been. The person that had been there for him the most next to Ron and Hermione, even surpassing them in the years following the war.

There was seldom a day where he did not think about or miss her when they were not together. The truth in that moment became clear to him. The feelings that were re-arising within him over the last week, that had never really left him since his sixth year, were not a crush. He loved Ginny. He thought of Alice and what the two of them had, and to him, though he felt horrible admitting it, what they had paled in comparison with the feelings he had for Ginny.

Drawing him from his thoughts were Mrs. Weasley’s calls from the Kitchen. Harry got up with the rest of the Weasleys but instead made his way over to where Ginny was standing with Teddy. Just in time to hear Ginny gasp at something. As he reached them he discovered what it was. Teddy had turned his hair at some point the exact same colour as Harry’s. Yet he had taken the exact eye could of Ginny.

Harry froze, it was like he was granted a vision into his future, a potential future, the one he wanted most. Ginny holding their child. Harry nearly felt himself be overwhelmed with tears at the tiny moment. Ginny met his eyes, as they stood close to one another. The warmest smile appeared on her face, and Harry knew in that moment that she likely thought the same thing he did. Between them sat Teddy, yet it felt as though it was only them, for a brief second.

“Oh, dears” Molly drew them both out of their moment. She was holding her hand softly over her heart, with a lightly withdrawn look in her eyes.

“You looked so much, like James and Lily just then.” Molly said. Harry felt chills shoot down his spine.

“It gave me a fright. You were even looking at one another the same way Sirius described.” it was clear to Harry, and to Ginny as well, and too it seemed, to Mrs. Weasley.

They quickly made their way to the dinner table and the moment they had shared remained unmentioned for the rest of the night.

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Chapter 5: The Final Day

Author's Notes: Getting close to the end, only two more chapters to go! Thanks for all the reviews, enjoy!

Harry awoke that morning once again mourning the loss of the pleasant dreams he’d been having again, a continuation of the previous night’s. He could still hear Ron snoring beside him and he could just make out the form of George quietly sleeping in the cot across from him. He quietly pulled on his clothes for the day and made his way downstairs. It wasn’t exactly early by any means and certainly not as early as he had awoken the previous day but Mrs.Weasley would likely be up soon, and he wanted to possibly enjoy some time alone. Or possibly some time alone with Ginny, to which he preferred the latter.

He walked especially quietly past Hermione and Alice’s room, not wanting to cause either to wake. He was a little less careful passing Ginny's door, peering slightly through the mostly opened door, as he walked by he was able to see just enough of the pile of blankets on her bed to discern that she was probably already awake.

Sure enough when he walked downstairs, he found Ginny, and to his surprise as well Mrs.Weasley was already awake. The pair sat across from one another at the table and were sipping cups of Tea.

“Good morning dear,” Molly said to him quietly as he neared the table “would you like some tea or coffee?” she said motioning towards Ginny who had just stood up and was likely fixing herself another cup.

“I can get it.” he said with a soft smile. He moved around the table to the counter where Ginny stood with her wand out, appearing to be heating up a cup of coffee.

“Good morning.” he said softly as he leaned in close to her.

“Morning” she said with a small smile as she turned to face him. A smile he loved greatly.

“How’d you sleep?” he asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Rather well still, you?” she said with a smirk, and inclination that Harry knew referred to the cause of both of their well-restedness as of late.

Harry softly chuckled once, “As good as it has been.” he said, reaching up to scratch at the light facial hair.

Ginny looked at him and reached up, her hand cupping his jaw. Moving back and forth to feel the week’s worth of unshaven facial hair move with it.

Harry quickly looked to Molly, though he found her very interested in whatever she was reading in the morning’s Prophet, almost too interested. He assumed she was doing this for their benefit. But his attention was quickly drawn back to Ginny.

“Do you think I should shave it?” he asked her the question he was asking himself, but he actually cared for her opinion.

“No,” she said quietly so that only they could hear, as she took a step closer to him, “I like what I’m seeing.” she stared at him directly in the eyes, and Harry struggled not to lose himself in hers.

“And, I like what I'm feeling too.” Her hand had stopped moving back and forth and now just rested gently on his face. But it felt as though electricity was shooting through her hand to his body.

“Good, I'll keep it for a while then.” he said, putting his hand on hers, ensuring that her hand remained on his face.

A creak caused them to take notice of their surroundings once more. There were footsteps on the stairs and though he didn’t want it, he let her hand go, which she let linger on his face as long as possible as they backed away from one another. Though Harry looked back at Ginny and thankfully she too was looking at him once again.

Ron, Hermione and Alice appeared, coming down the stairs. As soon as Hermione set foot in the first floor of the Burrow, her eyes narrowed and a smirk appeared on her face as she looked back and forth between Harry and Ginny.

“Morning you two. Morning Mrs. Weasley” Hermione spoke in the knowing tone that haunted Harry since he had met her.

“Ah, Harry there you are, with Ginny.” Alice said as she came down the staircase, her tone growing more disappointed as she spoke the sentence.

Ginny quickly moved from the counter to sit next to her mother. Ron mumbled his morning pleasantries through a yawn as Ginny entered into conversation about whatever she and Molly had read that morning.

Alice made her way around the counter of the heels of Hermione however she stopped and wrapped her arms around Harry burying herself slightly in his chest.

“G’morning.” he spoke softly as he kissed the top of her head.

“Good morning” she responded, humming in delight as she remained buried in his chest. He quickly looked to Ginny, however she was still in conversation with her mother and hadn’t paid any notice to him or what was happening between him and Alice.

Alice after a few seconds more of being held, pulled back slightly just enough to allow herself free motion of her head and hands. She looked up at Harry and smiled as she put a hand to his face, cupping in the same way Ginny had just done. Though with none of the same feelings.

“You should shave.” she said and Harry quickly looked towards Ginny, who had quietly taken notice of what was happening between him and Alice.

“Actually, I like it, I think I’m going to keep it for a while” he said just loud enough so that Ginny could hear as well. When he glanced back at Ginny, she wore a satisfied smirk that indicated she had.

Alice broke free of his arms after that and everyone entered into mundane conversation about how nice the week was and how they aren’t looking forward to going back to work. Everyone except Ginny that is, who could not wait to get back to playing. Harry loved the look she got when she was talking about her life as a quidditch player. It was obvious to anyone when she was talking about it that she loved it practically more than anything in the world. And he was happy that she was able to do it as a career. Something that they had discussed many times during his sixth year, and her worries surrounding it.

Now here they sat, Ginny a professional player for her favourite team, beloved by all, only just getting started in the peak of her career. Harry felt a wave of affection flow through him at the thoughts of her and how truly passionate she was for the things and people she loved.

Mrs.Weasley had begun on breakfast shortly after Ron, Hermione and Alice joined them. Knowing many of the Weasleys would soon join them and likely try to make as much as they could of one last breakfast at the burrow.

Ginny however sat in the same place she had that morning with her mother. Unlike every single time she had that week, where she had sat next to Harry. He sat in his usual spot, now across from her. Even though the table was loud and warm, he missed the feeling of Ginny, ever so slightly pressing herself into his side. However now, he was able to look at her, and she, him. He couldn’t help but admire her, though he kept it on the down-low with the hopes that neither Alice or any of the Weasleys would take notice of his looks.

Ginny, took notice though, catching him very often and smirking lightly at sometimes, though at one point she gently kicked him underneath the table, and he kicked back, however he missed and ended up kicking George, who jumped up and accused Ron of kicking him.

“I did not!” Ron shouted through a mouthful of food. Ginny nearly snorted in laughter as Ron was kicked back by George.

After a minute, they were settled by Angelina and Hermione, and everyone went back to idle conversation. Ginny however, maintained a conversation with Harry and her mother while her leg snaked under the table to lightly caress Harry’s leg. Harry nearly choked mid conversation gathering looks from Molly and Alice. He was able to swallow down his food.

Ginny only did it for a little longer, after she kept catching him staring at her multiple times. Though only she caught him, he figured, because she was going to look at him herself and many times they caught on another. Harry in those moments with her caress and the eye contact, was quietly reminded of some parts of the dreams he’d had the previous nights but quickly tried pushing them away by entering into conversation with Arthur about goings on in the muggle world.

After a tiny break from her playing footsie, Harry decided to try and give her a taste of her own medicine, and caressed her leg under the table this time. He made sure that he actually hit her leg this time, which was confirmed when she whipped her head from where she had been looking across the table to Harry. He smiled innocently at her, and crooked his head as if he were asking ‘what?’. She gave him a happily angry grin and continued on in her conversation, which he allowed her to focus back on after he removed his leg from hers.

Breakfast after that was rather uneventful. As everyone was cleaning up their plates discussing when they were going to leave, Charlie called to them all.

“What about one last game of quidditch?” His call was met with a series of “great idea” and acceptances.

“How about Weasleys versus non-Weasleys” Though Fleur was currently the only person around who had the name Weasley but was not born one, she was still considered a non-Weasley when the need arose. More often than not, that need was quidditch.

Soon after everyone had started then stopped with the packing of their stuff and the planning of their departure, they all gathered around the quidditch pitch. Clearly still reeling from their harsh defeat at the hands of him and Ginny, the Weasley men let Ginny take lead and be captain. Within seconds of consulting with the non-Weasleys, Harry had once again been reluctantly declared captain.

He met Ginny in the middle of the pitch, getting ready to wish one another, ‘good game’.

“Good luck Potter.” Ginny said with a smirk that he considered to be her ‘quidditch smirk’.

“Good luck Weasley”

“We won’t need it.” She said as she stuck her tongue out at him.

Arthur, on the sidelines of the pitch with Molly, who held a squirming Victoire in her arms, let the balls go and the game began. As soon as the quaffles were released Ginny had grabbed one and already scored. Harry watched this happen multiple times prior to his even making a circle, high above the pitch.

By the time he had caught a glimpse of the snitch, Ginny had scored nearly enough points so that if he didn’t catch the snitch within the next few minutes then they would lose the game. Thus he raced towards the snitch, which caused Charlie to begin searching around, while he started off in Harry’s direction.

Harry smirked as he intentionally blew past Ginny, catching her looking at him out of the corner of his eye, as he passed. He felt the wind of Charlie on his tail as he began reaching forward for the snitch. Somewhere in the background he heard the calls of his team. Alice even further in the back, from near the goal posts her ‘Go Harry!’ blended all together with the buzzing sound of the snitch as it’s golden wings, worked hard to get away from him. But all the sound of his team quickly came roaring back as he felt those wings stop, with the pressure applied by his hands. They won.

All around him his team made their way to the ground. Coming over in droves, Charlie first, slapping him on the back. Ginny landed down a few steps in front of him. She quickly crossed the gap between them.

“Guess you were the ones who needed luck huh Weasley?” Harry said with a grateful smile on his face. Matched with the one on Ginny’s

“Guess so, makes me miss my team” she laughed, punching Ron on the shoulder as he strode up beside her.

“Harry, that was amazing!” Alice cried as she reached him wrapping herself around him. pressing a kiss to his lips before he pulled away.

Everyone hugged in celebration as they made their way back into the Burrow. Where they all sat down for another lunch of soup and sandwiches to combat the last bit of winter chill that remained in the air. Charlie was the first to leave, he had a portkey to catch back to Romania. Once Charlie got up to leave everyone else in the room began to get ready to leave as well, thus began the hugging saying goodbye for nearly twenty minutes.

At some point as the people in the Weasley house petered out, Ginny pulled Harry aside to say goodbye, something he himself was planning to do however she managed to get to him before her.

“Hey, so. I wanted to say goodbye.” Ginny, said looking away a little before she looked him directly in the eye. Harry moved closer so they could have a little more privacy in conversation.

“I know, me too.”

“This week has been really nice.”

“It’s been the best one in a while. I’m glad we got to hang out so much. I really missed you.” Harry said.

“I know I missed you too. And this week was really really nice. I wish it didn’t have to end.”

“Neither do I. But things will be easier soon.” Harry hoped that she understood what she meant. She looked up at him once more and a small smile appeared on her face.

“Good. I hope so.”

“I will make sure to write more, then we can hang out again. You better write back.” he said with a laugh towards the end, pulling her into a hug and holding there.

Harry wasn’t sure how long they stood there, but he heard murmurings from the other room that sounded like Alice and Molly looking for the two of them. So they reluctantly pulled apart. Harry missed the feeling the second she left his arms.

They found the rest of the family almost exactly as they had left them moments before, Ron and Hermione standing half out the door still talking with Molly and Arthur until finally Ron stopped them and pulled Hermione out with a chorus of Goodbyes.

“Alright We should be on our way now, right Harry?”

“Yes unfortunately I think we should.” Harry responded.

“Oh dears, do make sure to write, especially you Harry, you know I worry greatly about you on those assignments.” Molly said as she closed in for one of her crushing hugs, that despite the occasional pain all those loved by Molly enjoyed.

Arthur stepped from beside Molly once she moved back and made to shake Harry's hand, but Harry laughed and pulled him into a hug as well.

“We’ll have to catch one of those muggle films sometime soon again.” Arthur said with a smile of excitement on his face.

“Yes! I hear one another one of those Star Wars movies you liked is coming out in a few months.”

“Hey I wanted to see that too!” Ginny said turning to them all from somewhere in between Molly and Arthur.

“Then we’ll all go see it.” Harry said as he pulled her into what was for them their second hug, but to everyone else was the first. It had barely been a few minutes but Harry loved the feeling of having her back in his arms again.

Quickly however as everyone was watching and not wanting to reveal how much (he at least and he hoped Ginny as well,) were enjoying the hug, they separated. Shouting their goodbyes, he and Alice exited the burrow and made their way to the appratation point.

“Side along or wanna go by yourself.”

“I’m tired, do you mind if we side along?”

“Of course not.” he responded automatically as Alice came and wrapped her arm through his and pulled herself in close to him. It felt so different from holding Ginny. And with that they apparated to Grimmuald place.

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Chapter 6: An End and A Beginning

Author's Notes: This is nearly it! Based on many of the reviews you all have left, I don't know how many of you will feel about this chapter... but nonetheless I hope you all enjoy, and thank you to all those who have, and continue to review this work it all means a great deal! Enjoy!

There is a section of chapter (which I'm sure many of you will quickly recognize) was borrowed (with one change) from chapter 24, Sectumsempra, of Half Blood Prince.

Harry awoke that morning to Alice kissing him on the cheek. Telling him that she was leaving for work. He felt bad but he was thankful for this because since he decided that he would be breaking up with her, he would be trying to spend as little time as possible with her. Despite the fact that they had spent almost the entirety of the last week together at the Burrow, he would still try to spend not as much time together, until they broke up. He felt bad but it made having to break up with her easier.

Normally she left for work before he did or, sometimes, they left at the same time. But today she had wanted to get in early to review anything that may have piled up while they were away at the Burrow.

Harry tried to fall back into the pleasant sleep that had held him for the entire night. He didn’t remember his dreams, but he was pretty sure that at least once, flaming red hair had been in his arms and in that dream he was totally at peace. But he found that he could not again fall under such a spell, so he got up and got ready for the day.

He flooed directly into the Auror offices in the Department and a few short minutes after arriving at his desk, Head Auror Robards appeared and casually came over to his desk. Harry hoped that what would likely be an informal meeting wouldn’t take long, he already had a meeting with him in the afternoon and didn’t really care for any more.

“Auror Savage has flooed in sick he won’t be back until next week, so I think our meeting will have to be rescheduled. You won’t be assigned any new assignments until Tomorrow, so just finish any reports or review other things from what you have, then you can head out I suppose.” Harry felt the excitement rise in his chest as Robards went on.

The meeting had been originally planned to take up all of his afternoon until he left for the day. He had hoped that the Harpies wouldn’t crush the Cannons so badly that they would be done before he got off, so he could see what would likely be the last bit of the game. But now he could finish the last bits of paperwork he had leftover from before he went to the Burrow, then be finished before his lunch and watch the game from the start.

“Of course, thank you sir.” Robards just nodded and patted Harry’s desk before he left it. Harry instantly settled in on his paperwork. Signing expense forms from assignments that he had finished and suspects he had tracked down, a confirmation of obliviation.
He tried hard to focus on the forms at hand but too often his thoughts found their way back to Ginny, and the way she felt in his arms, or the way she made him feel: in his arms, in the same room even. However, with each distraction and then refocusing, he gained more motivation towards actually completing his paperwork and making it to Ginny.

When he set down the last leftover form into his completed pile, which promptly turned itself into a paper airplane and flew down the hall to the required bureaucrat. He looked at his watch: his lunch began in ten minutes and he had more than an hour before the game was set to begin.

He made his way through the Ministry to the exits into Muggle London as he thought about what to have for lunch so as to not ruin his snacking experience during the game.

“Harry!” he turned around to find Hermione, lightly running to catch up with him before he made it to the elevator. They hugged briefly once she reached him, then stepped into the elevator.

“What are you doing out of the department so early, aren’t you not getting any assignments until tomorrow?” Harry laughed to himself, no matter how long and how many life or death situations her memory had gotten them out of, Harry would always be impressed by it.

“Auror Savage is sick, so the meeting was moved to next week, and I figured that I would go see a quidditch game with my afternoon off.” He tried to be coy, but he knew Hermione could see right through what he was saying.

“A good use of the afternoon.” she said with a smirk. The elevator began to slow down as it moved horizontally into a new department.

“This is my stop.” Hermione said making her way to the front of the car, batting some departmental memos out of her way. She took a step out before turning back with a large smirk. “Tell Ginny I said Hello.” she said as the door closed and the elevator began moving once more.

Harry soon found himself on the crowded streets of Muggle London, moving with the flow of the crowd. As he moved to a sandwich shop that he often frequented during his lunches, while keeping his eyes out for restaurants, that in the case that Ginny was in the mood for dinner, they could perhaps go to a new place that had never been too before.

He sat down to eat his lunch but he ended up eating quickly as his slow walking with the crowd through the streets had cost him quite a bit of time. Once he finished his sandwich he made his way out of the restaurant and when no one was looking darted into a back alley.

Taking one last look down the alley to the street, seeing no one and no cameras, he readied himself before apparating straight into Ginny’s personal box at Harpies stadium. Though the game was yet to start for nearly half an hour, half the stadium was practically filled. He figured that this wasn’t far too removed from what the crowd would be today, given it was a day-match and many would not leave work for quidditch. Though as he was thinking this he couldn’t help but notice that all around him the crowd shuffled with many different points of green and orange mixed through as fans of the Harpies or the Cannons found their seats.

He watched as the Cannons took the field first, doing what was likely their warm ups and drills utilizing as much of the field as possible. Before he could see what was happening he heard the crowd roar with excitement, as the Harpies entered onto the field and began to do a short practice.

Harry couldn’t help himself but look into the sea of green jerseys doing some small exercises. There were more than a few redheads on the harpies, but there was only one Weasley red. He noticed it quite easily and watched as whenever she turned, her hair would turn away, he was pretty sure she was looking to see if anyone had actually come to the game. As much as she said she didn’t care, he knew that Ginny loved it when her family and friends watched her play, and she said that a lot of the time it was a motivation of sorts too, especially when her brothers were watching. He was glad that he had been able to get here that early.

Harry purchased some chocolate frogs from the wizard that went around with a cart full of sweets, just like the one on the Hogwarts express. He opened it and was greatly disappointed to find that he got himself. He tossed the card with the wrapper into the bin, where it instantly burst into flames.

After a short time the game began, the teams raised into the air and Ginny looked back once more. Harry stood up quickly hoping to get her to notice him in the box but he couldn’t be sure that she had seen him in the crowd other than knowing where her own box was.

He watched as barely seconds after the balls were released, Ginny shot away into the fray of the pitch. He watched as she scored a goal before falling back chasing after the Cannon’s chaser and gaining the quaffle back before going for another shot, only for it to be stopped by the keeper.

One of the other Harpies chasers flew fast back from the Cannon’s chasers trying to get the ball. Ginny was following close by waiting for a pass. The Cannon’s chasers moved quickly to the goal posts, and Ginny moved to the left side of the net, just as the keeper blocked the shot, kicking it to Ginny's waiting arms. As she caught the ball she flew wide over the crowd and as she quickly neared her box, Harry noticed that she was lowering ever so slightly, and sure enough she passed just in front of the box. Harry caught the slightest glance of her smile as she turned quickly to look at him and felt warmth flow through him.

The game continued on at a hard pace. Ginny was nearly hit with a bludger on multiple occasions, making attempts at goals, scoring on many of the attempts. Later, the Cannons had nearly tied the game, which seemingly caused the Harpies to play harder not wanting to lose to the infamously bad Cannons. Neither seekers had spotted the snitch yet, and Harry wondered to himself if he would have seen it by now. But his eyes were brought back to Ginny, she and the other Harpies chasers had hardly left the Cannons’ side of the pitch and had raised enough points to ensure their victory against the Cannons.

After nearly another half an hour, the Harpies seeker had seen the snitch according to the announcer. He watched as the Harpies’ seeker dove after the snitch, just behind the Cannon’s goals, at the same time as Ginny scored the final goal of the game.

Harry jumped out of his seat as the announcer said that the Harpies seeker caught the snitch. He felt the same way as he did when Ginny had won the House Cup for Gryffindor in his sixth year. He quickly noticed from the large amount of gasping from the crowd around him. He saw the red hair of Ginny flying towards him. As she got closer he could see her facing beaming with joy at the excitement of winning. She stopped her broom just in front of the box and hopped off her broom and threw her arms around him.

And, without thinking, without planning, without worrying about the fact that thousands of people were watching, Harry Kissed her. After several long moments - or it might have been an hour - or possibly several sunlit days - they broke apart.

He still held his arms loosely around her, all around them people were screaming but he didn’t notice at all. A huge smile was on Ginny’s face, full of surprise, tinged lightly with red. He was even surprised at himself. Ginny smiled again, before she leaned in and placed a peck on his lips, and he felt his heart soar in his chest. She looked briefly back towards the pitch, the teams were flying back down after their own celebrations. Harry noticed one of her teammates waving at what he assumed to be Ginny, calling her back to the pitch.

They both turned to face one another once more, Harry couldn’t help but smile, all he could think about was Ginny. The feel of her lips, the ever pleasant smell of flowers that always surrounded her was still on her now.

“Meet me outside the change room.” She said, letting go of his hands, which he hadn’t realized she had been holding.

Harry watched as she met back with her team and gave a few high fives, before moving close with one of her teammates and clearly talking about something. All he could think about was that kiss and the prospect of what it meant. It had felt so right, in a way that no others had ever felt before, he felt the same rush, if not more than he had back in his sixth year.

As the fans began piling out, some leaving on foot others way in queue for their turn at the apparition points, he made his way to the VIP waiting room outside the Harpies changing room, which was filled as it so often was with the partners, and families of the various players, many of whose faces he recognized from events and times waiting in this room.

Harry watched as many of the players left the room and made their way into the waiting room, met with hugs and excited cheers, Harry watched as Ginny dressed back in her normal clothes, came out laughing and talking with a few of her teammates, but quickly turned and looked directly at him. Her face turning into a different type of smile than the one that had already been on it. This caused Harry to once again feel the warmth rise, already on top of the near-euphoric sense that he was already feeling.

He heard say bye to her teammates as she entered the waiting room, and with a smirk hugged him.

“You played amazing!”

“As I always do, but you said you weren’t coming.” the smirk still plastered on her face as she pulled back from the hug.

“I had a meeting today, but Savage flooed in sick and so Robbards said I was free. But for the record I was always going to come.” This caused Ginny’s smirk to turn into a smile.

“I’m glad you’re here, and that you were going to show up either way. It means a lot to me that you support me as much as you do.” She said, still smiling.

“Good and I know it does, I really do love supporting you.”

“Do you have any plans tonight?” he asked, suddenly feeling anxious awaiting her response, something he only really felt with Ginny a lot during his sixth year and in the months after the war. But that he had felt again, only a few days ago with her.

“No, I would love some though.”

“Good, want to hang out? Go for dinner or something.” It was nearing 6 o’clock when he looked at his watch, he hadn’t realized that the game had been so long.

“I would love it, I am starving.”

“You always seem to be.” he laughed.

“Hey! I just helped win a quidditch match and I’m a Weasley.” she said, pushing him a little.

“Alright, Alright, I know a small Italian place in London is that cool with you?”

“Sounds great, I’ll eat just about anything though if I’m honest.”

“Right, shall we apparate or do you want to sidealong?” Ginny smirked yet again.

“Oh, I feel kind of tired, why don’t we sidealong.” Ginny said as she wrapped her arm through Harry’s and pulled herself close, he was glad they chose this option. He enjoyed having her pulled in close to him during any situation. And with a pop they disapparated.

A few short seconds of black nothingness, and they were in Diagon Alley. They walked back into Muggle London.

They walked through the crowded streets, Ginny looking around at all the people and things happening. Harry didn’t know how many times she had been to London since the war, but she still always seemed amazed whenever he was there with her. At some point as they walked, his hand found its way into hers. Which caused her to flash him a big smile, and squeeze their entwined hands.

They finally reached the restaurant, and found that there was a bit of a queue inside.

“Do you still want to go here?” Harry asked, concerned that she may actually be starving he knew how much hunger a quidditch match could stir up.

“Yeah, we’re here aren’t we, the queue isn’t that long.”

“Alright.” Harry said with a short laugh, they walked into the restaurant and stood close, while they talked and laughed quietly together. Eventually a hostess came up to as they were near the front of the queue.

“How many?”

“Two.” Harry said.

“Sure, Can I get your names?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Potter.” Ginny said before Harry could answer. As soon as she said that too the hostess and she turned back wearing a knowing smirk.

“Perfect, I’ll be back to seat you shortly.”

They moved off to the side and Ginny stood close so they could let the queue fill in behind them, but Harry made sure to pull in her in perhaps a little more than he needed to, to feel her against him once more.

After a short time of standing, talking and laughing like that the hostess came back and ushered them to their seats. They settled in for a decent dinner, to Harry’s standard at least. Though he would always prefer Mrs.Weasley’s home cooking, it was nice every once in a while to get out and have a dinner separate from those he made at home, and more importantly private, between him and Ginny. They sat and enjoyed their dinner, and wine. Drinking perhaps a bit more wine than the meal had called for but neither really cared; they were celebrating Ginny’s win after all.

They chatted while they ate, but Harry often had to remind himself to eat his food instead of just focusing on Ginny; wishing not to repeat the spilling of his drink on himself as he had in his fifth year.

They finished up the meal and Harry felt a slight buzz from the wine, but more so the same one he tended to get when he and Ginny were hanging out and having fun on their own. The waitress came by and he paid, despite the nearly insurmountable protests from Ginny, who insisted she at least pay the tip. Finally they were out of the restaurant.

“Well, what now?” He asked her.

“I’m tired. I normally go to bed after games by about now.”

“Want me to take you home?”

“I want to stay out, but I may fall asleep on my feet if you talk about one of your assignments again.” She said, laughing with Harry.

“Where to? The Burrow or your flat?”

“The Burrow tonight.” She said with a warm smile, as she latched her arm around Harry's. He didn’t even have to ask to know that this meant she wanted to side along.

With a pop, and a few seconds of darkness they were at the Apparition point of the Burrow. He could see the lights on inside the house, but he couldn’t tell if they had been seen by Molly or Arthur.

Ginny wrapped her other arm around Harry and pulled herself into a hug. He welcomed the feeling once more, and after a short time of holding onto one another, Ginny pulled back slightly and looked up at him. Before Harry was able to say anything, she leaned up, closing the distance between them and placing an all too short kiss, to Harry’s lips.
When she pulled back once more, Harry was glad to see that the smile she was wearing matched his own.

“Goodnight Harry. Thank you for the lovely evening.” Her voice had somehow taken on a seductive tone, whether this was on purpose by her, or if his brain had just registered it as such, Harry was unsure.

“It was my pleasure, we should do it more often. And I think that will be easier in the coming days.” He smiled, hoping that she would understand what he was actually saying. He would have to break up with Alice sooner than he had thought.

“That is very good to hear.”

“I will be in touch again soon.” Harry said, as he watched her smile, then turn and head towards the Burrow. Only preparing himself to apparate once she was safely inside their warm home.

With a pop and second of Darkness, Harry was back inside his own warm home. He walked into the living room and found it lit largely by the fire in the fireplace. Alice was sat on the couch, a blanket wrapped around her legs and a book in her hands. She looked up from her book, noticing him as he walked over to her.

“Where have you been? I waited for a while, but then I floo-called Ron and Hermione, and she said that you’d gone out to a quidditch match, but the Cannons vs. Harpies Game ended hours ago.”

Harry was impressed that she knew the game he’d gone to, but quickly realized that Hermione likely would have told her. Though not so forthcoming. He still felt bad lying to Alice, so he tried to tell as much of the truth as possible.

“Well, a few days ago, Ginny said that she was disappointed that no one could come to her game today. And they cancelled the meeting I was supposed to have, because Savage flooed in sick. Plus I wasn’t going to be assigned anything new until Tomorrow, so I thought I would Surprise her. Then the harpies won and we went out for Dinner and Drinks. I know and I am sorry, I should have told you or flooed, that I wouldn’t be home till later.” to his surprise, Alice smiled at what he had said.

“That’s very sweet of you to do that for her. I would have appreciated some form of message. But it is past now.”

After a short time of talking about the game, and how her day at work had gone. They eventually made their way to bed. And Harry could not help but mourn the fact that the girl lying next to him was not Ginny.

Little did Harry know, at the Burrow, that Ginny herself lying in bed, wearing his sweater, was replaying the events of the night, and many of their other interactions over the course of the week in her head; wished that her cold spot next to her was filled with his warm loving self.

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Chapter 7: The End

Author's Notes: Here we are at last! This is the final chapter! Thank you all so so much for reading and reviewing and favouriting this story. I hope that you enjoy this chapter even though I know many of you disagree with his actions, (which may or may be the point, from a certain point of view). Thank you all so much once again, and now enjoy!

Harry was harshly yanked out of the pleasant darkness of sleep.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” were the first words he heard as he became more and more aware. It was Alice, her tone was angry and the slightest bit of disappointment.

As his eyes struggled to see the scene laid out before him. Alice stood next to his side of the bed, holding something in her hands. Harry felt around the side table for his glasses, pushing himself up, so that he was sitting up. Once he put his glasses on, the scene became extremely clear.

Alice stood dressed for work, however she was holding the Prophet. When he looked at the cover he saw himself and Ginny.

The cover showed him and Ginny locked in their embrace at the quidditch match. He was confused because at first it appeared as though it were a muggle photo, but after a time he and Ginny, separated. He hadn’t realized in the moment and it seemed neither had Ginny, that someone in the crowd of hundreds of cameras, had taken a photo of them.

“Alice, I-” he began but was cut off. He had no idea what to even say.

“Save it Harry.” she sighed, and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“It just kind of happened.”

“I’m sure there was nothing that led up to this. Simply in the heat of the moment you just happened to kiss Ginny, who flew straight into your arms. I’m not stupid Harry. I saw what was going on. I just hoped that I was overthinking and chose to be ignorant.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh please Harry. You think I don’t see the way you and Ginny look at one another.”

“We’re just friends.” Harry wasn’t even sure why he lied. They both knew the relationship was over, and he had no desire to salvage anything from it.
“Friends don’t look at friends like they wanna bend them over the table and fuck them Harry.” Alice said with malice, though her voice remained calm and steady.

Harry felt some small need within him to explain to her that it was more than desire he felt towards Ginny, but he knew that there was absolutely no need or reason to say that or defend himself.

“Alice, I’m sorry, I truly am. I didn’t intend for any of this to happen.” Alice just let out one long breath and looked down at her hands and the stupid magazine in her lap.

“I know that, I know. But whether or not you ‘intended’ this to happen or not, it has been clear for longer that I would like to admit that this was going to happen. I really cared for you Harry.” she sounded defeated as she spoke, and Harry felt even worse that it had happened this way, but there was nothing he could do about it now.

“I cared for you too.” He noticed a small sad smile appear quickly on Alice’s face, before falling into back frown.

“This is it then.” She said.

“Yes it is.” Harry sighed, feeling a large weight lifted off his shoulder. Now that they were for the most part past the large issue. But they needed to begin the next phase.

“You can stay here for as long as you need, while you find a place of your own or whatever. I will stay at the Burrow.”

“Thank you Harry, but I have already arranged it. I will be out tomorrow.” Harry felt bad but he was a little thankful that this was the case.


“I’ll leave you to get dressed.” she said quietly, and what Harry presumed to be holding back tears, caused her voice to stilt a little, but she quickly left what was once more his room.

As he pulled on his clothes, his brain, which was now fully beginning to process the reality of the fact that he was now a single man once more, though he hoped that this would not last long, as his thoughts shifted to Ginny.

Ginny. Harry’s sleep addled brain processed for the first time that morning about how the publicity of their act may very well affect her too. He grabbed up what little clothes he could and tossed them into the enchanted bag, which stayed laid on his dresser, yet to be put away from the other day’s return.

He worried quickly about what conversations he may have to have with Molly and Arthur, and hoped that they would still hold respect for him once they found out. He couldn’t even imagine what may happen once any of her brothers or Hermione found out.

He apparated to the front door of the Burrow, and knocked hard on the door hoping to god that Ginny would answer.

“Harry?” Molly asked as she opened the door and let him in.

“Is Ginny here?”

“What? No, she left very early this morning, took one look at the prophet and apprated with but a word of goodbye. She took the Prophet with her too.” Harry felt a small wave of relief at the fact that Molly and thus likely Arthur, had not found out yet.

“Why don’t you stay for breakfast, it’s still rather early and I don’t believe you go to work for another few hours.” Harry only now became aware of the hunger that had consumed his stomach, and he found the idea of a full Mrs.Weasley breakfast rather enticing.

“No thank you, I should be going.”

“Are you alright, dear?”

“Yes, well, mostly, I broke up with Alice this morning.” he phrased it lighter than what Molly would likely find out in the future but nonetheless it was the truth.

“Awe, Dear.” Molly said as she wrapped him in a hug, he pulled away after a few short seconds.

“Did Ginny go to her flat?” he asked as his mind raced with what was to come.

“Yes, but I-”

“Perfect, thank you I have to go, I’ll be in touch soon, much love.” Harry said as he cut her off and made his way out the door.

He walked a bit away from the door before disapparating. After a few seconds of black, he was in the entryway of Ginny’s flat. He heard moving in her bedroom down the hall.

“Ginny!” He called as he took a step into the flat. She came rushing out of her room. They just stared at one another for a moment. Harry had no idea what to do.

“I take it you saw the news then.” Ginny said as she moved closer.

“I thought my days of being front page news were long over.” Harry said, causing Ginny to laugh, and a large smile to appear on his own face.

“Oh Harry, I think as long as you live, you won’t not be front page news.” she said with a laugh.

“I know I know, but I can dream.” Harry laughed.

“Did Al-” she began, a little sheepishly.

“Yes, she and I broke up this morning.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I was going to do it this week anyway.”

“Do you have work today?” She asked, as she moved closer to him.

“I do. But as you are probably aware, it is still rather early. So not for an hour or so.” He said as he looked down at his watch.

“Have you eaten.” She said in a leading tone.

“No.” Harry planned on stopping at a café before going into his office, once he left Ginny’s. But his answer caused Ginny to smile.

“Would you like something to eat?”

“Sure, if that is not too much trouble.”

“I was already going to cook myself breakfast. So we can eat together.” She said as she walked past him towards the small kitchen.

“Would you like some help?”

“Are you suggesting I’m a bad cook.” Harry laughed, but this was not the case.

“No, just like with most things, you are a great cook, you just sometimes tend to get frustrated when cooking multiple things at once.” Ginny scoffed at the first part but relented.

“I would like some help, yes.” She said as she continued on past him. Harry followed her into the kitchen as they got to work on a breakfast of eggs, bacon toast and coffee, Ginny cooking the eggs, while Harry watched the bacon fry and occasionally flipped it. Through the cooking process they made idle conversation about what work they had in store for the day, and Ginny’s prior quidditch win. Eventually however their conversation found its way back to what had transpired barely an hour ago.

“So if you and Alice are broken up, and you own Grimmuald place, and everything in it, where is she going to live?”

“I don’t, but I told her she could have time to sort it out, but she said she would be out tomorrow.” He said as he turned the bacon over.

“Surely you are not going to go home tonight then?” she asked.

“No I planned on staying at the Burrow, though I forgot to tell your mother when I saw her.”

“Oh, well I was thinking, if you wanted of course, that you could stay here tonight. Might help avoid any, awkward conversations.” They had yet to discuss what the kiss had meant, and what the fact that it had been captured on photo meant. But Harry liked her idea.

“That would be great, I hope I won’t be getting in the way of any plans or anything.”

“Not at all, I have practice later, but that will be done before you get off work.” Harry had almost forgotten that he had to go to work in less than an hour and would not be able to spend the day with Ginny, despite the fact that she herself had to go to work. He was however excited that at the end of the day he would get to come home to her.

“Well then I would love to.” Harry said with a smile.

“Good.” Ginny said with a smile as well, before turning back to the eggs and scooping them out onto separate plates. Something about this part of Harry’s morning seemed so right. Early mornings cooking with Ginny, laughing about life and the fact that though he was disappointed that he would be leaving her for a few hours, he could resolve himself in the fact that when he finished work, he would be coming back to her. This was how Harry wanted all of his mornings from that time on to go.

They sat down to breakfast and discussed the various goings on in the wizarding, talking about everything but the reason Harry had come there this morning. After they finished eating and just continued talking over their second cups of coffee. Soon however Harry checked his watch and it was nearly quarter to eight, he had to leave for work.

“I have to go.” He said bringing his plates and coffee to the kitchen. Ginny got up and brought her own plates with her to the kitchen. She walked Harry to the door of her flat and talked with him as he put his shoes on.

“Oh, my bag. Where should I put it?” Harry asked as he picked the bag up.

“Oh, I’ll put it in the bedroom.” she said as she took the bag from him and walked towards her bedroom. Harry couldn’t help but think for the first time since they decided that he would be staying at her place, that he had no idea where he would be sleeping. A few seconds later she walked back to him.

“Alright, thanks for breakfast. I’ll see you later.” He said, but before he could get ready to apparate, Ginny was in his arms, her own wrapped around him. He gladly hugged her back, she pulled back after a few seconds and leaned up and pressed a short kiss to his cheek.

“Have a good day.” She said with a smile.

“You too.” he said, matching her smile, then she stood back and watched as he disapparated.

When he arrived at the ministry, he kept his head down, as he walked to the Auror offices, he passed more than a few people who he heard mutter his name and he knew they had seen the bloody Prophet. He was unfortunately more than used to people talking about him quietly, he felt bad for Ginny, but he knew she could more than handle herself and especially among her teammates who would likely pat her on the back.

He laughed to himself at the thought of the Harpies patting Ginny on the back after seeing that morning’s Prophet. He made his way to the crowded elevator where thankfully he didn’t encounter anyone who he knew personally, he dreaded what may happen if he ran into Percy or Arthur, but he made it to the Auror offices without any interruptions.

As he entered the office, he saw what must have been his new assignments fly overhead and gently unfold and float their way down into a neatly stacked pile on his desk. As he walked past the various Aurors and D.M.L.E. employees he caught more than a few of them glancing and smirking in his direction, he knew that most people had seen the photo, given it was the cover of the Prophet. But only some of his co-workers lacked the decency to ignore it and chose to make faces at him.

Thus Harry kept his head down and continued on to his desk. He picked up the first file of the stack, his new assignment. A former ministry official, an open and willing Voldemort collaborator during the war, who had fled to France had been recently sighted by many in the back alleys and dark places of various spots in Wizarding Britain. Harry couldn’t help but notice that some of the names on the list were more than unreliable and many worked in the way of bribes.

He often wondered what an Auror would do in the future when all of the remaining death eaters and Voldemort collaborators were caught or were old enough to be all dead. As almost all of the work he had done as an Auror always involved catching wizards related to Voldemort in some way, whether Death Eaters themselves or collaborators like this official.

As he began to look into the other files on his desk, mostly just more paperwork involving his old assignments Harry’s thoughts always made their way back to Ginny. That was the course of the entirety of Harry’s day; work on the assignment, do some paperwork, think about Ginny.

But before he knew it, the day was over. And he was making his way into the crowded elevators, on his way to the ministry’s apparition points.

With a pop and following second of darkness, Harry was once more in the entryway of Ginny’s flat.

“Hi, Harry!” He heard her call from her bedroom.

“How did you know it was me?” he asked as he was taking off his shoes.

“You’re the only person that I’ve allowed free passage to the wards.” She said as she came out of her bedroom. The second Harry looked up he only caught a glimpse of her before he felt her against his chest, he pulled her into him as close as he could. This is what he had been waiting for all day long.

“How was practice?”

“It was alright, pretty easy going. Some of the girls were impressed with my recent press coverage,” She said, looking up at him and winking before much to both of their dismay, pulling out of the hug, “how was yours?”

“It was alright, I got more than a few looks from some of the other ministry employees. Not to mention the prats at the office but no one said anything surprisingly. Not to mention I got to come here after work, so that made it pretty good.” Harry said with a smile.

“Good.” She said as Harry followed her into the rest of the flat, plopping himself on the couch. As Ginny continued onto the kitchen.

“Want a beer?” she asked from inside the fridge.

“Yes please!” Harry called as he flicked on the t.v., Ginny had had it for a while and since moving out of the borrow, she had slowly tried out new muggle technology, but she had still yet to master the t.v.. She came back from the fridge and placed hers on the table after taking a large sip from it and plopped herself down, right next to Harry. When she had first sat down, there was a little space between the two but quickly Harry ended up with his arm around Ginny as she cuddled into his side.

Neither had felt like cooking dinner that night, so they ordered pizza, which thus far had been Ginny’s favourite muggle fast food. As they ate and drank, they watched whatever show came on but were really more invested in the conversation between one another.

After they finished their pizza they fell into a small silence as rerun of ‘Star Wars’ came on, something that had enthralled Ginny just as much if not more than it had Arthur. Harry remembered how she could not stop talking about after they had seen the most recent one in theatres, just after Ginny had finished her seventh year.

At some point as they sat, Ginny ended up laying her head in his lap, and he played with her hair, the way they both loved. It finally felt, for the first time in a long time, that things between them were normal again. Doing things they hadn’t done in years but still seemed second nature to both of them and if Harry was honest with himself, things that he had missed greatly.

“I missed this.” Harry murmured to Ginny. But was met with no reply.

“Ginny?” he asked a little louder, checking to see if she had fallen asleep. However he was met with no reply again.

He decided to enjoy the moment for what it waited until what must have been the second star wars movie that night had finished. Towards the end of the movie he found himself barely able to keep his eyes on the fight between Luke and Vader. As the movie began to jump with each time he closed his eyes, he decided that it was time to go to bed.

“Ginny, wake up.” he said quietly as he rocked her back and forth gently to stir her awake. He heard her let out a hum and a breathe before adjusting herself to curl her body more around him.

“I don’t want to.” She said quietly as she uncurled herself and stretched.

“I know but I want to go to bed. And you’re sleeping on it.” Hearing that caused Ginny to sit up and rub her eyes.

“What? Do you not want to sleep in the bedroom?” she asked, suddenly looking concerned.

“I don’t want to put you out of your own bed.” To this Ginny, let out a tiny small laugh.

“I assumed you would understand that I meant, with me, but if you don’t-”

“Oh. No, I think that's a great idea.” He said cutting her off.

“Good. Come along then.” she said as she slowly got up off the couch and led him to the bedroom.

She walked back out into the bathroom as Harry pulled on the shorts that he normally wore to bed. When Ginny reemerged from the bathroom, he caught her looking at his chest, though with a much different look than she had from their meeting the other night.

Harry climbed into Ginny’s bed after brushing his own teeth, and Ginny came back into the room and found her moving some stuff around before getting in after him. Without either of them speaking a word, Harry moved his arms and Ginny laid her head on his chest, just above his heart. After a few minutes of just laying there, enjoying finally being able to hold one another before they slept, Harry broke the silence.

“Should we talk about the Prophet this morning at all?” he asked. Slowly sliding his fingers up and down her arms.

“I don’t know. It depends on what you wanna talk about, I suppose.” Harry could tell from her tone what she was getting at.

“I don’t want any of your brothers or-”

“I’m not worried about what they think right now, nor do I imagine they will care that much.”

“I’m not thrilled that it ended up on the Prophet, but I am glad that it happened. And It wasn’t just because of the celebration of victory, it was not even back then.” Harry hoped Ginny knew that he was talking about their kiss in his sixth year, if she remembered it all.”

“I hoped it wasn’t.”

“What was that about team potter, and Mr. and Mrs. Potter?” Harry asked, smirking though he was unsure if she could see it.

“Wishful thinking I suppose” Ginny said with a laugh, but Harry knew she was being honest.

They fell back into a comfortable silence, Harry didn’t want to fall asleep so as to not be torn from this moment. He felt as though he felt even better than he had those few short times they had slept like this before

“Y’know what Alice said to me this morning?” Harry asked as Ginny hummed her curiosity, before he continued.

“When we were arguing I said that we were ‘just friends’,” he used air quotes as he said this which made Ginny laugh, “she told me that ‘friends don’t look at friends like,” Harry paused to contain his laughter, and the minor heat he felt rising in his face, “like they want to bend them over the table and fuck them.”. Ginny burst out laughing, thankfully, which caused Harry to as well.

“She really said that?”


They continued laughing for a short while, especially Ginny. Before settling into a comfortable silence, eventually however, she looked up at him.

“So do you?” she asked.


“‘Y’know, want to bend a certain friend over a table and fuck them?” Harry felt a slight rush of confidence at her words.

“Oh, well, there is no table in here right now, but maybe sometime soon.”

“I like the sound of that.” she said, with a smirk which Harry could feel against his chest.

The two laid there for minutes, possibly even hours, in the most comfortable silence they’d ever known until finally, Ginny broke it.

“Harry?” she asked softly. He hummed an acknowledgement and looked down to where her head lay, and was met with her eyes. She took a deep breath before continuing.

“I love you. I’m in love with you and I have been for a long time. I think, hope, you feel the same, but this week only confirmed it. And that kiss, I-” Harry cut her off.

“I love you too. I have been in love with you since my sixth year. This week only confirmed that, I am sorry I wasted so much time, but I was so worried you didn’t feel the same, and I was too scared to say anything.” Just as he finished saying it he noticed the large smile on Ginny’s face as she leaned in and kissed him. Ginny settled herself back down on his chest. And they continued to lay there for a long time, Harry still not wanting to fall asleep.

“I can’t believe we’re alive, and here.” Ginny said, Harry wondered if she had been listening to his heart beat. Something she had admitted she enjoyed doing, while they were laying almost exactly as they were now, shortly after the war.

“I know, sometimes I wonder if I actually came back out of the forest.” Harry said honestly.

“I’m glad you did.” Ginny said sweetly.

“I thought of you, just before I died.”

“What?” Ginny said, whipping her head up from his chest to face him. The confusion clear on her face, even in the mostly dark room. He had never told her this before, nor had he told anyone else. He could tell that she was trying to process if she actually had heard him right; they had talked countless times about the moments leading up to his death. He had talked about the walk and using the resurrection stone on his way to see Voldemort. All of that, even him almost stopping when he saw her helping that Girl. But this was new to her.

“What? I don’t…” she trailed off in confusion.

“Right before I died, in the moment before the curse I thought of you and and the feeling of the kiss we shared.”

“Harry, I-” she stopped herself, she had no idea what to say.

“You don’t have to say anything I just felt like you should know.” She stared at Harry staying still for a second before she leaned forward and kissed him. After she pulled away, she laid her head back down and they both settled into fall asleep, content in the fact that after so long they were able to be in each other’s arms once more. Safe in the knowledge that they loved one another.

When Harry awoke that morning for the first time that he could remember, he was not waking up from red hair but rather waking up to red hair. He became very aware of the flowery scent that Ginny always seemed to emanate from her no matter what. He felt her stretch in his arms, there was the slightest distance from then that Harry quickly made sure to remedy and pulled her close.

She rolled over so that her hair was no longer in his face. And nuzzled her way into his chest.

“Morning” She said quietly, her voice having yet to lose its low, sleepy tone.

“Good morning” Harry said and pressed a kiss on the top of her head. Which she acknowledged with a delighted hum.

“How’d you sleep?” she asked, stifling a yawn.

“Great actually, the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time. What about you.” Harry hadn’t slept better than this since the last time he and Ginny slept together he figured, things had gotten better last week, but this was unreal.

“Took the words out of my mouth.”

“What time is it?”

“Haven’t the faintest but I can tell from the window that it’s way past when I’m up so we should probably get up so you can go to work.”

“Ugh, I don’t want to.” he whined jokingly.

“I would love it if you could, but you’ve already made me sleep in for the first time in who knows how long, so you best goto work before we waste a whole day.”

“I wouldn’t say we would be wasting it.” Harry teased and was met with Ginny looking up at him with a smirk.

He freed her from his arms and watched as she sat up and stretched before she headed to the bathroom. He had to wait for a moment to verify that this was in fact really happening, and that was confirmed when Ginny came back out making a face at him and tossing him a towel.

All throughout his shower Harry the only thing on his mind was their conversation last night and the fact that he loved Ginny Weasley and she knew it, and that she too loved him back.

He came back into the room and got dressed when he entered the kitchen Ginny was making Coffee, and he poured himself and Ginny some cereal and brought it to her at the small table.

“So, where do we go from here?” She asked, with a small smile. It was something that Harry hadn't really considered. He considered them together and was pretty sure she did as well. But he supposed that they hadn’t really talked about it. For him, though he wouldn’t admit it to Ginny just yet. This was it.

“I don’t know. Wherever the hell we want I suppose.” To this Ginny smiled.

“But as long as we’re together.” he made sure to add.

“Good. I feel like we’re together.” she added.

“I would say we are too.”

“Good.” and with that they settled into a nice breakfast where they talked aimlessly about what life may hold for them. Eventually however Harry had to leave for work and Ginny walked him to the door, where she hugged him and he pulled her into a deep kiss, before bidding her goodbye. Content with the knowledge that from this day forward, this is how all of his days would begin, he apparated to work.

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