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The Very Secret Diary of Ginny Weasley
By Hettie Hoffleboffer

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Category: Pre-OotP
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: Violence
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 10
Summary: Ever wonder what really happened with Ginny, Tom Riddle and his diary? The often amusing and insightful truth unfolds as you go behind-the-scenes of Book Two and expeience the events of CoS through Ginny's eyes. From learning the intracasies of stalking your crush, afternoon teas with Hagrid, and finding out the true author of Harry's Valentine, you'll see that Ginny's first year at Hogwarts is one she will not soon forget--and neither will you!
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Chapter Fourteen: Hello Again

Ginny sat in a chair in a dark corner of the common room, reading a book and waiting. She watched as Harry joined Fred and George after dinner for Quidditch practice. Sitting there for most of the late afternoon and evening, Ginny took careful account of where his other dorm mates were located within the school. Ron and Hermione were studying in the library with Seamus and Neville, while Dean was tutoring a first year. It was almost too perfect.

As soon as Harry exited through the portrait hole with the twins, she waited a few more minutes, just in case they might have come back in the event they had left something behind. She got up from her chair and stretched, and headed slowly towards the girls’ dorm stairs. But before she did, she took one last glance at the nearly empty common room, to make sure no one was watching, and she darted up the staircase to the boys’ dorms.

Though she couldn’t see anyone as she neared the second year dorms, she continued to creep down the hall as quietly as she could, looking around for corners she could jump into incase she heard someone coming.

She opened the door to the room and looked around. Right away, she knew it was their room as she noticed all of her brother’s Chudley Cannons paraphernalia draped all over one of the four posters, and various pictures of their family on his night table. She walked to the center of the round room, looking carefully at each one of the beds and night tables, trying to recognize Harry’s. Her eyes finally rested on the bed nearest to Ron’s, a sparse-looking night table, with nothing on it, save a few books and a single picture of Ron, Hermione and Harry waving madly.

Ginny’s hands glided along the bedclothes of Harry’s bed, and continued over his night table, exploring them with her fingers, as if to capture his essence with a touch of her hands. She picked up the picture of the trio of friends and smiled inwardly at their happy demeanor, Harry’s especially, his grin always managed to warm her heart. She put down the photo and looked back at the bed where she could see his pajamas neatly folded beneath his pillow. She tossed the pillow aside and held the shirt up, holding it to her nose, taking in the familiar scent of him.

Seeing Harry’s things stuck a chord in her, she was suddenly overcome with sadness to the point of tears. How aside from his friends and her family, Harry had no one else in the world. He had lived most of his life alone, with very few friends and virtually no family. It couldn’t have been easy on him this year. Almost as soon as he arrived at Hogwarts, he became persecuted by the students for being the Heir of Slytherin. And they had continued to do so throughout the year. She vaguely wondered if Harry would share the same fate as Hagrid, and suddenly she realized that this was all because of her—and Tom. She had to find the diary now, and end this once and for all.

Ginny started there at the bed, looking over, under and between the mattresses, eventually tearing the bedclothes off completely. Then she rummaged through his night table, and pulled all the contents from its drawers. She again looked through his bookbag, but it wasn’t in there either.

The more she thought about Harry talking to Tom and reading the diary, the more frantic her searching became. Throwing out all the contents of his trunk, she then began to search his robes, checking the pockets. In the last robe she checked, she finally found it.

She looked around the room. Harry’s things were strewn all over the place. Clothes, books, parchment and linens were everywhere. Ginny checked the clock near the door; they would be back from the library very soon—if they weren’t back already. There was no time to pick up the incredible mess she had made. She had to leave now, or risk being caught.

Ginny scrambled to her feet, pocketing the diary in her own robes, and started towards the stairs. As she began her desent to the common room , she felt an overwhelming sense of relief, with the diary safe again her possession.

But then, she heard voices coming up the stairs. Ginny raced back up the stairs, hoping no one would notice her. She was able to slip into a dark corner of the corridor, before she watched Neville walk up the stairs past her.

Ginny ran back down the stairs at top speed. She watched until once again, no one was looking and crept to the girls staircase, where she took two stairs at a time to get to her own dorm room.

* * *

Ginny stared at the diary sitting on her bed in front of her the next morning. She had been dreading this from the moment she saw that Harry had found the diary after she threw it away in the girl’s bathroom. Not only was she afraid of what Tom might have said to Harry—if he in fact, talked to Harry — but she was fearful of what Tom might make her do again.

It was the perfect time to check. Everyone was on their way to the Quidditch pitch for the game between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. She had to do it now. She resolved to be strong and fight him with everything she had in her power if the need arose. After all, she was a Gryffindor.

She picked up her quill, dipped it in the ink, and with a shaky hand, wrote in the diary.

“Hello Tom.”

The ink disappeared, and came back in his usual elegant scrawl “Well, hello again, Ginny. What a wonderful surprise to hear from you.”

Ginny got straight to the point, “Did you talk to him or not, Tom?”

“But whomever do you mean, Ginny?”

“You KNOW who I mean Tom. Did you talk to Harry or not?”

“You are not the only one with secrets, Ginny.”

“Out with it Tom.”

“But of course I spoke with Mister Potter. And what an interesting conversation it was,” his words appeared slowly, as if to tease her by drawing out the moment.

“I don’t have time for your games Tom. I know what you’ve done to Hagrid,” Ginny wrote frantically. “I want to know what you talked to Harry about—NOW, Tom!”

“Hagrid? I have done nothing to Hagrid. Whatever may have happened to him, he brought upon himself,” Tom wrote back. “Now I find this rather amusing, seeing as not too long ago, you were all too ready to just cast my diary aside, without a care of who might find it. I daresay I rather enjoy the irony of this, Ginny. You needing me more than I need you.”

“Honestly, I was quite surprised when I found myself conversing with Potter himself, instead of you, dear Ginny. What if it had been your friend, Miss Granger? I would have enjoyed telling that Mudblood a few secrets of my own.”

Ginny thought it strange that he had made mention of Hermione, and the fact that she was a Muggle-born. It scared her. “Hermione has nothing to do with this. And besides, she is my friend, she would understand.”

“Somehow, I doubt that. Otherwise, you would have told her by now. You are more jealous of her than you think. Deep down, you wonder what sort of relationship she really has with our your wonderful Mister Potter, am I right? How is it that this Mudblood ‘friend’ of yours manage to befriend, and steal away, both your brother, with whom you used to be so close, and the boy you happen to fancy? What is it that she has, and you do not? Your fear is holding you back, Ginny. Don’t you see that once you put your fear aside, a great destiny awaits you. A destiny with me.”

A pang of guilt and anger crept into Ginny’s mind. “Hermione is not like that. She’s my friend. She would never do that to me. Never.”

“Yes, well you always have me to turn to, anyway. I am still your friend, despite what you might think of me right now. I will always tell you the truth, Ginny. Remember that.”

Ginny looked at he words on the page, suddenly feeling warmed and comforted by them.

Tom continued, “I am curious though. How did you retrieve the diary in the first place?”

“I snuck into Harry’s room and stole it back.” Ginny wrote, suddenly remembering her mission. “Now tell me what you said to him!”

“Clever girl you are, Ginny. I must say I have missed you. Well, if you must know, I simply showed him what happened fifty years ago.”

“So you lied, and told him it was Hagrid?” she asked.

“Remember, I never lie. Like Potter, I never told Headmaster Dippet it was Hagrid, or anyone else. I didn’t have to. I simply showed them what they wanted to see. Nothing more, nothing less. I cannot help if what they think is merely an misapprehension.”

Ginny felt ill at the thought of Hagrid being expelled from Hogwarts, insuring he would be alone in the world. “You are disgusting, Tom Riddle.”

“Temper, temper. You are never going to get what you want from me by acting like a spoiled child. You do not want to be looked upon as a child, do you? You want to be seen as grown up, and clever. Just like Miss Granger. But you are far better than that Mudblood,” Tom continued to taunt her.

“Did you tell Harry about me?”

“What ever do you mean? Are you referring to our relationship? Are you afraid I told him all your secrets?”


“Then no. I did not tell him of our relationship, or any of your secrets.”

A wave of comfort mixed with relief swept over Ginny’s sleepy thoughts. Harry didn’t know what she had done. “Thank you. I appreciate that.”

Tom’s writing became tighter now, less flowing as usual. “I thought that you would. Your secrets are important to me, Ginny. Much more than you know. But nothing comes without a price.”

The sleepy haze was starting to overcome her body, but Ginny struggled to keep writing. Knowing that if she fell asleep, he would have his way with her. “What do you mean?”

“I need you Ginny. We still have work to do. I need you for another task,” Tom wrote.

Fear swept over Ginny, as her eyelids began to droop against her will. “I won’t do it.”

“Yes, I think you will.”

Ginny began to lose her fight for consciousness. She was so tired. She desperately wanted to feel the warmth again. “I won’t hurt anyone else. I will tell Ron and Harry. I swear I will.”

“I hope so, I’m anxious to meet with him again.”


“All in good time, my dear Ginny. But for now we have an important task ahead of us. You know, I’ve always wanted to meet your friend, Miss Granger. And I think this is the perfect opportunity.”

“NO!” she said, unsure if she was speaking or writing now. “I won’t let you hurt her! You can’t, she’s my friend. Ron and Harry will know for sure.”

“Yes, I know,” Ginny heard him say.

“They will come to find you, They will stop at nothing to find the truth,” she said softly, no longer able to control the wonderful warmth surrounding her.

“I know Ginny. I know.”

It was too late. Ginny found herself in her familiar dream, only this time it was far more vivid than any she had before. As she neared the girl’s bathroom, she glanced at the writing still on the wall. She felt more confident in knowing that she was not going to find anyone in the corridors this time. Everyone was still at the Quidditch match. Ginny tried to stop herself regardless, but it was as if her feet were being controlled by something, or rather someone else.

She opened the door to the bathroom and found Tom already waiting for her there. Ginny shuddered as he stepped closer, a wicked grin spreading across his handsome face. She felt as though he had put her in a full-body bind, because aside from standing up, she was unable to move. Tom stopped in front of her and looked at her with piercing eyes. No matter how much she tried not to let him in, he knew every thought in her head. He leaned towards her, feeling the warmness of his breath as he whispered into her ear, making promises of knowledge and power if she followed him. So many promises her head began to swim, as she looked at herself in the mirror.

She tried to shout at him, to tell him “NO!”, but that was not what she heard come from her mouth; it was Parseltongue, but she could understand exactly what she had said. “Open up, so that I may see the mighty Basilisk, serpent of Slytherin!”

Ginny watched in awe as the sinks began to shift, and a gaping hole appeared in the wall before her. She shut her eyes, terrified of what she might see come from the chamber if she opened them. First she heard the loud hiss of the Basilisk as it neared her, and she could tell it was enormous by the girth of it’s presence beside her. Her eyes still shut tightly, she felt the scaly skin of it as it brushed up against her, causing her to shudder again with fear.

Tom whispered into her ear again, telling her to open her eyes and direct the basilisk to fulfill it’s destiny. Ginny and Tom followed the Basilisk down the empty corridor, and Ginny felt a faint glimmer of hope that the serpent would not be able to complete it’s task.

However, a flash of light caught Ginny’s eye, and she turned around to see where it had come from. She could see the reflection of an eye in a mirror as it peeked around the corner. The brown eye looked strangely familiar, and she turned away, pretending not to notice. Unfortunately, Tom noticed the light as well, and Ginny noticed his grin spread even wider.

“NO!” Ginny screamed, as the Basilisk quickly turned around, and she could hear the hard thud of a body falling to the floor. She heard a high-pitched scream come from the adjacent corridor. For a moment, she thought it was odd that she continued to hear a scream, and then she realized that there were two of them. Ginny ran after the Basilisk, in an attempt to stop it from striking again, but it was too late, and the scream was suddenly silenced.

Out of breath from running down the seemingly endless corridor, Ginny finally stopped right before the corner, covering her face as she cried out, afraid of what she might see. She heard the light tapping of Tom’s shoes as he approached her again. He took her hands in his, and lowered them from her face, and pulling her up from the floor as he did so. Smiling, Tom said, “You’ve done well, Ginny dear,” and gently kissed her on the forehead, before he walked around the corner.

Ginny raised her tear-streaked face and forced herself to follow him around the corner, to face what horrors she had caused this time.

Lying there was the girl she had caught kissing her brother, Percy only a few days before. Ginny’s gaze followed down the corridor until they rested on another body, a girl, whose once warm and familiar brown eyes glistened in the center of a shock and horror-filled face, petrified on the stone floor.

It was Hermione.

It was more than Ginny could handle. She felt sick, dizzy, and at once she fell to the floor, fainting dead away
Reviews 10

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