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Hopscotch - Missing Moments 1
By Mirloc

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, General
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
Story is Complete
Rating: R
Reviews: 3
Summary: These are bits and pieces of missing moments from the Hopscotch AU. There's no telling how many I'll write, or when they'll be updated, but as the plot bunnies attack I'll write and post them.
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Author's Notes:
Let's start with the first thing: Yes, I know Ginny's full name is Ginevera, I am not however going to change it in Hopscotch so it would be counter productive to change it in the AU stories. Cope. I don't own any of the characters, I simply enjoy playing in the sandbox.


The morning air blew gently over a scene that to any sane person would be a travesty, a massive loss of life, on both sides. A battle had been waged here, men and women had fought for their lives, and depending on the side you were on it was either for the greater good or to serve Voldemort. Those who had opted to take the Dark Mark were now all dead or in custody, though most had chosen not to return to Azkaban. A decision Harry Potter had fully endorsed and had done everything in his considerable power to speed them on their way.

The Aurors were cleaning up, and Harry himself sat on an examination table in St. Mungo's. Chaffing at the bit and wanting to go. He'd denied himself of Ginny Weasley's company for far too long for his tastes. His dreams at night for the past two years had been filled with images of his ex-girlfriend, and of new and interesting ways for him to return her to his side where she belonged.

Harry grinned as a man not in the traditional healer's robes came in. “Mr. Potter?”

Harry stood and smiled. “Yes, and you are?” He asked the man.

“Why don't you just call me Mark, just now Mr. Potter.” Mark sat without asking on a counter and studied Harry a moment. “Quite the interesting life, Mr. Potter.” He said after a pregnant pause. “You mother and father would be proud of you without a doubt.”

“You knew them?” Harry's thirst for any information on his parents lives was almost as well known as his second defeat of Voldemort.

“No.” Mark said flatly. “Only that as a parent myself, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, they are proud of you.”

Harry was beginning to feel ill at ease. “Well, er — Mark, I'm sort of in a hurry to get somewhere, I have something I've been putting off far too long.” It even sounded lane to Harry's ears.

“I'd guess it would have something to do with a Ginny Weasley?” Mark asked easily.

Harry's eyes narrowed, and his ire began to rise. The very air in the room seemed to become charged with magic at first it had been subtle, but with the last comment, the change dramatically. “What are you on about?”

“Your relationship with Ms. Weasley was well known.” Mark said shrugging. “I was not intending on implying or infering anything really. I am here to talk to you about your future.”

“It's simple really. I'm going to go see Ginny, beg her to take me back, if she agrees we'll get married, buy a small cottage in Hogsmeade and spend the rest of our lives trying to be normal, thanks all the same.”

“That's a good plan.” Mark said smiling. “Certainly better than the one I was going to offer.” He stood and began to walk out.

“What were you going to offer?” Harry blurted out before he could stop himself.

Mark turned around a secretive grin fading from his lips. “Why Harry, I'm here to offer you a life of adventure, world travel, and working for the greater good.”

Harry tried to look unimpressed. “Yeah, the last few years have been nothing but for me, and frankly I could do with normal for a while.”

Mark reached smoothly into his coat pocket, and handed Harry a card. “If you decide to change you mind, or life throws you a curve ball. Let me know.”

Harry looked at the card.

Mark Hastings
Recruiter — Magically Empowered Beings
Central Intelligence Agency

Harry raised an eyebrow at the title. “Yeah, you have to forgive the title, Political Correctness and all that in the States.” He waved it off as so much nonsense. “Just owl me, or you can floo my office.” This time he left.

Harry stuffed the card in his pocket and began to pace. Eventually a nurse arrived, and Harry finished filling out his paperwork and was released. His foot was barely outside of the anti-apparation wards when he turned and vanished.

He appeared in his flat, tore into his bedroom and ripped open the closet, selecting an outfit, a special outfit he'd bought with the express purpose of today in mind. The t-shirt fit him like a second skin, and the jeans were (as Hermione had pointed out when she'd helped him buy the outfit) as if they were part of him. He slid on his new trainers, grabbed a simple leather jacket, made several futile passes at his hair, brushed his teeth and vanished before the toothbrush finished rocking.

He arrived outside of the wards to The Burrow, and expressed restraint in walking calmly rather than running like a maniac to the house. He felt inside of his jacket pocket for the ring he'd placed there, and nervously knocked.

Molly answered the door sweeping him into a warm embrace. “Harry!” She cried out. “It's so good to see you! Ron's been pacing waiting for you to be released.”

Harry hugged her back, according to plan, he'd be calling her mum soon enough. That thought made him smile. “Where is everyone?” Harry asked nervously.

“Ginny is due back from Diagon Alley in a few minutes really, Ron's in the living room with Arthur, and as for the rest they are either still waiting to be released or at work.”

Harry nodded, the twins he knew were at work, Percy was still in St. Mungos as was Charley. Bill he was sure had been released, but the morning had been hectic as well. The front door opened and Harry's heart beat faster. “Mum, I'm back, I got the...” There was a pause. “Ron! What are you doing here? Is — I mean...” Ginny's voice quavered.

“It's over Ginny.” Ron said softly, “Harry finished it last night. We've been in St. Mungo's I was released just an hour ago, and I think they were going to release Harry next.”

Ginny walked into the kitchen and stood there in shock. Harry looked at her, and had to rub his eyes, she was far more lovely that he'd remembered. He opened his mouth to say something anything, but words weren't co-operating. Ginny shrieked and raced to hug Harry. He pulled her into an embrace and felt the feeling of re-connection to the only woman who'd own his heart. “Thank Merlin! We've heard so many times...” She stopped. “But never mind.” She disengaged, and Harry felt empty somehow, she'd not kissed him. Not even a graze on the cheek. She sat him down and said in an exaggerated accent. “Harry James Potter, you've slain the most evil wizard of the age, what will you do now?”

This was it, time to correct three years of stupidity. She'd as much as handed him the line he'd wanted, the back door opened and in walked a dashing figure of a man. Harry's eyes lit on the man's cool gray ones, and immaculately coiffed dark brown hair. “Ginny, love! I apologize for not waiting but Molly flooed me with the most wonderful news. Your brothers are coming home, and I simply had to meet them.” His accent was cultured, and definitely not native to Briton.

He kissed Ginny fully on the lips and hugged her. Ginny's face was radiant but this time it wasn't because of Harry. All of his hopes and dreams collided with harsh reality. Harry had been the one to initiate this, and now he was crushed. He took a moment to get himself in check. “Hi, I'm Harry Potter...” He stuck out his hand to the man he hated now more than he'd ever hated Riddle.

“Zachariah Von Kofft. But any friend of my dear Ginny may call me Zach.” He smiled warmly at Harry and shook his hand warmly.

“Delighted.” Harry replied. “Uh, most people just call me Harry around here.”

“Of course, I would suppose all the accolades would get tiring quickly.” Zach said warmly trying his hardest to break through Harry's cool exterior.

“You have no idea.” Harry responded, and managed a smile that didn't look like it was forced. “Well, I just popped in to say hello, and now I'm off.”

Ginny looked confused. “You just got here Harry, lunch is just in a few minutes, and you know mum won't stand for it if you left hungry.”

Harry's answer echoed hollowly to himself, as if spoken by someone else, in a tunnel. “I wish I could, but I have a prior commitment. I am sorry.” He stood and walked woodenly to the back door and with all the patience and training he had kept from fleeing from the house he'd just left his soul in. As he prepared to disapparate, a corner of his mind wondered, was this what Riddle had felt like when he had ripped his soul to create the diary?


A month later, Harry attended the wedding of Virginia Weasley to Zachariah Von Kofft. His wedding gift was elaborate and expensive, but tasteful, and was well received by the new couple. After kissing Ginny and shaking Zach's hand, Harry Potter left the wedding, and vanished from the world.

It was in Harry's flat three days later Ron found his friend, still in the dress robes he'd worn to the wedding surrounded by more empty alcohol bottles than he'd seen in a while. “Merlin's beard mate, what's wrong with you?”

“She left me.” Harry slurred out. “For some Eurotrash ponce.” He sobbed into the crook of his arm.

“Bloody hell, did you drink all of this?” Ron sorted through the trash with his foot. “Look Harry, no bint is worth...”

Harry was on his feet in a moment, and would have been far more dangerous to Ron if he'd actually pulled a wand rather than what appeared to be a mackerel from his pocket. Ron caught sight of the WWW logo on the side of the fish. “Ah, so the git duo have been here?”

Eyes still blazing Harry pointed the mackerel at Ron's throat. “She's not a bint damn you!”

“Well who'd be so stupid as to reject you?” Ron slapped the fish away from him. They had a tendency to vomit up some rather disgusting things, and he was heading home after dealing with Harry and his mysterious disappearance.

Harry dropped the fish which turned back into a wand when it hit the floor. But not before disgorging a spray if some vile green liquid. “Your sister.” Harry muttered, falling back on the couch.

Harry's hand rooted around and pulled out a bottle half full of an amber liquid, and drank from it like an old hand. He offered it to Ron who took the bottle and set it aside untouched. “That's who you've been pining over? Why the bloody hell didn't you do something?”

“When I saw her with that wanker Zach she was glowing Ron, she's happy, and that's what I wanted for her. Course she was supposed to marry me.” Harry broke down again, and moments later he'd passed out.

“Oh hell Harry.” Ron shook his head. “You've sure made a cockup of this haven't you?” He walked to the fireplace and tossed in some powder. “Hermione Weasley.” He said into the fire.

“Ron, where are you then?” Hermione said kindly.

“Harry's. Look, we need to talk for a bit, I'll be home soon.” Ron smiled at Hermione and said softly. “I love you, I'll be home soon.” He looked over his shoulder. “We may have company...”

Hermione nodded. “Right then.” He pulled his head from the flames and set about banishing the empty bottles into the rubbish bin outside. He went into the bathroom and started a shower. “Sorry mate.” Ron said lifting Harry from the couch. “But it's for your own good really.”

He dumped his friend into the cold shower fully clothed. After much sputter, swearing and threats, Ron turned the hot water on, and was rewarded with Harry's now soaked robes. “You are a right bastard Ron Weasley.” Harry snapped from the shower.

Ron chuckled and went into Harry's kitchen. As he suspected if it wasn't stale crisps it wasn't to be had in the house. “You should really buy some food Harry.” He said eying what was either several week old steak or something that recently escaped from Hagrid. He shuddered and closed the door to the refrigerator.

Harry walked out into the living room one towel wrapped around his waist, and another around his neck. “Alright, I'm awake.” Ron flicked his wand at Harry and nodded as his friend shuddered.

“And mostly sober. Get some clothes on and lets go see Hermione.”

“Why?” Harry asked throwing himself on his couch.

“Well first off, I don't care to see any more of you than I already have seen.” Ron said. Harry stood, turned his back to Ron, and dropped his towel. “Oh, now that was just uncalled for.” Ron threw a plastic cup at Harry. “Go on get.”

Harry returned a few minutes later wearing comfortable clothing. “Why do I have to talk to Hermione?”

“To work out whatever is wrong with you.” Ron answered. “You know, like she usually does.”

“No.” Harry said simply.


“No, and you aren't going to tell her a damned thing I've told you either.” Harry walked to the kitchen and stared at Ron.

“Why not little man?” Ron teased.

“If you say one bloody word to her, I swear I've that list still from your bachelor party.” Harry grinned evil.

“You bloody bastard, you wouldn't.” Ron hissed.

“Try me.”

Ron looked Harry's face over gaging his friend. “Fine. You should talk to someone though.”

“The only one I want to talk to just moved to Austria with her husband of...” Harry glanced at his watch. “Bloody hell, four days.”

“Will you come over for supper at least?” Ron asked.

“Sure.” He reached for his wallet, and found a card sitting in it from the CIA man. “One moment, I've got a letter to send off.” He jotted a note and looked at Hedwig. “I need you to find this man girl. Give him and him alone this letter.” The snowy owl nipped his finger, and took to the skies. “Yeah, let's get something to eat, I think the last proper thing I had was breakfast.”

“Which breakfast would that be?”

Harry dug his wand from under the couch cushions. “The morning I found out Ginny was engaged.”

By the end of the week, Harry Potter had left England.
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