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Candy, Lions, and Ninjas, Oh My!
By SunDevil05

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: Fluff
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Rating: PG
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Summary: Harry wants to do Halloween a little different this year. Muggle style! Join Harry and Ginny Potter as they take James and little sister Emily out for their first ever trick-or-treating adventure! Another one-shot from the It Happened One Night Universe.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
Here's a little something I've whipped up for your reading pleasure.

Happy Halloween everyone!!


Candy, Lions, and Ninjas, Oh My!
by SunDevil05

Ginny Potter eyed the shop front warily, unsure if she really wanted to take her young children into the place, however, her husband Harry Potter was insistent and would not take no for an answer. Sighing, she set a wiggling three year old Emily on the ground and quickly grabbed her hand before she took off and followed her husband and son inside.

She jumped in fright when a skeleton with glowing green eyes fell in front of her, emitting a high pitch scream. Emily shrieked in fright and buried her face in her mother’s leg, clutching her trousers tightly.

“Cool!” five year old James grinned and pointed it out to his father. “Daddy, can we buy that?”

“No go! No go! Mummy!” Emily cried shaking her head back and forth violently, causing her short red pigtails to swing back and forth.

“Harry,” Ginny said, picking up her crying daughter and trying to comfort her, “I don’t think this is a good idea. She’s scared.”

Harry looked away from the price tag of the skeleton and looked at their daughter. “Oh, Emmy, come here my little angel.”

Emily shook her head, staying close to her mother and holding tightly to Ginny’s jumper. “No go!”

“I’m going to take her home,” Ginny said, rubbing Emily’s back and turning to leave the shop. The small glimpse of the creepy items in the shop was making her already queasy stomach churn unpleasantly.

“No, don’t go,” Harry said, grabbing Ginny’s shoulder and pulling her back. He looked hopefully at his wife. “She’ll be okay.”

“Harry, I’m not so sure about that,” Ginny replied glancing around the place. It was filled with all sorts of gruesome frightening merchandise and eerie music was playing from somewhere in the shop. Walls were lined with costumes and in the very back were dozens and dozens of scary looking masks. This was not a place for a three year old despite the fact that there were toddler and kids costumes on the less scary side of the shop. Ginny was actually surprised that James was excited to be here, especially since he hated being around so many strangers; even though his fear of other people had lessened in the past few years. He looked like Christmas had come early.

“She’ll be fine,” Harry tried to reason. “Come on Ginny, you know how much I’m looking forward to this.”

For some reason this year, Harry wanted to celebrate this Halloween Muggle style. He convinced Ginny to take James and Emily into some nearby Muggle neighborhoods and go trick-or-treating . . . whatever that was (Ginny still didn’t know what that meant). He had gone on about dressing the kids up in costumes and taking them from house to house asking for candy. Ginny had no idea why Muggles did this and didn’t really think it was safe to let their young children ask complete strangers for sweets, but Harry assured her that Muggles did it every year and it was perfectly safe.

James, being a five year old boy, loved the idea of getting free candy and readily agreed with his father. Emily, at the mere age of three didn’t really understand what her father was saying but upon hearing the word “candy” she was hooked. Ginny had then been faced with the three of them begging to go trick-or-treating and feeling very out of sorts and in no mood to argue, she agreed.

Now she was having second thoughts as she glanced around the shop again filled with all sort of creepy and scary things. Emily was scared out of her wits and was still clutching tightly to Ginny while Harry tried to coax her into his arms and telling her there was nothing to be afraid of. James was bouncing on his feet looking around eagerly though irritated at his sister.

“Come on little lion,” Harry cooed, “it’s okay. Look at James, he’s not scared.”

“That’s ‘cause I’m a big kid!” James chimed and grinned up at his parents shooting a superior look at his sister.

Emily lifted her head and glared at her brother in offense. “I big too!” she cried and looked up at Ginny for confirmation. “I big Mummy!”

“Yes you are and it is okay if you don’t want to go in here,” Ginny said soothingly.

“Ginny, come on. Just . . . find her a costume really quick and then you can take her and walk around outside while James and I look around a bit,” Harry begged. “Get her some ice cream or something afterwards.”

“I want ice cream too! Mummy, I want ice cream!” James cried and looked hopefully at his mother. “Please!”

“Not now James,” Ginny said sternly and glared at her husband. Her glare didn’t last long for Harry was wearing such a pathetic look on his face it almost made her laugh.

“Fine. You two have fun in here and I’ll get her something quick, but if she has nightmares because of this place Harry Potter you’ll be sleeping on the sofa until New Year’s,” Ginny said sternly and Harry quickly nodded.

“Come on James, let’s go get you and your sister some costumes,” Harry said happily and picked up James who whooped with joy.

Ginny sighed and shifted Emily to her hip placing a hand on her churning stomach, a thought nagging her mind. She had not been feeling very well for the past month or so. She didn’t think anything was seriously wrong, like it was a bad cold or the stomach flu but the more she tried to convince herself that it was nothing the more she knew it very well was. She glanced at Emily and frowned. Could it be possible again?

“Look at this one, Daddy!” James’ voice interrupted Ginny’s thoughts. He was holding up a plastic bag with a picture of a little boy in a red and blue costume with a big black spider in the middle of the chest.

“Ah, Spiderman,” Harry said taking the package and examining it.

“Who’s that?” Ginny whispered in her husband’s ear.

“It’s a Muggle comic book hero,” Harry replied and showed her the price.

“Oh no James. Not for that much. Pick another one,” Ginny said shaking her head at her son.

He seemed to have forgotten his first choice and was now holding up another package to Harry, this one brandishing a picture of what looked scarily enough like an Inferi.

“You stick with him. I’ll find something for Emily,” Ginny told her husband who nodded once and put the package back on the wall.

“James you will not get something that will scare your sister,” Ginny heard Harry say sternly while James protested.

Ginny looked at the wall showing girls costumes and set Emily on the ground.

“All right, sweetheart, which one do you like?” Ginny asked keeping a hold onto one of Emily’s hands.

Emily looked curiously at the wall lined with plastic packages in front of her. It seemed like a daunting task for a three year old; even Ginny wouldn’t be able to decide which one to pick.

“That one!” Emily said after a few moments and pointed a finger at what didn’t surprise Ginny at all. Her daughter had chosen to be a lion. She picked up the package and examined. The price looked reasonable and it was appropriate.

“Are you sure?” Ginny asked and Emily nodded.

“All right then,” Ginny replied surprised at how quickly that had taken. “Let’s so see if your brother found something.”

Letting Emily hold the package, Ginny took her hand and they picked their way through the shop to the boys section.

“This is really cool Daddy! Please can I get it!” James begged with his hands clasped and a hopeful look in his eyes.

“Well, I suppose this one is all right,” Harry said and James beamed. Harry looked at his wife and daughter and smiled at his daughter. “What you got there little lion?”

Emily beamed and handed the package to her father. Harry took it and raised his eyebrows at his wife.

“Cute,” he said. “We got a ninja and a . . . lion.”

“Rawr!” Emily cried and jumped up and down in front of her father.

“It seems so,” Ginny replied. “Now that we got this taken care of, can we please go?”

Ginny did not like standing in this shop for much longer than needed. Harry, however did not look like he was ready to leave.

“We need costumes too love,” Harry insisted and nodded towards the adult costumes. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I see several things you would look great in.”

Ginny glanced at the costumes in question. Several items looked as if they came straight out of Kelly’s Closet for Witches. In fact, Ginny was very sure something she owned from that particular store was the cause of her aliments at the moment. No way was she going to be wearing anything like that while taking her young children trick-or-treating!

“Keep dreaming Potter,” she whispered and smiled sweetly at him. She looked down at her daughter. “Come on Emily. We’re going to get ice cream.”

“Ike keem!” Emily shouted in glee and jumped up and down.

“Can I come too Mummy?” James asked. “Please!”

“Aren’t you going to stay here with Daddy?” Ginny asked her son.

James bit his lip in thought and looked between his parents. It seemed like this was a tough decision for him to make.

“Go on with you mum and sister,” Harry insisted and ruffled James’ hair. “I’ll catch you lot up.”

James nearly bolted to the door clearly excited at the prospect of getting ice cream. Ginny muttered a quick goodbye to her husband and picked up Emily calling after James to wait. James skidded to a stop just before the door and nearly knocked over a couple of teenagers who had just walked in. Ginny finally caught up with him, grabbed his hand and quietly scolded him from taking off like that as they left the Halloween shop.

Not too far down the street was a small ice cream shop. A bell jingled when Ginny opened the door letting James in first. Ginny set Emily on the floor after she entered and followed James to the counter. A young man who looked about Ginny’s age stood behind the counter wearing a red and white pinstriped apron with a matching paper hat. A plastic name tag said his name was Todd.

James had his face pressed up against the glass staring at the flavors of ice cream before him. Emily stood next to him, her small hands clutching to the marble stone below the glass and standing on her tip toes to see.

The sweet scent of different flavors of ice cream assaulted her nose and made her stomach growl in hunger and she began to crave strawberry ice cream. She closed her eyes . . . ah yes over sensitive to smells and of course strawberry cravings. She had only had that particular craving a few times in her life and the results of that were standing in front of her staring at the many choices of ice cream. She briefly wondered if she would have felt that way a third time. . . .

“Hello! Welcome to Ike’s Ice Cream Parlor,” Todd grinned at them, his smile lingering a bit too long on Ginny. She gave him a quick smile in return and looked down at her children.

“Okay my loves, what do you want?” Ginny asked.

“’Nilla!” Emily cried.

“Can I have two flavors?” James asked.

“Only one,” Ginny replied.

“But I’m bigger!” James protested.

“I big too!” Emily insisted, glaring at her brother and crossing her arms. “I lion!”

Emily let out a small roar at her brother and Ginny had to keep herself from laughing at the sight of her daughter and bewildered son. Ever since Harry had told them about Gryffindor and how they were lions Emily had taken it to heart and used every opportunity she could to proclaim herself as a lion and tried to roar. It was adorable really and it caught Ginny’s family off guard during Emily’s third birthday party a week ago.

The ice cream attendant chuckled at the three year old.

“Cute kid,” he said.

Ginny flashed him a quick smile and looked down at James.

“Pick a flavor,” Ginny said.

“Bubble gum,” James muttered sullenly.

Ginny sighed at her son’s behavior and looked up at the clerk.

“Right, one vanilla and one bubble gum . . . err, child size please,” Ginny ordered.

“Okay and what about the pretty big sister?” he asked and grinned at her raising his eyebrows flirtatiously at her.

Ginny blinked in surprise. Most people in the wizarding world knew that she and Harry were married and had two children . . . possibly soon to be three if her recent suspicions were correct. It caught her off guard when people thought she was their older sister instead of their mother.

“That’s my mum!” James exclaimed, scowling at the attendant and obviously catching on.

“Mum?” Todd said in surprise. “Oh well you look too young to be a mother.”

“Yes, well I am,” Ginny replied uncomfortably.

“Well that doesn’t bother me at all,” Todd said and grinned at her again.

“Small strawberry ice cream please,” she said stiffly, not caring at all for the boy’s obvious flirting. She really hoped Harry would come soon.

“Right away,” Todd said clueless to Ginny’s displeasure. He set about getting their orders and handed the ice cream to James and Emily. He gave Ginny hers and let his hand linger too long giving her the total.

“So would it be possible for you get a sitter for Friday night?” Todd asked as Ginny reached into her handbag for her Muggle money

“No, it wouldn’t.”

Ginny nearly sighed in relief at hearing Harry’s voice.

“I’ll get it love. Actually, throw in a regular chocolate sundae with raspberry topping please,” Harry said pulling out his money and making sure the attendant saw his wedding ring. He put the money on the counter and put his arm around Ginny’s shoulders pulling her slightly to him and kissing her quickly on the lips.

“Kids being good?” he asked smiling down at their son and daughter who were both too busy to be bothered by anything but their ice cream.

“James is getting a bit of an attitude and Emily is back to being a lion no thanks to you,” Ginny replied and dug into her ice cream.

“But it’s cute when she roars,” Harry chuckled and grinned down at his daughter. He shot a look at Todd and made a motion for him to hurry with his order.

Todd looked slightly taken aback and went about making the sundae. He handed it to Harry, rang them up and handed Harry his change.

“Have a nice day,” he muttered careful not to look at Ginny and immediately made himself busy behind the counter.

The young family left the ice cream parlor and headed toward the Leaky Cauldron to Floo back home.

“Ginny, what flavor is that?” Harry asked frowning at the ice cream she had.

Ginny hesitated for a moment before she said as nonchalantly as possible, “Strawberry.”

“But you don’t like strawberry,” Harry frowned.

“I know,” Ginny replied watching her children carefully as they walked in front of them. “But I seem to become partial to it at certain times.”

It took Harry a moment to figure out what she meant. He glanced between their children and Ginny before his eyes strayed down to her stomach.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

Ginny shrugged popping another spoonful of her ice cream into her mouth. “Not really but it does make sense. You’ve seen how I’ve been lately,” Ginny sighed.

“Sick, tired, irritable,” he listed off her symptoms earning a glare from his wife, “well you are. Do you think you’re going to be okay to take the kids trick-or-treating?”

“Oh honestly Harry, I’m pregnant not terminally ill,” she scoffed. “You do this every time.”

“No I don’t,” Harry argued back.

Ginny closed her eyes for a moment. It was stupid for them to argue over this in public with their children right in front of them. She wasn’t even sure if she was pregnant again though she had a very strong feeling that she was.

“Sorry,” Harry muttered tossing his now empty container into a nearby bin and wrapping his arm around her waist. “I’m being a git.”

“As always,” she teased grinning at them. Harry kissed her cheek and let her ago, picking up Emily and swinging her into the air. She giggled in glee as Harry set her on his shoulders.

After a quick stop in the apothecary the Potters were finally home. Both children had wanted to wear their costumes but their parents were relentless and refused to let them wear them until Halloween. They had sulked about it but neither mother nor father was going to give in. At bed time Harry tucked their children in while Ginny went to brew the Pregnancy Potion kit. Harry had just turned out the lights in Emily’s room and activated the nightlight when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist.

“Done?” he asked and he felt her nod against his back.

“There’s no tricks, just a treat, soon we’ll hear the pitter patter of little feet,” she said.

“Cute Gin, very cute,” he snorted at her rhyme in sarcasm. Ginny pulled away and smacked his arm.

“I thought it was cute!” she said in indignation. “Besides, it’s more creative than me saying, ‘guess what love, we’re pregnant yet again’.”

“I was sort of partial to the way you told me about Emily,” Harry replied as they quietly left their daughter’s room and went into their own room.

“All I said was that I love strawberries and you had no clue what it meant. Then I told you James was going to have a little playmate and you thought another kid was going to come over! I practically had to spell out it out to you,” Ginny teased as she got into her pajamas.

“You know I think I ought to get you pregnant more often just to hear the ways you tell me,” Harry grinned and thought of the prospects. “You know, I really do enjoy the making the baby part.”

“Oh I’m sure you do. Well I’m not entirely sold on the labor portion which you so conveniently get to miss out on,” Ginny replied.

“Not my hand,” Harry muttered under his breath hoping his wife didn’t hear him.

She merely rolled her eyes and got into bed wanting for Harry to finish up.

“I wonder what the family will say,” Ginny mused out loud as Harry finally climbed in next to her.

“Maybe what took us so long? Emily is older than James was when we had her. And then Bryce —” he stopped talking and they stared at each other in silence. It was so hard for them to talk about Bryce even after all these years. Every year on the day of Ginny’s miscarriage and his would have been birthday they visited the small grave, leaving their children with their grandparents. He would have been four years old by now. . . .

“They’ll be happy for us,” Ginny said pushing back the wave of sadness she felt. “Another grandchild for them to spoil and swoon over.”

Harry wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close and kissing her forehead. “I can’t wait for this new one.”

Ginny smiled and kissed him. “Me neither.”

* * * * * *

“I cannot believe you let him get that thing!” Ginny hissed angrily into Harry’s ear as they walked up the stairs leading to the front door of Ron and Hermione’s home.

“It’s made of plastic and it’s not dangerous,” Harry argued. “It’s part of the costume!”

“It doesn’t matter! If he hurts himself or Emily with that blasted thing this will be the last time we have any children,” she warned, leaving him gaping at her as she rang the doorbell.

Ron and Hermione Weasley lived in a Muggle neighborhood making it easier for Hermione’s family to visit. A few well-placed charms hid anything remotely magically in their home while her side of the family was over.

Tonight was strictly witches and wizards only (with the exception of Hermione’s parents), as the couple were throwing a Halloween party in their home. Harry and Ginny had decided that they would take their children trick-or-treating in Ron and Hermione’s neighborhood as they knew it was safe. So, dressed in their costumes (Harry as a pirate and Ginny as a bunny), they arrived on the doorstep with James and Emily excited about getting free candy.

The door opened and Hermione emerged wearing what looked like a piece of leopard printed cloth wrapped around her.

“Auntie Hermy!” James and Emily cried, running inside and throwing their arms around Hermione’s legs. She let out a surprised gasp but hugged them warmly.

“And what do we have here?” she asked sweetly looking at Emily.

“I lion!” Emily shouted and proceeded to roar at her aunt. She grinned up at her and Ginny noticed Hermione was trying not to laugh.

“Oh my, what a scary roar that was,” Hermione said and patted the top of Emily’s head. She looked at James and smiled at him, “And what are you?”

“I’m a ninja!” he proclaimed, taking his plastic sword out of its holder and swung it around. Ginny quickly pulled Emily out of the way and sent a nasty glare at Harry.

“I told you!” she hissed and picked up Emily, marching her into the house.

Hermione raised her eyebrows at Ginny who merely rolled her eyes. “Where’s Ron?”

“Hiding,” Hermione sighed after greeting Harry and closing the door behind them. “We did a couple’s costume thing and he doesn’t want to be seen in it. He’s being a big baby about it.”

“Matching outfits?” Harry asked and grinned wickedly. He looked around the house and bellowed, “Oi! Ron! Give us a look at the loin cloth!”

Despite Ginny’s anger with her husband she couldn’t help but smirk at Harry. She couldn’t wait to see Ron’s costume either.

“Shove it Potter!” Ron shouted back from somewhere upstairs. “Don’t make me hex you in front of your children!”

“Ronald Weasley, don’t you dare use such words in front of young children! Get down here now before your guests arrive!” the sound of Molly Weasley’s voice filled the room. Ginny looked up and saw her mother, dressed as a medieval queen standing in the hallway. She was glaring up the stairs as if that would force Ron to come down the stairs. Shaking her head, she turned and smiled at her grandchildren.

“Oh there’s my little angels,” she said holding at her arms and approaching them. “Come and give Grandmum a kiss.”

She embraced them, kissing them and swooning over their costumes. She then greeted Harry and finally her daughter. When she pulled away she frowned and looked Ginny up and down.

“You’re different,” she noted.

“I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about Mum,” Ginny lied looking behind her mother and spotting more of the family. She hastily excused herself and went to greet her brothers and sister-in-laws.

While the Potters greeted the rest of the family, Hermione had stormed up the stairs to talk some sense into Ron. There was a lot of muffled shouting but soon enough there was the sound of two sets of feet coming down the stairs. Hermione entered the room looking rather proud of herself and behind her came a very embarrassed Ron.

He wore an outfit very similar to Hermione’s except it draped over one shoulder, showing off quite a bit of his chest and cut very short. It came up to his knees and he was desperately trying to tug it down.

Harry and her brothers roared with laughter. Even James and Emily were giggling at their uncle. Ginny tried to keep it in but failed miserably at it. The only ones not laughing were Hermione and her parents.

“Where’s your tree eh Ron?” Harry asked, elbowing his friend in the stomach and grinning widely.

“Don’t you have your children’s teeth to rot out,” Ron grumbled glaring at his friend.

“Ronald!” Molly bristled and Ron muttered an apology.

“So Ginny,” Fred grinned after he got over Ron’s costume, “what are you, Harry’s little playmate?”

Ginny frowned but Harry turned red. She was wearing bunny ears and a tail with a white shirt and pants. She had been concerned about the shirt as it was now fitting tightly and showed her growing stomach (which had been a surprise but after a visit to Mrs. Jacobs the week before it was understandable).

“I’m not sure what that means,” Molly said staring at Ginny knowingly, “but a bunny is very fitting don’t you think, dear?”

Molly’s eyes glanced at her stomach and Ginny instinctively placed her hands over it. She felt color rise in her cheeks.

“Just taking after you Mum,” Ginny replied and immediately regretted it. She hadn’t meant to say that out loud!

The entire family was now staring between the two women, all of them seemingly to have caught on to what was going on. Ginny wished the ground would just open up right now and swallow her whole.

“Mum, I didn’t mean it like that,” Ginny immediately apologized. “I’m so sor—”

But she was cut off as her mother engulfed her in a very tight hug.

“Oh Ginny,” she cried letting go slightly and smiling tearfully at her daughter, “another one?”

Relieved that her mother was not going to kill her for the comment Ginny relaxed and nodded in response to her mother’s question.

“Actually, it’s two,” Ginny said and watched her mother’s eyes go wide.

“Twins?” Molly cried looking between her daughter and son-in-law. This time she pulled both Harry and Ginny into a hug, squishing Emily in the process.

The rest of the family seemed to have caught on to what was going on and were offering their congratulations. Emily liked the attention she was getting and James was just frowning at his parents in confusion.

“Daddy?” he asked. “Why is everyone happy and hugging you and Mummy?”

“Well see Mummy and I are going to have another baby. Two new babies actually,” Harry explained.

“Oh,” James said and nodded. He thought for a moment and looked up at Ginny. “Mummy, where do babies come from?”

Ginny looked back at her son in shock, unsure of what to say to him. She looked up at her own parents for help and only got looks of amusement. She looked at Harry hoping he would be some help but he was looking just as lost as Ginny was at the moment. How did you tell a five year old where babies came from?

“How about we get some candy now?” Ginny asked effectively distracting James from his question.

After a quick explanation from Harry and some candy from Hermione, the Potters were out in the cold October air ready to begin their journey.

“So we just go up and knock on the door, say ‘tick-or-treat’ and we get candy?” James asked when they began walking down the pavement.

“Trick not tick, but that’s it,” Harry nodded. “Easy enough, eh?”

James nodded enthusiastically and grabbed Emily’s hand, his empty pillow case swinging in his other hand. “Come on Emmy! Let’s get some candy!”

The two young Potter children ran off ahead of their parents and up the walk to the house next to Ron and Hermione’s. Both froze in the drive however, and it was easy to tell why.

The house was decorated in a variety of frightful things, even more frightful than that awful Halloween shop Harry had taken them to. The yard had several tombstones covered with spiderwebs a few with bone hands and skulls sticking out from the ground. More cobwebs covered the walls and fence and had spiders placed on them. A coffin stood near the front door and was opening and closing with a gruesome hand sticking out of it. Someone was screaming and there was a loud evil laugh accompanying it. The only pleasant thing sitting outside the house was a carved pumpkin.

“Go on,” Harry encouraged the scared children and both shook their heads.

Ginny sighed. She just knew this was a horrible idea.

“What if Daddy and I come along with you?” Ginny suggested.

James nodded for himself and his sister. Ginny took their hands in hers and went up to the front door with Harry bringing up the rear.

“All right James,” Ginny said as they reached the door, “go on and ring the doorbell.”

James’ green eyes widened at the prospect of doing something like that. Ginny thought it had to do with the doorbell being covered in cobwebs as well.

“Its okay son, it’s not real,” Harry said. He stepped around Ginny and Emily and took James’ hand leading him to the doorbell. Harry pressed it for him and ushered James in front of him. He turned and took Emily’s hand, letting her stand next to James.

The door creaked open and a man who looked to be in his thirties stepped outside with a bowl of sweets in his hands.

James and Emily stared at the bowl with a look of longing.

“Do we say it now, Daddy?” James whispered to Harry. Harry chuckled and nodded.

“Trick-or-treat!” they shouted in unison.

“First time trick-or-treating?” the man asked.

“Yes. First house too,” Harry replied and grinned at his children.

“First house? Well then I think that deserves something a little extra,” the man said and dropped three pieces of candy into each of the pillow cases.

“Thank you!” James cried grinning up at the man.

“Tink you!” Emily shouted. The man smiled at them and closed the door.

The young family made their way down the walkway, the children over their fear of the house now that they had sweets in their bags.

Emily plunged a hand into her pillow case and tried to reach for a candy.

“Not now Emily, that’s for later,” Ginny said gently pulling her daughter’s hand out of the bag. Emily pouted but listened to her mother.

“That was easy, Daddy!” James exclaimed. “I wasn’t scared at all!”

Harry and Ginny shared a grin with each other but Emily on the other hand did not share her parents’ amusement.

“You scared! You scarededer!” Emily accused and glared at her older brother.

“No I wasn’t,” James denied and shook his head.

“Uh huh!” Emily shot back and crossed her arms.

“No I wasn’t! I was just pretending,” James defended himself and began to raise his plastic sword at his sister. Emily shrieked in fright and ran behind her mother’s legs.

“James Elijah Potter!” Ginny shouted and snatched the sword out of his hand.

“That is enough young man! You never point that thing at anyone especially your sister!”

James had the decency to look ashamed and looked at the pavement beneath his feet. Ginny shoved the sword into Harry’s hands and sent him an icy glare.

“We’ll talk about this later,” she hissed quietly to her husband and Harry was smart enough not to reply. She turned away from her husband and looked at her still abashed son. “If you threaten your sister again like that we are going home and you will not get any of the sweets you have. Understand?”

James nodded and apologized to his sister. Emily merely glared back at him and refused to talk to him. Instead she marched ahead with her head held high and her pillow case swinging angrily in her fist.

“She’s so much like you, it’s scary,” Harry muttered to Ginny as they walked on to the next house.

Ginny did not reply. She was too angry with Harry over that stupid plastic sword to talk to him. She merely picked up her speed and walked alongside her daughter.

After that the night was going rather smoothly for the Potters. Emily soon forgot her anger with her brother and they were now arguing over who had more candy. They were also fascinated with seeing other children dressed up as more and more families had begun to fill the street. Ginny had slowly forgiven her husband especially since he was being very helpful with their children and promised to give Ginny a foot and back massage that night when they got home. Ginny knew he hadn’t meant any harm by buying James the sword and that he was just excited over the holiday, but still he should have used his common sense. A five year old boy with a plastic sword was not always the brightest idea.

James and Emily had soon gotten the hang of trick-or-treating and Harry and Ginny often found themselves running after their children and shouting at them to slow down. It was easy enough for them to understand and do. They knock on a door, say a few words, and get sweets. The more they did that, the more candy they got.

The young family reached a small blue house that didn’t have any of the same scary decorations as many of the others were. It had orange lights adorning the roof fence and many pumpkins carved with friendly faces. There were cartoon style ghosts posed in waves and other friendly actions. It seemed quite pleasant and Ginny much preferred this house to any of the others.

Now down with the routine, James and Emily ran up to the front porch and waited impatiently for Harry and Ginny to join them. Their parents were carrying their pillow cases which were now heavy with a wide assortment of sweets. Ginny was internally cringing at the pending stomach aches that were sure to come from the candy in the very near future. Once the young children had their pillow cases in hand, James rang the doorbell and they both eagerly waited for the door to open.

“Trick-or-treat!!” they chorused together holding out their pillow cases when the door opened and an elderly gentleman opened the door. He, like everyone else that evening, had a bowl of candy in his hands and a friendly smile on his face.

“Is that so?” he asked and smiled at Emily and James. “Well then I think I’ll take a trick.”

This had caught James and Emily by surprise. No one in the evening had done that. They knew that they were supposed to say the words and they got candy.

“Excuse me?” James asked, reverting quickly to his manners and looking behind him at his parents.

“You said trick-or-treat. I asked to see a trick,” the man said with a teasingly smile on his face.

This had obviously confused James and Emily. They had no idea what was going on. James seemed to have figured out something for he suddenly spoke up.

“I can’t do magic yet. Mummy and Daddy told me I’m not allowed to. But Daddy can show you something! He’s a really good wizard!”

Ginny and Harry were shocked by James’ words. Ginny looked at her husband who was gaping at their son. He gained his composure and smiled on the elderly man.

“Kids you know. Got great imaginations,” Harry said, clapping James on the shoulder. Ginny noticed he pressed a little too firmly on their son’s shoulder but James didn’t make any notion that he noticed that. Instead he looked up at his father and frowned.

The old man chuckled good-naturedly. “I shouldn’t have toyed with them like that. All right little ones, here are your sweets.”

Each child received two pieces of candy and with a thank you to the elderly gentleman they left the house.

Emily had become tired after that and Harry ended up having to carry her candy as well as her as she snuggled close to him and nodded off on his shoulder. Harry and Ginny decided that they had enough for the night and despite James’ protest they went back to Ron and Hermione’s house.

They had only stayed for a few minutes just to say goodbye and to use the Floo Network to get back home. Once at home, Harry took Emily to her room to put her to bed leaving Ginny with a very determined James.

“Can’t I have some of it tonight, Mummy?” James begged his hands clasped in front of his face and looking hopefully up at Ginny. “Can’t I have half of it?”

“James you cannot have half of your candy tonight. You’ll make yourself sick,” Ginny refused ushering him up the stairs to his room.

“No I won’t, I promise!” he continued to beg.

“No James. It’s time for bed. You can have some of your candy tomorrow,” Ginny said.

“For breakfast?” he grinned up at her.

“James Elijah Potter,” Ginny warned using his full name twice in the past few hours.

“Okay, okay,” he moaned. “After lunch?”

“We’ll see. Get into your pajamas,” Ginny sighed.

James obeyed and Ginny was very happy to see him yawning as he got ready for bed. Just as he climbed under his blanket, Harry walked in. They said goodnight, switched on James’ nightlight and left his room. Ginny stopped by Emily’s room to say goodnight to her before joining Harry in their bedroom.

“That was some night,” Harry sighed, stretching his arms above his head and sighing as he dropped them to his sides.

“That was,” Ginny agreed pulling off her clothes and getting into her nightdress.

“The kids had fun,” Harry said, pulling off his costume. He grabbed an undershirt and slipped it over his head.

“They did,” she agreed once more and sat on their bed, watching Harry finish up. Soon enough he was done and sat next to her. Ginny however stared at him waiting for him to make due on his promise from earlier.

“What?” he asked.

Ginny merely smiled slyly at him and raised her foot wiggling her toes as she did.

“You promised me a foot massage. Get on with it Potter,” she said.

“But love,” he said, “I’m knackered. It was more work than I thought taking the kids around.”

“Well I am your pregnant wife and may I remind you that I am carrying two of your children this time. Make due with the promise,” she replied. “Or someone will be making the sitting room their bed for a few weeks.”

Harry sighed but stood up and sat at the edge of the bed. Ginny scooted back and rested against the headboard as Harry took her foot and began rubbing it.

“I’m still not happy about that sword Harry,” Ginny said as she enjoyed her foot massage.

“I know and I’m really sorry. I promise I won’t get him anything like that next year,” Harry said moving his hands up and caressing her ankle.

Ginny’s eyes slid closed and she sighed in pleasure. She loved his hands.

“Next year?” she managed to ask.

“Yeah,” he said, “We’ll let them go again next year won’t we?”

He had such a desperate tone to his voice that it made her feel bad about being slightly angry with him. Ginny opened her eyes and leaned forward stopping him from his massage. She gently lifted his chin with her hand and forced him to look her in the eye.

“This meant a lot to you, didn’t it?” she asked softly.

He sighed, averting his eyes from her face and nodded. He pulled her hand away from his face and held her. He reached out and placed his other hand on her stomach.

“You know I had an awful childhood,” he said quietly gently rubbing his hand across her stomach. “I never got to do what everyone else did. I didn’t get presents on my birthday or Christmas or anything like that. Every year Dudley would go out and bring back loads of candy and I was left in my cupboard. He would tease me about it and taunt me with the candy he got. All I got to have then were those nightmares of my parents being murdered.

“I just . . . I wanted to do this with James since he was born and then Emily came along and I wanted both of them to experience something like this, even if it is a Muggle thing.

“I want to give them everything, you know? James and Emily they’re . . . I love them so much and I want them to have the world,” he said quietly.

His hand stilled on Ginny’s stomach and he smiled. “And I want to give these two everything as well. I still can’t believe we’re having twins.”

Ginny felt her eyes prickle with tears as he slid onto his stomach and began kissing her stomach and talking softly to their unborn children. Sometimes she forgot how awful Harry had it as a child.

“Harry,” she said after a few moments of watching him being in awe of becoming a father all over again. He looked up at her questioningly. “You’re such a wonderful father, you know that?”

He gave her a half-smile. “I’m trying.”

“And succeeding,” she replied. “I think that we should definitely do this next year. The twins are due in May so they’ll be five months old by next Halloween. Maybe we can dress them up as pumpkins?”

Harry laughed and sat up. He leaned over her causing Ginny to fall back onto the mattress and stare up at him.

“Thank you for being such a wonderful and understanding wife,” he said brushing her hair out of her face.

“Well it’s not easy you know,” she sighed tragically. “Being the wife of Harry Potter and all; it’s a lot of hard work.”

“Minx,” he said kissing the tip of her nose causing Ginny to giggle.

He pulled back and stared down at her.

“Happy Halloween, Ginny,” he whispered. He kissed her, pulling her close to him. Ginny sighed into the kiss and buried her face in his neck when he pulled away.

“Happy Halloween, Harry.”

He rolled to his side, bringing her with him and pulled the blankets over them. But just as Ginny was drifting off to sleep something came back to her from earlier in the evening.

“Harry, what exactly did Fred mean by me being your playmate?”

The End
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