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Post-Match Euphoria
By xo_morgie33

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Category: Post-OotP
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Ron Weasley
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 8
Summary: HBP missing moment: What really happened after that glorious first kiss in the common room.
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Disclaimer: JK Rowling's characters, world, etc. She has all the fun. =D

Author's Notes:

Short, one-shot, HBP-Missing moment. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW. Please. Thanks guys, it really helps a lot!


Post-Match Euphoria

If Ginny Weasley could some up her emotions at the moment in two words, it would possibly be something like ‘Holy crap’. Because normally, when someone whom you’ve liked for a very long time comes along and kisses you, your first thoughts thereafter are not “How was your detention?”

Walking through the Great Hall there were many whispers and angry boys, as well as giggling girls, and a select few sobbing ones, most everyone shooting death glares at the prospective couple. Harry wrapped his arm protectively around Ginny, and she grinned up at him, her shining chocolate eyes meeting his sparkling emerald ones.

They were holding hands now, leisurely making there way to the lakeshore outside, when suddenly, Harry stopped at the door. Ginny cocked her head and looked at him questionably. His face was pained, as if he was trying to say something, but not completely sure how.

Harry gave her a spare-me smile, and the moment was lost. A need for words was currently unnecessary. Gryffindors who had experienced first-hand the magical (the only word Ginny had come up with to describe the sensation) moment Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley had shared in their post-match euphoria, gave them knowing grins as they filed in for a late lunch.

The pair grinned at each other like the love struck fools they were, and continued their stroll outside.

The wind picked up, and Harry felt the peculiar urge to pull her closer to him, and acted upon this. She did not pull back, and wrapped her slender (and slightly bruised from the match) arms around his waist. Ginny was still dressed in her Quidditch uniform, the red and gold Gryffindor colors making her long hair seem to glow. The wind whipped their faces, creating a larger mess out of the jet-black nest upon Harry’s head, which he frequently referred to as ‘hair’. He hardly noticed, and Ginny found it rather attractive.

Walking towards the lake, where many angry Ravenclaws and Slytherins were killing time after lunch, nobody paid the slightest bit of shocked or awed attention to the couple. The majority was Slytherins, after all, and they clearly didn’t give a bugger which Gryffindor couple-of-the-week had sauntered outside. The Ravenclaws were also giving death glares to Ginny, evidently jealous of her mad Seeking skills.

Harry and Ginny must have been telepathically connected, for they both inclined their head at the same tree. The twosome gave each other knowing grins as they sat down on the grass, under the leafless tree. Almost naturally, Harry spread his legs so Ginny could sit between them, and she rested her head upon his shoulder. Their hands were intertwined, and peaceful looks graced their faces. It was as if this was completely normal, and still no words were spoken.

They sat there, under that tree, until past dusk, giggling and kissing, and not discussing the Quidditch match. Harry felt extremely comfortable around Ginny, she was genuinely friendly and fun, with a good sense of humor, or a tolerance for rotten jokes on Harry’s part rather.

Ginny was a gorgeous girl, really. Her hair was auburn and curly-ish, a great place to tangle your hands in when passionate kissing came into play. Her eyes were the most gorgeous shade of chocolate brown, amber flecks glistening when she smiled, and almost a murky purple when they went dark with desire. She was quite tall for her age, and did not sporadically begin crying every five minutes, which Harry quite appreciated.

Ginny was quite happy with Harry’s company, as well. He was not a sore loser, even after she beat him at least six times in a who-can-throw-the-rock-the-farthest-into -lake contest. His hair was not gelled or slicked back, but naturally, and quite strikingly messy. His smile was lopsided, his unbelievably gorgeous eyes emerald green. He did not yell at her when she pinched him playfully or talk to her about school.

At around half-past seven, the couple decided it was a good time to head upstairs to the common room, and they were both anticipating excruciatingly long and painful lectures from a certain Ronald Weasley. They ascended the stairs gingerly, and, in unison, gave the password to the portrait of the Fat Lady. She swung forward to reveal a nearly empty common room, with a fire cackling invitingly in the hearth. Ginny blissfully acknowledged that Harry had allowed her to walk through the portrait hole all by herself, and he didn’t even let her go first. A couple of fourth-year girls scurried up to their dormitory, giggling madly, as they entered. Harry and Ginny gave a sigh of relief, and bid each other goodnight. With one long, sweet, lingering kiss, they ascended once again towards their appropriate wings.

“It’s a hippogriff, isn’t it?” Romilda Vane inquired. She sat upon the stairs outside of Ginny’s dormitory, her long black hair in a ponytail, falling down her back. She was shooting daggers at Ginny.

“Pardon?” Ginny looked incredulously at the girl.

“Harry’s tattoo, the one on his chest. Rita Skeeter said that he had a hippogriff tattooed on his chest.” She replied, like it was the most normal thing in the world. Ginny bit back a laugh, and decided to play along. This would be fun.

“One should never believe something written by a cow like Rita Skeeter,” Ginny poised herself. “And besides, it’s a Hungarian Horntail.” Ginny chewed the inside of her cheek, and began to walk past Romilda.

“I’m not giving up, you know.” Romilda glared at Ginny again, before she herself stood, and walked to her dorm, her pointed nose stuck pompously in the air.

“Good to know,” she whispered, and entered her dorm, in which her dorm mates were sitting upon their beds, brushing their hair and finishing up last-minute assignments and talking quite animatedly together.

“I always new they’d be together,” Heather Matz was boasting loudly.

“A shame that wasn’t me, though,” whined Kelsey Whitman.

“Shut it you lot, she’s here!” declared one of her dearest friends, Jen Zink. Jen gave Ginny a sweet smile and rolled her eyes at the other girls, who were all crowding around her bed, asking questions in long, fast sentences that caused extreme pain to Ginny’s brain, which was in overdrive, considering the day’s events.

Ginny happily answered their questions in as much detail that she wished to offer. After all, she was the only one who was supposed to have the best dreams that night, not her nosy dorm mates. Speaking of dreams, her thoughts lingered back to Harry, where she expected he’d be getting a terribly annoying lecture from Ron.

She’d be right.

“I swear, Harry, if you hurt her, I’ll…I’ll…” Ron was jabbing his finger into Harry’s chest rather harshly.

“I know, Ron, I know,” Harry groaned inwardly. This would be a long night. “The girl has six brothers, I wouldn’t even if I dared,” he held his hands up in surrender. Ron looked pleased, and lied back down on his respective bed, as did Harry.

“I’m really happy for you, Harry,” he smiled genuinely. “You’re the only one good enough for her, and anyway, I’m not completely blind.” Ron turned and grinned at a bewildered Harry.

“What’s that mean?” Harry asked incredulously.

“That means, that the way you stare at my sister, makes the way all those gaggling girls stare at you, quite normal,” Ron turned over, pleased, and loud snores followed.

Harry, who was still sitting upright on his bed, stared at Ron, still mystified by his observations of Harry’s love life. Was he that obvious? Harry didn’t know, but allowed his thoughts to linger once more on his love life. The entire day had been a blur, but such a wonderful day it had been.

Ginny was perfect for him, he knew it.

And, apparently, so did everyone else in Hogwarts castle.

Reviews 8

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