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Nervous Giggles
By saz j

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Extreme Language
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Sequeal to "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These" After all dreams, and after breakfast.
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Author's Notes:
So, I got asked to write a squeal to “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These”. So, here it is. I thank all who read and reviewed that one off, and give them this.
Thank you to Breanie for the help and the nudge.
Enjoy and please review.


**Better to read Sweet Dreams Are Made of These, before you read this.**

Ginny woke up on New Year’s Day, with a smile on her face. That was one sweet dream, she bit her lip thinking of how real it felt and how she ached it would be, but dreams are only dreams.

She walked down the stairs to the smell of bacon.

“Happy New Year Ginny!” smiled Hermione, who had been eating her toast.

“Yeah, you too Hermione!” Ginny smiled back.

She also noticed that Harry was sat sitting next to Hermione, and she didn't dare look at him, for fear of a blush.

“Happy New Year Gin!” said Harry. She didn't look at him, and pretended to be helping herself to some warm milk that was on the table.

“Same to you, thank you Harry.”

“Had a sweet dream last night Ginny?” asked Hermione.

Both Ginny and Harry spat their milk out.

“Thought as much!” smiled Hermione.

Just the reaction she was looking for.

Ginny stared at Hermione.

“What did you say Hermione?”

Hermione smirked, “I said, thought as much!”

Ginny shook her head, “No, I meant, before that!”

Harry was still staring at Hermione, his mouth hanging open.

“Oh, I asked if you had a sweet dream!” Hermione giggled.

Harry cleared his throat, “Why would Ginny have had a sweet dream?”

Hermione sighed, “Oh, I’m going to enjoy this!”

Ginny nervously giggled, “Um, yeah, OK, I’m going to get-um, bye.”
Ginny grabbed her piece of toast and ran for it.

Harry turned to Hermione. “Right, let’s get this straight. Listening to peoples conversations is rude!”

Hermione couldn’t hold it any longer and burst out laughing. “Oh, Harry, I couldn’t sleep, and it was kinda hard not to listen!”

Harry smirked, “She still thinks it’s a dream!”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “Oh please, Ginny thinks she’s not worthy of you, personally, I think that you are not worthy of her!”

“Oh, thanks a lot Hermione. That made my day!”

She shrugged, “Harry, I didn’t see you come to her rescue this time!”

This time, Harry shrugged, “Well, I told her that it wasn’t a dream and to trust me-“

She laughed, “I did hear every thing, but like I said, she thought it was a dream-“

He waved her comment away, “So, you think that I should … what, go over to her, snog her senseless and scare her away, she bloody LOVES me for Merlin’s sake!”

She smiled, “And you-“

“LOVE HER BACK!” he hissed.

Hermione’s smiles cracked into a grin, “Then go and tell her!”

Harry raised his eyebrow in amusement, “I will if you will!”

“Excuse me?”

“Go tell Ron you love him!”

Hermione giggle (nervously).

Ginny was sitting under the beach tree nibbling her piece of toast, until someone stood over her, blocking her light.

“Ron, move would you, you’re in my light!”

“Sorry, I just wanted to clear a few things up,” came deep voice, not belonging to her brother.

Ginny’s face turned a deep shade of red, “Oh, Harry, sorry I thought-”

“I was Ron,” he finished.

He sat down beside her and stretched. “Good night?”

She didn’t turn to look at him, “Yeah, I guess!”

“Oh good, I thought I heard you talking in your sleep.”

She turned a shade of red that darkened to purple, “Oh?”

He nodded, “Yeah, I was walking to the kitchen and got, um distracted.”


“Yeah, I came in to see if every thing was OK.”

She gulped, Harry shifted toward her, a bit closer. “Yeah, you were talking in your sleep, and-” He was now inches away from her, he could smell her flowery scent, feel her breathing on his arm. “Normally I hear you screaming, nightmares from the chamber, just imagine the surprise I got when I realized you weren’t dreaming about the chamber but something much more interesting.” He leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Please trust me Gin, I am not going to hurt you.”

Ginny gasped and met his eyes as he placed his hand on her waist and with his other hand stroked her arm. “Harry-” she moaned.

“Shh,” he soothed, began to stroke her hair, and she felt herself tense up.

“Why so tense?” he whispered. He then began to massage her shoulders, she gave in and relaxed. “That’s better Gin, I’m glad you never dreamt about Dean.” He placed a kiss on her head, and traced kisses down her neck to which her hand grabbed his leg and she pulled herself up so that her legs wrapped around his waist.

“Game over Potter, my turn!” and she bent down and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. Suddenly he pinned her down onto the grass and crushed her lips to his. She opened her mouth to allow access and their tongues danced together as one.

“Mmm, that’s better,” moaned Harry.

“Yeah, much better.”

They stared at each other for five minutes, “Gin?”


He smiled, “Do you really love me?”

She bit her lip, “Yeah, I really do-“

“Good, I’m glad.”

She sighed, “I thought I’d scare you telling you that!”

He kissed her, “No,” he whispered. “No, not when I love you back.”

Hermione watched as two of her close friends kissed under the tree near the lake.

She sighed, this is how it should be, she thought.

A shadow caught her light, and walked up next to her.

“When did this happen?”

Again, Hermione sighed, “Last night.”

Ron nodded, “OH, they seem happy.”

“Yes, they've told each other how they feel, finally.”

Ron shrugged, “Yeah, it's been a while, Merlin I've expected it.”

Hermione huffed, “You noticed then, did you?”

“What's that supposed to mean?” Ron asked.

Hermione turned to face him, her eyes a blaze, “Only that you don't usually see what's right in front of you, do you?”

Ron stepped back and gulped, “I, I, I don't?” he stammered nervously.

Hermione screamed, “Arrg, NO RONALD, you DO NOT tell the one girl you have liked for ages how you truly feel!”

Ron's ears turned pink and he sighed, “Um, Mione, make sense would you?”

She could feel her head pounding — that had been the last straw.

She stamped her feet, throwing her arms up in the air and heaved a heavy sigh, “Forget it!”

Ron watched her go, her frizzy hair blowing in the slight breeze. He wasn't in the least bit confused; he knew exactly what she had meant.

So he followed her, without her knowing.

She went straight into her bedroom, slamming the door.

He stood and stared at the door, for maybe five minutes, and then worked up the courage to knock.

“Who is it?” came a small voice.

“It's me, can I come in?”

She slowly opened the door and popped her head around, “What?”

He took hold of the door, swinging it open so that she had to move out of the way. He closed the door behind him and he sighed, before he finally turned around to face her. He took her all in, her frizzy but tamed hair, her slim slender body, the warm colour of her eyes, the moisture on her lips. He walked towards her, close enough that he could feel her hot breath on his neck.

“I'm not stupid; I was just waiting for the right time and place,” he whispered as he stared lovingly into her eyes.

“Prove it to me,” she croaked.

So he did.

He bent his head and leaned in to capture her scent, and breathed her in. His lips touched hers, softly, and then he kissed her. For the first and not for the last time. She swung her arms around his neck and he deepened the kiss.

When they finally broke apart she bit her lip and giggled, but she wasn't nervous, not at all.

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