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My Own Padfoot
By Marauder Evans

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Rating: R
Reviews: 41
Summary: *** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated in over 2 years ***

Harry needs to find a way to protect Ginny. Which method does he use? Ginny, on the other hand, has gotten a new pet. And why does Harry seem to be popping up around the castle wherever she is? She doesn’t need protection! She has Padfoot to protect her from danger. Or is it really Padfoot who’s protecting her?
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Author's Notes:
Sorry took so long! Exams blew into my face! Enjoy this one!


My Own Padfoot
The Grim


Padfoot paced through Ginny’s room. What to do?

Ginny had locked him up in her room, leaving a warning that he’d murdered if he broke anything. He really didn’t know what to do in Ginny’s room. Of course, he could chew her shoes, pee in every corner, or rip out all of the feathers in her pillow, but then he would get kicked out or even get Bat-Bogeyed. Padfoot sighed; the only way to get out of here was to transform into his human self, but then he would be discovered.

Well, you did tell Ginny you were going to come early…

Padfoot concentrated hard: green-eyed, blind bloke with messy raven hair…

As his body started to renovate he saw his dog form disappear until a boy with a 6’2 body, well-sculpted chest, green eyes and messy raven hair appeared. Harry wrinkled his nose when he saw that his vision was a total blur. He conjured his glasses, putting them on, now noticing that he was only in a pair of boxers.

He conjured a few of Ginny’s clothes before transforming them into men’s wear. Harry could only imagine what Ginny would say if she was in the room. Too late. Harry heard the unlocking of the door, followed by clicking heels and Ginny’s voice that rang through his ears with fear.

“Pads? Padfoot? Come here boy!” Ginny stepped through the portrait hole, dropping her bags and cloak on the couch as she made her way towards the bedroom.

Harry gasped. He was trying desperately to turn but he just couldn’t. Harry did the only thing he could think of: hide in her closet. Harry scrambled into Ginny’s closet. It was just as broad as him, or maybe even smaller. Harry tried to swipe away the hangers and clothes that attacked him.

“Padfoot? What are you doing in there? What’s that noise?”

Harry gasped and froze when Ginny strolled in the room. I applaud you, Potter. So, about the burial invitations…. Harry felt his muscles tense and held his breath as Ginny walked by the closet.

Ginny furrowed her brows. She was sure she heard noises coming form her room. Maybe the lack of sleep’s getting to me. Ginny sighed before turning her direction to the bathroom.

Harry was straining now. He was holding three pairs of Ginny’s shoes over his face, a box of Merlin knows what on his back and if he moved they would both make noise or fall and make noise. Harry inhaled deeply and made the balance of the box shift, causing it to slide off Harry’s back. There was a loud crash followed by silence.

Through the tiny openings of the closet, he saw Ginny walk toward him with an amused smile on her face. “Pads, how did you get in there? I thought I closed it.”

Ginny pulled open the closet door –

“Hey, Ginny! Are you here? I saw the portrait open.” A deep voice called out as the individual entered the room.

Harry immediately scowled. What the hell was Michael Corner doing in Ginny’s bedroom? Harry saw Michael flash Ginny some flirty smiles, who blushed but gave him an expecting look. “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Michael grinned at her — Harry gagged and rolled his eyes — “I can’t visit my girlfriend anymore?”

Harry watched Michael sweep Ginny into his arms, kissing her passionately. Harry felt the monster within him boil with rage. Steady boy…. Harry’s eyes widened when he saw Michaels hand snake toward Ginny’s bum. That’s it!

Before Michael could feel any more of Ginny’s bum, a huge black dog leaped at him, teeth flashing with a deadly stare. Padfoot spared him no mercy; he launched his teeth in Michael’s pants, pulling with such force Michael couldn’t scramble away.

“Padfoot! NO!” Ginny started trying to pull Padfoot’s death grip off of Michael’s leg.

After a massive struggle, Michael’s jeans were ripped and Ginny was still struggling to hold Padfoot down to prevent him from attacking poor Michael, who just lost his nine lives.

Michael stood up hastily as Ginny rose up with him, sending him apologetic looks. Michael quickly ran out of the room, Ginny in tow. She stopped briefly and turned to Padfoot. “You’re so dead, mister. Wait till I get back!”

Padfoot watched Ginny rush off and grinned victoriously. He got what he deserved…

Moments later Padfoot heard a loud bang and fierce clicking of heels until he noticed Ginny standing in front of him with a furious expression, hands crossed over her chest.

“What were you thinking Padfoot? You could’ve killed him, ripped off his leg for all I know! Don’t you dare think you’re going to go unpunished for this, young man!”

Padfoot cringed, whimpering slightly before sinking down and covering his eyes with his paws. Dear Merlin, she sounds like Molly.

He soon felt a grasp close around the fur by his neck. Ginny was dragging him somewhere but he didn’t know where until the door came in sight. Padfoot frowned, She’s taking me outside?

Once Ginny was outside she pointed her finger towards Padfoot. “You’re staying outside today and you’re not coming in until I finish my rounds past midnight!”

Padfoot gasped. But — but what do I have to do without you? He immediately turned on the puppy-eye mode. He only received a swift of wind as Ginny closed the door in front of his face.

He snorted. How nice. Now boredom will take over me until I shrivel up and die! Padfoot’s head snapped up. What was that smell? I smell a cat!

After Padfoot had successfully chased down Mrs. Norris, wasting one of her lives, he happily strolled to the tower of Hogwarts. He climbed up the North Tower, nudging a few classrooms open with his nose. He found Professor Trelawney sitting at her desk, hands circling a white ball. He rolled his eyes and suddenly got an evil gleam in his eyes. Padfoot grinned and mutely slipped into the classroom.

Professor Trelawney didn’t seem to notice is presence, so Harry grinned, crawling forward. He could hear Trelawney’s humming getting louder.

When he was close enough Padfoot tapped his paw against her shoe. The Professor seemed to snap out of her Sight and looked down at the black dog, also known as…

“THE GRIM! ALBUS, IT’S THE GRIM!” Professor Trelawney sprang out of her chair and sprinted towards the door screaming at full volume.


Ginny stood rooted on her spot. She saw Professor Trelawney pass her, running at full speed, followed by a big black dog, which was hers: Padfoot. Ginny watched as her Divination teacher ran down the corridor with Padfoot as her screams grew fainter.

Ginny quickly scurried up the stairs, repeating one line in her head.

That is not my dog….That is not my dog…


The cold breezy wind blew over the Hogwarts ground. The lake was frozen with a silky ice layer covering it. It was cold and no one dared to step a foot outside, except Padfoot, who had been thrown outside for the night by Ginny. She said she would come back for him after he’d cooled down.

He couldn’t see what he’d done wrong. All he had done was give Professor Trelawney a heart attack, attack Mrs. Norris, rip Michael’s jeans five times, chase after some innocent girls, scratch up some walls and pee on McGonagall’s robes. Now, honestly, what did he do wrong?

Padfoot decided to run around to warm himself. He ran toward Hagrid’s hut, running madly in circles around the house. While he was walking near the lake he saw a dark red flash run before his eyes. He quickly ran in the direction he last saw the flash.

Padfoot transformed and ran around the corner of the castle. He came face to face with a red cat. The cat seemed to recognize him, since it didn’t move. It was a red cat with a white collar around its neck. Harry walked toward the cat, who sniffed him affectionately.

Suddenly the cat jumped on Harry, jumping sideways before landing in front of him again, tail whipping excitedly. He grinned. So you want to play?

Harry played with the cat for hours to come; he teased it frequently before he would wrestle with it a bit. Seeing as the cat had such sharp teeth, he couldn’t be too rough before it attacked him. Harry sighed, petting the cat softly. Its fur was so red it reminded him of Ginny’s hair…and its eyes were just as hazel as hers.

He noticed the cat staring at him, purring at his ministrations. He smiled. “You must be a girl. You’re too beautiful to be a male. Aren’t you?”

The cat nudged Harry’s hand softly in response. He smiled and turned his attention to the lightning sky. He sighed. “I have to go before it’s too late. See you around, girl.”

The cat meowed and scurried towards him. Harry smiled, kneeling down to stroke her. “What? You don’t want me to go?”

The cat purred softly, seating itself on her back paws. Harry smiled when he saw the cat cock her head to the side. “Don’t give me that look. I promise I’ll see you soon, ok?”

The cat meowed loudly, clawing Harry’s pants as he frowned. “Hey, come on, don’t be sad. If you’re sad, I’m sad. Too bad I can’t take you into the castle with me.”

The cat’s head sprang up when he mentioned taking her inside Hogwarts. She meowed at him before running off towards the castle, meowing loudly for Harry to follow. Once Harry reached the castle he sighed at the cat who was sitting in front of the doors, looking at him expectantly. “I’m sorry girl, but if I take you in then someone might find out.”

Well, Ginny did the same, didn’t she? Besides, cats are allowed in the castle.

The cat inched closer to him, patting his leg with her paw and Harry gave in. “Ok, I’ll take you in. But only because I can’t let you stay out here in this cold.”

The cat hopped happily in front of him, making him laugh at her movements. He picked her up once they reached the staircase and tucked her inside his cloak, leaving only her head to pop out between the gaps.

He stopped in front of the Room of Requirement, thinking of a nice warm place to stay, until he heard a soft click. Harry walked inside the room. They were greeted by a red and orange colored room with a huge four-poster bed and a fire place not too far from it.

The cat jumped out of Harry’s cloak, landing on the bed before twirling in circles, snuggling herself on one of the pillows. Harry smiled, stripping his clothing before slipping into the bed beside her.

He stroked her softly as she purred with every movement. “You know…your fur reminds me of how soft her skin is. Your eyes are so brown they look like hers too. She’s just as pretty.” He scratched behind her ear. “She’s just as feisty.” Harry laughed when he stroked a bad spot causing the cat to jump and swat at him. “And just as forgiving.”

Harry trailed his hand up the cat’s spine that followed his hands movement. He smiled, picking her up and resting the cat on his chest who curled up against him. “You’re a cute little thing, you know?”

The cat purred loudly. Just as cute as her?

“Just as cute as her,” Harry said softly, his eyes fluttering close, still stroking the cat who was almost asleep.

Soon enough they both were sleeping soundly and Harry could only wonder why the aroma of flowers filled the room.


A/N: Ok, finally a update >< Read aboe my pathetic excuse, lol. My, a cat? Looks like someone has their own secret =] Review plz!
Reviews 41

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