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And This Is It. Love.
By Argentinian Fleur

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Category: Post-OotP, Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Harry/Ginny
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 4
Summary: One shot. Harry gives Ginny the only thing he can: peaceful dreams. Of course, he actually gives her much more. It must be the hardest thing to have the person you love the most peacefully asleep in front of you every morning for 90 days and not being able to even tell her what you feel...
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
This story must be read with some music on, and bearing in mind that I wrote it after watching a love movie. That means I wrote it really quick and without thinking much just 'letting in flow'... enjoy (and if you don't it's ok) forgive the many mistakes and try to review (you'll make my day).


It was the moment. Her eyes were closed, peacefully closed. The music he had just conjured was perfect. Her dreams were warm and safe now. And so was he, because she was perfect just as she was.

Watching her like that made him think so much, as usual. It was funny the things she could make him feel. Just by looking at him, by touching him, breathing the same air... in everything, at every moment, he could feel their connection, their bond. And it was amazing. It was more than amazing. It was magic. The most powerful and ancient magic. The sort of magic that had saved him once and that would save him always. There was no way of fighting that. He was a creature made from love, to love and to be loved. If love was to be the reason of his death, may it be. He would leave the world to enter the eternal life with a bright and peaceful smile on his face. Just as Ginny’s.

Was that a sign to tell him she was safe? Was she dreaming of them together? Not having spoken for months meant nothing. Her eyes and those seconds they and only they shared when their eyes made contact was enough for him. The world evaporated. And if it didn’t, they would evaporate the world just for them. Merlin, love was the engine of their lives. Of everyone lives.

Why not fight for it? Why not yelling for it? Wasn’t it the most worthy thing? Wasn’t it worth everything?

For the third night, he stood up slowly, leaving his wand behind, and went to his room. He closed his eyes, with a smile on his face and had peaceful dreams, just like Ginny’s. The next morning, he stood up slowly, savouring each second, knowing those were the last seconds Ginny would dream peacefully as he had to take his wand back, and the music with it.

As he had done two mornings before, and yesterday, he silently walked toward Ginny’s bedroom. Again, his door was an inch open. His entrance was always extremely silent, and there she was, again. Ginny, bathed in a colourful light. The colours from her window multiplied on her hair, rested on her skin, danced on her lips...

It was the most incredible sight ever. Every morning... wouldn’t he give the world for that sight... The first morning he saw that image, he knew he had fallen irremediably, in the most painful and deepest love with her. Without doubts, without regrets. He loved her. And that was it. Love was the most important thing and nothing else would matter in the end. If Ginny’s dreams were peaceful and she had a good day after them, then he would risk his neck crossing the whole house twice each day to leave her music and to take it back...and that was it.

Three months; full of emotions, good and bad ones. No close deaths, thank Merlin and God. It was full of threats and risks nevertheless. Hogwarts was temporarily closed. The beginning of the year had been put off until a new announcement, and three months, ninety peaceful mornings with Ginny (asleep). Ninety times he’d heard a little voice in his head saying once again that he was in love. Never had he thought that he would feel so proud of being in love. His mind was tolerating it perfectly. Again, all due to the power of pure love, the purest love. It wasn’t easy to have her so close every morning. It wasn’t easy to fight the temptation of staring at her all day long. And it wasn’t easy to be a gentleman in such a situation, but their love preserved him, he could control his hormones. Whenever he did had painful desires, his love for her would give him strength. They had to stay pure so the magic was complete. His pure love would save her. And that was it, over and over again. And nothing else mattered. It was his love, her love and destiny.

Once again, he retrieved his wand and turned slowly to leave, but her door was closed. That was out of the plan, which was not possible. He would never ever close the door. That was the key to escape unnoticed. On that depended everything, he would never close it...never.

‘Don’t leave’ her voice was the sweetest as always, but imperative.

Harry turned. Glad and charmed by her voice but incredibly alarmed and worried for her awakening. She had to remain asleep until he was gone. That would keep his love pure.

‘Why do you always leave so fast and silently?’ Ginny’s voice had a touch of pain and longing.

Wasn’t that obvious? Watching her asleep was difficult and yet good enough. Her eyes on him were simply too much.

‘You need to sleep. That’s all I can give you, and so I do.’

‘Still, you give me more than that.’

-Please stay in your bed.- That was all Harry could think. If she moved an inch towards him, he would run to her. He looked down.

‘You give me peace. My dreams are my home. You’re in them, always. You’re the music in my dreams.’

-Please...don't go on...-

‘You’ve become the music in my life too, Harry. I wake up and the music’s always in my mind. Haven’t you noticed? Everything I do... you’re there.’

-Just dream on...-

Harry turned to leave. He was losing that quietness he had endured all that time.

‘Don’t leave’ she was pleading now.

He stopped, but kept his back against her. He could feel her eyes on his back and it was blocking his brain.

‘I must say it Harry. If you leave, I don’t care. I just want you to hear it. I’ve been in love with you.’

-I’ve been what?- She stood up slowly and walked to him. He could hear her little but firm footsteps towards him. And the worst... she placed her hand on his shoulder.

‘I’ve been in a foolish love for a very long time with you Harry, and when we went out last year it grew. The foolish love. It even became more serious, but it dissapeared...completely.’

-She’s killing me. Literally, she is.-

‘Harry look at me.’

He turned. His sight was blurry and his eyes burned. Damn it.

‘Since the day you arrived, since that rare music appeared, I loved you in a whole different way. I loved you, Harry, and I do. It’s a complete love, a grown up love...a...-

‘A pure love, Ginny?’

He was lost... lost in her eyes. It had happened, what he had dreaded. Their eyes were connected, their bodies were close, their minds and souls were bound. The magic was completed.

‘Do-do you...?’

‘Ginny, you’re the world to me; your love means more to me than anything. I-I just never understood it and now I- I can’t do anything, just save it and risk anything to save you.’


Had he watched this scene a few years ago, he would had done anything to change the channel or to avoid it. Now his whole existence depended on it. It was everything. It was a joke, a game, the most serious thing in the world, the world itself... it didn’t matter, it was everything, it was it.

‘I’m going to love you forever. Ginny I love you and my heart will be yours forever, did you get it? I don’t care about anything else. If I have to leave everyone, if I must die today I don’t care. My heart is yours, and...Ginny, I don’t even care what you do with it! If you smash it on the wall... does it matter? I’d give it back to you anyway. That’s all I can do. That’s what you’ve done to me.’

Ginny’s cheeks were wet with some tears. Harry could feel some on his too. What was this bizarre scene about? It didn't matter. They were together, declaring their love. The world would have to wait a little a bit ...

‘I can’t believe this’

‘Neither do I.’

‘I feel so...old.’

‘Love is ancient. Years of wisdom have fallen on us, Gin.’

They stood still, holding each other’s sight for some minutes. Touching each other’s faces, wiping each other’s tears.

‘In case you haven’t realised yet Harry, my heart is entirely and sorely yours too. If you give me yours all I can do is to put it right next to mine. If you want it I’ll give it to you, but with yours, they must be together, always. There is no reason when there’s love.’

There were sounds outside. The house was waking up... and was ready to have breakfast. Harry tried to let go, to run for it or he would abandon everything to be with Ginny.

‘Don’t’ Ginny grabbed his arm fiercely. ‘This is our moment. Who knows how many of these will we have.’

He grinned despite of himself. His brain and his thoughts had totally left him. He was at her will completely. Again, he was lost. Literally. ‘How many people can feel this being seventeen?’

‘I’m still sixteen Harry.’

He nodded smiling, and that was it. All that ‘Superman’ quietness, patience, and self-control had found its limit.

‘I love you.’

‘You know I do too’

Harry crossed the space between them in less than a second, and found her warm, longing lips. Her tender hands found their way to his messy hair, and ‘messed’ it more. His love-filled hands walked down her back, savouring her slim figure. With a kiss, they were loving each other even more than many others do with much more.

The world was nothing for them. It was too small, or perhaps their love was just too big. Because of their love, their story will never die. They’re still lovers. They still love each other, and they’re still right there and they’ll be right there for always. And this is

Reviews 4

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