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The Lives We Touch
By Kennedy

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Category: Pre-OotP, Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, Ron Weasley, Sirius Black
Genres: General
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Reviews: 152
Summary: *** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated in over 2 years ***

When ten year old Harry Potter is assigned to Maggie Thompson's fifth year class at Little Whinging Primary School, the young teacher takes an immediate interest in and liking to the strange but sweet young boy. As their friendship grows through the years, Maggie finds herself pulled into a new world beyond her wildest imagination that sets her on a course for love and adventure.
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Author's Notes:
First of all, thank you so much to those of you who nominated me for a Trinket Award! You are way too kind!

Secondly...Wow! You guys don’t miss a trick! Thank you for all of the constructive criticism…I know it is inevitable when you put your work out there for others to view. But I am a mother of 5 children, including 1 year old twins, and fairly new to fan fiction writing so most of my stories are completed late at night when the kids are all in bed and I am trying to unwind. So sometimes I may not edit as carefully as I should. Thank you for caring enough about the story to point out the mistakes and I will try to be more careful.

I read the last 3 Harry Potter books with my oldest son (who is only 10) during the last year, so I may not have read them as closely as some of the more die hard fans out there. Please be forgiving if I get dates and small details wrong! Not good excuses, I know! That’s why I beg you to be patient with me and to remember that I do this for fun and not profit.

As for the gaps in my story, let me try to explain. I know I have my ideas in my own head and outline, but apparently have not been as clear in expressing them as I thought I was. I wanted the first few chapters (1-5) to be small snippets added on to Jo’s story about Harry’s early years. I meant them to be brief appearances by a minor character (Maggie) into Harry’s non-magical world. That will continue somewhat as the story goes on, but Maggie’s full immersion into the magical world actually begins with this chapter. I hope that helps clear some things up. If not, send me a msg and I will try to explain my jumbled thinking. And so, on with the story…


Chapter Seven - Welcome to Grimmauld Place

“Is she dead?”

“No, she’s still breathing. I think she has just fainted.”

“What did she do that for?”

“Well Ron, most Muggles aren’t used to apparating.”

“Or seeing a dog turn into a man.”

“Piss off, Moony. I had no other choice.”

“Mind your tongue, Sirius.”

“Sorry, Molly.”

“What were the two of you doing outside? You know Dumbledore’s orders were to…”

“I know!”

“Sirius and I didn’t go far…we just wanted to get some fresh air and stretch our legs, Mr. Weasley. We didn’t think it would do any harm.”

“Well that plan worked brilliantly, didn’t it?”

“You can piss off too, Mad Eye.”


“Let’s get the poor girl off the floor and out of the hallway, shall we?”

“I’ll get her.”

“Bring her in here to the sofa, Bill. Be sure not to drop her.”

“I won’t drop her, mum. She’s light as a feather.”

“There’s not much to her, is there? She’s quite thin…”

“Like one of those Muggle models. Is she a model, Harry?”

“No, she’s a teacher.”

“She’s a teacher? How come we never had any teachers who looked like her?”

“I love her hair. Doesn’t she have great hair, mum? It’s like spun gold.”

“I can do that with my hair. See?”

“Very cool, Tonks.”

“Everyone please back up. Give the child some air.”

“I think she’s coming around.”

As Maggie groggily opened her eyes, she was having trouble deciding what was worse…the throbbing pain in her head or the muffled voices having a conversation about her from somewhere above. But after fully opening her eyes, she decided that the worst thing of all were the thirteen strange and curious faces peering down at her expectantly. Shrinking back further into the sofa she was laying on, Maggie cursed quietly and scanned the faces until she came upon one she recognized.


“It’s alright, Miss Thompson.” Harry assured her, pushing his glasses up his nose as he looked down at her with what he must have thought was a comforting smile. “Don’t be afraid…”

But Maggie’s eyes had settled on the dark figure standing behind him and his words became meaningless as she sat up quickly and shouted, “You!”

A fairer haired man, who looked a little worse for wear, chuckled at her outburst as he put a hand on the darker man’s shoulder and remarked, “I see that you haven’t lost your touch with women, Padfoot, despite all those years in Azkaban.”

“I told you to piss off, Moony.” The dog-man replied with a scowl, shrugging off the friendly gesture. Turning back to Maggie, he hissed, “Will somebody please stop her from shrieking before my dear old mum begins to wonder who is stealing her spotlight?”

Harry moved closer to his former teacher and once again reiterated, “It’s alright, Miss Thompson.”

But Miss Thompson wasn’t listening to him. Her focus was solely on the man behind him.

“You were a dog.” Maggie mumbled, looking at him with a mixture of fear and awe. “You were a big, shaggy, black dog…”

“Very well spotted, ma’am,” he replied snidely. “You must be a Muggle canine expert.”

“Sirius, please,” his friend said sharply. “Don’t taunt her…she’s had a bit of a strange night.”

“Well who’s fault is that?”

“I know you,” she breathed, still unable to take her eyes off of the dog who had turned into a man before her very eyes. “Why do I know you?”

“I’m quite certain I don’t know the answer to that one.” The dark haired man replied with a smirk, eyeing her keenly as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Although I am quite famous, even in the Muggle world. Perhaps you have a portrait of me hanging in your locker at school?”


“Relax, will you? I’m simply having a little fun, Moony.” The man said to his friend who kept reprimanding him. “You do remember fun, don’t you?”

“Vaguely.” came the clipped response.

“He was a dog.” Maggie repeated, finally bringing her gaze back around to Harry and trying to find some reassurance in his expression. “I mean, I’m not losing my mind. Am I? He was a dog and he was standing right beside you when he started to bark.” She glanced up at Sirius again and added, “And then he was a man and…”

Maggie sank back into the softness of the sofa again and covered her eyes with her hands as she muttered, “I am losing my mind. I have finally gone ‘round the bend.”

She heard various chuckles from the group that surrounded her, so she peeked out from behind her closed fingers and asked, “Am I dreaming, Harry?”

“No,” he assured her, reaching up to remove her hands from her face. “This is not a dream. This is very real.”

She gestured behind him again and began, “But he was…”

“A dog. Yes,” Harry told her calmly. “You are right about that. He was a dog and turned into a man…”

“You seem awfully calm about this, Harry,” Maggie interrupted, finally realizing that the young man was not the least bit afraid of what had happened to them earlier. “This man…or dog…or whatever his is…grabbed us and knocked us out and you aren’t even frightened. This kind of thing doesn’t happen everyday…”

“In our world it does, actually.”

“Your world?”

Harry took a deep breath and looked around at the people who surrounded them.

“You might as well tell her, Harry.” A pretty young red haired girl said, smiling warmly at Maggie’s confused expression. “It’s not like you can hide it from her anymore. She‘s here…right in the middle of everything.”

“Hide what?”

Maggie watched Harry nod briefly at the girl and then turn back to face her. He grabbed her hands and pulled her back up into a sitting position as he sat down on the sofa beside her. Never letting go of her hands, which Maggie found odd, he nodded up in the direction of the strange dog-man and said, “This is Sirius. He’s my godfather…”

“The godfather that you live with?” she interrupted, gazing curiously up at the man Harry was referring to. “The dog is your godfather?”

“This will go much faster if you don’t interrupt,” Harry’s godfather informed her with a sneer. “Let the boy finish.”

Maggie returned his scowl, but turned back to Harry and said, “I’m sorry.”

Harry nodded and continued quietly, “He’s not a dog. He’s a wizard.”

“A wizard?”

“A wizard who can turn into a dog,” Harry clarified, watching her reaction carefully. “It’s really advanced magic…”


“Apparently she isn’t going to heed my warning about interrupting.” The man called Sirius noted pointedly, only to receive a smack in the back of the head from a woman with spiky pink hair who was standing nearby. “Ow…”

“Miss Thompson, do you remember when you picked me up on Magnolia Crescent a few years ago? And you drove me to London?” When Maggie nodded, Harry continued, “Well, I told you that a friend had come and rescued me from the Dursleys and took me somewhere brighter. That friend was from a place called Hogwarts…Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I’m a wizard, Miss Thompson. We’re all wizards.”

Maggie blinked quickly and glanced around again at the faces hovering over her. They were all smiling down at her and nodding. But their serene expressions did nothing to diminish her confusion.

“You’re a wizard?” she repeated, focusing her eyes back on Harry. “And you go to a school for wizards?”

Harry nodded again as the woman with pink hair informed her, “It’s the finest school of it’s kind.”

“There’s more than one?” Maggie asked in alarm as the strangers all nodded in unison. Eyeing Harry skeptically, she asked, “Harry, is this a joke?”

“No, Miss Thompson,” he assured her with a smile, “this is all very real.”

“You’re a wizard?” she repeated again.

“Not very bright, is she?” Sirius joked, this time earning him an elbow in the gut from his friend with the mousy, brown hair.

“She’s actually taking it quite well, for a Muggle,” a girl with bushy brown hair informed the group. “My mother was not half as calm as Harry’s teacher. She screamed and locked herself in the bathroom for hours on the day that I got my letter.”

Maggie looked at the girl strangely, not sure whether she had paid her a compliment or not, before Harry said, “Do you remember how strange everyone thought I was back in Primary School? And how I turned Mrs. Struthers’ hair blue during my third year? Or how I ended up on the kitchen roof that day?” Maggie nodded and Harry continued, “I made those things happen because I am a wizard, only I didn’t know it then. I didn’t know it until Hagrid came and took me to Hogwarts.” He lowered his voice and squeezed her hands lightly as he told her, “I found friends there. I found a family. This is where I belong…where I fit in. I never fit in at Little Whinging because I didn’t belong there.”

“Because you’re a wizard.” Maggie finished for him, studying his face very carefully. He was looking at her with such earnestness and hope in his face that Maggie’s heart simply burst. This was what she had always wanted for him…to find a place where he belonged. But…wizards? Carefully and softly, she said, “Harry, this is a bit hard for me to believe…”

“But you do believe, I know you do,” he said quickly, a look of determination in his face. “You told me.”

“When did I tell you that?”

“That Halloween when I was in your class,” he reminded her, his eyes shining with hope. “You told me about your dream and that book you were reading about witches. You said that you believed in…” Harry’s eyes suddenly lit up as he exclaimed, “Your dream!”

“What about it?”

“You saw Peter Pettigrew transfigure into a rat!”

“Who?” Maggie asked at the same time that Sirius perked up and asked, “What?”

Harry turned to look up at his godfather and was bursting with excitement as he said, “She was on the street that day! She can tell the Ministry what she saw and get you cleared!”

“Harry, the Ministry obliviated the memories of all Muggles who were on the street that day,” a tall red headed man said quietly, putting his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “She couldn’t possibly remember…”

“But she does! She told me, Mr. Weasley! She told me back in primary school, back before I even knew about Sirius or Wormtail or what happened in Godric‘s Hollow,” Harry interrupted. “Something must have gone wrong because it comes back to her in her dreams!” Looking back at Maggie, he asked, “Do you still have that dream about the man turning into a rat?”

“Yes, but…”

“You were on the street in Godric’s Hollow?” Sirius asked, suddenly intrigued. “The day after Halloween in 1981?”

“I was visiting my aunt,” Maggie told him, narrowing her eyes at him. “How did you know?”

“He’s the man of your dreams!”

“What?” Sirius and Maggie both asked as they looked at Harry in shock.

“Your dream,” Harry reminded her, smiling widely. “It wasn’t a dream…it really happened. Sirius is the man who was laughing in the street.”

“That’s why he looks familiar to you!” The red haired girl breathed, her eyes wide with amazement. “Harry, do you know what this means?”

But Maggie wasn’t paying attention to their words anymore. Her eyes were fixed on Harry’s godfather, who was returning her gaze with intensity. He was a bit older, his hair was a bit longer, and he was a bit more worse for wear…but he was definitely the man in her dream.

“You turned that man into a rat?” she asked Sirius quietly.

“He turned himself into a rat, actually,” Sirius informed her smugly, “But you already knew that, didn’t you?”

“That was a dream…”

“A dream that started when you were twelve years old and staying with your aunt in Godric’s Hollow!” Harry exclaimed, the pieces fitting together as his mind reeled. “It was real. You had your memory altered by the Ministry of Magic…”

“The Ministry of Magic?”

“The men in dresses,” Harry explained hurriedly as he looked up at the man he had referred to as Mr. Weasley, “They have records, don’t they? They had to keep track of all the Muggles whose memories they obliviated that day, right? The Ministry would know that they altered her memory and they would have to believe her!” Turning to Sirius he shouted, “You’re free!”

A smile crept onto Sirius‘ face as he said, “Harry, calm down. We can’t be sure that they’ll even believe her. She’s a Muggle who shouldn‘t even…”

“Why does everyone keep calling me that?” Maggie wondered out loud, looking around the room again. “What’s a Muggle?”

“It’s what we call people who can’t do magic,” The red haired girl told her with a smile. “Don’t worry, it’s not a bad name.”

“And you are?”

“My name is Ginny,” the girl replied, holding out her hand to shake Maggie’s. “Ginny Weasley. I’m a friend of Harry’s.”

“Well then, you must be a smart girl,” Maggie replied with a smile, liking this girl immediately. Her stomach did flip flops when she heard Ginny use the phrase ‘friend of Harry’s’ and her smile widened. “Are you a wizard, too?”

“I’m a witch,” Ginny corrected her kindly. “Girls are witches.”

“Of course they are,” Maggie replied, shaking her head as she muttered, “I need a drink.”

“Sirius, fetch the girl some tea.” clucked an older woman who bore a striking resemblance to Ginny.

“Mum, the woman just found out that her prize student is a wizard,” a tall red haired boy said as he exchanged a smile with a boy who looked exactly like him.

“And that there’s a whole world of wizards out there that she never knew about,” the second twin reminded his mother. “I think she needs something stronger than tea.”

“Well spoken, boys.” Sirius said, lifting his wand and opening his mouth to speak. But the words never left his lips as he looked over at his brown haired friend, who raised a knowing eyebrow at him.

“Don’t you think that conjuring up a glass from mid air is a little more than Miss Thompson is ready to take at this point, Sirius?” The man teased, reaching out to lower his friend’s wand.

Sirius scowled and muttered, “She’s going to see it sooner or later,” as he left the room. He returned moments later with a glass and continued, “This better not mean that we have to tiptoe around her while she’s here and not do magic in fear of freaking out the Muggle…”

“What is this?” Maggie asked as he unceremoniously handed her the glass.

“Firewhiskey.” When she looked at it skeptically, he commanded, “Just drink it. I wouldn’t poison you when you might be able to clear my name.”

Scowling at him, she drank down what was in the glass and a fire erupted in her throat and mouth. Maggie coughed and spluttered and began to breathe deeper and faster. No wonder they called it firewhiskey. Recovering quickly as she smirked at Sirius, she told him smugly, “You don’t have to tiptoe around me or change your life at all on my account. As soon as I get out of here, you can go back to…”

“You can’t leave.” He interrupted sharply, crossing his arms in front of him and leaning against the doorframe.

“Why not?”

“The Death Eaters have seen you…”

“Death Eaters?” Maggie repeated, her head still spinning from the firewhiskey. Or from learning that Harry was a wizard. She wasn’t sure which.

“Servants of the Dark Lord…”

“Dark Lord?”

“The bad guy, alright?” Sirus stormed and then rolled his eyes at her as he muttered, “Nave idiot…”

“I am not an idiot!” Maggie exclaimed defensively, glaring up at him. “I graduated top of my class from Oxford!”

“Well, good for you!” Sirius shouted back, running his hand through his unkempt hair. “But your fancy education obviously didn’t teach you not to approach strange men wearing cloaks on dark streets and ask them for directions, did it? And now one or more of Voldemort’s Death Eater’s know you can be linked to Harry and there’s no telling what they will do with that information…”

“Calm down, Sirius.” The plump, motherly woman snapped at him, narrowing her eyes. “She didn’t know…”

“What is a Death Eater?” Maggie interrupted, looking again to Harry for answers. “And who or what is a Voldemort?”

Maggie’s eyes widened as everyone around her visibly flinched at her words. Very gently, Harry explained, “Voldemort is a dark and dangerous wizard who is trying to take over the wizarding world. We think that the man who frightened you on the street was one of his servants, called Death Eaters. We are hiding out from them as we come up with a plan to stop him from gaining power.”

The young teacher looked at him as if his head were about to spin around, but all she asked was, “But I don’t understand what that has to do with me and why I can’t go home…”

“If that man was a Death Eater, then he can identify you and report back to Voldemort,” again everyone flinched as Harry continued, “If he saw you with me outside on the street, then they can use you to get to me…”

“And he will,” Sirius interrupted, his eyes blazing, “The Dark Lord is unscrupulous. You must stay here.”

Ignoring him, Maggie said to Harry, “But I have a job in London. And friends. People will be looking for me when I don’t show up tomorrow…”

“They won’t find you,” Ginny reassured her. “And neither will the Death Eaters. There are so many charms on this house that it is probably the safest place in London.”

“But they’ll be worried about me,” Maggie pressed, “They’ll call around looking for me and wonder what has happened to me…”

“We’ll contact your school and tell them you’ve taken an emergency leave.” The brown haired man assured her with a kind smile.


“We have our ways,” He replied airily, the smile never leaving his face. “We’ve dealt with Muggles before.”

“We have an entire section of the Ministry of Magic dedicated to it.” Mr. Weasley informed her proudly.

Maggie looked around at all of their faces and then muttered softly, “This is insane.”

“Well, it’s no picnic for us either,” Sirius said with a snort, ignoring the warning hand that his friend placed on his arm. “You’ve compromised our world!”

“How did I do that?”

“We’re on the brink of war!” he shouted at her and then lowered his voice as he added, “We don’t have time to be babysitting a Muggle…”

“I don’t need a babysitter!”

“For your own protection, you do!” Sirius informed her coldly, “You can’t do magic, so you can’t function in our world.”

“So let me go back to my world!”



“How many different ways do we have to explain that to you?” He continued, ignoring Harry’s warning. “When are you going to get it through your thick skull that this is not a game! This is serious…”

“Sirius!” Ginny’s mum snapped, glaring at him angrily. “That is quite enough!”

Sirius glared back at the red headed woman, but held his tongue nonetheless. As he scowled at Maggie from across the room, Ginny suggested, “She’s only been here a short time. And maybe she didn’t see a Death Eater outside. Maybe she could go back…”

“I’m afraid I have to agree with Sirius, Ginny.” Mr. Weasley said quietly. “Until we can sort out what happened here, we have to work under the assumption that she has been seen.”

“And that makes her a sitting duck.” Sirius’ brown haired friend agreed, moving toward the door. “I’ll send a message to Severus and see what he knows.”

As he left the room, the woman with pink hair added, “And we can’t risk sending her back. We can’t spare any Aurors to watch over her in the Muggle world…we’re understaffed as it is.”

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to stay, Miss Thompson,” Harry concluded gently, squeezing her hand again, “Whether you like it or not.”

“My guess is ‘not’.” Harry’s godfather sneered.

“Sirius, behave. This girl could clear your name, so the least you could do is be hospitable,” the red haired woman said, moving over to Maggie’s side. Pulling her to her feet, she continued to chastise, “She didn’t ask for this. She’s trapped here…and you of all people should understand that.”

Sirius actually looked humbled by that last statement as the woman looked warmly at Maggie and said, “Come with me, dear. We’ll get you something to eat and try to answer some more of your questions. My name is Molly, by the way. Molly Weasley…”

As Mrs. Weasley ushered Maggie from the room, followed closely by Hermione and the four youngest Weasely’s, her oldest son, Bill, watched the scene with interest. Finally turning to Sirius, he asked, “I think the big question here is…can we trust her?”


Bill, Arthur, Sirius, Tonks, and Mad-Eye all looked down at Harry as he explained, “She’s my teacher. She was the first person who was ever nice to me…and she had no reason to be. But she did it anyway. She tried to protect me from the Dursleys and tried to get me taken away from them.” Glancing around the room, he reiterated, “She actually protected me before any of you did. We can trust her.”

The room was silent as the members of the Order considered Harry’s words and finally Mad-Eye Moody stated, “If Harry trusts her, that’s good enough for me.”

“Me, too.” Arthur and Bill agreed simultaneously.

“Same for me,” Tonks added and then grinned as she said, “And it will be nice to have a woman my age around for a change.”

But Sirius Black didn’t look quite so sure.

Reviews 152

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