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Loving Ginny
By Evie_S

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Romance
Warnings: None
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Rating: G
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Summary: Harry has left Hogwarts and is in his first year of Auror training. He tries to hold back the feelings that he has been hiding since he was 15 years old. He is in love with Ginny. Little does he know that she is in love with him, too.

When he is forced to go to her Graduation Ceremony, both teens worry about how they will keep their feelings for each other in check whilst they are in such close proximity. Will the two figure out their feelings and live happily ever after?

A purely fluffy one shot.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
this little plot bunny jumped into my head a couple of weeks back and it hasn't left me alone since. Be warned, this is pure fluff, a story about Harry and Ginny trying to get their act together and tell each other how they feel, set in AU. I hope you enjoy it and please, as always, reveiw.


Harry James Potter made his way into Hogwarts entrance hall, surrounded by people, most of them red headed. They were only five out of fifteen who did not have the famous Weasley hair. Hermione Granger stood by her fiancé, Ronald Weasley, smiling tremendously at the sight of their old school. Close by, Fleur Delacour, Bill’s wife, stood deep in conversation with a petite brunette witch, Charlie’s wife Anna and Percy’s blonde wife Penny. Harry’s own raven coloured hair stood out like a flashing neon sign amongst the heads of the Weasley family, their 6 sons and 2 grandchildren, one from both of their oldest.

Harry looked around. He wanted to drink in the sight. He had not been here in a year, since his own graduation, and had not realised how much he had missed it until he stepped back inside the great hall just five minutes before. If he’d had his way, he wouldn’t be here now, but Hermione had insisted, and Harry had not had the energy to argue. He was torn between wanting to stay away, to keep himself as far from her as possible, and wanting to be close to her at the same time.

“Merlin, it feels good to be back,” Charlie exclaimed, as Bill nodded in agreement.

“Honestly!” Anna threw up her hands in frustration. “You boys have been here at least three times since you left.”

“Not three, Annie,” Charlie reminded his wife, wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing a kiss onto the back of her neck. “Fred and George never graduated, remember?”

“There was no need,” Fred shrugged, winking at his twin. “I mean, look where we are now. We have the best shop in Diagon Alley. We’re expanding, for crying out loud! Who needs NEWTS?”

“Don’t you say that in front of your sister, boys,” Mr Weasley warned. “She’s worked hard this year, to get those exam results.”

“Nine O’s! Better than Percy’s!” Mrs Weasley informed them all proudly. Percy flushed, quite obviously feeling both discomfort and pride at the same time.

“We know, we know,” George muttered.

“She hasn’t bloody shut up about them,” Fred carried on under his breath, so that only Ron and Harry could hear.

“Darling Ginny!” George mimicked, making them all snigger. Mrs Weasley didn’t seem to notice, she was too busy fussing over Fleur, who was heavily pregnant with their second child.

“Where are Angie and Katie today?” Harry asked. The boys both frowned.

“They wanted to be here,” Fred explained. “They’ve always liked Ginny, laughed at the way she was able to wrap us all round her little finger.”

“But Angie had training,” George shrugged. “And so did Katie. Said they’d try and make it later but I doubt they will.”

Harry nodded. Angelina and Katie were both chasers for the top Quiddtch team, The Wimbourne Wasps, and they often had training sessions that clashed with Weasley family gatherings, much to the girls’ displeasure. There was always an outnumbering of boys to girls in any family gatherings, even though every Weasley son had been married (save Ron), with Angie and Katie often absent, and both grandchildren being boys, they was always a very definite masculine presence. Especially since the loud presence of a very dear daughter, sister and friend was missing, an absence that Harry always noticed.

Harry was shocked out of thinking any more, as a red blur shot down the marble staircase and Ginny Weasley launched her self at her mother.

“Ginny!” Mrs Weasley cooed, embracing her tightly. They stood for a moment, hugging each other, and then the matriarch held her daughter at arms lengths and surveyed her critically. “Please tell me you are not going to your graduation ceremony dressed like that!”

Ginny threw her head back and laughed a wonderful joyous sound. Harry noticed that everyone in the room had instantly perked up at her arrival. She had that effect on you, as soon as she walked into a room; your eyes were drawn to her. It wasn’t just him who she had this effect on either, everyone of her brother’s were happier when she was around, as was their wives and their parents. Even the grandchildren adored their aunt Ginny. She was infectious.

“Of course not!” she smiled widely. “I look a mess! No, I’m going to shower and change and stuff. Make myself look presentable.”

Actually, Harry thought with a frown, she looked beautiful as she was, even though she was only dressed in baggy grey sweat pant that hung low on her hips, and a black vest top, her auburn hair pulled into a high pony tail, but he did not dare voice his opinion. Ginny moved round the group, hugging her brothers and father, then moving onto the respective wives who were present. She hugged Anna and Penny fiercely, whispering things into their ears that made them laugh, then went on to Fleur, placing her hands on her sister in law’s bulging stomach and squealing when the baby gave a kick. She gave the part veela a kiss on the nose, exclaiming cheekily that she could not hug her or she would be squashed, laughing when Fleur swatted her playfully.

Harry watched as she moved onto Hermione. The two were close, closer than Ginny was with her other sister in laws, because they had been friends for years. She cooed over her friend’s diamond engagement ring, clutching the hand and peering at it.

“Bloody hell, Ron!” she exclaimed, after letting out a low whistle at the size. She grinned at Hermione’s scandalous expression and hugged her. “It’s beautiful,” she told her, and Harry could tell from the look on Hermione’s face that she believed her, because Ginny would rather die that lie to her friends and family.

Ginny hugged her nephews next, lifting them into the air and making them giggle by blowing raspberries at them both. Then, finally, the moment Harry had been dreading came. She turned to him, a bright smile tugging at her lips.

“It’s so good to see you!” she grinned, throwing her arms around his neck. She hugged them as tightly as she had each of her brothers, if not tighter, and for longer too, but all too soon the contact was over and she had pulled away, brushing her hands off on her sweats.

“Weasley!” A sharp, cold voice came out of nowhere, and all of a sudden Professor Snape had stalked in, ignoring the rest of the family and looming over the youngest and only daughter angrily. It took a moment for Harry to realise that his hair was a vibrant orange, and was tied into pigtails. Ron snorted and Harry tried not to laugh at the sight of a ginger Snape.

“I suppose that is your idea of an end of year joke, is it Weasley?” he asked, “Thought you’d go out with a bang?”

“I have no idea what you mean, sir,” Ginny said respectfully. Her face was a serene mask of innocence and confusion, a well practised face that she had to adapt after growing up with six brothers. Only her eyes gave her away, they were dancing with merriment and amusement.

“That prank, you insolent girl!” Snape snapped. “You know perfectly well what I’m talking about! You don’t fool me!”

“Maybe you could be more specific, sir,” Ginny shrugged, widening her eyes. “Then I could see if I know anything.”

Snape blushed, a sight which Harry could be certain he had not seen on the potion’s master before, and moved closer to Ginny. The Weasley sons who were closer, Fred, George and Charlie, all instinctively moved closer to her, but Snape only muttered something. The only words Harry could make out were “Shampoo for Greasy hair” and “Nose enlargement”. Wicked grins worked their ways onto the twin’s faces and they gazed at their sister proudly.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Ginny shrugged politely. “But I really have nothing to do with the…um….hair problems you seem to be encountering.”

“Dammit Weasley!” Snape exploded. “It’s in pigtails, for God’s sake! And ginger! I know this is your doing, you’ve been pulling silly little pranks all year!”

“And how many of those have you been able to prove are me?” Ginny asked her chocolate eyes still wide. “Sir?” She added.

“None,” Snape said, “but that does not mean I don’t know that it was you, Weasley, and this just does it. Now please, take this off of me!”

“I’m sorry, sir,” Ginny shrugged. “But I don’t think I can. Only the person who cast the spell can reserve it, you know that.”

“Yes, Weasley, I do!” Snape shouted, “And you cast the damned spell so reverse it right now! I can’t go to the graduation ceremony looking like this!”

“I see your dilemma, sir,” Ginny nodded and Snape breathed out. Perhaps, Harry pondered as he watched the unfolding scene with interest, he thought Ginny was about to back down. This made it evident that Snape did not know Ginny Weasley very well, despite having taught her for seven years. “May I suggest a hat?”

Snape huffed and stormed off and the twins burst out laughing at his retreating back.

“Did you?” Fred asked eagerly. Ginny laughed again, making Harry’s heart tighten painfully.

“That would be telling.” She grinned mischievously, but she threw a wink in their direction before disappearing back up the stairs which she had hurtled down, leaving her family staring after her. The rest of the family started to laugh, realising what had just happened and Fred and George began to plot a drink that would change your hair colour. Harry only stared after the red headed beauty. How could she have known that she had just ripped out his heart with her simple indifference? How could she have known that he-Harry James Potter-was in love with her?


Ginny stood in her dorm, leaning against the door. She tried to regain her posture, breathing in deeply. She shouldn’t have hugged him for so long. She shouldn’t have hugged him at all, god damn it, she knew exactly what it did to her, but she just couldn’t resist, and once she got to hold him it was hard to let go. If her brothers weren’t so completely clueless, she would be worried about them knowing how she felt, but they had never been good at reading emotions. Just like their father.

Her mother and Hermione, however, were a different matter. They could both read her like a book, and her other sister in laws were pretty good too. An involuntary smile played on her lips when she remembered her pet name for them, a term she’d heard her muggle born room mate Lisa use, the WAGS. It had taken a whole night for Lisa to explain exactly what the term was, but once she had got it, Ginny had thought the term was thoroughly appropriate for them.

She had thought she had seen a hint of recognition, in her mother’s eyes, and there was unmistakable smugness in Hermione’s. They knew, she was sure of it. They probably had for a while now. They knew that Ginny was in love with him-Harry James Potter.


Harry and the Weasleys waited patiently in the great hall. The students who passed them gaped in awe; Harry Potter within ten metres of them! Hermione smirked at Harry’s irritated expression when Romilda Vane shimmied past; waggling her fingers at Harry in what she must have assumed was a seductive way.

A click clacking sound alerted Harry out of his dream like manner, and Ginny reappeared on the stairs, in black Hogwarts robes, official uniform for all Hogwarts graduates. Her auburn hair flowed down her back and she wore no make up on her perfect, freckled face, only smoky black eye shadow and eyeliner. On her feet, she wore strappy black high heels and Harry saw a swish of black material flow out of the robe as she came down the last few stairs. Harry gulped. He could only imagine what dress she was wearing underneath, and the two hours he would have to wait until he could find out would be torture, he was sure.

“Hey,” Ginny smiled up at him. She oozed confidence, the way she walked, they way she talked, even the way she smiled or laughed or flicked her hair back over her shoulder.

The entrance hall was now crowded with people, 7th years and their families, all smiling proudly, waiting to enter the great hall.

“And how is the most beautiful girl in Hogwarts today?” a deep, male voice asked. A tall, blonde, muscular boy had walked over and slung an arm around Ginny’s shoulder. Harry felt a pang of jealousy as he stared at the boy. He was good looking, with a wide smile, an open face and blue eyes, dressed in his own Hogwarts robes. Then Harry noticed something-he had a camera strapped round his neck.

“Colin?” Ron asked in shock. The boy nodded, laughing, and Ginny laughed with him, nuzzling her head into his arm.

“Yeah,” Colin nodded. “It’s good to see you, Ron. And you two, Harry, Hermione.”

The near indifferent tone in which he spoke surprised Harry. Colin had always had a bad case of hero worship where Harry was concerned, but the young boy who had begged for his autograph was gone, and in his place stood….well, a hunk.

“Now then,” Colin turned his eyes back to Ginny, holding her at arms length, almost identically to how Mrs Weasley had done just half an hour before. “Let me look at you, Gin,” he tilted his head from side to side, looking at her in apparent concentration for nearly a minute, making Ginny giggle. “Gorgeous!” Colin declared. “Come on then, Mrs W, what do you say to a picture later, eh? McGonagall asked me to do the photography, ten photos a go.”

“How much?” Mrs Weasley asked, biting her lip. Harry knew what she was thinking. She didn’t want to disappoint Ginny, but she wasn’t sure she had enough. Harry himself would have paid for the photos in a second if they would make Ginny happy, but he was sure that would not be allowed.

“Usually seven sickles for ten,” Colin recited, his eyes not once leaving Ginny, therefore missing the look that passed between the family, stating they could simply not afford it. “But for Ginny, on the house.”

“Oh Colin!” Ginny exclaimed, placing a hand over her mouth. “I couldn’t, Col, it’s so nice of you to offer but we’d have to pay and I just don’t-”

“Bollocks,” Colin dismissed her argument with a casual wave of her hand. “You don’t have to pay me for anything, Gin, you know that.”

“But Colin-” Ginny tried again.

“If you insist on giving me something, you can dance with me later.” Colin finished as if she had not interrupted. Harry didn’t miss the flicker of hope that flashed across his face. Ginny smiled again, throwing her arms around his neck, and jealousy panged in Harry’s stomach once more.

“Of course I will, Colin!” She said. “You knew that!”

“Good,” Colin grinned, squeezing her tightly, then releasing her. “I’ll remember, Gin. See you later, Mrs Weasley,” He ambled off, stopping to talk to another student along the way, leaving Harry to glare after him.

“Are you two dating?” Charlie asked hostilely, voicing Harry’s concerns. Every eye turned to Ginny, and she laughed again.

“Who, me and Colin? God no! We’re just mates.” she assured them, running a hand through her hair and grinning at Hermione, “Not my type, to be honest. I never could fall for someone so wholesome and tidy.”

Hermione burst out laughing and Harry had to smile at the wicked glint in Ginny’s eye as relief washed over him. He was safe. He still had a chance.

“Ginny!” a familiar voice called, as Luna stepped out of the crowd, her long blonde hair tied into a high ponytail.

“Luna!” Ginny exclaimed, hugging her best friend tightly. “Nervous, chick?”

“Who, me?” Luna asked dreamily, “No, no. My moon of the Crumple Horned Snorcacks is in Venus today.”

“Oh!” Ginny nodded, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips, “That’s good luck then, I suppose.”

“Oh yes. It means I will have good luck in all educational and friendship matters today.” Luna nodded. “I can tell you that yours is in Saturn.”

“Huh.” Ginny arched a single eye brow, a feat that Harry had never been able to manage. “What does that mean then?”

“It means that you will have good luck in all family, educational and friendship matters today. Oh, and romance.”

Harry could have sworn Ginny glanced at him when Luna added that final piece of information, but was forced to believe that he had imagined it when she suddenly focused back on Luna, looking as if she was searching for something to say. She was saved from having to reply, however, by Professor McGonagall, who’s sharp voice rang out across the hall.

“7th years inside now, please! Your seats have been marked. Now please, Roberts!” she shouted. Luna gave Ginny another quick hug before floating into the hall with the crowd of boisterous 7th years. Ginny turned and smiled at her mother, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“I guess I’ll see you after, then,” she smiled brightly. “No pranks, you two.” she added sternly to Fred and George.

“Miss Weasley!” Professor McGonagall pleaded, “I expected this from some of your peers but you are Head Girl! Inside, now!”

“Yes ma’am,” Ginny smiled innocently, curtseying, before linking arms with a passing Ravenclaw and striding into hall, chatting confidently.

McGonagall allowed herself a rare chuckle. “Honestly, Molly, that girl of yours will be the death of me.” She smiled at Mrs Weasley. “Worse than Fred and George put together when she’s in one of those moods.” With that, she turned and strode into the hall, laughing at the twins’ dumbstruck expressions.

It was ten minutes later when the guests were allowed in, but the shrieks of McGonagall could be clearly heard over the din of the 7th years, screaming, “GINNY WEASLEY REVERSE MALCOM WHITE BACK TO NORMAL RIGHT NOW!”, followed by something that sounded suspiciously like a donkey’s neigh and great roars of laughter. Harry could almost imagine Ginny, standing on the stage, widening her eyes to make herself look innocent and biting on her bottom lip to stop herself from laughing. His knees nearly buckled at the thought.

They all filed in soon after, taking up a whole row of seats three rows back. They got a great view of Ginny, seated right at the front, laughing at something one of her friends was whispering to her.

The graduation assembly was almost exactly the same as Harry’s. The heads of houses each stood up in turn, calling out the names of their graduates and presenting them with their graduation certificates. Snape received a loud round of applause as he stood, his hair still vibrantly orange and tied into pigtails. Harry found himself not paying much attention to the ceremony, and focusing on a certain red head, who was clapping enthusiastically, a stray curl falling over her eyes. He was vaguely aware of the Head Boy, a skinny Hufflepuff, called Ronan James, making a speech that received a light smattering of applause.

“And finally,” Professor Dumbledore smiled, his hands wide exactly like they had been on Harry’s very first night at Hogwarts, “We will have a speech from a very important part of the year. Please give it up for Head Girl, Miss Ginny Weasley.”

Harry joined in the applause, which he noticed was far louder than it had been for Ronan or any of the other students, even louder than it had been for Snape. She grinned and took her place at the very front of the stage.

“When I first joined Hogwarts, at the ripe old age of 11, I looked around me and saw a load of scared, innocent looking children, just like me. Little and skinny and snotty and naïve and I thought, these are the people who I am going to spend the next seven years of my life with. Until I’m 18! 18! An adult. It seemed so far away back then, so grown up. And I thought, who will I be friends with? Who will I be enemies with? Who will help me with my homework? My biggest worry was what house I was going to be sorted into. My brothers had teased me all summer saying I’d be sent home because I wasn’t good enough for any house. I didn’t realise that everyone was scared about the same thing. Being sent home and told there was a mistake. But there wasn’t. I’ve known this wonderful group of people behind me for what seems like forever, and they are amazing. We’ve been here for seven whole years of fights and pain and crying and laughter and jokes and pranks and we’ve come out the other side. And it seems like only yesterday that we were all stood in that hall, keeping to ourselves and screaming when the ghosts floated through the walls. But we’ve done it. Seven years of Potions!” There was a loud laugh and Snape scowled. “Seven years of Quidditch!” This time, there was a loud explosion of noise, cheering and whooping. “Seven years of friendship!” Ginny shouted, raising her hands into the air. “Come on class of 1991! We did it! Make some noise!”

Ginny’s laughter was drowned out by the roar that followed. The seventh years were on their feet, screaming and shouting and laughing along with their applause. Harry threw his head back and laughed with them. He couldn’t help it. Ginny did that to him. She had described her first night at Hogwarts almost as exactly as Harry remembered his. Maybe every Hogwarts student went through it. He caught Ginny’s eye and thought he saw a hint of a blush, but then it was gone and she blew him a huge, cheeky kiss. Merlin.


Ginny made her way through the dark hall toward the table her family was sitting at. The disco had been going on for almost an hour now, and ever since the lights had dimmed, the disco lights had turned on and Lee Jordan had stared his mixing, Ginny hadn’t sat down once. She had been twirled around the floor by almost ten different men. Her friends had always told her she was beautiful, but she hadn’t really believed them. She knew she wasn’t ugly, but she wasn’t all that pretty either. She was average. Guys just liked her because she flirted like crazy, and wore her skirts shorter than the average Hogwarts girl, without being a slag.

Sometimes, when she was facing the table that her family was sitting at, she thought she caught Harry staring at her intently, but he soon glanced away and she knew she was imagining things.

She grabbed a drink off of one of the floating trays as she walked. She knew her brothers had all been on the dance floor, but they seemed to be taking a break, all slumped around the table. In fact, Harry was the only one who hadn’t left.

“Evening,” Ginny greeted them, her face flushed from dancing. Nobody bothered to reply, but she didn’t need an answer. She flopped down on to the seat next to Harry, convincing herself she was hearing things when she heard a sharp intake of breath coming from his direction.

“Hey, Gin, how many boys can you dance with in one hour anyway?” Fred asked, leaning forward to place his chin in his hand.

“14,” Hermione chipped in helpfully. “What?” she asked when they all turned to stare at her. “I was counting!”

“I see you’ve repaid Colin,” Harry said softly. Ginny stared at him. Could she sense a tad of jealousy in his voice? She searched around in her mind for something to say, but was saved by a distraction in the form of Luna, who slid into the seat next to Ginny.

“Hey, Gin,” she said, grasping onto her friend’s hands. “Listen, I know Colin’s cute and blonde and stuff, but I can assure you he’s not your type.”

Ginny stared at her best mate. Where the hell had that come from?

“Um, okay, Lu, but me and Colin aren’t like that.” she said with a tiny smile.

“Yes, well, you might think that now but-” she trailed off, staring at her. “Wait, what?”

“Me and Colin are just mates.” Ginny shrugged.

“But you were dancing with him!”

“As mates! And how do you know what I want in a bloke anyway, Miss Lovegood?”

“I can tell you precisely what you need in a man, Ginny Weasley,” Luna assured her.


Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw the Weasleys settling down to watch in amusement. The youngest three sons knew Luna and her weird theories, and the others simply stayed out of curiosity.

“Oh?” Ginny laughed. “Go on then, oh mighty wise one!”

“Hmm. Well, you want someone who is good looking, tall, dark and handsome.” Luna began. “Muscular, good body, some one who likes Quiddtch. You want some one with a good sense of humour, someone who will make you laugh and will laugh with you. You want someone kind and passionate and thoughtful.”

“Very good so far!” Ginny exclaimed, taking a sip of her drink, her eyes never leaving her best friend’s face.

“Thank you. Well, obviously you want someone who respects you and lets you have your opinions, someone who will love arguing with you just as much as everything else. You want someone who will love your freckles and the funny little wrinkle between your eyebrows when you frown, and the colour of your hair.” Ginny raised an eyebrow, nodding in agreement, but Luna’s carefree smile was gone, replaced by a knowing, almost sad one. “You want someone who will take care of you and protect you, and rescue you when you need it,”

“Hey!” Ginny protested. “What am I now, some kind of damsel in distress?”

“No.” Luna replied, placing her hand over Ginny’s. “You can take care of yourself 99% of the time, but you still need someone for that 1%. You want someone who will hug you when you feel down and tell you that you look beautiful when you’re crying.” Luna paused, tracing patterns on Ginny’s palm, then looked up, an honest truth in her eyes, speaking so quietly that it was hard for the other Weasley’s to hear her. They probably only managed it because of several years of family eaves dropping. “You need someone to tell you they love you.” She finished.

Tears sparkled in Ginny’s eyes and she pulled Luna in for a hug.

“Merlin, I’m going to miss not seeing you everyday, Lulu.” she said. Luna didn’t answer, simply pulled Ginny closer and patted her back.

“Um, excuse me?” Harry glanced up to see the head boy standing over them, staring at Ginny. “Ginny, could I have this dance?”

Ginny took her head away from Luna’s shoulder and smiled up at him.

“I’m sorry, Ronan, but I have to do something right now.” she told him, standing up and smoothing out the skirts on her dress. “Maybe the next song?”

Harry thought Ronan must have replied, because Ginny smiled gratefully and walked away, but Harry was too busy staring at her to hear. She was so graceful, the way she walked with her chin up, shoulders back, her hips swaying. She looked immensely beautiful, in her long, strapless black dress, which he had overheard her telling Hermione, was made out of several layers of a black veiled material.

Ginny approached Snape, who was stood with Dumbledore and McGonagall. She said something to him, something that the Weasleys could not hear, and Snape scowled down at her. Dumbledore chipped in with something, his eye’s twinkling as he spoke and Ginny threw him a cheeky wink and grabbed Snape’s hands, dragging him onto the dance floor and then winding her hands around his neck as a muggle song called “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Girls Aloud came on. Snape’s scowl slowly ebbed away as Ginny twirled him around, her head thrown back with laughter, and the students around them made way for them, forming a circle around their still red headed potions master and their head girl.

After a couple of minutes, the song finished and Ginny took out her wand and tapped it against Snape’s head. His hair instantly sprang out of the pigtails and return to it’s normal colour. He looked torn between anger and amusement, and settled for shaking his head at her. Ginny laughed again and hugged him tightly, before releasing him. As he walked across the floor, Harry saw that somehow Ginny had bewitched his robes to read “Ginny Weasley was here, 15th July, 1998. Hands off, Ladies.” in flashing neon writing.

Ginny made her way back over to the roaring Weasley table, a wicked grin etched onto her face. “Only visible to non professors.” She assured them all. “Oh, Ronan!” she jumped up again, linking her arm through Ronan’s and led him away, back onto the floor she had just evacuated.

“She’s amazing, isn’t she?” Bill chuckled appreciatively, as he watched his sister spin elegantly.

“Yes.” Harry nodded. Hermione smirked, and moved closer to him.

“I’m sure that you think she’s more than amazing, Harry,” she whispered into his ear. Harry jumped and turned around to look at his best friend with wide eyes. Hermione simply raised a smug eyebrow and leant back into her chair.

“I-I don’t know what you mean.” Harry managed to stutter. Hermione nodded unbelievingly.

“Of course not, Harry,” she said sarcastically, “You’ve only been unable to take your eyes off of her since we got here. That doesn’t mean anything.”

“I have not been staring at her!” Harry protested with a little more volume than he had intended. Bill broke off his conversation to send him a strange look, but soon went back to discussing his work with Fleur.

“Don’t lie to me, Harry,” Hermione said a little impatiently, “I have eyes and unlike The Weasley Boys, I choose to use them. Now why don’t we try this again? Have you or have you not been staring at Ginny Weasley?”

Harry held her gaze for a couple of moments, then sighed in defeat. “Alright. I was staring at her. Is that against the law now?”

“No.” Hermione shook her head, her eyes now twinkling in amusement. “But why were you staring at her?”

“Come on Hermione, I’m not blind,” Harry snapped. “She’s bloody gorgeous.”

Hermione’s face practically shone with glee. “So you admit you fancy her?”

“No.” Harry shook his head, making Hermione’s face scrunch up in confusion. “I’m in love with her.”

Hermione gaped at him in apparent shock. He stared back, vaguely aware of Angelina and Katie arriving and hugging members of the family in turn.

“You have to tell her,” she said eventually, “Merlin, Harry, why haven’t you told her before?”

“Um, maybe because she’s so gorgeous that she literally has hundreds of admirers and could go out with any man she wanted to?” Harry suggested, his voice dripping with the same sarcasm that Hermione had been using only seconds ago. “Maybe because she has six older brothers. Six. Six fully grown men prepared to beat any man who dares to try anything on her into the ground.”

“And?” Hermione lent forward again, resting her elbows on the table. “If you truly loved her, Harry, then you wouldn’t care about something as trivial as her brothers. You’d tell her how you feel. Please be honest, Harry. You won’t tell her because you’re afraid she’ll reject you.”

Harry didn’t bother denying it. She was right. He didn’t think he could bear it if he finally got the courage to confess his feelings to Ginny, only to have her to turn around and tell him no chance.

“You have to tell her,” Hermione continued, glancing at her future sister in laws, who had now made their way to Bill and Fleur. “She deserves to know how you feel. Don’t be afraid, Harry.”

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship if she doesn’t feel the same way,” Harry shrugged lamely, trying desperately to think of a better excuse. “I don’t want things to be awkward between us.”

“You’re already ruining your friendship by keeping this from her,” Hermione insisted, keeping one eye trained on Angie and Katie as they hugged the children. “You’re lying to her, maybe lying indirectly, but lying all the same. She has to know.”

“Fine, I’ll talk to her,” Harry snapped impatiently, more to get her off his back than anything else. He knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to tell Ginny a thing. “I’ll talk to her, ’Mione, okay?”

Hermione glanced at him suspiciously and Harry felt his stomach drop. Maybe she knew him better than he thought she did.

“Tonight Harry,” she said in a low voice as Angie hugged Luna.


Hermione stood up to greet Katie with a bright peck on the cheek. As she came close to his ear, she took advantage of their closeness. “Tonight.” she warned firmly.


Ginny was not given a moment to sit down and rest her feet for another half an hour. When she was finally released by another partner, she made her way over to the buffet table, smiling and waving at people as she went.

She was just pouring herself a glass of punch when she felt two hands slip over her eyes and a low, husky voice murmured into her ear, “Guess who?”

She instantly froze. She knew it was Harry. She could feel the roughness of his hands, from years and years or riding a broom, and could smell his clean scent. His smell enveloped her, as it always did; sending a violent shiver down her spine and his soft voice was one that she could have determined anywhere.

She stayed still for a few more moments, not knowing quite how to react and enjoying the closeness between them, before saying in a pretend confused voice, “Hmm, I think it might just be The-Boy-Who-Lived.”

She heard Harry chuckle and he released her. Ginny tried not to look too disappointed at the loss of the warmth she had experienced when he had pulled away, but had a feeling she failing pretty miserably. She thought she saw a flash a hurt go over Harry’s eyes, but it was gone so soon she couldn’t be sure. Instead, he was now grinning at her, a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes but warmed her heart all the same.

“You look happy to see me,” he joked, and Ginny realised with a jolt how her expression must have looked.

“Oh, Merlin Harry, I’m not upset about seeing you!” She tried to reassure him and she saw a tide of relief wash over Harry’s bright eyes. “I’m just thinking. You know, leaving Hogwarts. End of an era.”

“Are you upset about going?” Harry asked in concern, grabbing himself a glass of punch as well.

“A little,” Ginny shrugged. “It’s been my home for the last seven years, after all. I mean, I’ve lived with the people in this hall since I was eleven years old. It’s going to be weird not walking into the hall in the morning and talking to Colin, or chatting with Luna at lunch or getting detention all the time or playing pranks on Snape or Quidditch practise.”

Harry nodded like he understood. She supposed he did. He must have gone through exactly the same thing when he’d left. Even though this wasn’t strictly what she was disappointed about, she was glad to have the opportunity to get it off her chest. When she had tried to speak to Ron about it, he had grunted and told her she’d get over it. As much as she loved her brother, he wasn’t the most sensitive of beings. Hermione had been so right when she had said he had the emotional range of a teaspoon.

“I felt exactly the same,” Harry’s voice cut through her thoughts. “It’s hard, knowing that nothing will ever be the same again. Nothing’s certain. It’s a scary thought.”

Ginny snorted inelegantly. “Tell me about it.”

Harry, however, didn’t speak. When she turned around to ask him what was wrong, she was startled to find his green eyed gaze resting on her intently. His normally bright eyes had darkened and were so filled with emotion that they were almost unreadable.

“Ha…Harry?” she stammered, unable to tear her eyes from his.

“Ginny.” Harry replied in a low voice that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.

“Wha….What’s wrong?” she asked. Harry’s gaze flicked from her eyes down to her lips and back up again, and she unconsciously let her tongue dart out, licking her bottom lip. She thought she might have heard Harry moan softly, but her heart was pounding so hard she couldn’t think straight.

“Nothing,” Harry said, stepping toward her and not once breaking eye contact. “And everything.”

Ginny was confused, but she couldn’t seem to control her feet. She took a step closer to Harry as well. “What do you mean?” she asked, clenching her fists to stop herself from reaching out to him.

Harry took another step forward, and then another. “Nothing’s wrong because I’m here,” he explained. “I’m here and you’re here and we’re together.” Ginny shuffled even closer to him. She realised, in some distant, detached part of her brain that to anyone watching, it must have looked like they were doing some crazy dance. “Nothing’s wrong because when I’m with you I feel like everything in the world is right.”

The breath caught in Ginny’s throat. Was he saying what she thought he was saying, or was this all some terrible misunderstanding? She didn’t know if she would be able to handle that. Having Harry handed to her on a plate only to have him cruelly whisked away again.

“And then everything’s wrong,” Harry elaborated, stepping forward again. They were so close that there could only be an inch between them. Ginny could feel his hot breath on her neck as he spoke, she could feel the heat radiating off of him. “Everything’s wrong because I can’t just grab onto you and twirl you around the dance floor. I can’t hug you and hold you and stroke your hair. I can’t compliment you on how beautiful you look, I can’t kiss you.”

She gasped. She couldn’t help it. He was admitting it, wasn’t he? Oh Gods, she hoped he was.

“When you took those robes off today, Gin, and you appeared in this dress, I wanted nothing more than to just snog you senseless.” Harry carried on, still looking into her eyes. “When you were on the stage I just wanted to go up there and kiss you. When you were dancing with Snape I wanted to walk over and snatch you away and dance with you myself. You’re amazing, Gin, you don’t know what you do to me. Gods, I don’t even deserve to be your friend and I’ve been telling myself over and over again that I can’t do this, but I can’t help it.” Ginny blinked up at him and he appeared to be taking a deep breath, steeling himself for the rejection that he obviously thought would follow his admission.

So she did the only thing appropriate in such situation. She closed the distance between them and crushed her mouth onto his.

He seemed to be in shock for a couple of seconds, but in no time at all, he had his hands wrapped around her waist and she had slid hers around his neck, playing with the soft locks that flopped over her fingers. She vaguely registered gasps coming from the direction of her family, but she didn’t care. She was in Harry’s arms and that was all that mattered. She was home.


Harry pulled away what could have been several seconds or minutes later. He honestly didn’t know how long he and Ginny had been wrapped around each other, but it felt like heaven. As his lips left hers, he cursed the need for humans to breathe.

Ginny was looking up at him, her eyes twinkling in amusement. “I hope that clears up any concerns you might have had, Mr Potter?”

Harry threw his head back and laughed, a real laugh not one of his fake chuckles. “Most certainly, Miss Weasley,” he assured her.

“Good,” Ginny said firmly. “And you could have just come up on stage and kissed me, you know. I wouldn’t have minded.”

“Yeah, but McGonagall probably would,” Harry reminded her, keeping his hands resting firmly on her hips so that she couldn’t pull away.

“Aw, you’re probably right,” Ginny sighed with a fake pout. “Oh well. That was just as good.”

Harry laughed again. She had kissed him. She had really kissed him. This most certainly wasn’t a dream, not judging from the way he felt. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.” he teased.

Ginny giggled, but then she met his gaze with her own brilliant chocolate one. “I’m in love with you, Harry, you know that, don’t you? I have been for years.”

He felt his heart soaring. She was in love with him. He wasn’t pining in unrequited love; she loved him just as much as he loved her. He took another step toward her and shifted his hands so that he could pick her up. She squealed as he lifted her until her head was level with his and then swung her around, kissing her full on the lips. He bravely ran his tongue along the seal to her lips, seeking entrance, and she willingly gave it, wrapping her legs around his waist. He entangled his hands into her fiery mane, amazed at how soft her sweet smelling curls felt beneath his hands.

Once he had eventually set her down, they both turned simultaneously toward The Weasley Table. All occupants appeared to have gotten over their initial shock. Mrs Weasley was crying with happiness, Mr Weasley was holding her and smiling at the two teenagers. When he met Harry’s eyes, he nodded, a tiny nod of approval, one that made Harry even more relieved than he had been before. He didn’t want to fall out with the Weasleys over his relationship with Ginny, but that didn’t seem likely.

Bill and Charlie were clapping and cheering enthusiastically. Ron was cupping his hands over his mouth to make his “WHOOO!” reach the couple properly; Hermione was laughing at her fiancé openly, giving Harry the thumbs up. The remaining girls were clutching each other and screaming and Fred and George were both wolf whistling, whilst Percy tried to contain them. The two children seemed bewildered by the sudden noise, but then Arthur, Bill and Fleur’s son, climbed onto the table, pulling Charlie’s boy Billius with him, and the pair began a crazy dance that involved jumping up and down and singing something that sounded suspiciously like “Weasley Is Our King.”

Mrs Weasley opened her arms and Ginny rolled her eyes at Harry. He laughed and released her, entwining his fingers into hers. They made their way toward the babble of people in a comfortable silence. Harry said only one thing to her before they were enveloped in their family’s noisy congratulations, the thing he’d wanted to say to her since he was 15 years old.

“I’m in love with you too, Gin.”
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