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Leaving His Mark
By Kezzabear

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Category: Reconstruction Challenge (2007-5)
Genres: Fluff, Humor
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: G
Reviews: 16
Summary: How will Harry help fix Hogwarts when one of George's pranks goes awry?
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.


“And you agreed to this Harry?”

“Yes, well when I watched a block fall on his HEAD, Hermione, what was I supposed to say?”

“Is he okay?” gasped Ginny.

“Yes, he’s fine, Madame Pomfrey fixed him right up. But I need to get back to Hogwarts and sort this out,” said Harry. “Are you lot going to come and help or are you going to sit around here while I do all the work?” Hermione, Ginny and Ron groaned and Ron kicked Charlie on the ankle as he got up.

“Come on lazy bones,” he said as Charlie swore at him. “You can’t lie around all day doing nothing!” Charlie replied that he jolly well could if he jolly well wanted to but he did get up and the five of them ambled into the kitchen to find George arguing with Bill as they sat at the table.

“I’m telling you, it’ll work!” insisted George vehemently. Bill shook his head.

“It looked easy the first time … but you’re never going to fool him again.” Harry stalked over to the fireplace, still in high dudgeon about having to assist in rebuilding Hogwarts, and grabbed the floo powder.

“Harry no!” shouted George. But he was too late. Harry had attempted to Floo to Hogwarts but where he had been standing was now a very small black cat, with green eyes and a white lightning bolt patch on his forehead. The poor cat looked terribly confused and let out a plaintive meow. Ginny giggled and went to pick him up. Harry the cat stiffened for a moment as her hands closed around his middle but once she had him cradled in her arms he leapt onto her shoulders, draped himself across them and began to purr loudly.

“That’s just disturbing,” said Ron as he eyed them distastefully. George got up to get a closer look at Harry. The cat was eyeing him with extreme loathing which everyone but George seemed to see as he moved toward Ginny. Ginny felt the cat tense on her shoulders as George approached.

‘Er, George?” said Ginny tentatively. “I wouldn’t stand there if I was you.” Her warning was appropriate as Harry suddenly leapt from her shoulders to hang by the claws from George’s chest.

“Yeeeeowch!” yelled George, pulling Harry free. The little black cat hissed at him. “Blimey Harry, It’ll wear off in an hour or two. I only cast a little spell on the fireplace. And I didn’t know you’d be trying to Floo somewhere before Percy.”

“Don’t be mad at him, Harry,” said Ron. “That’s the first prank he’s pulled since, well, for a while.” Harry scratched George who dropped him, yelping and Harry darted across the floor and began entwining himself around Ginny’s legs.

“Even as a cat he’s all over her,” said Charlie with disgust. Harry turned to him, the fur on his back rising and hissed.

“He’s as cranky as a cat as well,” commented Ron. Harry turned his back on them all and stalked over to the pot of Floo powder on the floor and sat, expectantly by it.

“Oh come on,” said Hermione with a sigh. “Let’s take him to Hogwarts and as soon as he turns back he can get started on this rebuilding thing.” She went over to the Floo powder and tried to scoop Harry up but he shied away from her.

“Oh don’t be silly,” Hermione said absently as she managed to grab him around the middle and held him against her chest as she tried to fish some powder from the pot. Harry scrabbled frantically at her sleeves trying to climb up her arms to her shoulders. Hermione just held him tighter and scolded him. Ron strode over purposefully. He plucked Harry out of Hermione’s arms and gave him to Ginny.

“I don’t think he’s awfully comfortable squashed against your erm … well that area of your … er,” stammered Ron as Harry settled in Ginny’s arms, the little black cat laying his head over her heart.

“He’s quite happy there, however,” sniggered George.

“Harry,” warned Ron in a low voice. The cat ignored them and closed his eyes. “You better be right that this wears off, George!” They were accompanied by George’s claims that it was all going to be fine as they all Flooed to Hogwarts and into the Headmistresse’s office. As Hermione and the Weasley’s emerged from her fireplace Professor McGonagall eyed them sharply.

“Where exactly is Mr Potter?” she demanded. “The rebuilding is behind enough with these silly enchantments on it without his tardiness!” Harry the cat leapt from Ginny’s arms onto the Headmistresses desk. He picked his way across the surface and sat down in front of her, cocking his head to the side to study her intently.

“Is this Mr Potter?” asked the Professor in astonishment and Harry purred in response while the others nodded. Professor McGonagall turned on George instantly. “What have you done with him Mr Weasley?”

“Amazing that she attributes this mishap to me,” said George as he shook his head sadly. “It’ll wear off in an hour or two I swear!”

“Yes, well, be that as it may, Mr Weasley, we have quite a serious problem indeed,” I suggest you go and make yourself useful somewhere in this castle and repair something. If you cannot find a suitable task yourself I am sure Mr Filch would be only too happy to oblige.” The Weasley boys and Hermione left to find something to repair as the Headmistress had asked and Harry and Ginny were left alone with Professor McGonagall.

“Well now Mr Potter, I may just have a job for you before you change back …” she mused. Swiftly she changed into her Animagus form and sauntered to the door. She turned and looked at Harry as if to say ‘come on’ and he leapt of her desk and trotted over to her. The two cats headed out of the door and down the staircase, Ginny on their heels.

Professor McGonagall led them down several corridors and under a tapestry to a section of fallen wall. The roof had caved in and there was no way to the other side of the pile of rocks except a tiny hole near the bottom. The tabby cat stopped near the hole and seemed to motion with her head. Harry wound his way around Ginny’s ankles before heading over to investigate it. Suddenly both cats had disappeared through the hole.

Ginny had no idea what to do now she sank down to the floor to wait. Shortly she was rejoined by Professor McGonagall who resumed her human form.

“Mr Potter is examining the structure in there,” she said. “Cats have very … useful eyesight.” They waited until Harry emerged, looking extremely dusty. He shook himself and then sat on his haunches and looked at them before he bent his head to lick his shoulder.

“I would not recommend giving in to that particular urge, Mr Potter,” said the headmistress dryly. “The furballs remain after transformation.” The little black cat stopped abruptly and stalked over to Ginny’s lap, turning in circles before settling down. Ginny began stroking his head and scratching behind his ears and the little cat began once again to purr and his paws flexed as he stretched.

“As much as Mr Potter may be enjoying that, Miss Weasley, I suggest we locate the lead construction engineer and let him know that Mr Potter will be with him as soon as he is able,” said the Headmistress and together, with Harry curled up against Ginny’s chest, they began to search the castle.

They had left the Burrow shortly after breakfast and it was lunchtime before Harry and Ginny caught up with Ron and the others again. Harry was still a cat. He had been intermittently exploring behind cave ins and inside cavities and riding with Ginny. He was currently curled up asleep in Ginny’s arms, his head on her left breast.

“Hasn’t he changed back yet?” asked George.

“No,” said Ginny shortly. “It’s quite a nuisance and I’m not sure he’s having fun any more.”

“Looks like he’s enjoying himself to me,” said Charlie slyly as they watched Harry wake and stretch, nuzzling his head on Ginny’s chest.

“Harry!” said Ginny sharply and the little cat looked up at her with beseeching eyes. “Not here!” The cat surveyed the room and seeing Ginny’s brothers gathered around shrank back into her arms. Bill laughed.

“Let’s have some lunch, there’s plenty of chicken here for Harry,” sad Hermione as she poured some milk into a saucer. Ginny set Harry on the table and he eyed the saucer with distaste.

“Hey, no animals on the table!” said Ron and immediately regretted it when Harry turned to him and bared his teeth, hissing. “Sorry mate, didn’t think.” The meal was uneventful, although Harry did get down onto a chair rather than risk transforming back on the table. Lunch was finished and George was starting to wonder if Harry was ever going to change back when a sudden commotion near the door made them look up, startled.

“’Ere, Fang! Come back yer dozy dog!” bellowed Hagrid as Fang headed straight for them. The dog let out an almighty bark and leapt towards Harry who made a strangled noise and scrabbled up the jeans ad then jumper of the nearest person, who happened to be Ron and perched on his shoulders. Fang, intent on pursuit of the little black cat jumped on Ron, knocking him over and sending Harry flying through the air. With the agility of a cat Harry managed to right himself and leap across the tables in the Great Hall, up onto the mantelpiece and from their onto one of the light fixtures. Fang was still able to get much to close to the fixture for Harry’s liking and he cast about anxiously for somewhere higher.

“Get back Fang!” yelled Hagrid. Harry caught sight of a beam just above him and leapt onto it, he only caught it by his front claws and scrambled up the last bit before walking across it precariously. Hagrid reigned Fang in and the Weasleys and Hermione gathered under Harry as he stood on the beam, his tail swishing anxiously.

“Here, what sort of cat is that?” asked Hagrid.

“It’s Harry,” said Hermione watching anxiously as the little black cat seemed to spot something and began moving along the beam. “Oh do be careful Harry!” Harry, fixed on a spot above him began to climb up the beams, higher and higher as if pursuing something and those on the ground watched anxiously as Harry simply climbed higher and higher until he was nearly at the apex of the damaged ceiling of the Great Hall. It was difficult to see him in the shadows and Ginny lost sight of him entirely.

Suddenly, there was the sound of distant swearing and a loud scrabbling and two feet encased in dirty trainers swung from one of the beams so high up that they were barely visible. Suddenly a pale face appeared in the shadows.

“George Weasley! I’m going to kill you!”

“You wouldn’t!” yelled George, laughing.

“Don’t bet on it! Get me down!”

“Well no one forced you to go so high, Harry!”

“Yeah well, it’s just as well I did,” Harry yelled back. “I figured out how to fix the ceiling!” The lead construction engineer was called and soon had magical scaffolding reaching to where Harry was stuck and the two of them were consulting, high on a floating board and waving their wands in arcs and circles. They climbed off the floating board and down the scaffolding.

“Are you sure that will work, Mr Potter?” asked the lead engineer.

“If I can do it, then yes it will work. The crack in the enchantment is straight through the middle and it’s cracked the actual roof,” he said seriously. “If I go along, sort of sewing it up, then it’ll fix not just the roof but the enchantment as well.”

“Sewing?” asked Hermione curiously. “That seems an odd sort of spell to use on construction.”

“Well a pair of cat’s eyes can tell you lots of things, Hermione,” he said, “and they told me that the enchantment on the ceiling is woven out of about four different spells and basically the weaving has come apart, so yes, sort of sewing them back together will help. I’m going to have to reveal the strands with my wand and then sew it up again with the Elder wand.”

“How on earth are you going to get up there?” asked Ron, peering up at the ceiling. “You’d have to fly to get up there and I don’t think you want George turning you into a bird.” Harry shook his head at Ron sadly.

“Honestly Ron,” said Ginny, “it’s obvious.”

“Accio broomstick,” said Harry. Ron looked sheepish.

“Oh yeah.” Ginny watched anxiously from the ground as Harry sailed up to the ceiling and, gripping the broomstick with his knees he got out both wands and began waving them in complex patterns. His holly wand revealed four strands of red, gold, green and blue magic and Harry knit them back together with the Elder Wand before flying back down. Before he had reached the ground again the sun was shining into the Great Hall through the newly repaired ceiling.

“Oh, well done, Harry!” cried Hagrid and Fang barked. Harry shuddered.

“No worries, let’s just keep Fang away from me for a day or two, hey?” Ginny began giggling helplessly and Harry shot her a filthy glare.

“If we are finished here, there are some areas of the castle that need my attention,” he said as he strode from the Great Hall, the lead engineer, Hermione and the Weasleys in his wake. He stopped at the cave in he and Professor McGonagall had first investigated. Casting a spell on each of the pieces of rubble he stopped abruptly when one of them glowed a sickly green.

“This is the block,” he said cryptically.

“Er, block for what?” asked Ron.

“Block the magic was hanging on,” said Harry absently as he levitated the block out of the rubble and then leapt back when he was showered with a layer of dust and rubble.

“How do you know that block was the right one?” asked Hermione, casting spells on it with her own wand.

“Cats eyes, Hermione,” Harry winked at her, very useful. “I saw it when I was here last time I knew approximately which one, wasn’t too hard to find when I know where to look.”

“This part here says it’s self repairing,” said the lead engineer consulting a huge piece of parchment.”

“Doesn’t look very self repairing to me,” muttered Ron.

“Yes well, the self repairing magic was hung on that block and that is the one that was hit by a bludgeoning spell, so the wall can’t self repair can it?”

“If you strip off the old spell and cast a new one on that block it should all repair itself automatically,” said Bill thoughtfully. Harry nodded and set to work. Between, Bill, the engineer and Harry they made short work of stripping the spells on the block and cast new ones. They sprang back as suddenly the pile of rubble began to move and before long they were standing in front of a newly repaired wall. Harry sank to the floor, his energy spent. He needed to catch his breath.

“There’s more self repairing blocks that are broken,” he said to the assembled group that now included several of the construction crew. Harry showed them the incantation to strip and repair the blocks and the Weasleys and construction crew hurried off to locate the blocks in question. Profesor McGonagall was surprisingly agreeable to roaming in her Animagus form to try and more quickly locate the damaged self repairing blocks. Harry was left with Ginny, Ron and Hermione in the corridor and they agreed to catch up with the others after a short break. Ginny leaned into Harry and gave him a short kiss.

“I missed doing that when you were a cat,” she said. Harry grinned at her.

“I found a number of ways to enjoy being a cat,” he whispered as he plunged his hands into her hair and pulled her in for a long and satisfying kiss.

“Well I can find a number of ways to enjoy that you’re not any more,” said Ginny as she nibbled on his ear.

“Keep it up and I might need a longer break,” said Harry huskily as he swept his hands down her arms and grazed her thighs with the tips of his fingers.

“Oi! Break it up you two!” Harry made a rude gesture in the direction of Ron’s voice and kept kissing Ginny, pulling away reluctantly only when he heard thundering footsteps and Bill’s breathless voice.

“Harry, come quick, the builders have started something and no one can stop it!” He hurried after Bill and outside onto the lawns where he found the roof tiles cascading down onto the lawn, builders and other restoration workers dodging the unexpected missiles. Harry darted out of the way of a large batch of the falling tiles and beckoned to the lead engineer.

“What did you do?”

“I don’t really know! One minute we were casting repairing charms and then Ollie decided to start with the levitation and I think maybe the two got combined and the next thing we know the tiles are all flying about like that,” said the engineer. Harry cast a diagnostic spell on the fallen tiles and then bit his lip as he looked up at the roof.

“I need to get up there,” he murmured thoughtfully. “The tiles have got enchantments on them to stop them lifting in heavy wind and the levitation spells are playing havoc with them.” Suddenly he found himself lifted through the air until he was dangling in front of an empty patch of roof that was stripped of all it’s tiles.

“Hagrid!” exclaimed Harry as his heartbeat went back to normal.

“Sorry Harry, jus’ tryin’ ter help,” said Hagrid as he began to lower Harry.

“No no, leave me up here now,” said Harry as he tried to scramble onto the roof. Walking along the roof precariously he cast spells trying to figure out the best way to repair the damage and replace the tiles. Eventually he came to a rift in the spells and casting a diagnostic charm he found where a break in the roof protection charms had allowed the levitation charm to seep under the tiles and lift them off from underneath. Leaning down he called to the construction workers.

“Hey can you lot get up here?” The builders hurried off to get magic scaffolding and Harry got to work repairing the break in the roof protection and then tried to reel back the levitation charm that was still rolling along. Harry wasn’t sure how it was rolling itself out like a ball of string but his recent experiences as a cat seemed to be influencing him and he wanted nothing more to chase that string as it rolled along.

He leapt agilely along the roof and could hear Hermione and Ginny gasp as he jumped from one exposed beam to another but he doggedly followed the string of the levitation spell. The roof met the wall and suddenly the levitation spell stopped as if confused, the tiles no longer there for it to feed on and Harry managed to pin it down and cast Finite Incantatum in the hopes that this would stop it.

Obviously the Elder Wand found more than one spell and cancelled the spell holding up the roof as well because the whole thing, and Harry with it, came tumbling down. He heard screams as he fell and closed his eyes ruefully. He had survived being at the top of the Great Hall as a cat, the wrath of Ginny’s brothers when they discovered he was the git breaking their sister’s heart and several confrontations with Voldemort only to be done in by a falling roof. Suddenly he felt himself zooming across the courtyard instead and he quite suddenly crashed into Ron and they fell in a tangled heap to the ground. When Harry opened his eyes he found them inches from Ron’s.

“Are you okay?” Ron asked, wincing. Harry nodded.

“You broke my fall. Are you okay?” he puffed, out of breath.

“I think you broke all my ribs,” Ron wheezed.

“If you two could break it up,” said George, an amused expression on his face. Harry pulled himself off of Ron gingerly and Ron sat up wincing in pain.

“We need to get you to the hospital wing,” said Hermione fretfully.

“Wouldn’t it be useful if there was a lift so we didn’t have to walk up all those stairs,” mused Ginny as she helped Ron to his feet. Harry stopped suddenly and they all crashed into him.

“What was that for?” said Charlie rubbing his elbow.

“A lift!” said Harry excitedly. “This place has always lacked a lift. Who wants a lift?”

“Oh, yes please,” said Ginny as she tried to hold the wheezing Ron upright. “Next year will be so much better if there is a lift!” And Harry spent his time, while the others took Ron to the Hospital Wing, pacing around the bottom of the Grand Staircase and casting enchantments to build a lift into Hogwarts. He was halfway finished when Ron reappeared.

“How’s it going Harry?” asked Ron of a very red faced and sweating Harry.

“Well it’s going to be strong,” puffed Harry as he took a break on the fourth floor landing. “It would be a disaster if something just blew it down when it was full of students.” Harry was creating a series of invisible enchantments that would allow a cage to move freely about without obstructing the view in the Grand Staircase. George ran up the last few steps below them arrived panting with the effort.

“And he huffed and he puffed and he blew the lift down,” laughed Ron. “Bit out of shape aren’t you, George?”

“Well, I’m not doing the sort of things you’re doing to stay in shape, am I little brother?” said George with a sly grin on his face. “If you want huffing and puffing-”

“Oi!” said a red faced Ron. Harry looked at them both perplexedly.

“I didn’t know you had an exercise regime, Ron?” he said. Ron said nothing, glaring at George.

“Well try doing it somewhere other than broom cupboards,” chortled George. Ron shushed him hurriedly.

“It’s not like there’s anywhere else private around here!” he hissed.

“What sort of exercise do you get in broom cupboards?” said Harry distractedly as he waved the Elder Wand in a series of complicated patterns that Professor Flitwick had showed him. As he moved up to the sixth floor he didn’t see Ron and George rolling their eyes at him.
“Harry, mate,” said Ron tentatively, “are you distracted or thick? Surely you know what broom cupboards are used for?” Harry whirled around, startled.

‘Er, well, I, um … yes,” he stammered before blushing profusely. “You and Hermione and a broom cu-” he shuddered.

“It’s ridiculous that in a place where people are of age-”

“-and allowed to express their feelings in an adult manner-”


“-that there is no better provision for such an event.” Harry stared at Ron and George.

“That’s uncanny,” he said turning back to the lift enchantments and slowly making his way to the Seventh floor.

“You could just build a room in, couldn’t you Harry?” said Ron. Harry looked at him through narrowed eyes.

“You want me to build a-” he broke off shaking his head in disbelief.

“Somewhere private, Harry,” winked George. “Generations of young wizards would thank you.” Harry shook his head, rolling his eyes at the pair of them.

“No,” he said shortly. “Can you imagine what sort of trouble I’d be in with Hermione if she found out?”

“Actually, Harry, I think you’d find Hermione quite amenable to the idea,” said Ron cheerfully. Harry, stepping onto the Seventh floor landing shuddered.

“Just stop. It’s … enough,” he said as he focussed on the last enchantment to build the invisible lift corridors. “There, at Ginny’s request!”

“You’re whipped, mate,” said Ron conversationally as they walked towards the Gryffindor Common Room.

“At least I’m not the one getting caught out by his brothers in broom cupboards,” sniggered Harry.

“You haven’t got any,” said Ron facetiously.

“Ah, maybe not, but she has,” said Harry as he winked at the Fat Lady who swung open to let him through.

“Have you even been snogging, or, er, huffing and puffing in a broom cupboard, Harry?” asked George laughing.

“As if I would tell you two!”

“Quite right Mr Potter,” said Professor McGonagall crisply. The three stopped dead and schooled their expressions into pictures of perfect innocence. Well Ron and Harry almost managed it but George failed dismally. “A word if I may, Mr Potter.” Harry nodded and gestured to her to continue.

“When a master builder works on Hogwarts he traditionally adds a personal touch,” the professor said, “often something unique or covert.” Harry drew his brows together in confusion.

“Like leaving a mark?” he said. Professor McGonagall nodded.

“Harry, can you come down and help put the roof back up where you collapsed it?” came Ginny’s voice from the doorway. “The lead engineer is having a devil of a time fixing it back up. Apparently your Finite stripped every last enchantment from all the beams and they are stubbornly sticking to the floor.”

“Okay, hey let’s try out the new lift!” Harry led the way out to the landing and levitated the cage Filch had been mysteriously happy to provide into place. Harry did not want to contemplate why Filch had squirreled away a cage, but he wasn’t complaining. The five of them rode safely to the Ground Floor and Professor McGonagall complimented Harry on an exceptionally fine piece of work. Harry thought she was secretly rather pleased with the idea and might be its most frequent patron.

Hurrying outside Harry got to work on the roof beams and between them he and the other builders managed to recast the charms to put the roof back up. By the time the sun set most of the castle had been inspected, stripped of it charms or enhanced and the new lift had proven a hit with the staff. Harry sat slumped in the Great Hall as he and the volunteers who had been working hard on the castle that day ate heartily.

“Oh, Harry dear, are you quite alright?” Mrs Weasley’s voice came floating through the Great Hall. Her sons all winced or cringed as she came bustling over, her husband trailing in her wake and began to inspect Harry for, well probably damage or fatigue. Harry wasn’t sure which. Ron made a face at Harry behind his mother’s back but Harry didn’t mind being fussed over the way Ron did and he was truly tired and he willingly laid his head on Mrs Weasley’s shoulder and closed his eyes. She clucked somewhat like a mother hen and patted his head.

When the evening meal was finished and the plates cleared away Mr Weasley indicated that they should all make a move. Harry lifted his head from Mrs Weasley’s shoulder and looked around the Great Hall.

“I need to leave something personal,” he muttered.

“Just leave a lightning bolt on the wall,” said Ron offhandedly. Harry stared at him.

“That’s brilliant,” he breathed and hurried over to the wall at the end of the Gryffindor table. Using the Elder Wand he carefully carved 'Harry Potter Woz ‘Ere' into the stone work there and cast a charm on it. He read the words back and they disappeared. Then he carved a lightning bolt into the stone where the words had been. Another charm and the words appeared again.

“What does that say?” asked George squinting.

“Harry Potter woz ‘ere?” said Charlie and the words suddenly faded away, replaced with the lightning bolt.

“Wicked,” breathed Ron and George in unison.

“It’s unique, it’s covert,” said Harry shrugging. “Can you imagine next year’s Gryffindors reading that and watching it change? Cool.” Bill shook his head.

“The most notable wizard of our time,” he said and Harry screwed his face up at him, “and Harry Potter leaves graffiti as his lasting legacy at Hogwarts.” They all burst out laughing as they turned to leave the castle and head home, Harry taking one last look at Hogwarts, now standing as whole as it ever had, as they went out the gates and apparated home.
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