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Slightly-Milked-Coffee Eyes
By PhoenixLament

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Category: "Baby, It's Cold Outside" Challenge (2008-1)
Genres: General, Romance, Songfic
Warnings: Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: As witches and wizards get older, they of course move out. When Harry visits Ginny's new flat, he finds he is pressured to stay rather than fight the weather outside, or find himself Splinched from Disapparating under the influence...
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
Haven't written fanfiction for a while now, I've been off for a year or more, so here it goes.


“I have to go,” he murmured, getting up from his place in a comfortable little chair, stretching as he did so. Oh how time flew when a person was having fun. Not that that meant anything, not that there had to be something meant in it. They had talked for a few hours, eaten a little something, and had a few drinks. He thought he was entitled to that at least; he had to have a break sometime. When you were a certain raven-haired young man with brilliant emerald eyes and a certain lightning scar, you had to have some fun eventually. The young man was now nineteen and still searching for those oblivious horcruxes, still trying to make the world right again… Didn’t a young man like him deserve to spend some innocent time with a girl he cared for enough to leave? It meant nothing that he had come to her flat because he was invited to. They were two people who shared something at least; they were allowed to break certain etiquette, weren’t they? And if not…that was too late.

Besides, nothing had happened.

Slightly-milked-coffee eyes rose in defiance from the chair beside the one he had vacated. The light from the roaring fire danced across those eyes, causing him almost to see every lash present on her lids, and see the lustrous glimmer that resonated from the claret that was Ginny Weasley’s tresses. She stood slowly, biting her lip, her mind seeming to go through several thought processes at once. “Harry, don’t go.”

“What?” he said, in the middle of grabbing his cloak from the chair’s back. He dropped it on the floor from loose fingers. He caught her eyes and thought he saw something that wasn’t just defiance; anger at his leaving, perhaps….or certain glances one usually hid because they were perhaps not the most eloquent.

“You heard me. You can’t go; it’s too cold.”

His brows rose in surprise again, one dancing slightly higher than the other did. “You know I won’t be outside long; I’ll Disapparate…and if you’re talking about where me, Ron, and Hermione stay, it isn’t cold-”

“I wouldn’t Disapparate from here you know; too many Muggles like the batty lady below…,” she said quietly, stepping closer to Harry. He stepped back, eyes wide. True, yes, he did want to leave. However, another half of him begged him to stay. Sure, it said seductively. Ginny’s right you know, awfully cold out there. Dreadful. And Muggles, oh yes, best not reveal Wizarding Kind around them, not good. Stay where it’s warm and safe…

“I-I….I have to….Ginny, it’s been a nice night-”

“I’ve been hoping you’d come by,” she murmured, her eyes slightly hooded as she stepped ever closer. Harry again stepped back, a lump forming ever so slightly in his throat. “I hinted at mum to tell you where I was. It took you two months after I’d moved out to come and visit, and now you’re going to skip out into the cold? I don’t think so.”

“Yeah…well…been a little busy, haven’t I? And that’s exactly why I can’t stay….Gin, your mum would go completely mad….”

“Mmm, no. She won’t. I don’t talk to her every night, despite the fact she’s tried-”

“What if she tries tonight?”

Ginny smiled, still stepping closer. Harry backed up, and found himself backed right up against the wall. “If she does, I’ll say you’re taking the couch or something. I’m not stupid enough to tell her otherwise.”

“That’s if I stay….”

“Whatever made you think I was giving you an option?” she murmured, coming to stand in front of him with her hands resting lightly on his shoulders. She grinned, a seductive malice sprinkled among those eyes…

“Well….well….what about your dad? I don’t think he’d be fooled-”

“Can you hear the fire, Harry?” she murmured, coming within inches of him, still ever the close one. He blinked nervously, his mouth opening and closing for a moment before he spoke.

“…I….I hear it. Crackling….but Ginny, I don’t want to sleep on the couch if your mum does come talk to you or something…..”

“You weren’t going to even if she didn’t. Stay a little longer, Harry. If you change your mind and want to go after another drink…I may or may not let you go.”

“Well…just another….maybe….half….I dunno….”

Ginny grinned, stepping away from him. She walked slowly to the table, hips swaying just slightly more than nature intended. Harry ran a hand through his hair as he sighed, his hand shaking just ever the slightest bit. He walked back to his chair and sank into it, watching Ginny cautiously as she poured his drink and handed it to him, taking her own place back up again. She watched him over her glass as he took a few quick gulps. After a few more moments of silence, Harry sat back instead of getting up to go. He wondered if he even wanted to anymore, or just needed to. He knew he needed to; Ron and Hermione….they would perhaps worry. He said he’d come back before ten….and Ron was a suspicious brother from the start…. Somebody was spreading rumors; Ron wasn’t too thick not to believe at least half of them…

“What if your neighbors think something….something’s going on?” Harry asked quietly, his eyes resolutely fixed to a log being accosted by the deliciously warm fire. He knew if he looked at Ginny again he’d see that look she’d had before; hooded eyes, sultry smirk… Suddenly he heard an odd sound find its way into the room. His eyes widened slightly as he looked around, pausing when he realized it was himself. His eyes went to Ginny and she appeared to be grinning again, watching him from those eyes that were so many different shades of brown…. Why was I humming, as if I knew…? Merlin, I need to get out of here…

“My neighbors don’t matter, Harry- It’s too cold out there for you to go, and that’s what I’m concerned about.”

“But I’m not…I’m not walking or anything…and I can Disapparate quickly enough…..”

“Mmm, yeah, you can. When you haven’t had four glasses of wine laced with Firewhiskey….”

“That’s what’s in here?” he asked, surprised. It had tasted off to him…but it had tasted a good kind of off, if that made sense in any possible way. Probably not…

“But…I dunno, I think I could still do it if I tried,” Harry muttered, this time standing up and setting the glass down. Ginny came to her feet quickly, strode to where he stood, and pushed him backwards into his chair, all with a smile on her face that was all-too-full of seduction, humor, and irritation. She stood in front of him for a moment before slapping him upside the head. “You’ll splinch yourself,” she muttered, hesitating slightly. Hit him, Ginny, one more time. Oh, what the hell. She smacked him again, laughing slightly.

“Ow! Is that even necessary?”

“It is for me.”

“But Gin….I don’t have to Disapparate…I’ve got some Muggle money, I could always get a cab.”

“Mmm, they won’t pick up drunken Wizards who don’t remember how to tip…”

“Can’t I….can’t I go? You said maybe….”

Ginny smirked, her eyes dancing. Harry found himself less and less wonton to actually get up and go every time he caught her looks. Her eyes were like starlight. Suddenly, he found he hadn’t paid attention much to her look this time. He had no warning, but suddenly found Ginny straddling his lap, her arms linked loosely around his neck. He looked up at her slightly, his mouth going dry. Such things were seriously against etiquette…

“Harry, I forgot to mention one little thing….”

“Erm….what’s that?”

“It’s that when I was growing up and I wanted to do something, and I asked one of the twins if I could borrow their brooms, they always told me ‘maybe’. In the end, that always meant no,” she said, her fingers twirling the hair at the nape of his neck. “I’m not letting you leave here without giving me one plausible reason you shouldn’t stay.”

“Well….well….I have a mission to do, don’t I? Voldemort-”

“Harry, Voldemort won’t be stopped in one night, that one’s useless.”

“Okay…,” he said, looking away from her to the all-too-interesting carpet. “Um…Ginny, c’mon, I have to go…I really can’t stay….”

“Harry, it’s cold out,” Ginny murmured. She edged closer to him, but Harry pushed her away, off his lap. He stood, his eyes wide, shaking his head.

“No, Ginny,” he said. “I can’t…we aren’t even together….”

“What’s that have to do with it?”

“Everything….it’s….Gin, it’s been nice,” he sighed, picking up his cloak off the floor. Ginny frowned, taking it gently from his hands and casting it aside, shaking her head. She smiled again.

“It’s positively storming out there, there’s no way it can be safe….”

“Can’t I go by Floo? Hermione…she’s sharp, she’ll catch on to something….”

“Mmm, I’m not hooked to the Floo Network, Harry. I don’t need to be. And Hermione will probably catch on, yes, but she can always keep her mouth shut, unlike my brothers-”

“Exactly. Ron’ll know, he’ll be there waiting….and the rest of your brothers will hear about it….”

Ginny laughed. “Is Harry Potter afraid of getting caught?” she asked, stepping closer to him again. He bit his lip, shaking his head ever the slightest. Ginny smirked. “I don’t believe that for a second,” she murmured, placing a hand on his cheek. This time she drew him in. Her lips met his and instantly began to explain to him the only way they could the reason he must stay. Though Harry necessarily didn’t want them to, his arms came around her waist, drawing her closer. After a moment, Ginny broke away tantalizingly.

“Someone in your family wouldn’t like me staying here,” Harry said after a moment. “Your Aunt Muriel-”

“My Aunt Muriel would actually have something to brag about to people,” Ginny muttered. “She’d say it was wretched at first…maybe…but then she and mum’d start planning a wedding-”

“W-what? Gin….”

“Shut up, Harry.”

“Another drink then…”

“If you want it,” Ginny smirked, slipping away from him and pouring more into his glass. As he became more and more befuddled by the drink mixture, he somehow noticed she wasn’t even drinking hers….

“Hey. That’s…not fair,” he said after a gulp, pointing to her half-full glass. She just smirked in reply, rolled her eyes, and took a long sip. They turned to look out the window of Ginny’s little London flat, watching the snow twirl and whirl and swirl outside. Quite a blizzard, Ginny thought. Wonder if I can stay and not get caught, Harry thought. Slowly an arm crept around Ginny’s waist, and she looked at him with another beautiful grin. This time it was he who edged closer to her, his lips grazing past hers and then finding them. His hands pressed into her back. Her arms wrapped around his waist. Ginny found herself backing up, hitting the edge of her sofa, and sinking into it. While they had had some intense snogging in the past…this moment was better. Somehow, it was nicer; they were perfectly alone, perfectly comfortable, perfectly almost drunk enough to do this… If Harry had been completely sober, Ginny knew he would have talked more about the fact that they weren’t a couple any more. However…that didn’t meant they couldn’t do this. There were no laws against it….or for it….but that didn’t matter. Her hand slowly crept up to his hair, gripping it slightly as they kissed with more and more passion. Finally, Harry pulled away, his eyes dancing. Ginny was breathless, and found herself glaring at him in a playful way. There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm…

“I’ve gotta go…,” Harry murmured. They were still on the couch, Harry leaning slightly over Ginny so that each of his knees were beside hers, and his arms propped on either side of her head. He made no motion to move, despite the words that had just issued from him. It was as if the words had snuck under the radar and Harry, now doubting whether he should go at all, turned a blind….ear…and let them sneak along out of his mouth.

“Mmm. You’ll freeze.”

“No…I have a cloak….”

“Heh, like that’ll help,” Ginny muttered. The warmth of the fire was washing over her, lulling her to an almost sleepy state. Perhaps it would work on Harry as well…and then again, you never knew, not with Harry. You’d think you’d roped him in, and the next minute he could be gone…

“My hair’s a mess,” Harry muttered, running a hand through it roughly. Ginny looked up and grabbed it in hers, her fingers dancing over the flesh of his fingers, her tawny eyes watching as his skin prickled. She loved the effect the littlest thing she did had on him. She felt in control and she felt dominating. They were good feelings to have, when you grew up in a house full of older brothers. She needed to feel on top for once, didn’t she?

“You’re hair’s always a mess. And since when do you care? And again, since you are positively not leaving, it doesn’t matter what your hair looks like. It’s bound to get messier,” she grinned, her eyes flashing with a hint of suggestion. Harry reddened, a grin popping across his face. It dimmed to a bemused smile after a moment; it seemed part of him still wanted to leave…

“But still…Ginny….someone will find out I stayed. Someone will talk and…what then?”

“What do you mean, what then? Nothing then. Harry….it doesn’t matter what people say. I don’t care. Neither should you… Harry,” she mumbled, grabbing his chin in her hand and directing his eyes straight to hers. They stared at each other for an eternity before she finished her thought. “If you’re going to….I know you won’t rest easily until Voldemort is gone. I can live with the fact that we aren’t together….but Harry, if this is one of the only nights I will be able to see you alone before you meet him again….and if something happened….would you deny me the chance to make a few good memories?”

He stared at her, his eyes widening and the bemused look still gracing the presence of the corners of his lips. After a moment, he nodded, bringing his mouth back to hers in a quick, forceful kiss. “I really shouldn’t….but….what the hell.” Ginny grinned, throwing her arms around him and giggling.

“I thought so.”

Eventually, Harry and Ginny went to bed. The fire burned down to smoldering embers, smoking making intricate swirls as it rose and drifted off into nothingness.

+ + +

“Where the bloody hell have you been?”

Harry winced, rubbing his temples as he entered their largest tent. Ron had obviously been pacing the kitchen area, his brows contorted as if it were an artistry. Hermione sat at the little table they had, her eyes in The Daily Prophet, her laughter shaking the paper.

“What?” Harry yawned, setting down his cloak and plopping into the chair across from Hermione. A small headache twanged between his eyes, the Firewhiskey-laced-wine having its merry time with after effects. Ron frowned and stood beside Harry, arms crossed.

“You’ve been gone all night.”

“It snowed, didn’t it? Bad storm and all, I got stuck-”

“You slept at Ginny’s?”

“Erm, yeah. Ron,” Harry said, holding up his hands as he saw Ron’s facial expression change several times over. “It’s not what you think, I slept on the couch….”

“Really?” Hermione muttered from behind the paper, putting it down after a moment, smirking. “That’s good. Glad you had a nice evening…”

“Fine,” Ron muttered with a sigh, looking relived at best. Hermione shot him a look, and then shot one back at Harry. ‘I’m not as dense as Ron, you know,’ it said. Harry shrugged slightly, his face reddening slightly. He sent his own look back, a smirk on his face now as well. ‘I know that,’ it said. He sat there, drifting off slightly, not hearing what Ron said next. It was something about breakfast, something Harry had made when he woke up that morning. He drifted back to his and Ginny’s breakfast, remembering how her slightly-milked-coffee eyes had stared at his with a look that said ‘I knew I’d get you to stay’. They had talked for quite some time before he had decided enough was enough and to return back to reality and Hermione and Ron. Most of the conversation had been about the two of them; what was in store for the future. Though he couldn't make very many promises, he had made one: That he'd make it through, or try to survive at any rate. His stay at Ginny's had been a saving grace almost, a break from what had been a grueling few years on a quest for Voldemort's soul. When you were dealing with such things, it was best to take a few little side-trips on the road less traveled, getting back to loved ones in the process...
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