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Harry and Ginny - How About It?
By georgie4puppies

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Genres: Angst
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: G
Reviews: 3
Summary: This is a fluffy one-shot inspired by "Romeo and Juliet" by the Dire Straits, though the plot doesn't exactly follow the song.
Harry comes to visit Ginny but will he be met with a frosty welcome?
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work. Also, I don't own the song either!

Author's Notes:
Hope you enjoy it! Please read and review!


Harry ran through the burrow’s massive garden, past the lake, singing blissfully but quietly. Finally he reached the wall where Ginny’s room was. He grabbed his firebolt and flew up to her second story window. He knocked quietly, hoping he wouldn’t wake her. She woke with a start and rushed to the window, fear marring her beautiful face. “Oh, Harry it’s just you... you nearly gave me a heart attack! Honestly, you really shouldn’t be here at all! Anyway, why are you here? And why the hell are you singing?”

Harry grinned. “So, you and me, how about it? Can I come in, babe?”

“No. What do you want?”

“I want to talk, I miss you.”

“Well, some boyfriend you are ... ignoring me for ages after you’d run off. Don’t tell me, there’s someone else?”

“Gin, you’re getting it all wrong. Let me explain.” said Harry pleadingly.

“Alright, come in.” She replied reluctantly and moved back from the window to allow Harry into her room. It was late almost ten o’clock at night when he had come to visit Ginny and Harry felt very relieved to be in the warmth and light of her bedroom. He looked longingly at her bed; he hadn’t slept since the final battle when he had run off in fear of the Weasley’s non-existent wrath. He had been so worried about them resenting him or hating him that he hadn’t come to the Burrow, he hadn’t come home. He looked at her carefully in this new light, she looked as beautiful as ever but she looked angry and tired. She gestured for him to be quiet as the sound of heavy footfalls could be heard outside her bedroom door, in the corridor. Harry nodded and pulled his firebolt inside and silently shut the window, he wouldn’t want anyone apart from Ginny to know he was here.

A familiar voice called out into the darkness, “Gin-Gin, is everything alright? I heard singing....” It was George; Ginny barely suppressed a laugh at his mention of Harry’s cheesy attempt at a serenade.

“Don’t worry, Georgie it was just me... Night.” She replied forgetting for a moment that they were not alone.

“Yeah... night Hun... Try not to worry about Harry too much tonight, he’ll see sense and come back to you, and don’t worry about the others, once he apologises they’ll forgive him just like
we have. I love you.”

“Yeah... Thanks, George. Love you too.” Ginny blushed as she replied to his revealing words. Harry silenced the room and turned his poignant gaze towards his ex-girlfriend. “Sit down.” She sighed.

“Thanks.” He obliged, drawing up a seat. “Where do I start?”

“I want to hear it all, I guess. I couldn’t get much out of Ron or ‘Mione.”

“Ok. Ginny... here goes.” And he continued to tell her all about everything, the horcruxes, his time away with Ron and Hermione, the dragon, being captured, missing her, thinking about her, using the marauders map to look for her and speak to her but not properly, Snape’s help and the final battle. Then he told her why he had been gone for the past month after the battle and how he was worried that the rest of her family was angry at her, at this point he turned his green eyes to the door where George’s voice had been heard, talking about him. Ginny shook her head, but she took all this news well. She didn’t once interrupt and she looked quite touched at some points, when Harry had mentioned his mother or herself. Finally, he finished and looked up expectantly at her, pushing some of his jet black hair out of his piercing green eyes. He cleared his throat.

“Um... ok... thanks Harry. Have you got a place to stay?” she asked awkwardly, not really meeting his gaze.

“Um, yeah I have thanks, Gin.”

“Uh... well I guess I’ll see you around then are you coming to---“she stopped herself before finishing that sentence, Harry wouldn’t be coming anywhere anymore. He didn’t want to have anything to do with her, what he’d said just now was all a lie to make her feel better. If he really cared he would of come sooner...

“Am I coming to what?” he asked.

“Oh... nothing, don’t worry. Uh... bye.” She opened the window for Harry and he looked a bit surprised but he grabbed his Firebolt and jumped from the window to the soft ground. “Be careful!” she hissed at him.

“Bye, Gin.” He grinned at her reproach goofily and took off into the night. Ginny sighed, she would have even more of a trouble sleeping than she normally did, and once again, it was all thanks to Harry! She stood at the window, thinking about everything that he had said to her... what if it was true? What if it wasn’t? Why had Harry taken so long? Should she believe him or shouldn’t she? Just when Ginny was beginning to get things clear in her head, she heard a swooping noise and there he was, right in front of her, smiling at her from behind the glass.

“Harry?” she asked, confused. “Why are you back?”

“Oh, come on, Gin, I was never going to go home without a goodnight kiss, was I?” he laughed.

“You, Potter, need to know when to quit! There’ll be no kisses for you!” she couldn’t help but smile.

“Ginny,” he said seriously, “We need to talk. Properly. Now. Please let me in.”

“Oh... Harry, you have to pick right now to talk about ‘us’? I was trying to sleep!”

“No you weren’t, you were standing by the window, waiting for me to come back and you know it!” She blushed at being caught out and let him in. She stifled a giggle at the gravity of the situation. He sat on her bed and tugged on her hand until she was at down next to him.

“Right... er, ok... here goes. Um... our whole relationship was kind of under the cloud of Tom from the start really...” he began honestly. “I mean we both knew I’d have to fight him eventually so I guess I didn’t really think to kind of let it come out from under that cloud... Not that I didn’t want to!” he added quickly. “It was just that I couldn’t, really, well...erm, anyway that was my fault. So...yeah. Moving on, you basically stole my heart from the word go, and I so wanted you to keep it... but now it seems like... well, er, that you’ve sort of thrown it out. Even though I left it to you for the time away... well anyway... I mean, I never took it back, it’s always been yours.”

“Harry! You won the war and you left... without a word to anyone apart from Ron and Hermione and you only said you were going away for a while, nothing else. What the hell was I so supposed to do?” she said bitterly.

“Yeah... Look, Gin, I’ll be honest, what I did was wrong... but for some reason... I just couldn’t... I just couldn’t tell you and I just couldn’t stay! I’m sorry.”
“So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I think we should get back together. I know; I know what I did to you was awful but I really think that we could work this out. It was just that the time was wrong last time.”

“Harry... come on, you can go out with anyone now. Not me!” She said, she knew he must be joking.

“But I don’t want to go out with just anyone! I want to be with you! I don’t want you to be “just one of my girlfriends”; I want you to be my only girl!”

“Oh... Harry. I'm not good for you, you’re not good for me. We grew up together for Merlin’s sake! Your feelings must just be older brotherly, nothing else! Stop kidding me, now.”

“Ginny! Don’t you see? That is why we would be so great together! I’ve known you for so
long... I’m not kidding!”

“But you must be trying to break things off more severely than last time. A clean break. That’s what you want, that’s what boys always want! You must want to be just friends; we’ve been through so much as friends, let’s not spoil that.” Ginny tried to fight against her gut feeling, which was telling her that they were meant for each other, that they should be together.

“I don’t want to break up with you! I can’t be breaking up with you, it’s just not possible! I want to be more than friends! Think about how we both fought so hard in the battle... I fought for you. When you tried to kill Bellatrix, don’t tell me that you weren’t thinking about me!” he pushed her chin up so that she had to look at his face, her bottom lip wobbled. “Ginny, I know you were thinking about me. Why are you fighting this?” he demanded. “Answer me!”

“I- I- well... I was thinking about you, Harry! Of course I was!” she shouted. “But that was before you ran off and left me; left us all. I thought you were DEAD!” she screamed at him and burst into tears, he looked shocked, Ginny never cried. He pulled her onto his shoulder and when she didn’t protest, he let her cry there for a while. He patted her gently on the back whilst trying to ignore the pain that had seized him at the fact that Ginny was crying over him. He looked down at her and something silver caught his eye, just hanging out from behind a lock of her beautiful red hair.

“What’s this?” he asked her quietly as tugged gently on the silver necklace’s heart shaped pendant hanging around her neck. She looked up and quickly pulled away from him.

“It’s um... it’s nothing. Just a necklace.” She tucked it back into her nightdress and looked away from him. This was strange, he thought, if it was just as necklace then why had she put it away so quickly after he had seen it? Now he came to think about it, he had never seen that necklace before, not even when they were dating and he had often got a lovely view of her beautifully freckled neck.

Then a sudden thought dawned on him.

“Who gave that necklace to you, Ginny?” he asked quietly.

“Dean.” She replied, just as quietly.

“Why are you wearing Dean’s necklace to bed?” he used the same tone as before.

“It’s not Dean’s necklace!” she said defiantly, “It’s just a necklace he gave to me as a sorry present.”

Harry felt his insides bubble over. The monster in his chest was very uneasy and extremely upset. “What has he got to say sorry for? He didn’t do anything to you, did he?”

“No, he didn’t! He just gave it to me to say sorry about F-Fred. It was just a kind thing to do, just something sweet and thoughtful.”

“Oh. But that still doesn’t answer my first question. Why do you wear it in bed?

“I just do.”

“No hidden meaning behind it at all?”

“Nope.” She confirmed.

“You and him haven’t... well you know, have you?” asked Harry, praying that the answer was “No!”

“Ew! No way! Harry, I can’t believe you think I'm low enough to jump into bed with a random guy just to get back at you!”

“He’s not just any random guy, Ginny. He’s your ex-boyfriend. I was just checking!” he said sheepishly.

“Fine. Look it’s not anything inappropriate, I just do. He hasn’t said anything of that kind of
thing,” she said delicately, “but anyway... you can read the card if you like.”

“The card? He got you a card?” Harry stood up, looking for it.

“Yes he did. It’s just over there, by the flowers.”

“FLOWERS!” Harry stormed over to them, resting gracefully on her desk, and snatched up the card. “You didn’t tell me there were flowers too!”

“Well... I didn’t think it was anything to do with you, actually.”

“Hmmph.” He huffed and began reading the card.

Dear Ginny,
I am so sorry to have learnt that your brother was amongst the casualties of this terrible war. I
am truly sorry for your loss and hope that you and your family are coping as best you can. I never really knew Fred that well, but I know that he was a great prankster and he was a lovely
brother to you. I hope this letter finds you well and that you have not become too unhappy. The flowers are roses, honeysuckles and jasmines, all of these are beautiful but not as beautiful as you!
I miss you a lot, Ginny. I still think about you every day and wonder what you are doing. How is Arnold? Does he miss me, do you think? I miss him too, you know, it seems strange but he reminds me a lot of you. Funny and sweet, not to mention loveable and cute! Anyway, I’m rambling...
Truly, I hope you are well and that you will write back to me soon. I hope you love the necklace and bracelet as much as I did. I promise you, nothing has changed. Don’t forget.
Dean xxxx

Harry finished the letter and turned around to look at Ginny. How dare Dean do this? “There’s a bracelet as well?”

“Yeah... there is.” She held out her wrist and Harry noticed for the first time a single band of thin gold hanging around it.

“Ginny. Don’t- Please don’t do this!”

“Don't do what?” she asked as he came forwards and sat on her bed again.

“You know what! Don't fall for him just because he gave you flowers and jewellery! You and him weren’t good together, Ginny!”

“Harry, I'm not even going out with him, let alone falling for him! And even if I did it wouldn’t be because he bought me presents! Deep down, no matter how mad you are at me, you know that I wouldn’t do that.”

“I know.” He sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok. Look, he’s just an ex and an old friend.”

“Ginny, I know that. The thing is though, I don’t want to be just an ex and old friend to you, like he is.”

She sighed. “Harry, you’re not though. You’re a family friend-“

“Ginny,” he cut her off, “That was not what I meant and you know it! You used to tell me that
you didn’t care who I was, that you liked me for me!”

“So what are you saying?”

“I'm saying that when someone says to you, “Oh... so you know Harry Potter, what happened with you and him?” I don’t want you to just say “Oh well... we went out for a while but he broke it off and now I still see him, but just as a friend of the family.” I want you to say, “Yeah... he’s my boyfriend!” I want to mean something to you!”

“You do!” she yelled. “You know you do! Stop it! Stop it, stop it, stop it!”

He pulled her towards him. “Prove it!” he said and he kissed her. Ginny seemed to be frozen in shock but after a while she began to kiss him back. It felt so good for him to finally be kissing her again. After a minute or so, she pulled away from him, the shock evident on her face.


“Don’t,” he cut her off swiftly. “Ginny, I can’t do anything anymore! I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t sit down or I get restless... I can’t read without my eyes hurting. I can’t do anything!”

“What do you do then?” she asked stupidly, her brain having gone gooey from the shock.

“I miss you, I think about you. I pretend to talk to you. That’s it, really. I can’t do anything
except be in love with you!”

She gasped. “You’re in love with me? Like actually, properly in love with me? No jokes?”

“Yes, Ginny! I am! I’ve missed you so much! All I do is sit at Grimmauld Palace and dream up ways to tell you this! Last time we were together... it was amazing, but I ruined it! I don’t
wanna ruin it again! Honestly, I think it was just that the time was wrong!”

Ginny smiled at him and squeezed his hand. “Me too. I think it might work this time. I love you too.” She whispered.

Harry looked elated, he looked like he could fly without his broom and felt like it too! He was so happy that he began singing again, that same cheesy love song that he had sung those many hours ago when he had first come to visit her this evening. She glanced at the clock. Harry had been here for two whole hours, they must have been arguing for ages then!

“So...“ He asked coyly, “Has my singing improved?”

“No.” She laughed at his pout and pulled him closer.

“Listen, Gin. I’ve got to go.” It was her turn to pout. “Kreacher’ll wonder where I’ve got to... I promise you I will come back though, babe!”

She smiled at him again, it was such a beautiful smile, hers. “I’ll miss you.”

“Me too,” he agreed. “Now, how about that goodnight kiss?” She laughed and pulled him even closer, until they were kissing and he was back in heaven, with Ginny, running his hands through her long red hair while she cupped his scarred cheek. He inhaled her beautiful scent and kept kissing her, never ever wanting to stop and knowing that now, he wouldn’t ever have to.
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