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Time of My Life
By Evie_S

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Category: First Week Challenge (2008-2)
Genres: Comedy, Fluff
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 77
Summary: ** Winner of Best Overall and Best Relationship in the “First Week” Challenge **
Harry Potter never expected that his first week back at Hogwarts would be so exciting, but when a unlikley friendship strikes up between him and Ginny, who knows what will happen?
Hitcount: Story Total: 23214; Chapter Total: 4554

Author's Notes:
back again, posting more chapters! This is number two, and I know it's way shorter...sue me! I hope you like it and please review!


The Sorting ceremony and Welcoming Feast passed in something of a blur to Harry, a result of tiredness, excitement and shock. He did see a few notable things happen that first night though, including Ginny running excitedly to the Gryffindor table after being sorted, Nearly Headless Nick having an affronted discussion with Ron and Fred and George’s mischievous grins as Snape’s cutlery danced across the Head Table.

Before he knew it, he was flopping tiredly into his lovely warm bed. He could hear Ron snoring and Seamus laughing but his head was only filled with glowing images of a certain redhead.


Harry, Ron and Hermione were not about to be broken gently into lessons. They realised this about 30 seconds after receiving their timetables from Professor McGonagall, only to see that their first day started with History of Magic, followed by Double Potions, and then topped off by a nice portion of Defence Against the Dark Arts with the smarmy Professor Lockhart.

“Oh, isn’t this wonderful?” Hermione gushed, eyes bright. “We get Professor Lockhart on the first day back!”

Ron muttered something so rude about that ‘bloody Lockhart’ that a nearby first year girl squeaked in surprise.

“Ronald!” Hermione hissed. “What sort of example are you showing for the first years? And don’t talk about Professor Lockhart like that. He’s a very talented man!”

“Talent-less, more like,” Ron snorted. Harry sniggered into his food, earning himself a furious glare from Hermione. “Any old tosser can win Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile, Hermione. It’s nothing special!”

“Well I’d like to see you try!” Hermione retorted shrilly. “And if you’re going to have that attitude then I’m going to the library!”

“To do what?” Ron asked, exasperated. “We haven’t been set any bloody homework! We haven’t even had a flaming class yet!”

Hermione only stood up, slung her bag over her shoulder and stormed out, nose high in the air. Ron watched her go, ears red and jaw set.

“Probably to read up on Professor Lockhart’s bloody books,” he growled.

Harry agreed instantly, knowing from experience not to disagree with either Ron or Hermione when they were like this.


History of Magic and Potions turned out to be just as dreadful as Harry had feared. Binns had droned on for the full lesson about Goblin wars, proving to be so boring that Ron actually fell asleep, his snores vibrating around the class room. Potions was just as vile, with Snape picking on anyone and everyone, apart from, of course, the Slytherins.

It was with a heavy heart that Harry dragged himself into Defence Against the Dark Arts. He was still stuck in the middle of an indignant Ron and a sniping Hermione, and their constant arguing was starting to give him a headache.

Hermione headed for a desk right at the front, Ron following behind, keeping up a constant stream of sarcastic remarks. Harry had no choice but to follow.

It turned out that Lockhart was even worse than he and Ron had predicted. He was full of himself, arrogant and downright annoying — not that any of the girls seemed to mind, much to Seamus Finnegan’s displeasure. Harry found himself switching off, choosing to gaze out at the Quidditch pitch longingly above listening to Lockhart recount another of his adventures. He was so caught up in daydreaming about racing his broom up and down the pitch at top speed that he didn’t notice the interruption until Ginny Weasley was right next to his desk.

She was looking up at Lockhart, her expression stuck between amusement, disbelief and disgust. He was recounting another story (something to do with a banshee) as Ginny listened, rolling her eyes every now and again.

“Actually, Professor,” she interrupted a couple of minutes later. Lockhart stopped mid-speech, his blue gaze shifting down to Ginny.

“Oh, sorry, dear!” he said. “What can I do for you?”

“Professor McGonagall has a problem in the classroom,” Ginny shrugged. “She asked me to come and fetch you to help. What with your expertise and all.”

Lockhart stared. “Yes, yes of course. I’ll be right there! Not to worry!”

Ginny stared impassively back up at him, her eyes wide. Harry was finding it very hard not to notice how pretty she looked right at that moment, with her fiery hair spread out across her shoulders.

“You do that, sir,” she agreed. Across the room, Harry heard Seamus and Dean snigger appreciatively.

“Yes,” Lockhart nodded. “Good!”

Once he had gone, Ginny turned toward the trio. Harry tore his gaze away as quickly as if looking at her had been suddenly made illegal.

“I really don’t see what people find so attractive about him,” she said. Hermione sniffed, making Ginny laugh. “Oh come on, ‘Mione! He’s an up himself, pompous, arrogant arse!”

Harry snorted and Ginny smiled at him, her eyes bright. Gathering up his courage, he leaned toward her on the desk.

“How’s your first day been so far?” he asked as Hermione and Ron got into another furious argument. Ginny blushed as red as her hair, leading Harry to wonder whether she had been blushing all through their conversation in the baggage compartment the day before.

Ginny shrugged, obviously fighting to keep her voice normal. “Not so bad,” she said. “Snape’s a git.”

Harry laughed again. “Tell me about it.”

“He hates me already,” Ginny sighed, gaining confidence. “All I did was tell Colin I wanted a new broom and he starts sneering about Weasleys and money. At least we use shampoo!”

Harry chuckled, then stopped, her words catching up with him. “Wait, a new broom?” he asked. “You fly?”

Ginny nodded. “I’m not excellent or anything,” she added hurriedly, “but I think I’m quite good. I’ve never had my own broom, though. I’ve always had to nick my brothers’.”

Harry considered her silently. She really was full of surprises.

“We should go flying together sometime,” he said eventually. “Show me what you’ve got.”

“You’d be privileged to fly with me, Potter,” Ginny replied promptly.

This easy, playful banter surprised Harry. It had taken him almost a year to achieve it with Ron and Hermione and now, only a couple of days after really meeting Ginny, they could have an easy, natural conversation with no trouble at all.

“I’m sure I would be,” Harry replied. “How about it then? A race, just you and me.”

“I’ll kick your arse.”

“Prove it,” Harry said.

“Prove what?” Ron asked, breaking away from his argument with Hermione. She huffed and picked up one of Lockhart’s books, burying her nose in it. Ron watched her, clearly torn between being frustrated and amused.

“That she can kick my arse at flying,” Harry supplied, stretching. Ron looked between Harry and his sister, his mouth dropping open.

“Flying?” he repeated in disbelief. Harry and Ginny nodded. Ron’s eyes instantly turned suspicious. “You haven’t got a broom,” he pointed out to Ginny.

The petite redhead scowled. “I’ll just have to borrow a school broom then, won’t I?” she said evenly. “Not that it’s any of your business, Ronald Bilius.”

The tips of Ron’s ears turned red and he gave the pair one last calculating look before turning around to talk to Seamus and Dean.

Ginny turned back to Harry. Her cheeks were still red, but this time it was out off annoyance rather than embarrassment. “Tomorrow, then?” she said.

Harry grinned back. “You’re on.

Reviews 77

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