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Time of My Life
By Evie_S

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Category: First Week Challenge (2008-2)
Genres: Comedy, Fluff
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 77
Summary: ** Winner of Best Overall and Best Relationship in the “First Week” Challenge **
Harry Potter never expected that his first week back at Hogwarts would be so exciting, but when a unlikley friendship strikes up between him and Ginny, who knows what will happen?
Hitcount: Story Total: 22966; Chapter Total: 4433

Author's Notes:
This one is longer again! Yay! Please review and as always, thanks to my beta.


Harry was woken up the next morning by a loud, gleeful voice booming through the second years boy’s dormitory.

“Wake up, Potter!” the voice said. Neville sprang up and Dean buried his head further under his pillow. Harry lifted his head wearily, looking around the room. No one was awake, apart from a very confused looking Neville.

“Come on, Harry, wakey wakey!” the person sounded like they were laughing. “Don’t look so confused! You’re my slave, remember?”

Harry pulled his sheets up his chest so fast that Scabbers, who had been sleeping on the end of his bed, fell to the floor with a painful thump and squeak.

“Ginny?” he said as Neville looked around the room, searching for where the noise was coming from.

“Yep,” Ginny said. “And I’m not in your room, Neville.”

“How can you see in here?” Harry asked, pulling the sheets tighter around him.

“I’m a woman of mystery,” Ginny replied. “Now get up. I want you in the Common Room in ten minutes!”

There was a click, and then she was gone. Harry lay back down on his bed in relief as Ron raised his head, blinking blearily.

“Harry,” he said, his voice rusty from sleep. “Why is my sister giving you orders?”

“I’m her slave,” Harry replied, swinging his legs out of bed. Ron blinked at him. “Doesn’t matter, Ron. Go back to sleep.”

Ron turned over and a snore vibrated around the room seconds later. Harry grinned at Neville, who shook his head and snuggled back into bed as Harry quickly made his way to the bathroom.

He managed to shower and dress in record time before speeding down the stairs to the common room.

Ginny was sitting in one of the big, squishy arm chairs facing the boys staircase. When he arrived, her face split into a wide grin, and she glanced at a delicate golden watch around her wrist.

“Ten seconds to spare,” she said, pressing a button. “I’m impressed.”

Harry pulled a face at her, pretending to be annoyed at having been woken at such an early hour. The common room was almost deserted.

“Why are we up so early?” he asked as Ginny pulled herself out of the chair and brushed her hands off on her robes. Ginny shrugged.

“I’ve never been one to sleep in,” she said. Harry snorted, clearly remembering September 1st.

“Ginny, I had to almost drag you out of bed on Monday,” he reminded her. She scowled.

“That was different,” she said. “I was up all night, thinking about this place. Anyway, I’m hungry.”

She handed Harry her school bag. He looked at her disbelievingly and she raised her eyebrows. Sighing, he took the black rucksack and slung it across one shoulder.

Ginny smiled at him and, together, they set off for the great hall.


It was nearly half an hour later that other people started to arrive for breakfast. Harry and Ginny had sat in a comfortable silence, Harry watching Ginny as she worked on a Charms essay, her hand flying across the page. Her writing was large and loopy and he liked watching it form across the parchment. She had, of course, looked at him pointedly, waiting for him to pour her pumpkin juice and load her plate with sausages, beans and eggs, which he had done with a playful sigh.

Once Hermione and Ron had arrived, Harry had involved himself in their conversation, but he was unable to stop his eyes drifting to Ginny over and over again. He knew Ron, who was completely focused on his food, was oblivious to this, but Hermione kept sending him knowing smiles, which he found increasingly annoying.

Finally, Ginny packed away her essay and stood up. “Ready?” she asked Harry.

He stared at her. “Ready for what?”

“To walk to my class, of course,” Ginny replied sweetly. Harry glanced between her, Hermione and Ron, who had finally looked up from his eggs, his mouth full. “You are my slave for the day, after all.”

Harry stood up, ignoring the cat calls coming from Fred and George’s end of the table, slinging Ginny’s bag over his shoulder once more.

“What do you have first?” he asked once they were finally out of the Great Hall and away from the curious gazes of at least half the school.

Ginny pulled a face. “Defence Against the Dark Arts,” she said, setting off up the marble staircase. Harry followed her, adjusting the two heavy bags. “I really cannot stand Lockhart. I want to hex him every time I look at him.”

Secretly, Harry was quite relieved to find that Ginny did not have the same crush on the Professor as Hermione, Mrs Weasley and most of the magic female population did. Out loud, he said, “I don’t know. He’s quite handsome, I guess.”

Ginny stopped in her tracks and turned around to face him, her eyes shining “Harry!” she giggled. “I didn’t know that’s the way you swing!”

“What?!” Harry shouted, alarming a group of third year Gryffindor girls who were waiting outside a classroom with some other students. “I don’t!”

“Sure, Harry,” Ginny patted his arm soothingly. “It’s okay. I understand.”

“I do not fancy Lockhart,” Harry said as they started up the next flight of the stairs. “I’m just saying, lots of people think he’s very handsome.”

Ginny pulled a sympathetic face as they finally reached her classroom.

“Of course not,” she agreed patronizingly, finally coming to a stop where some other first years were waiting. A small blonde boy with a camera around his neck was staring at him in awe. “”I’ve got a double lesson,” Ginny said, not seeming to notice the boy. “So you can come pick me up at break.”

“I look forward to it,” Harry replied honestly.


Harry practically sprinted back up to Lockhart’s classroom to fetch Ginny. He had left Hermione and Ron with a yelled goodbye, leaving them confused, but he didn’t really care. By the time he reached the Defence room, most of the class had obviously left. Lockhart was just coming out of the room and Harry groaned as he spotted him.

“Harry, m’boy!” the professor said. “I wasn’t aware I had your class today! Just coming to talk to your hero, eh?”

“Um,” Harry said, peering around Lockhart and into the classroom. “Actually, I was looking for Ginny Weasley. Is she in there?”

“Miss Weasley?” Lockhart looked positively delighted. “Am I sensing some romance here, Harry?”

Harry kept himself from scowling and forced a smile on his face. “No, Professor. We’re just good friends.”

Lockhart smiled knowingly. “Of course, Harry. Well, she’s in the classroom.”

Harry side stepped the Professor, who set off down the stairs. He waited until Lockhart was fully out of sight before walking to the half open door and peeking in.

Ginny was sitting at one of the desks, resting her head in one hand. Opposite her was a dreamy looking blonde girl with misty grey eyes, her wand stuck behind her ear.

“How many times, Luna?” Ginny was saying. “Me and Harry are just good friends.”

“But you want to be more,” the girl replied. “It’s really quite obvious, Ginny. You’ve taken to him rather well.”

Ginny snorted. “I don’t fancy Harry,” she said. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

The blonde girl didn’t answer her for a long time. Eventually, she said, “It’s the mating season of woodworms.”

Ginny burst out laughing. “Honestly, Luna, you come out with the strangest things some times!”

“You can laugh,” Luna said unsmilingly. “But when woodworms are in mating season, it means romance for humans blossoms as well.”

Ginny tried stifling her giggles, but Harry could tell that she wasn’t doing a very good job. “I’ll remember that,” she said once she had finally gotten herself under control.

“Look,” Ginny said after a moment’s silence. “Harry is a very good looking, charming, sweet boy. But he’s just a friend.”

Harry’s heart, which had leapt at her description, dropped all the way to his feet. Just a friend. Was that all he wanted? His mind whirred trying to keep with his own emotions.

“You like him.” Luna said. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

“No, I-”

“You like him.”

“Look, I just-”

“You like him.”

“Fine!” Ginny shouted. “Maybe I do, a little bit. I mean, what girl doesn’t, right?”

“He likes you.” Luna said. Harry blushed scarlet.

“No,” Ginny shook her head. “He really doesn’t.”

There was silence in the room and Harry let his head fall back against the wall in despair. How could she think that? Of course he liked her.

It was another five minutes before Harry finally gathered enough courage to enter the room.

“Sorry I’m late,” he said, pretending not to notice Ginny’s flaming cheeks or the way she jumped to her feet at the sound of her voice.

“It’s — it’s okay,” she stammered. “Let’s go, Harry.”


The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Harry held Ginny’s bag, loaded her lunch plate, and carried the books she checked out from the library to the Gryffindor common room. He read her the paper, got her drinks and even brushed her hair.

Although he would’ve died before admitting it, he enjoyed every job Ginny gave him because it meant spending time with her.

After dinner that night, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione sat with Fred and George in the common room, who entertained them with tales of the fireworks they had set off in potions that day. George claimed that if one had gotten close enough to Snape’s hair, it would’ve set the Potions Master on fire for all the flammable grease. This particular snippet of information made even Hermione laugh until tears streamed down her face.

“Speaking of smarmy gits,” Ginny said, glancing at Harry. “Guess what I found out about Harry and Lockhart today?”

“Don’t you dare,” Harry hissed. Ginny ignored him.

“This is breaking news,” Ginny carried on. “You see Harry-”

“I do not fancy Lockhart!” Harry shouted over her. The common room was instantly silent, and his cheeks turned as red as Ginny’s hair as his new friend rolled around laughing on the floor. Fred, George and Ron were wearing identical grins and Hermione was staring at him with wide eyes. The rest of the Gryffindors appeared to be in shock.

“I should hope not, Harry,” a prim voice said from behind him. Percy appeared, his eyebrows raised. “I believe he has a girlfriend.”

Harry moaned, hiding his face in his hands as Ginny climbed to her hands and knees, still giggling.

“I was only gonna say that you didn’t like his classes,” she said, pulling his hands away from his face.

“Minx,” he growled. She laughed, leaning down to give him a quick, chaste peck on the cheek. It happened so quickly that Harry was half certain he had imagined it, but before he could say anything she was gone.

That night he was plagued with sweet dreams of a laughing redhead dancing by the lake.

Reviews 77

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