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Time of My Life
By Evie_S

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Category: First Week Challenge (2008-2)
Genres: Comedy, Fluff
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 77
Summary: ** Winner of Best Overall and Best Relationship in the “First Week” Challenge **
Harry Potter never expected that his first week back at Hogwarts would be so exciting, but when a unlikley friendship strikes up between him and Ginny, who knows what will happen?
Hitcount: Story Total: 23211; Chapter Total: 4308

Author's Notes:
This chapters shorter but one of my favourites anyway. you have no idea how fast i'm typing to get these out! Anyways, review please and thanks to my beta.


Friday was an uneventful, yet good day for Harry. He ate his meals with Ron, Hermione and Ginny, had lessons with Flitwick, McGonagall, Sprout and Lockhart, and got such little homework that he suspected Hermione was actually disappointed.

After dinner, he said his goodbyes to Ron and Hermione and set off for the library with Ginny. He had never liked the silent, stuffy room before, but Ginny made everything seem more alive. She somehow made everything better.

He had learned a lot about her over those last few days. He had learned that she hated tomatoes but loved tomato ketchup, and would eat it with pretty much anything. She liked McGonagall but hated Transfiguration, her favourite band was the Weird Sisters and she supported the all Witch Holyhead Harpies. She hated the colour pink (clashed with her hair) and her cousin Mafalda (calling her a name that would’ve made Hermione blush and scold the younger witch), couldn’t get enough of Treacle Tart and had a secret love for the soaps played on the Wizarding Wireless.

Ginny loved to read almost as much as she loved to fly, but she wasn’t a studious reader like Hermione. She enjoyed fiction books, novels full of action and betrayal and romance. She would read them for hours at a time, her concentration never wavering, her lips silently moving as she flicked through page after page.

She always sat in silence in the library, curled up in a chair, completely lost in her book, but Harry didn’t mind the silence. It was comfortable and natural, like they didn’t need words to understand each other. Harry was perfectly content to just sit with her and watch her while he struggled through his homework without Hermione’s help.

On Friday evening, however, he decided to venture into the stands that Ginny enjoyed browsing and see why exactly she got so intrigued in these novels.

He was just running his finger along the dusty spines of books, trying to find one he wanted to read, when a voice sounded from behind him, making him jump about a mile in the air.

“Merlin, Percy!” he pressed a hand to his heart, wheeling around. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Why did you do that to me?”

“Sorry,” Percy said sheepishly. “I was studying with Penelope when I saw you come into this section. Thought I’d come up and say hello.”

“I’m with Ginny,” Harry said by way of explanation when Percy looked at him questioningly, knowing that Harry was only usually found in the library when dragged in by Hermione.

“Oh,” Percy nodded. “Yes, you and Ginny seem to be getting quite close lately.”

Harry blushed, but tried to ignore his flaming cheeks. “I guess,” he said, sliding his hands into his pockets. “She’s a good friend.”

“Nothing more?” Percy asked, crossing his arms across his chest. “I mean, I know my sister is quite beautiful. Are you certain you are not courting?”

Fight’ing a grin at Percy’s proper way of speaking (and the old-fashioned term “courting”), Harry shook his head. “Honestly, Percy, we’re just friends.”

“But you like her?” Percy asked. He seemed unusually interested in Harry and Ginny’s love lives. “Don’t you?”

“She’s pretty, I guess,” Harry shrugged, blushing redder, “and funny, and cheeky. But that doesn’t mean I like her.” Percy just looked at him. “Okay, maybe I do a little bit. Curse me.”

“I don’t think we’ll do that, Harry,” Percy smiled and for the first time in Harry’s memory, he smiled back, connecting to the most uptight and serious Weasley brother. “Although Bill might, if he found out. He can be a little bit overprotective when it comes to our Ginny.”

Harry had never met the oldest Weasley brother, but he was pretty sure that he didn’t want him as an enemy.

“Look, Harry,” Percy unfolded his arms and ran a hand through his hair. “You and Ginny are a bit young for dating and all that stuff…but when you do want to ask her out…well, it’s ok by me.”

Harry shook his head, pushing the shock he felt at Percy’s approval to one side. “I don’t even think she likes me that way,” he said.

“Are you blind?” Percy asked. “Of course she does! Just give it a couple of years, get to know each other. You’ll know when the time’s right.”

Percy clapped Harry on the shoulder, gave him one last smile and disappeared back into the many racks. Harry sighed, letting his head fall back against one of the stands. Was Percy right? Should he just let himself get to know Ginny better, become good friends with her and then ask her out? Maybe he was. They were too young for dating and stuff now.

He debated the issue for several minutes before finally coming to a resolve. He would do as Percy advised. He would give Ginny and his relationship a few years as just friends. When the time was right, he would ask her out. For now, he would keep his thoughts (and his hands) to himself.

By the time he got back to their table, he had been gone nearly half an hour. She looked up from her book as Harry slid into the chair and placed the book he had chosen down on the table.

“What took you so long?” she asked. “I was about to send out a search party.”

Harry shrugged. “Ran into Percy,” he said. “We got talking.”

Ginny looked at him searchingly, then nodded down at the book. “It’s a good one. Really mysterious. It takes a long time to get there, but it has a happy ending.”

Harry smiled to himself.

“Exactly why I chose it,” he agreed, picking up the book and opening it. “Ginny?”


“We’re mates, yeah?”

Ginny’s whole face lit up. Her face broke into a smile so wide he was half surprised her face didn’t split in half, her big brown eyes shone in the dim light.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “Really good mates.”
Reviews 77

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