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Time of My Life
By Evie_S

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Category: First Week Challenge (2008-2)
Genres: Comedy, Fluff
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 77
Summary: ** Winner of Best Overall and Best Relationship in the “First Week” Challenge **
Harry Potter never expected that his first week back at Hogwarts would be so exciting, but when a unlikley friendship strikes up between him and Ginny, who knows what will happen?
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Author's Notes:
the last chapter! *sob!* I really, REALLY enjoyed writing this challenge peice and I hope you guys enjoy reading it! Thanks goes to my super beta, who got this done in record time, and as always, please review.


Saturday passed quickly for Harry. He simply spent the day lazing around with his friends. They spent the first part of the morning doing homework by the fire, by Hermione’s insistence. The four friends then visited Hagrid’s (choosing not to stay for lunch, a decision that Harry was sure Ginny understood after her first taste of Hagrid’s rock cakes) and spent the afternoon sitting by the lake. It was the type of day that made him want to put all of it’s memories in a box to keep forever. It would be a memory that smelled like autumn leaves and firewood and Ginny’s flowery scented hair and looked like the sun glinting off the lake in tiny chunks of light. It would sound like Ginny groaning in pain as she clutched her tooth after they had left Hagrid’s and Hermione scolding Ron for pretending to push his little sister in the lake and Ron giggling. It was perfect.

Sunday passed in much the same way, with Fred and George pulling a prank on Lockhart at breakfast. Ginny claimed that she had given them the idea to charm Lockhart’s robes to read ‘I’m A Pompous Prat!’ without being visible to him. Truthfully, Harry wasn’t surprised to find that no teachers pointed this out to the professor. When McGonagall passed the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione in the Entrance Hall, she awarded the twins twenty points each for moving out of her way.

It was late in the afternoon that Harry found himself alone with Ginny for the first time all weekend. They were lying by the lake again. Ron and Hermione had gone indoors. Ron was teaching Hermione chess, although Harry was certain it was just because it was the only thing he could beat their brainy friend at. Fred and George had disappeared hours ago, muttering something about Cormac McLaggen, an arrogant third year, and a map.

Ginny was on her front, reading a book. Harry was lying on his back, reading the book he had picked out yesterday. Ginny had been right, it was a good book. He found himself unable to stop turning the pages and, once again, he found himself admiring her taste in reading.

A sudden flash startled Harry out of the world of the two Wizards, stuck in the jungle with no wands and only a penknife to help them survive. The blonde boy from Ginny’s year stood there, his camera raised. Ginny looked up.

“Sorry, Harry,” the boy apologised moving toward them. Harry started. How did this boy know his name? He cast an alarmed glance at Ginny, who smiled and shook her head. “But I couldn’t resist. I’m Colin Creevey; I’m in Ginny’s year. A Gryffindor, like you! But I saw you two lying there and you looked so perfect I couldn’t stop myself taking a picture. You wanna see?”

Ginny looked like she was fighting a laugh, but Harry couldn’t speak. He was too busy trying to catch up with Colin’s babble. “Sure, Colin, that’d be lovely,” she said, putting down her book and sitting up. Colin pulled the photo out of the end of the camera and waved it around a bit.

“It’s a Polaroid camera,” he explained, seeing Ginny’s confused look. “It’s a Muggle thing. The photo comes out straight after. You just have to wait a minute.”

Ginny nodded, looking so interested that she actually reminded Harry a little of Arthur Weasley. He chuckled to himself, but when Colin finally handed him the picture, his laugh died in his throat.

Ginny scooted closer to see, but he was too busy staring at the photo to notice that she was pressing against him, leaning over his arm to get a good look.

“Oh my,” she said eventually.

The photo was lovely. They were lying side by side, almost touching but not quite. They looked comfortable together, happy.

“Can I keep this, Colin?” Harry asked finally, looking up. Colin nodded excitedly. “I can make you copies if you want!” he said. “So you and Ginny can both have one! And I can put it in that potion to make it move!”

“Would you?” Ginny asked, shifting so that she was no longer leaning over Harry, but her side was still pressed against his, making Harry blush at their closeness. “Thanks, Colin!”

“No problem!” Colin took back the picture, still smiling. “I can probably get it done by the day after tomorrow! See you, Ginny! Bye Harry!”

Once he was gone, Ginny turned to Harry, her eyes sparkling. “Sorry about Colin,” she said. “He can get a bit over excited sometimes.”

Harry grinned. “A bit?” he asked teasingly. Ginny rolled her eyes and swatted him before rolling away. Harry instantly felt as though part of him was missing, but he fought the urge to reach over and pull her back to him. “He’s good at photographing, though.”

“Isn’t he?” Ginny nodded. “I keep on telling him, he has this talent to capture exactly the emotion that the people in the photo are feeling. He’ll be famous one day.”

“What, photographing Ginny Weasley, top supermodel?” Harry laughed. Ginny blushed.

“Shut up,” she giggled. “I’m nowhere near pretty enough to be a super model.”

Harry stopped laughing and looked at her seriously. “Of course you are,” he said honestly. “You could knock those skinny arsed girls out of the business with just one smile.” Ginny blushed harder and Harry smiled, knowing how pleased she was. “I meant what I said, you know. That first day on the train, I wasn’t joking. I really did think you were cute.”

“Oh,” Ginny breathed, her eyes shining so bright they looked almost gold. “Thank you, Harry.”

“You’re welcome,” he replied sincerely. They stared at each other for a long minute before Ginny leaned over and gave him a short, sweet kiss on the cheek. This time, Harry knew he didn’t imagine it, and he let his eyes flutter shut.

“Race you!” Ginny shouted, pushing him onto his back. He snapped his eyes open just in time to see her tear away and quickly scrambled to his feet.

Maybe one day they would be more than this. Maybe one day they would kiss and cuddle and hold hands and be the golden couple of Hogwarts. Maybe one day they would get married and have children and grow old together. Who knew what could happen? There were endless possibilities. But for now, he was happy just to lie by the lake with her, to read the same books as her and to play chess against her.

Harry tore after Ginny. Their laughs and shrieks filled the grounds, their bags and books left behind by the lake, waiting.

For now, they had all the time in the world.
Reviews 77

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