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Spills, Trains, Lunches and Games
By georgie4puppies

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Category: First Week Challenge (2008-2)
Characters:All, All
Genres: Comedy
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: G
Reviews: 7
Summary: Hi. Story entry into the "First Week Challenge." It's Ginny's first week at Hogwarts and she and Harry have decided to become friends... but what happens if that's not quite what they both wanted?
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
Hi. Please read and review. I hope you like it!


Harry awoke on the morning of September 1st with a groan. Today was the day that he was going back to Hogwarts. Going back to Hogwarts would mean more work, more unwanted attention and most probably more Voldemort, as Dumbledore had said that there were ways apart from the stone in which he could and probably would return. Harry looked across from his bed to Ron’s and found that he was already gone. Harry wondered whether Ron was excited and nervous just like he was. Even if they were both feeling the same way though, Harry reflected with a grin, neither would ever mention it. Harry got out of bed and pulled on his Muggle clothes, he had a set of new robes and all the new spell books waiting in his trunk for him, all new from the shopping trip to Diagon Alley yesterday. He decided it was probably best to go downstairs and see what everyone else was up to.

Harry walked idly down the stairs, thinking about whether his new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher would be any good at all, muttering to himself. “Well I suppose I’ll just have to ask Hermione--" CRASH! Harry had collided with something small and soft on the stairs and he was now lying on top of it, broken glass and pumpkin juice lying all around him. “Ginny? Oh Ginny! I’m so sorry, let me just get off-“he said awkwardly as he pulled himself off of her. “I’m really sorry, I was just thinking and then I tripped, I didn’t mean to hurt you- I didn’t did I?” he asked as he helped her of the floor gently.

“No, no it’s fine, don’t worry, Harry,” she blushed a little as she said this. “Um... see, the thing is though, well... would you mind clearing up the mess? I wouldn’t normally ask people to do stuff for me it’s just that I can’t use magic yet and if Mum finds out I did this I'm gonna be in so much trouble! Sorry!”

“Sure, sure don’t worry about it. I’ll get it.” He withdrew his wand and pointed at the spillage. “Obliterate!” Then he pointed his wand at the broken glass all over the stair landing. “Reparo,” The cup sailed back into Ginny’s outstretched hand. “There you go! She’ll never know, promise.”

“Wow! Thanks Harry!”

“Anytime,” he replied chivalrously. “But why are you carrying a full glass of pumpkin juice up to the third floor anyway? Ron’s already gone downstairs if you were bringing it for him...” he added doubtfully.

“Um... no, Harry. See the thing is... well I was kind of bringing it for you...” she blushed and Harry found himself thinking that it was very sweet of her to bring him a drink and that she looked exceptionally pretty with her long hair down and her face pink, but he shook this thought away immediately- she was Ron’s sister. His little sister. She was practically family... Oh, why was she almost family? Wait, why was he thinking this about her? Just because she had been nice to him? Well that was stupid and shallow of him, she was always nice...very nice. NO! Harry snapped back to attention.

“Aw... Ginny, that’s very kind of you. Thanks. I was just going downstairs anyways, want to come with me?”

She smiled. “Ok. Cool, let’s go. So...Harry, tell me, is it true that Ron still wears socks to bed?” Harry grinned and laughed, happy that he had not offended Ginny after colliding with her. That was a nice way to break the ice. It would also be nice, he thought, to have another person at Hogwarts who knew him well and was not just friends with him because he was the boy who lived!

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you that, Ginny, it would be against the code of being Ron’s roommate and your houseguest if I did,” Harry replied, barely able to keep the grin off his face.

“You will if you want to be an unharmed guest of my house anymore!” she retorted cheekily.

“Listen, Ginny... I think it would be really nice... if we could just be friends at school, you know, you’re really cool,” he said as they reached the bottom of the stairs and walked into the kitchen.

“I agree that would be really fun. It was just a hero crush- ages ago... don’t worry about it. It was just a bit embarrassing really!”

“Good. Ok... Ok, I’ll tell you about Ron later, after breakfast! I’m starving!

“A perfect Weasley,” she smiled sweetly as she took her place next to her frantic mother.

“Hurry up everyone! We don’t want to be late, do we? Oh! Morning, Harry. Sit down!” Harry smiled and pulled a plate of delicious looking food towards him and began hurriedly eating it. “Oh, Harry dear, don’t be silly! You take as much time as you need! Ron tells me that you’ve got all your stuff packed and ready to go, haven’t you?” She started folding clothes.

Harry nodded and continued eating, he was just thinking about how he could’ve done with that glass of juice that Ginny had spilt when a fresh one in the same cup appeared at his elbow. “Whoa! How did she do that?” he wondered aloud.

Ron looked up at his words. “What, mate?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Don’t worry. Oh, and thanks for telling your mum I was her little goodie-two-shoes by the way,” he added sarcastically.

Ron grinned back. “Don’t mention it.” Harry finished his plate and scraped back his chair from the almost empty table. Fred and George grinned at him, simultaneously and looked at each other.

“I’d most definitely agree, Gred.”

“Thank you Forge, I personally could tell the minute I saw him. But that’s just how I roll, I guess!” Fred snorted at his brother’s comment and George laughed at himself anyway.

“Oi, what are you two talking about? You know it’s really annoying when you do that twin thing!”

“Yes, dear brother, we do know. Myself and George were just discussing- albeit quietly- what on earth (or perhaps Venus) had gotten Harry thinking so hard. Perhaps, on reflection, it might be “a who”, that’s got him looking slightly pink. Excuse our grammar.”

Ron snorted. “Albeit is a bit of a big word for you isn’t it, Fred?” Fred scowled at his little brother and laughing twin. “And anyway, Harry isn’t thinking about anyone, are you Harry? I mean he’s practically never met a girl, has he? Or at least he’s not seen one since we saw Hermione yesterday in Diagon Alley, unless you count Mum...”

Fred and George’s gaze turned immediately to their little sister, opening the kitchen curtains to reveal the sun and stacking the plates away silently. She felt the heat of the twin gaze being cast upon her and turned around. “What?” she asked.

“That’s more like it, little sis. You haven’t spoken so cheekily to us in ages! We are very pleased that you seem to have gained back the personality you lost at the beginning of the summer holidays... I wonder why that could be. First day of school nerves, I wonder?” beamed George proudly.

Ginny hit each twin on the back of their heads. “Shut up, Gred, Forge. I’m not scared!” Ron and Harry started laughing. “And don’t think that I won’t slap you two silly either! I know you’re either talking about me or thinking about me-“Harry looked away hastily here. ”-So don’t you dare pretend you’re not!”

Ron laughed harder and jeered cruelly. “Yeah, Gin, we were talking about you! Sure! We were actually just saying how we think Harry might fancy someone and how it’s a proper girl, not someone silly and annoying like you!” Ginny’s face fell and she turned to Fred and George as if for permission. They nodded and she silently left the kitchen and went up the stairs quickly. Fred and George shot annoyed glances at Ron and for some reason a rather strange look at Harry that seemed to be slightly triumphant and rather poignant.

The boys decided that it was probably best to go and help Mrs. Weasley with the trunks and bags now so they ran eagerly up the stairs. They passed Ginny’s room on the way up and nobody said anything, no noise could be heard from her door. Harry wondered if maybe he should go in and say something to her but he felt he was just being silly and that he didn’t really fancy her, he just had a renewed interest in her because of her standing up to Malfoy for him yesterday. Yes, he reassured himself, this feeling was nothing at all. It was just a noncommittal interest. Honest.

----------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

“Right everyone, come on! Hurry up!” shouted Mrs. Weasley to her large brood. “Percy you go first, and then George, next Fred, Harry, then Ron you go, Arthur, Ginny and then I’ll go. Got it?”

“Yes Mum!” they all chorused dutifully, their perfectly together answers only broken by the “Yes Mrs. Weasley,” and Arthur’s muttered “Yes Molly.”

Percy stepped up with his trolley, puffed out his chest and ran through the wall into platform 9 Fred and George made their way to the front of the crowd of Weasley red hair and looked at each other, then they took off together, no doubt landing in a laughing pile at the other

“Oh, honestly, I told them to go separately! When I get my hands on them....”

“Calm down, Molly dear,” Arthur interceded swiftly, “Wait until we’re through the barrier and you can have a rant about what exactly you are going to do with those mischievous mugs. That way the Muggles won’t see you!” he added, looking around them in fascination.

“Now that I would enjoy,” Molly replied.

Harry stifled a laugh, he was going next and he had to concentrate. Ginny caught his eye and she was grinning. Oh well, he thought, at least she’s not mad at me. He steeled himself and ran towards the barrier, submerging safely. Ron went next, quick and painlessly. Arthur ran through easily and then it was Ginny’s turn. Although she had done this many times before when saying goodbye to her brothers, she was a bit nervous. This would be the first time she went as a student of Hogwarts. Molly followed her swiftly and then they were all assembled outside the train, getting ready to take off.

“Bye Dears,” Molly said sadly to her children. Percy stepped forward promptly and gave his mother a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. “Bye, Perce,” she whispered.

“Goodbye Mother, Goodbye Father,” he said and marched into the train with his things.

“Fred, George, come here!” she said, beckoning the twins. “You were supposed to go separately, you know that!”

“Sorry Mum, we like going together,” Fred and George said in unison.

“Oh, you two, go on then! Have a good year!” She kissed their foreheads in turn.

“We will!” They grinned mischievously.

Ron came forwards. “Bye Mum.”

Mrs. Weasley hugged him. “Oh, goodbye my baby boy! Have fun dear... and don’t forget to eat your sandwiches!”

“I got sandwiches?” he asked eagerly.

“Yes, dear,” she replied handing him a plastic bag. “Here you go!”

“Aw... Corned beef again?”

“Harry!” Mrs. Weasley gave him a hug. “Bye Dear. Try and have a safe year this time...”

Harry nodded and waved and he and Ron took off to find a compartment, hopefully with Hermione. Now it was just Ginny and her parents left on the platform, and she needed to hurry.

“Bye Mummy. Bye Daddy,” she said hugging them. “I’ll miss you. Do you think I’ll be in Gryffindor?”

“Yes, sweetheart; you will!” replied Mr. Weasley gently. “Have fun!”

Ginny picked up her trunk and moved towards the train reluctantly. “Love you!” she called.

“Love you too!” they called back, sniffing.

Ginny found an empty compartment and quickly sat down after stowing her luggage. She stuck her head out of the window, just as the train started moving. She waved to her crying parents, tears flowing down her own face, until they were out of sight.

------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

T wo hours later, Ginny was sat in that same compartment with some of her newest friends, tears completely gone. Across the packed room from her sat Luna Lovegood, a beautiful girl with long dirty blonde hair and wide eyes. On her right sat Colin Creevey and to her left Peter Protrud. She hoped they would all be sorted into the same house; they all seemed to get on very well, miraculously! Ginny knew that these would be good friends to her.

“So... Luna. Tell me which magazine your dad runs again?” asked Sarah Marriotts another newcomer.

“The Quibbler,” Luna replied vaguely.

“Oh... right.”

Ginny grinned secretly; Luna’s father was known to be a bit... um, eccentric.

Mary-Belle Druxley leaned over Peter to whisper to Ginny. “Don’t you just love her? I do.”

Ginny nodded in agreement. “She’s great.”

“Are you scared? I wonder which house we’ll be in.”

“A bit. I hope we’ll be in Gryffindor. That’s the one all of my brothers have been in.”

“Did you say brothers?” Mary-Belle raised her head sharply. “You have older brothers! Why didn’t you say so before?” she mock whined.

Ginny laughed. “Yeah, I have six of them--great. Only four go here though. The other two are a lot older than me; I’m the youngest and the only girl. What about you?”

“Oh, I’ve only got an older sister.”

“Really, what’s her name? I wonder if one of my brothers knows her.”

Mary-Belle looked away again. “Oh, they wouldn’t. She’s a Muggle,” she said dismissively. “We don’t get on.”

“Ah.” Ginny nodded in understanding. “What’s her name?”

The other girl blushed and whispered. “It’s Isabella-Marie.”


“Yeah, I know. My parents must’ve been drunk when they decided to name me,” she groaned.

“Nah, it’s kind of cute...!”

“Ginny! We found you!” Fred announced happily as he walked through the door. “We were wondering where you had gone... oh look at all the people in here!”

“Hi Fred, George, Lee... Lee?” Ginny stood up gracefully.

“Hey, cutie, how’ve you been?”

“Fine thanks, you?”

“I’m fine now.”

“Why now?” she asked, confused.

“Now I’m with you...” he said in a convincingly dreamy voice.

She scowled and stuck her tongue out at him. “Fred! George! That isn’t funny! And as for you Lee...”

The twins laughed as Lee cowered in mock fear. “Y-yes, gorgeous?”

“That is the worst chat up line ever!”

He grinned. “Sorry! You’re the first I’ve ever done that with!”

“Don’t worry. I hope I'm the last.”

“Anyway, Minnie-Ginny, we just came to tell you and your,” George cleared his throat, “hhm, posse, that we’ll be getting off soon.”

“Oh, ok, thanks, Gred, Forge. Lee...” she added the last name grudgingly as was rewarded with a smile. “You haven’t by any chance seen Harry have you?” she asked casually.

“Nope, sorry, come on let’s go.”

“Uhhh, Ok, bye,” Ginny flopped down in her seat next to Peter again. “So now you’ve met my brothers.”

The others smiled and laughed. “They seem cool,” Peter said.

“Who’s Harry? Is he another one of your brothers?” asked Sarah.

“No, he’s just a family friend. You know, Harry Potter.”

“HARRY POTTER??” The whole compartment seemed awestruck.

“Yeah, that’s the one.”


Just then, the boy himself was walking past that very compartment when he heard his name, looking around he discovered it was coming from the compartment on his left. He turned towards it, ready to burst in, but stopped when he noticed Ginny.

“Yeah, I do. He’s my youngest brother’s best friend.”


“Yeah, he’s nice.”

“NICE? He’s the boy-who-lived!”

“No he’s not. He’s just Harry, a normal guy. You lot shouldn’t all be star struck by him. I mean, he’s nice and everything but he’s not like immortal or Merlin. I mean to tell you the truth... I do kinda have a bit of a crush on him, but nothing will ever happen.”

Harry leaned back from the door, his ears pounding and struggled to keep control of the internal battle that was raging inside his bed over Ginny.

Ginny liked him for him, not because of who he was. That was great!
No...That was, erm...fine. Pull yourself together Potter! Plenty of people like you for your real self... there’s Ron and Hermione... and erm, Neville...
Ok, so it was something special but she’s still Ron’s sister!
Yeah, but she likes you!
Good point well made.
NO! Bad point, this was still nothing, absolutely nothing. Honest.

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------

Four days later and Harry was sat in the Gryffindor common room watching the interesting game that Ginny and her posse were playing. It appeared to be a cross between the Muggle games of tag and kiss chase, meaning that anyone who was caught had to find someone to kiss, but this someone wasn’t playing the game. Then that person would have to join in and the game would go on and on until everyone in the room had been kissed. Most people just gave chaste kisses on the cheek but Peter Protrud had kissed Melanie Bitclahf full on the lips. Harry felt extremely relieved that Hermione had persuaded Ron to go to the library with her as he didn’t think the latter would want to see this.

Just then Ginny came running over to where Harry was sat, quite alone and ducked behind his chair, away from Peter who was chasing her. There weren’t that many people left in the common room and Harry could see why Peter had chosen Ginny as his target. Suddenly, Peter swooped in and kissed an unsuspecting Ginny on the cheek. She grinned and shouted, “You are so gonna get it Pete!”

“Come on, Ginge!” he called teasingly, “Who ya gonna kiss? You’ve gotta pick someone!”

“Fine,” she growled and quickly leant in and gave Harry a quick peck on the cheek and then ran upstairs to her bedroom. Harry was very surprised but he found himself grinning as he also left the room, but this time to go and find Neville.

---------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

The next day at breakfast Ginny and her posse, as this is what everyone called then nowadays, were talking to Luna and filling her in on the events of last night’s games.

“No way,” Luna squealed, “Peter kissed you! Ha ha!”

“Yeah, I know! But you haven’t even heard the worst part. I kissed Harry!” Ginny replied.

“What? Wow!”

“I know! It was just on the cheek but still...”

“Still! It’s a start Gin, it’s a start. Anyway, I’ll think of a plan to help you with what you told me earlier and if my sources are correct Harry’s been asking around too.” With that thrown over her shoulder Luna left Ginny and took off in search of Professor Lockhart, leaving Ginny wondering what she meant by “Harry’s been asking around” and who on earth her “Sources” where.

Ginny and the others went and sat at their own table and pulled some food towards them. Further down the table, Harry and Neville were talking. “If you like her, then say something to her!”

“But I can’t, Neville, I'm not sure if I really like her or not... and she’s Ron’s baby sister!”

“First of all she’s not just Ron’s baby sister she’s a lovely, beautiful girl in her own right and second of all you so do like her!” Neville replied hotly.

“Neville, erm... do you like her?” Neville turned a delicate shade of rouge.

“No... Harry, we’re just good mates, don’t worry about it! Now,” he said as Ginny stood up to leave, “Think about it... how many times have you two been alone together this week? Loads! It’s a sign that for some mysterious reason everyone leaves you two alone!”

“Yeah, good point!”

“And anyway... don’t you think that Ron would be happier for Ginny to go out with someone like you than with that pervert Protrud?” Neville asked as further up the table Peter leaned over Sarah in attempt to stare at Melanie’s rather ample bosom.

“Right, yeah. He’s a bit forward for a first year isn’t he?”

“There you go... just ask her.”

Harry stood up, smiled gratefully at Neville and walked over to where Ginny was talking with Colin, by the door to exit the great hall.

“Hey Ginny and hi Colin.”

“Hey Harry!” Colin replied enthusiastically.

“Hi Harry. How are you?”

“I’m fine thanks, Gin. Listen... Colin, you couldn’t give us a minute could you?”

“Oh right sure... bye. Mini... we have double potions later, don’t forget the essay!”

“Ok, thanks Col, see you later. What’s up Harry?” Ginny replied as Colin turned to leave.

“P-P-otions,” he managed.


“Um... need any help with that essay?”

ESSAY? You seriously just asked her if she wanted you to help her with studying. YOU IDIOT, POTTER!

“Oh! Yeah...sure, lunch any good for you?” she asked as Sarah grabbed her arm and attempted to pull her away.

“Yeah... lunch would be fine. I’ll see you then.” He left her by the door and walked out of the hall awkwardly.

“Sarah, let go.”

“Sorry,” the other girl replied. “What are you two doing at lunch?” she asked suspiciously.

“Studying,” replied a disappointed Ginny. “Mary-Belle and Luna said they reckoned he liked me, obviously not.”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe he just wants to be friends,” she suggested.

“Yeah, maybe, I guess I could live with that.”

“Come on, Just friends? Come off of it! You two always end up alone together... remember... two days ago in that broom cupboard, yesterday in the abandoned classroom... a while ago outside... everyone seems to think that you two would be great!”

“What, do you think I’m crazy? Of course we would be!” she said as she ran out of the room with all her might, searching desperately for Harry. Finally she caught up to him. Sarah had just made her realise what she should do.

“Harry,” she panted, “do you really want to just be friends?”

He shifted awkwardly. “No,” he finally admitted.

Ginny’s face lit up. “You don’t?”

“Well... I mean, we’re both so young. I don’t know what I want, but it definitely involves you,” he grinned sappily.

“Yeah...” she agreed, “me too.” She stretched up and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. “So...Lunch?”

“Lunch,” he agreed happily, lost in Ginny’s chaste kiss, realising he had never liked the sound of a word as much as he did lunch.

Just then, Malfoy walked by with Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy Parkinson. “Wow!” he remarked to his friends as they entered the hall, “Potter really has got a girlfriend! And it’s that fiery Weasley girl... Shame!”
Reviews 7

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