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A Late Night Visit
By drawjones

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Genres: General
Warnings: Intimate Sexual Situations, Mental Abuse, Mild Language
Rating: PG
Reviews: 18
Summary: *** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated in over 2 years ***

*** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated in over 2 years ***

Harry and Ginny are now married and just welcomed their first child, now a late night visit threatens to upset the balance of the new family. How will Harry respond? Will he overcome his past and build a family of love or will he succumb to his time with the Dursleys and be like them?
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
This story was written nearly a year ago. It's been through the beta process more times than I can count. It's fluctuated in size, been edited to death and somehow still stands up quite well. (In my humble opinion.) Thanks to both Ginny Guerra and Debbie O for looking this over, making comments and keeping me in line. I hope you all enjoy the story. Please Comment and Review. For now this is a one-shot, but I think I'll probably write another few chapters as this seems like a story that needs more.


Silence filled the night. The only sound was the slow, rhythmic breathing of two figures wrapped in each other’s arms. A raven-haired man lay on his side with his arm draped across the waist of his beautiful red headed wife. Her arm lay across his, holding him tightly against her.

Suddenly, the room began to flash with a red light. Immediately, the man awoke. He unwrapped himself from his wife’s embrace and sat up. He fumbled at the bedside table to find his glasses, which he quickly placed on his face.

“What’s wrong, Harry?” his wife asked thickly, rubbing her eyes.

“The perimeter wards, Gin. Someone’s approaching the house,” he replied as he threw the covers off his lower body and swung his legs over the side of the bed.

“What time is it?” she asked; her mind still fuzzy.

“Three,” he replied as he stood and retrieved his wand from beneath his pillow.

Ginny’s mind and senses were now on edge. She joined Harry, also retrieving her wand.

“Check on James, I’ll see who’s approaching the house,” Harry directed.

Harry waved his wand in a series of complex motions, lowering the silencing charms and other wards that he cast over their bedroom before Ginny and he went to sleep every night. As he strode past her, she grabbed his arm. He paused to look at her.

“Harry, be careful,” she whispered.

“I will, love. Go check on James. I’ll deal with whatever waits outside and then we’ll get back to sleep,” he said. His voice, full of confidence, calmed her. He rested his forehead against hers for a brief moment before gently kissing her lips.

Ginny jumped, pulling away from Harry, startled when a series of loud knocks echoed throughout the house.

Harry hid his smirk. He knew better than to say anything about it. Ginny was the only person left in the world that he feared, and more than once what he found amusing had brought him in direct line with the temper of a very fiery red headed witch.

The very fact that he had just been permitted back into the bed from the couch was still fresh in his mind, and he certainly did not want to find himself back there any time soon. Truth be told though, two nights on the couch had certainly made him realize that taking his infant son up on his broom, no matter how low to the ground he stayed, was not a good idea.

“Well, I think we can safely say that whoever is at the door is probably not here to do us harm. That is, unless Death Eaters have taken lessons on manners,” he remarked, earning a slight laugh from Ginny.

She slapped his arm playfully as he reached for the door.

At that moment, James cried out and Ginny ran to comfort him.

Harry pulled an old t-shirt on as he approached the door. Another series of loud knocks sounded before he could reach it.

“Coming!” he called, hearing his son cry out once more at the loud noise. He paused, listening long enough to know Ginny was with their son.

Harry looked out the peephole in the centre of the door. What he saw standing on the other side of the door confused him. He absentmindedly scratched his head as his mind tried to process what he saw.

“It’ll be just a second, I’ll have to lower the wards,” Harry called to the person waiting on the other side of the door. He then proceeded to wave his wand in another series of complex motions causing the door to glow bright blue before slowly fading back to its original colour.

Harry undid the deadbolt and inched the door open. Even though he didn’t think the man before him was dangerous, he felt it best to err on the side of caution and held it partially shut with the edge of his foot.

“I’m terribly sorry to be bothering you this early in the morning,” the man standing outside the door began, “but are you Harry James Potter?”

For a moment, Harry was silent. He had thought the peephole had been distorting the man before him, but now realized the man was truly as odd as he first appeared.

The man was rather plump and seemed to be in his early forties. His moustache was speckled with gray. He wore a hideous looking brown plaid suit that clashed terribly with a bright pink shirt he wore underneath. On the top of his head was a putrid green baseball cap and as a final accent to the horrid collection, he had on what appeared in the darkness to be some type of cowboy boots.

“Sir?” the funny dressed man questioned again, snapping Harry out of his amazement. “Are you Harry James Potter?”

“Uhhh… yeah, that’s me,” replied Harry, shaking his head in an effort to get himself to stop staring at the man before him.

Suddenly the man’s face broke out into a broad smile and he reached up and pulled off his hat, holding it in front of his chest. “Well Mr. Potter, I am Andrew Perkins from the Department of Muggle and Magical Relations. If I could, I would like a moment of your time.”

Harry stood at the door for a moment, pondering on whether to let the man in or just slam the door in his face. While he doubted the man was lying to him, he could not fathom why someone from the Ministry of Magic would be bothering him at this early hour. Finally, deciding that he should deal with this now, rather than having to put up with someone knocking on his door throughout the next few days, Harry opened the door, just wide enough that the man could enter.

As Perkins walked into the house, Harry made certain to close the door swiftly behind him so that no one wearing an invisibility cloak or under any type of disillusionment charm would be able to enter as well. Once the door was closed, Harry redid the wards protecting the front door.

He fumbled for a moment, and then finally waved his wand and the lights came on in the entryway and the adjacent living room. Harry then held out his hand, indicating the direction for the man to walk.

As they entered the living room, Harry motioned towards one of two chairs sitting in the corner and they sat down. On a normal day, at a normal hour and with a non-Ministry of Magic official, Harry would have been gracious and offered his guest something to drink and eat, but the hour was just too early and even though Kingsley Shacklebolt was in charge of the Ministry of Magic and Harry worked there himself, he did not appreciate intrusions by the Ministry into his private life.

Harry sat silently for a moment, again sizing up the man and shaking his head silently at the wizard’s very poor attempt at dressing like a Muggle. After a few awkward moments silence, Harry became annoyed, clearing his throat and raising his eyebrows, indicating that he expected the wizard before him to start talking.

“Ah, yes. Mr. Potter,” the man began, sensing Harry’s irritation. “I’m terribly sorry to call on you at this unholy hour, but unfortunately, something’s has come up that cannot wait until morning.”

The wizard now had Harry’s full attention. Harry knew that the Ministry didn’t make it a point to send out wizards at random times of the night just to annoy people, so for this wizard to be here, then it must be important.

“The Muggle authorities have been in contact with the Ministry about a matter of urgency that pertains to you,” the wizard continued.

“I don’t understand,” Harry interrupted. “I haven’t been directly involved with anything in the Muggle world for a long time,” he continued, his mind racing.

“Yes, we know. But this pertains to someone from your past, when you lived with Muggles,” the wizard once more explained. “Are you not related to a family of Dunces?” the wizard questioned him.

“Umm… Dursleys,” Harry responded, thinking that the wizard had most likely mispronounced their names.

“Yes, that’s right, Dursleys. I’m sorry, but those confounded Muggle names all sound alike to me,” the wizard laughed nervously.

Just what in the world would the Muggle authorities be calling the Ministry about in regards to the Dursleys? Harry thought. It’s been years since I last saw them. Granted the last time I did, Vernon wound up with bats flying out of his nose and attacking him, and Dudley grew another pig’s tail, but that was years ago.

“Mr. Potter?” the wizard interrupted, once more bringing Harry back to the present and reality.

“What on earth do the Dursleys want with me now? They told me to leave and never come back, and I told them I’d be happy to,” Harry blurted out. “So just what have they done that requires me?”

“Well, Mr. Potter, they’re dead,” the wizard stated bluntly. “To be more specific, the one that was your cousin, Doodles, I believe, just died.”

“Dudley,” Harry corrected him his mood suddenly becoming more sombre.

“Right, Dudley, that’s what I meant to say,” the wizard continued. “Well, see, the issue is Dudley and his wife were killed in a Muggle car accident last evening.”

“And what’s that got to do with me?” Harry replied. A small amount of anger and irritation beginning to rise within him as his mind began to fill with thoughts he had long ago pressed to the back of his mind.
“Shouldn’t the Muggle police be talking to my Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia?”

The wizard lowered his head for a moment before replying. “Well, Mr. Potter, you see, your Uncle Vernon has been dead for the past two years. He seems to have had some type of heart attack.”

Harry thought briefly of his uncle. How overweight and disgusting he was. How easily upset and red and then purple he would become. As he thought about it, Harry was surprised Vernon hadn’t died of one sooner than that.

“And as for your Aunt Petunia, well it seems that she died not very long ago of something the Muggles call cancer,” the wizard continued, not noticing Harry was no longer really paying him any attention.

“Well what about Dudley’s wife’s parents?” Harry questioned. “You said he was married right?”

The wizard nodded his head.

“Then why not contact them? Why contact me?” Harry asked, his voice rising slightly as he began to grow more irritated with the wizard setting in front of him.

“Unfortunately his wife’s parents died when she was a young girl,” the wizard answered.

“Why are you here, Mr. Perkins?” Harry demanded, no longer trying to hide his irritation.

The wizard shifted uncomfortably and a light sweat broke out across his forehead. He fumbled with his cap for a moment and his hands shook.

“Well, you see, your cousin’s daughter survived the car accident,” the wizard whispered softly as he began to find his feet very interesting.

“His daughter?”

“Yes, sir, his daughter survived the accident,” the wizard affirmed as he looked once more to Harry’s face in time to see a look of understanding spread slowly across it. “And as I’ve already told you, both her mother and father died. She was an only child and has no living grandparents. In fact, YOU are her only living blood relative.”

Harry’s mouth fell open. He thought for a moment, trying to comprehend what the wizard in front of him was saying. He slowly began to wrap his mind completely around exactly what was most likely to come next.

“Didn’t Dudley and his wife leave a will? Name a godmother or godfather for their daughter in case something like this happened?” Harry questioned, but his heart and mind already knowing the answer.

“Umm... no sir. They left no will at all.”

Sounds just like Dudley. He’s just as short-sighted and idiotic as his father, and obviously, his wife was just as bad. Probably thought they would live forever, either that or no one was good enough to take care of their daughter. Harry ranted in his mind.

His agitation and annoyance were once more increasing. He ran his fingers through his hair and let out a long sigh, calming himself a bit.

“So you see, Mr. Potter, the Muggle authorities contacted us, through our agent in their department. They are aware that you lived with Dudley for some years as a child, and since you are the only living relative, wanted us to contact you about taking her in,” the wizard continued.

Harry was silent for a moment. His mind had been expecting this question. He knew it was inevitable. How he was going to answer it, though, Harry had no clue. He still held a great amount of anger and hurt toward the entire Dursley family for how they had treated him. Now the man before him was asking him to take in Dudley’s daughter.

“And what happens if I don’t take her in?” Harry asked the wizard. He knew what it would most likely mean, and he knew that he would never allow it to happen, but his hatred for the Dursleys forced the question from his mouth before he could stop it.

“She’ll go to what the Muggles call an orphanage until someone wants to adopt her into their family,” the wizard answered, his voice sullen and morose. Sadness seemed to overtake the man as he looked towards Harry with expectant eyes.

Harry sighed loudly. “Well, that’s not an option, now is it? So where is she?”

The wizard’s eyes brightened a bit. “She’s still at the Muggle hospital. The doctors say she’s going to be fine, but she had a few bumps and bruises and they wanted her to stay there for a couple of days to make sure everything is alright.

“Well, when can my wife and I go see her?” Harry asked, causing the wizard’s eyes to brighten even more.

Oh Merlin! Harry suddenly thought before the wizard could answer. I’ve gone and agreed to take in the spawn of Satan, err Dudley, without even talking to Gin. I’ll be on the couch for a year, assuming she doesn’t just outright hex my bits off.

He gulped silently as he thought about the possible ramifications of what he had just done. He hoped Ginny would understand. Deep down, he knew she would agree. There was no way she could turn a child out to have to live in an orphanage with her greatest hope in life being to be taken in by complete strangers who she was in no way related to. No, Harry knew she would want to take the girl in, but he also thought she would be upset for him making such an important decision regarding their family without even talking to her first.

“You can go see her whenever you like. She’s in Evelina Children’s Hospital in London. Her room number is 205,” the wizard replied to Harry’s question. “I’ll inform the Muggle authorities to expect you in the next day or so.”

“We’ll go later this morning,” Harry replied. “She doesn’t need to be in that hospital all alone,” he continued. His mind drifted back to the countless days of loneliness he had felt at the hands of the Dursleys.

The wizard simply nodded his understanding.

“What about the paperwork? What forms and other things must we sign?” Harry asked, almost as an afterthought.

“I’ll bring those by tomorrow evening if it’s okay,” replied the wizard. “I’ve still got to draw them up so that it’s legal in both the Muggle and Wizarding worlds.”

Harry then nodded his understanding. “This afternoon will be just fine.”

With that the wizard stood and extended his hand for Harry to shake. “Well, Mr. Potter, I think I have taken enough of your time this morning.” .

Harry showed his guest towards the door. The strange wizard put his baseball cap on and said, “I’ll see you this evening, Mr. Potter.”

Harry watched him walk to the end of the drive before closing the door and recasting the wards. He waved his wand and extinguished the lights. He stood for a moment in the darkness, contemplating what had just happened.

He began to lose himself in old painful memories when Ginny appeared in the hallway that lead to the bedroom.

“Who was that?” she asked. “It took me a few minutes to get James to calm down and go back to sleep. I thought I just heard the door close. Who was here for that long?”

Harry silently nodded. “Gin, we need to talk,” he said as he held out his hand for her.

She took it with a questioning look in her eyes. “What’s going on Harry?”

“Let’s go to the kitchen. I could use some tea,” Harry replied. “I’ll tell you everything in there.”

Ginny stared at Harry for a second. Then she nodded and began to walk toward the kitchen, taking Harry by the hand as they went.

As they entered the kitchen, Harry turned on the lights with a wave of his wand. Ginny sat at the table as Harry made tea.

“I didn’t say I wanted any tea,” she said noting that he was preparing a cup for her.

“I know you didn’t,” he answered softly, noting the slightest hint of irritation in her voice. “But I have the feeling we’ll be talking for a while,” he continued, hoping to stave off her temper before it flared too openly.

“So what’s going on, Harry?” Ginny asked again.

Harry took a deep breath. He then proceeded to tell her about who their visitor was and what was going on. When he reached the part about Dudley and his wife being killed in a car accident, Ginny’s response was not much different than his own. As he began to talk about Dudley’s daughter, though, Harry saw motherly concern in Ginny’s eyes.

Ginny’s eyes began to shimmer, so he pulled his chair close to hers so that he could hold her as he continued to tell her what was going on.

“Who did Dudley name to take care of her?” Ginny asked as she continued to fight back tears.

“That’s just it. He didn’t name anyone. He left no will,” Harry replied. as he stood once more to finish the tea.

“What?!” Ginny shouted. “How could he do something so irresponsible and childish?”

“That’s Dudley, Gin,” Harry responded as he began to pour the tea. “He never thought of anyone but himself, and never thought beyond today. But the real issue here is that now his daughter doesn’t have any parents. I’m the only living blood relative she has left, and we’re the closest thing to a family that she’s got.”

Ginny sat silently for a moment. Harry could see her processing everything. He knew she understood perfectly well what it all meant and he knew she most likely knew he had already agreed to take her in. Just as Ginny began to open her mouth, Harry decided to go ahead and put everything on the table for her.

“Gin, I’ve already told Mr. Perkins that we would take her. We’re supposed to go see her later this morning. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you before agreeing, but the alternative was something that I couldn’t let happen.”

Ginny sat silently as she stared at Harry. Finally, she nodded her head. “It’s okay, Harry, I would have been angry if you hadn’t.”

Harry let out a small sigh of relief. Even though they had been married for over five years now, figuring out what things Ginny thought were alright for him to decide by himself and what things needed to be decided by the both of them was touchy.

“They were going to send her to a foster home or an orphanage, weren’t they?” she finally stated It was not a question.

“Yeah, they would have,” Harry responded quietly.

For the next few minutes, Harry and Ginny sat quietly in the kitchen drinking their tea. Neither said a word, they were lost within their own minds. After they finished their tea, Harry put everything away, sat back down and wrapped Ginny in his arms.

“I don’t know how this is going to work out. She’s most likely non-magical, so it’s going to be a lot for her to get used to,” he began as he combed his fingers through Ginny’s hair. “And Merlin knows how I feel about Dudley… and Vernon… and Petunia. I’ll have to make certain I keep my thoughts and feelings to myself now.”

“And we’ll have to think of some good things to be able to say about them as well,” Ginny added.

Harry pulled back from her, a look of confusion on his face.

“Harry, what are you going to do when she asks about them? Just tell her that Dudley was an arse and that you hated the ground he walked on? Or would you say that you hadn’t seen him for years and that you know absolutely nothing about him?” Ginny replied as Harry slowly began to grasp what she meant.

“I understand. Just like it made me so happy to have anyone tell me anything they could about my parents, I suppose she’ll look to us to tell her about her parents.”

Ginny sighed as she nodded.

“So, Harry, tell me about her. What’s her name? How old is she?” Ginny asked, her voice becoming more bright and eager.

“Umm…” Harry began to scratch the back of his head. A sudden fear ran though him as he realized his mistake. He had not even thought to ask the girl’s name or anything about her. “Well Gin, I-I-I…” he began to stutter.

“You did get her name, right?” Ginny asked.

Harry’s heart quickly sunk into his stomach.

“Well, you see...” Harry began but his voice quickly faded. He had no good explanation for why he had not gotten her name.

Chancing a quick glance at Ginny, Harry saw the flare of annoyance in her eyes. For a moment, it reminded him of when she caught him with James on his broom and sent a chill down his spine.

“So let me get this straight…” Ginny started in a very accusatory tone as she waved her wand and cast a silencing charm on the kitchen so as to not wake James.

Oh Merlin, I’ve done it now. Harry thought to himself as he watched his wife start to build a head of steam.

“…you agree to take in your cousin’s daughter…” she continued as her voice became higher and more forceful with each word.

Hmm. Her eyes are so beautiful when she’s angry.

“…who has just lost her mother and father…”

I wonder how long I’ll be on the couch this time?

“AND YOU DON’T EVEN ASK HER NAME!” Ginny’s face was red and her eyes glared holes through Harry.

I’d say at least three nights.


Nope, I'm there at least a week.

Ginny stood up and stormed out of the kitchen. Harry sat silently for a moment, knowing it was best not to follow her. Soon, Ginny reappeared in the doorway.

“When are we going to go see her?” Ginny asked her voice calm, but obviously forced.

“I told them we’d be there later this morning.” Harry replied immediately.

“Well, I guess we can get Mum to keep James while we go. It’ll be hard enough on her when two complete strangers show up, there’s no sense in adding another child to the mix this soon.” Ginny continued, thinking out loud.

“We should get some sleep. This is going to be a very trying day,” Ginny finally said, turning to leave.

Harry quickly stood and fell in a step behind his wife, hoping that she wasn’t really angry with him.

As they walked past the couch, Harry touched Ginny’s arm gently causing her to turn. Looking into her eyes, he saw that she was no longer angry. A small measure of relief filled him as he began to speak.

“Love, I’ll be to bed in a few minutes,” he spoke softly as he began to make his way towards the couch. “I’ve got a load on my mind right now I need to sort through.”

Ginny opened her mouth to speak, but then snapped it shut quickly. Nodding her understanding, she stepped towards Harry and kissed him gently on the cheek.

“Don’t be long,” she whispered, before turning and making her way back towards the bedroom.

As she disappeared, Harry fell unceremoniously onto the couch with a thud.

Reaching behind him, Harry quickly found his couch blanket and threw it across himself. It was an old blanket of Ginny’s from the Burrow. Ginny could never understand why he wanted to use that old ratty blanket. It was worn paper thin with use and looked more like a sheet than a blanket, but it was what Harry insisted on keeping on the couch for his naps.

He let his mind begin to drift back to his time with the Dursleys. His mind dredging up memories he had long ago cast aside — nights of going to bed hungry, days of never ending chores, and the never ending yelling and name calling.

Soon his thoughts drifted towards Dudley’s daughter. He wondered if she was awake, asking for her mum, scared and alone. All were feelings he knew all too well. Harry vowed that she would not be unloved or hated the way he had been. For the next few minutes, Harry lay on the couch, awake, but in the dark, contemplating what the morning would hold. He knew things were about to become very awkward and very difficult for Dudley’s daughter.

Finally, content with what he had to do, Harry began to drift off to sleep. He pulled the blanket up over his chest and held it up under his nose for just a moment as he took in a deep breath. The smell of wildflowers filled his nose and made Harry smile.

Just as Harry began to fade away into a wonderful dream state, he heard Ginny at the doorway.

“Harry,” she said softly, “Harry, get up and come to bed.”

Harry looked at Ginny for a moment, noticing the softness in her eyes. He quickly nodded his head and then did as he was asked. He smiled as he approached his wife. He put one arm around her waist and pulled her close to him before gently placing a kiss on her lips.

“I love you,” he said softly as he rubbed the tip of his nose back and forth across the tip of her nose.

“I love you too,” she replied, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close to kiss him again.

“I guess our family gets a little bigger now,” Harry whispered as they walked hand in hand to the bedroom, pausing for just a moment to look at the door to his son’s room.

“Yes it does,” Ginny agreed as they stepped into the bedroom and the door closed behind them.
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